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    Ed Verres has plenty of faults, but he's the parent that stayed with his child. He doesn't seem the warmest man in the universe, but he does come across as no-nonsense and down to earth. I can't see him calling a marriage off because the first child was magically impaired or because his wife didn't want more, and I cannot see him kicking Noriko out unless she already wanted to go. It's not in his character. Noriko doesn't have a "character" yet. We don't know much about her except for a few hurtful things she has done. It was Norko who kept scanning Tedd for signs of magic ability not Ed Verres, and then she's the one who left. Certainly Mrs. Kitsune harbors a huge grudge against her sister for how she acted towards Tedd. Those are the dots we have to connect and they point right at Noriko as the problem, not Ed Verres.
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    I thought he was making it up as he went along, much like The Doctor.
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    My handwriting gives Edward Verres's a run for his money and I'm not even in the medical field.
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    Maybe Papa Kitsune is indulgent because Mama Kitsune is strict...
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    Or maybe boys really aren't Diane's thing? The closest thing to a “moment” Diane's had with anyone so far was with Charlotte.
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    You can only be an aunt to someone who is your siblings' child. First cousins are people whose closest shared ancestor is one or more of both people's grandparents. Second cousins are people whose closest shared ancestor is one or more great-grandparents. First cousins, once removed are people for whom their shared closest ancestor is the grandparent of one person and great-grandparent of the other. (if the second one is a great-great-grandparent, that's first cousins, twice removed. Second cousins, once removed are people for whom their shared closest ancestor is the great-grandparent of one and great-great-grandparent of the other. Etc. However, who calls you auntie is entirely up to how the person views you even if technically you don't share and actual aunt/niece or aunt/nephew relationship.
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    Well, unless someone had reason to doubt the birth certificate is authentic is has probably not been scrutinized. Mr. Verres said he or the DGB had investigated the friends of Tedd, and he knew that according to records Susan didn't have a twin sister. I doubt that they would bother to investigate other kids born at the same hospital within a day or so unless there had been something indicating that they might be related to the birth of Susan. So as far as we know Diane's birth records hasn't really been investigated making it possible that they may be falsified. They could even be the official records from the parallel universe that's been slipped into the system.
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    Akiko may be aware that Magic is a real thing, but she also seems to understand that the fact of any particular person having magic is supposed to be a secret not to shout to the world.
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    We don't get it for free like a few other magazines, but I'm tempted to at least find out how much a subscription is. On the other hand, maybe that would give us too much of a "waiting room" feel, since that seems to be the main place a lot of people see Highlights, and Readers Digest and the like.... We have a little shelf of childrens' books of various target ages, as well as some nice stuffed animals. Until a couple of months ago, we'd had a plush Clifford dog for years and years, but someone finally seems to have walked off with it. :-( Cats either read through osmosis or more specifically through their butts, depending on which expert you consult.
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    Well, it's been a while since I owned cats, but my wife's cat doesn't really have all that sophisticated reading habits. It is basically happy with any kind of newspaper or magazine it can curl comfortably up on and go to sleep on.
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    Hieroglyphs look so much more beautiful when properly coloured or painted.
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    The most obvious issue with this is that she has no reason to assume any other child she would have with Verres would be also powerless. It would make sense to try at least once more. Maybe girl would be better? More likely, she and Ed Verres had a fight - I mean quarrel, not really battle - and decided their idea about their marriage is not compatible. Tedd likely wasn't only reason, although it probably was one of reasons; Noriko obviously saw him being powerless as bigger problem than Edward.
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    Yes. He also goes on to do a lot of other exposition. He is his father's son...