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    Darn, beat me to it. Eh, it's a whole tree, you can send some to each of us. :-)
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    I have never figured that out, not once in our nearly 34 years of marriage.
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    Just noticed that Sam is just in front of them while Rich was talking about going up against "Samantha" in his next round. I wonder if Sam could hear him? Just for a moment, he'd worry that someone knew who he was and was going to blow his cover and out him as trans.
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    I normally avoid any food with "smart" in the name. Yesterday, while getting groceries, I grabbed two packages of fake crab. Today I noticed it was "Smart Crab". Read the back. The "smart" was no artificial flavors or colors and no added sugar, plus adding sea salt. I could taste a difference and it will be my pseudo crab of choice now.
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    One of the spells Pandora rejected giving Ashley was reducing pain. Based on the commentary, it was more of a Throw It In last minute thought on Dan's part, but it still seems like the sort of thing a good writer could pick up on later. I can foresee some future plot where Tedd is hurt, or greatly upset by one of his friends being hurt, and Pandora either regrets not giving Ashley the ability to help them, or discovering that her desire to help them makes her able to get a more powerful spell than she would have gotten back in October. Pandora might be out in the open about things by then, and just plain offer Ashley the mark at that point, or she might mark her unknowing with the assumption/hope that the circumstances would lead Ashley to use her new powers sooner rather than later.
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    How to go from Just Friends to more in just six panels, with MAGIC!
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    He was lucky no women revealed him.
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    I thought you were talking about pomegranates? What does harvesting bumpers have to do with anything?
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    I now have 49 messages about what Mlunatico has done or bought. I'm going to wait until I have 50, which if things go as usual should be in the morning, then post a big ass list of his new toys and stuff.
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    Hmm, how long before Kitty starts wondering whether she caused those two little cat girls, and will she worry whether they're okay? Not everyone is as good and thoughtful as Rhoda and Ashley....
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    Military acronyms have infested my life. For example, it has made me wonder whatever could have possessed any car firm to use the brand KIA. And further made me speculate if maybe this is only part of a bigger corporation that also includes MIA repair services, AWOL insurance and legal assistance as well as DOA health care and ambulance transport.
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    Yeah, sometimes it's nice to get food that doesn't have all that extra gunk in it.
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    Doctors know more than pharmacists about most aspects of medicine, but pharmacists are specialists in drugs and often know more about them - particularly about interactions - than doctors do.
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    Harvest them and send them to me. Seriously, I'll pay for shipping. (The kind that includes boxes and trucks). I'll give you my address in a PM come harvest time. Love me some pomegranates.
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    Really dynamic facial expressions are just another thing she has in common with Susan.
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    The Shadow was one of the first of the modern style of super heroes with iconic powers and outfit, so it gets a lot of historical interest. As for the current EGS page, I love all of Diane's expressions here, especially her determined one in the fourth panel.
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    I just saw the assertion that Lavender is not an alien as being the exact same thing as Will and Gillian being natural-born Americans. Wolf was doing the equivalent of grumbling about the darned Mexican foreigner in regards to a Latina co-worker, even though she was born in Nebraska and has never been to either Mexico or the country her actual genetic origins were from. Of course they would send him to sensitivity training if he keeps calling her an alien!
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    when your brain has been blown so far out of your skull that the eyes start clipping through your hair
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    That got me thinking. When we do (officially) encounter alien life forms that are in any way animal-like, we will probably go in with Veterinarians before Linguists.
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    That did not go the way I expected, but in a good way.
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    If you are a member of the main 8 or primary secondary cast and you go to the mall, something will happen. Attempted mugging, revealing Grace's powers, the start of meddling teenagers, griffins, etc.
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    Naw, the unwillingness to do so is because you've gotten what you wanted from them, so why spend any more?
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    Seems plausible. We know Ellen and Nanase have a preference for Duck Tails! Woo-ooh! http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2031
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    Given that both Elliot's dream version of extra-girly Tedd and Tedd's own Mark Spell extra-girly form have pigtails, I think that means that Elliot is aware of Tedd having a preference for pigtails?