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    That may be true, but it seems some toads do secrete the drug kind. Where do you think the stories about girls kissing toads who transformed into princes came from?
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    I may have written all that music for ROTT, Duke Nukem 3D, Stargunner, and Shadow Warrior, but I'll let up a secret right here: I couldn't play for [censored]. I had to have the God Mode code to see everything in the game. Otherwise, I would never have been able to get a feel for the levels in order to come up with music for them.
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    Depends on how you're trying to stay "cool." Well, right now, I can open a window. it's currently -10C with a windchill making it feel like -18C. I'd say opening a window would be a poor life choice right now.
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    Those machines are more or less still state of the art. My favorite uncle used to be a sales rep/technical support/installer1 of those systems. He had stories that would curl your hair about the size of some stones. Golf ball size stones were not uncommon and some twice that size. I get stones smaller than most grains of sand. I can't even start to think about ones larger than that. Grain of rice to corn kernel sized stones may be removed by laparoscopic surgery. My brother is a scrub tech that specializes in laparoscopic cases, and that is the second or third most common type of cases he works with. For a grain of sand-sized stones, the conventional wisdom is that letting them pass naturally is better in the long run that doing anything surgical. 1His current job is being Santa. Yes, that is his real beard and beard color.
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    You are stepping on my territory lady. I'm the one that Doesn't Do Video Games. :-) I'm Spartacus!
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    I suspect that Patient Zero in the Moperville outbreak of Primary Protagonist Syndrome was neither Elliot nor Tedd, even though they were the first two identified patients. No, Patient Zero was Mrs Kitsune. When her sister abandoned Tedd and Edward, Mrs Kitsune did everything she could to quarantine herself from infecting others. Unfortunately, she infected her nephew which caused him to get beaten up in school. This brought him in contact with Elliot. And the contagion spread from there. Mrs Kitsune>Tedd>Elliot>Sarah Mrs Kitsune>Nanase Nanase or Sarah may have infected Susan, who infected Catalina Elliot Infected Justin. Nanase, Elliot, or Justin may have infected Sensei Greg. Ellen was "born" infected.
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    I had my archive of EGS posting as a top level bookmark in Firefox. That level of ego searching can't be good for me, so I moved so it harder to get to in my bookmarks.
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    March Madness (again). I want less upsets this year, darnit. That depends on who stays cool, and who tries to be cool.
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    Fixed it for you. Fixed that for you. Fixed the fix :-)
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    Fixed it for you. Fixed that for you. Dave Seville, ya sonuvagun. What is shaking?
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    Between being born in a Boy Scout uniform (if there's trouble, he'll go after it and try to fix it) and Primary Protagonist Syndrome (the story comes looking for him), Elliot has precisely zero chance of not having another incident.
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    The guy was an actor who became Governor of California. I don't think anyone else in that position ever did anything significant after leaving office.
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    Based on time between Vatican I and Vatican II that will be Thursday, June 11, 2048, more or less. So, 15 years between first contact with Vulcans? He's right. The word "celebrate" is in Bible 7 times, the word celibate not at all.
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    I'm not sure if that's ever been addressed. The TF Gun, and therefore Ellen's Fv5 beam does mess with sexual orientation, to make adjusting to an opposite gender body easier. But messing with sexual orientation is not the same thing as messing with gender. Dan is on record as saying the TF Gun can change those parts of people that they cannot change on their own, so theoretically it's possible. It is canon that Ellen's FV5 beam does alter sexual preference according to Ellen after she zapped Susan. I would go further on gender though and say that yes it obviously changes physical gender when it's applied to males. Gender identity however, I don't think that's something Dan would mess with. Having a beam that could force a male to identify as a female or vise versa seems like it could be used to evil purposes or something, like "there's a man that identifies as a woman? Let's zap him so he identifies as a man!" instead of "there's a man that identifies as a woman? lets zap her so she has the body she yearned for!"
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    Just like the "Camera Phones" incident, the internet has dramatically changed society in an unexpected way -- everybody is so innundated with baseless rumors that no one pronouncement (from a known liar no less) is going to be believed except perhaps by a few fanatics (who wear out their own believability at an accelerated rate in the information age). I wonder what the tipping point would be for something like that? It would take more than just a few videos and "experts". Still, the evidence can only build up, from incident to incident.