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    I didn't mean it like a bad thing....
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    I love the smell of estrogen in the morning. It smells like victory.
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    Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    Eh, even if Magus just wanted to wake her up, Elliot's reaction is justified. Magus conspired with a parasitic lifeform to take over Elliot's and Ellen's bodies. He didn't hesitate to squash his former ally like a bug after the inevitable betrayal. Elliot has absolutely no reason to trust someone who's capable of doing all that and can kill with a hand gesture.
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    Story Monday April 2 2018

    I suspect if you had some sort of "gender-meter" that you could point at someone and it would tell you objectively what gender-category best fit them, it would place Ellen outside or between the "male" and "female" categories (in whatever category "gender-meh" was labeled as). However gender is such a personal issue that I think how a person chooses to label themself (or not label themself) is far more important than what a gender-meter would tell you - and not just because there's no such thing as a gender-meter. Magus is extremely insistent he's male - so much so that I'm sure he's not gender-meh, and is somewhat insecure about his gender or how people perceive his gender; it's also clear gender has been a source of conflict in his life. This leads me to suspect two possible scenarios: Magus identified as female as a child and still feels female inside, and is trying to convince himself he made the right choice, OR Magus has always identified as male but no one respected or believed that and when he finally got the chance to transition he had to come up with some sort of justification for why he was doing so. I'm not sure which is more likely. Either way, Magus clearly currently wishes to be referred to as male, so until/unless that changes I intend to use male pronouns for him.
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    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2481 Sorry, Magus. Not buying it. That is just an excuse for not having enough time to consult Ellen. You could work around that.
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    The Old Hack

    Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    Well spotted. Also a better place for a fight than inside the building with all the boxes full of supposedly inert but now fully functioning and operational magical devices.
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    Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    Ground, not floor. Elliot knocked Magus out the window and then flew after him. They're both outside now, probably in the parking lot.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    A nit to pick: Super Elliot is wearing a costume. He wasn't wearing gauntlets and boots. It's mostly like the Uryuom suit Grace uses, but the pattern of the upper part sort of matches the jacket Elliot was wearing before transforming. Also, not a mere "plus". The word you are looking for is "AWESOME!"
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    The only thing that comes to my mind is that Elliot wants to drive home the point that This Is Personal!
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    The Old Hack

    This Day In History

    Today in future history: April 3, 2024. I finally perfect my time machine. But due to using artificial diamond in the central unit instead of a real one, I misjump several years back in time and the central unit burns out. To make matters worse, the first time I wait around long enough to attempt to warn myself I arrive just a moment too late. Maybe I will be luckier six years from now.
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    Story Monday April 2 2018

    I think Nanase might have a problem with it as well and not just Ellen going to another school.