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    Mph. As a kid I never did see the attraction. I was the social outcast and responded in the very mature way of taking pride in never doing what the other kids thought was cool. Drinking was one of these things. Also, my mother was an alcoholic and drank enough to ruin four lives. This led me to a conclusion I have not once had any reason to change. If I don't begin, I don't have to stop.
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    The Old Hack

    This Day In History

    Yeah, I know how that works. A friend of mine comes from a family of deep sea fishermen. One fine day as his uncle and his crew were merrily trawling the Baltic they caught a mine in their net. Some people might have cut the lines and gotten the blazes out of there. Some people aren't my friend's uncle. They secured the mine as best they could and tugged it back to Danish territorial waters where a naval explosives detail could get at it and disarm it. My friend's uncle spent that entire trip IN THE WATER holding the mine secure so it wouldn't accidentally bump the side of their boat and go off. I swear that man must have had nerves made of stainless steel. The mine got safely disarmed and my friend's uncle took his crew off for a drink. I'd say they had all earned one. Admittedly the man himself was closest but with a mine intended to sink a warship that wouldn't have mattered. Their little boat would have been absolutely pulverised if the mine had gone off.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    This Day In History

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    I am really glad he succeeded. And I am sorry you had to go through that.
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    NP Friday Apr 13, 2018

    Hooray! Susan is more comfortable with herself, and we get to see a character who is actually still that character instead of some distorted version of that character! To me, at least, this is a more significant, more intimate image of Susan that a naked-but-FV5 "Susan" would be. And I also like her blaming/crediting science. ;-D
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    The Old Hack

    Story Wednesday April 11, 2018

    Small aside. I just watched the pilot episode of Black Lightning. There was a scene where two cops decided Black Lightning was a bad guy and they both tased him repeatedly. It developed that as brilliant plans went, shooting a superhero several times with a weapon that just made him stronger wasn't among the top ten on the list.
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    Pretty much the same thing for me, except it was my father who was the alcoholic, and he managed to stop before it completely ruined his life - though it took a number of tries over several years (not to mention a lot of help from Alcoholics Anonymous). As those years constituted a large chunk of my childhood, it made a big impression on me.