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    But Arthur, as a Seer, is a "well of power". So while that ring may be a very small catalyst, Arthur should be able to use it anywhere, while other wizards might only be able to use it in high ambient energy areas or drain their own energy reserves. Dan tweeted as such: So maybe Arthur's "wizard with a quirk" was refering to the fact that he also figured out how to make catalysts that let him cast spells, but they either only worked for him or they ended up having very limited use by other wizards. Speculation: Maybe Arthur's being accommodating to Tedd by giving him a lab to research increasing people's resistances because Tedd kinda reminds him of himself when he was younger, trying to figure out magic and such.
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    With magic being more abundant in Magus' universe, it would make sense if the people there had higher resistanced as well, either naturally or with the help of magic spells. I bet the ring Arthur's wearing might be a kind of wand, it wouldn't surprise me if Arthur too had figured out how to make objects that let him cast spells. And the reason I believe it's the ring is because someone on discord pointed out that he wasn't wearing the ring when he woke up from the meeting with the WoM.
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    Magic resistance could render Sleep spells ineffective. There's only so much space left in the storyline. I remember Dan saying this part is the last non-epilogue one.