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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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    NP Wednesday July 4, 2018

    Singles can't multiply. You need at least two to multiply. I at least remember that much from Biology. Or do numbers reproduce asexually? That's why multiplication is binary operator. You take two numbers and multiply them. But yes, biology works little differently: in biology, multiplication and division are basically the same thing. In mathematics, those are inverse operations.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    EGS Strip Slaying

    Mint condition doesn't taste like mint? They really should have covered that in orientation. I wonder how often that sort of thing happens in the world we call "reality" at shops that sell comics, baseball cards, coins, antiques, and other "collectables"? Actually, I want to be clear about this. This is one of those very rare events where the parody is better than the original.
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    I just noticed I have reached 1776 upvotes now. Does that mean I have to start a Revolutionary War? And if I do, who do we rebel against? The Pharaoh is the only king we have here and he hasn't really done anything noteworthy to rebel against. He hasn't even raised tariffs on tea. I guess mlooney gets to be our Washington. Vorlonagent can be Patrick Henry and Don Edwards can be Paine. Professor Tomoe, of course, has to be Benjamin Franklin. CritterKeeper, are you any good at sewing flags? Scotty gets to be a Crown Loyalist because he is Canadian. ChronosCat is the time traveller trying to preserve the timeline. Which other roles do we need filled?