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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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    Crazy Counting Guy

    I'll put $Q 25 on April... of 2021.
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    Story, Monday 3 Feb 2020

    *nod* That concerns me too and, as far as I can tell, I'm very much like Dan in many ways relevant to what I like to read and write about. I suspect the difference is that Dan feels the pressure to keep a schedule while I'm much more willing to delay producing something in order to meet a certain standard. After all, everyone productive agrees that "perfection is no good if it means you never get it done" but where to draw the line is a fuzzy thing. (For my story ideas, I'm taking the "plan out the whole novel/fanfic first, then fill it in like a progressive JPEG, then only share it with strangers after it's more or less done," approach... something that keeps getting me dopamine hits from a trickle of insights I never could have had from writing in linear order, which cause me to make significant but proportionately worthwhile changes to the character bio charts, backstory, etc.) Heck, once I clear out some more urgent projects, I have a Scrivener competitor in a very early stage of development where the ability to pull up note cards which share a certain tag (eg. character bios) in a cross-comparison display is on the TODO list specifically because I'm finding it's starting to get laborious to double-check that my characters aren't evolving toward too much similarity as I continue to develop my conceptions of them.
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    Story, Monday 3 Feb 2020

    On the one hand I enjoy seeing people embrace the fun of transformation. On the other hand, every once and a while I get concerned that Dan is making his characters more and more similar over time to a level that is unrealistic (and potentially could lead to them no longer feeling like distinct characters); I'm feeling that concern again. (Other examples: Both Tedd and Elliot are nonbinary/gender-fluid. All of the main 10 except Justin and Nanase (and arguably male!Tedd) are some form of bisexual. ...Though at least those examples are of things which don't get enough representation elsewhere. Having most of the cast being interested in transformation just feels indulgent.) At any rate, yay for blurry-sunburst-with-bubbles background in panel three! Yay for diagonal-lines-and-bubbles background in panel four!
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    So it is the opinion of Diane that defines what is "Weird" and "Normal"? Good to know Growing up, it was always my little sister who let me know what was weird So since she moved out (over thirty years ago) there has not been a reliable source for me to consult on a daily basis
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    NP Friday, Jan 24, 2020

    Are you? Look again at the story. The ultimate proof it's not real is that Susan got away with it. And, actually, she tried multiple times to NOT be rude just to find out it's not working. Also, note that even if this is not real and we are all in a video game, you still shouldn't be rude to other players. It's only allowed to be rude to NPCs. (However, I doubt that. I mean, seriously, noone would try story as improbable as real life.)