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  1. Things that make you worried.

    The cold water line is frozen somewhere between the bathroom and the kitchen, bathroom has cold water, but kitchen doesn't, the landlord's father stopped in earlier and poked around a bit and found that when the contractors that were renovating the space downstairs redid the water lines for out apartment (they were a mess from the previous landlord's work years ago) they accidentally put the coldwater line against the outside wall and the hotwater inside and then sprayfoamed the inside part which left the cold water line exposed to the -30c temps we've had the past couple days. He's gotta come back tomorrow to fix it.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    Was too cloudy and snowy here to see it.
  3. EGS Strip Slaying

    And this is why Akiko is the keeper of the Dread Gazebo.
  4. NP Friday, Jan 18, 2019

    A complicated one could be something like what you said at first, but instead of returning to their original, they need a specific form, BUT each setting (aside from the first) affects 2 or more things so they need to use multiple settings in order to keep traits they want but negate the others.
  5. Story Friday January 18, 2019

    I think he might be more nervous if Grace was vague about who would be in the group, unless of course Sam does conclude that Grace would be talking about at least Sarah. I think Sam knowing that Sarah and Tedd are in the know as well might be more comforting, since Sarah is someone he's already gotten to know a bit and does seem to like. Considering Ashley as an example, if Sam and Sarah are going to have a serious relationship, Sam's gonna have to be told things. He might not take finding out the way Ashley did as well as Ashley did. Grace certainly thought that Sam was thinking Tedd was trans female, though Grace could also be assuming that based on her knowing that Sam is trans male, but I think it's likely the former. Sam hasn't shown any real attraction to anyone, we don't really know if he hopes a relationship could develop between him and Sarah like Sarah does. How he was once he left the comic shop after agreeing to see Sarah again does suggest that he would but is worried about how Sarah would react if she learned he was trans.
  6. Story Friday January 18, 2019

    We've had 3 people attending the card tournament witness Grace kissing Tedd. So the question would be did Sam see that as well?
  7. Story Friday January 18, 2019

    This is definitely at the point where Grace needs to decide whether to tell Sam about Tedd and Sarah, or make up some more half-truths that leaves them out. It'd be nice if Grace just said "lets continue this back at my place" and give Sarah and Tedd a quick heads up to make sure to be there so that they could all be present to tell Sam.
  8. This Day In History

    I was not aware of that.
  9. This Day In History

    Also: January 17 1922 - Birth of actress and comedienne Betty White. Even at the age of 97, is still very active in the industry and loved soo much that every time her name trends on twitter, people panic.
  10. EGS Strip Slaying

    If this were in the canon universe, she could have taken a page from Ellen's book. Of course if this were in the canon universe, Nanase would be cheating on Ellen....or maybe Ellen's completely ok with this. I wouldn't say no to more OT3's
  11. NP Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Fanfic writers could certainly fill in any gaps for us.
  12. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    I was referring to Pandora marking Sam while she was in the process of reconciling. My intention was to point out there'd be entirely different reasons that Pandora might have marked Sam depending of if it was before or after Adrian reminded her about Blaike. Before that point, yeah Pandora liked Sarah, and she considered Tedd and Grace practically family, but did she truly care about their well being? She might have thought her vow would keep her in line with Sarah but there's the matter that she thought she was helping Tedd and Adrian, when in fact she almost ruined things. When she last visited Sarah and Tedd, she genuinely cared.
  13. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    I think Sam knows the importance of secrets though since he''s had his own and is only telling Grace because Grace has already figured it out herself and has told Sam enough to get him to trust her. Sam tells Sarah that he's trans and been given a magic mark by Pandora and Sarah's likely going to tell Sam that she was as well. If this happen before Pandora knew about the possible reset, we could probably think that she was trying to discredit Grace's "prophetic dreams" like how she awakened Justin so that no one would see the mark. Considering this happened when she was in the process of reconciling things, she would not do this for shits and giggles.
  14. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Tedd likely told Sarah and Grace about Pandora visiting him as well, which is strongly implied by Tedd's similar sudden sadness at the last card tournament. I think if Sam were to ask Grace if she knew who Pandora is, Grace's best response might be "Sarah could probably explain it better the I." If this was something she did for Sarah, I think there's a good change she'll remember. but what are the chances that will happen, or would it just become too awkward between the two that they end up drifting apart without ever knowing. If anyone could be able to get Sam and Sarah to be open with each other, it's Grace. That's what I figure, Sarah was getting ready for bed when Pandora visited her, so assuming she was going to bed at a time most high school students are expected to by their parents, that'd be around 10pm-ish Thursday night. Pandora visited Tedd early Friday morning so after midnight, that gives Pandora at least 2 hours to do other things.
  15. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Valentine's day? Ellen's "Birthday" would be coming up this Friday in comic.
  16. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Grace wouldn't be lying that when Sam suggested Tedd use the name "Tess" that Tedd didn't know what it meant to be trans or genderfluid, and I don't think Tedd would be mad not only if he was told that Sam was the reason Grace learned more about being transgender and genderfluid which had a very positive effect on Tedd, but also that Pandora had given Sam a similar mark around the time that she had talked to him. I kinda wonder though, Pandora could have left the note anonymously like she did with Rhoda, this could be a clue that she marked Sam because of his involvement with Sarah and that she hoped that Sarah would find out, I guess Pandora could have just told Sam in the note that he should talk to Sarah about it but maybe that would have scared him off. Maybe instead,Pandora expected Grace to get involved and hoped she could get Sam to open up to Sarah because Grace tends to have ways of getting people to open up with each other, like Sarah and Ellen in MV5 for example.
  17. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Either that, or because of Sam having the potential to develop a relationship with Sarah. 2 Friday's ago would have been the day Pandora refreshed, so it would appear that she marked Sam sometime around when she talked to Sarah and Tedd, I'd like to think she gave the mark after talking to Sarah, it wouldn't take long of course, and I don't think she seemed like she had anything else to do aside from preparing for her refresh and possibly crushing the enemies of her family, after talking to Tedd. People seamed to think that was like mentally feeling the surface of the dice, which in turn made them think that Grace was mentally feeling for male bits or lack of female bits on Sam to which Dan had said that wasn't what she was doing and insisted that she was only making visual observations. It's possible then that Grace might have been using a combination of structure analysis and her memory of what Sam looked like previously to be like "ok Sam's jawline is a little more square than before."
  18. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    He had control over whether or not Tedd could work on it, he could have told William and Gillian no, either as a parent because Tedd was a minor, or as an FBI agent. There would be problems if they went against Edward's authority. I think it says a lot that Edward expected Tedd to misuse the TFG, yet it was outweighed by the hope that it would bring Tedd out of the depression he'd been in since his mother left.
  19. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    Edward outright gave Tedd permission to work on fulfilling Willian and Gillian's request, and I don't think he actually modified the device itself, the TFG he's using now is likely still to spec and considering how William described it and the reason for it being illegal to sell on the home planet, it likely doesn't need modifications, beyond programming various parameters for forms. She could go the route Justin took with Luke or that Elliot tried to do with Ashley, though that hasn't stopped Luke from being curious about Grace, but that's only because he saw that she had power, and could easily look to see if any of Justin's friends have power too, Tedd's lucky that Luke hasn't connected the flash with him. And Ashley was pretty much thrown into knowing more than she asked for.
  20. NP Tuesday January 15, 2019

    It is covering more than her swimsuit did, not much more, but Nanase probably considers it too much.
  21. Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. in EGS

    Dan has stated that if he were to set a year for the comic it'd have to be sometime after the 2009 reboot of Star Trek but before Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). Justin has mentioned Abrams Trek in canon but since there hasn't been mention of the new Star Wars movies, it seem that it currently being 2014 in comic is logical especially considering the calendar also matches up with 2002-03. This gives Dan almost 2 years of comic time before the new Star Wars becomes relevant and even with a 6 month time skip it's taken 17 years to get to this point.
  22. NP Tuesday January 15, 2019

    Of course Sarah wants a mirror. Not sure how this could be Sarah's fault unless her modesty from the last puzzle is what caused Nanase's swimsuit to cover a bit more. Though it might just be coincidence that the tomb used this as the default when Nanase was wearing something similar to begin with. Still sexy though.
  23. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    Yeah I don't think Tedd would suggest that Sam start walking around at home while transformed, that a luxury Tedd has from Edward being in a the know about all this, as well as having given Tedd the TFG to begin with. She told Sam she was born with magic abilities, that there is enough for Sam to know that people don't always need magic marks to do magic. And Grace knowing these things are probably enough to make Sam wonder just how many people have been marked or born with it.
  24. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    Mainly because they kinda have stuff in common, Tedd's genderfluid and has been shown to be struggling with discussing it with his dad, Sam's trans and may also be having such struggle. The were also marked with similar spells for probably the same reason and quite possibly by the same Immortal. Grace doesn't have to bring Sam home with her or tell him about the TFG, but Tedd and Sam talking could be provide more support for each other.
  25. Story Monday January 14, 2019

    If Grace intends on having Sam and Tedd talk about this, she'd probably want to at least assure Sam that Tedd would be trustworthy as well, I mean, Sam's seen Sarah and Tedd interacting as well, if he knows that Sarah is good friends with both Grace and Tedd and Grace just admited to having magic abilities and knowing about magic marks and Immortals, Sam would have reason to suspect that Tedd and Sarah might also know these things, so even if Grace doesn't say anything about them, it might it easier for Sam to tell Sarah at least. Though Grace might mention Sarah anyway just for "it's ok to tell her you're trans" bit that Grace originally wanted to tell Sam.