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  1. NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    Even in Canada there's the question of consent and a lot of cases being drunk is not valid consent, if one side was drunk and the other wasn't, there'd be no question the the person drunk was taken advantage of, but if both sides were drunk, who's at fault, who's the victim, if one side were to claim rape, the other side is now on the defensive and it's be difficult to prove otherwise because the act occurring is certain, but they'd have to prove they didn't go start drinking with the hopes of scoring with someone. It's not like both side could get charged with raping each other, but examples like this one suggests that if two people are too drunk to keep their hands off each other, all it would take is for one of them to later, when they're sober, to be disturbed enough by what happened to claim rape and the other person would be up the creek without a paddle.
  2. NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    There would be an issue if one or more of the women got pregnant from that and people start thinking that there was date rape. Both sides would probably claim the other drugged and raped them because neither would remember it but can't explain how it happened.
  3. Story Wednesday, April 17, 2017

    Elliot might go out incognito, but I get the feeling he might enjoy it, knowing that they don't know who he is and such might be a thrill in itself. There's also the feeling that Liz doesn't seem the type to wear short skirts, yeah she's got a kinda gothy look, but mainly the baggy pants and hoodie type. So I don't see her putting herself in a situation where she'd be getting ogled. Well we know Elliot's been a feature in Sarah's fantasies even after the breakup, and it's pretty likely he's also a feature in some of Susan's fantasies too, so I wouldn't put it past Ashley to fantasize about Elliot doing things, she probably doesn't know everything Elliot can do yet and so might be making up details along the way.
  4. Story Wednesday, April 17, 2017

    Also good evidence that it's not Pandora: I'd seriously laugh if Dan eventually says "every time someone guesses that a new or teased character might be Pandora, I push back Pandora's reappearance by a storyline"
  5. Story Wednesday, April 17, 2017

    And why can't Ashley be in that list? Consider what's happening in the scene, we got stereotypical construction workers grunting like it's nobody's business and suddenly going nuts over a good looking woman walking by, even in the commentary Dan said he was going for "cliche and stereotypical as all heck", so the only reason he'd do that is if it wasn't a real situation, IE: a dream or fantasy, and a similar instance where the start of a scene has stereotypical men grunting was in Goonmanji 2 where we have Ashley showing off one of her stories to Liz. While Goonmanji 2 itself is not a canon story, Dan did make an effort to maintain that everyone involved did not have their characters altered for the purpose of the story, aside from being aware that they were in a non canon situation, so Ashley being known to write fiction about men being taught a lesson about bad behaviour and such would be canon.
  6. Story Wednesday, April 17, 2017

    This is why I say it's one of Ashley's Stories, Sarah's imagined(well dreamed) herself being a wizard and doing things, Ashley could easily be writing about the things she might do with magic, also those could be Ashley's legs if she's wearing a shorter skirt than she is here. This story is supposed to be about a party with the main group, it'd make sense if it started off with something like Ashley showing Elliot her stories and segueing from there rather set up some mystery thing Again another reason to think this is a work of fiction within the story, there hasn't been mention that there was going to be a timeskip yet and Dan's still got other things to cover before a timeskip could be done, Sarah and Adrian's meeting and the return of the Griffons, and Ashley's first foray into Tedd's basement to begin learning to be a wizard, I sure, that this story is going to cover that third part so it'd have to be done in the time between Sister 3 and the Griffon's return, it wouldn't make sense for Elliot to hold off on telling Ashley everything until the weather got warming.
  7. Story Wednesday, April 17, 2017

    I don't recall Dan mentioning that there was going to be a time skip before this, especially if there was going to be a significant one, I thought he was going to get all the post Sister 3 stuff out of the way first. Plus, if the party was so that Elliot could get Ashley introduced to the group and all the magicalness properly, it'd make more sense to get it done ASAP rather than wait months for the weather to warm up. My guess is that we're seeing another one of Ashley's Stories playing out in which the main character is about to show the men why it's impolite to treat a woman like that. Also, I've seen this before.
  8. NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    Pretty sure that was Edward's reasoning for not telling Rhea and the other partygoers they had drank enchanted punch and stuff. There is a problem though if a person under a mind control spell is made to do something like murder another person, if there were witnesses, it's highly likely the person who was controlled is going to find out what happened even if they don't remember. And if say, the person being mind controlled rapes someone, especially someone who knew the person like a friend or coworker, it's going to ruin any kind of relationship between them despite the fact that the person had no memory of doing such a thing and I don't see it realistically being easy for the friend or coworker to just be all "ah well since they were under a magic spell that made them do that to me, I guess I can forgive them". It probably doesn't matter as much now in terms of secrecy, but prior to the magic "change" I gotta wonder how DGB would have handled a case where someone was mindcontrolled into raping a bunch of people, all evidence would point at that person but DGB wouldn't be able to tell everyone that the person was under the influence of a wizard and therefore couldn't be held responsible for their actions. DGB would probably have to do some sort of witness relocation deal.
  9. NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    It's a matter of perspective really, also extremely situational whether using mind manipulation can be considered good or bad, Magus in the main story for instance, manipulated emotions to make people do things, that can be considered bad since it put those people in dangerous situations, those people are willing to forgive him after considering his situation. He also used a calm spell on Ashley, it prevented her from acting in any way that could have made things dangerous for herself, Elliot and Ellen. On the flip side, a calm spell could be used to make someone unable to call for help or try to defend themselves if they were being robbed, or worse. So one should consider the how and why mind manipulation spells are used.
  10. Forum Outage April 2019

    I coulda swore I was able to access the site Saturday, it was just Sunday until about 9pmish EST. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down for about the same time I think (eventhough I don't use them) I dunno if there's any connection between them though. There's been a discord server available for a couple years now: https://discord.gg/TfzPVag It's got what you'd pretty much expect from the forums, main story, NP and sketchbook reaction channels, offtopic stuff, channels for specific interests like science, politics, math, etc. There are NSFW channels that you need to specifically opt in to if interested. There are moderators, but how they operate is not the same as we're used to here. The chat system is a lot like IRC as well so it can be easy to get lost in a conversation if many people are talking. I'm not advocating that we all switch now, there definite pros and cons to both, but as an alternative, it's probably the only one we've got at the moment.
  11. Q&A Monday April 15, 2019

    This definitely seems like one of those "I did it because I thought it looked good" things that Dan eventually fleshed out to have neat abilities and such, but never really thought about them in anatomical terms. We've seen them go stiff when surprised or shocked, and all sorts of flexibility which suggests some sort of bone structure, like a cat's tail. But one thing to consider is Grace's telekinetic ability seems to only be usable when her antennae are out, so it might be possible that it's telekinesis moving them around, this would avoid the idea of a double set of tailbones growing out of Grace's forehead, but it still raises questions about Noah's antennae, yeah we've seen him fly but it's unclear whether it's telekinesis or magic, the way his antennae fan out like wings suggests they're the source, but the only time we've seen him like that is when he was in the shadow form, it might be his only Uryuom ability but no conclusive evidence yet.
  12. This Day In History

    Obviously they didn't do a good enough job with the ravaging or else we'd have a Batian calendar
  13. Q&A / Story Friday, Apr 12, 2019

    This feels like something I've said before that I felt that name based affinities couldn't override genetic affinities. I wouldn't be surprised if Dan was intentionally avoiding making Susan EGS's version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer though Diane could potentially fill that role depending on how she awakens, but then any cheerleading type spells she'd get would be due to her personality rather than any affinity. In general Dan's clarification basically amounts to him not wanting people to think that name based affinities are easy and knowledge of it would suddenly create an explosion of babies being given ridiculous names for the purpose of getting specific affinities. If might be more of a first come first serve situation at best if parents tried to game the system, but they'd have to be pretty creative to get that "on the nose" effect, same with changing names later on knowing that one could change their affinity might not let them change if unless the name they have a deep personal reason that negates their original affinity and their new name is still "on the nose", knowledge of how name based affinities work might still lessen the chance of changing names working since it might still come across as them being like "I don't like how my current name might imply I'd be getting those types of spells". The question though is, if someone awakens before changing their name would that basically set their affinity in stone and they could no longer change it by changing their name?
  14. Q&A Wednesday April 10, 2019

    Not so much anymore I guess, Dan's reworded the second panel and basically it is possible for parents to intentionally name their kids with the hope of them getting an affinity, might not be guaranteed since it depends on whether Magic thinks it'd be worth it or not.
  15. Q&A Wednesday April 10, 2019

    The WoM literally says "there are factors preventing the birth of a Seer from being something one can plan", the thing is, trying to give birth to a strong wizard is not the same as trying to give birth to a Seer because Noriko wouldn't know what Seers are. I suspect there's an AU where Noriko does know about Seers, believes she has the potential of giving birth to one but is constantly failing to do so because she isn't aware that knowing prevents it and so keeps blaming the men for not being suitable. Not knowing about Seers would be the only explanation for her being 2 for 2 on giving birth to them.
  16. Q&A Wednesday April 10, 2019

    I would suspect that if parents knew that a name could impact affinity, trying to intentionally name their child something in the hopes that they would get that affinity would either backfire or just not work at all. The WoM stated that Seers couldn't be created intentionally so it'd make sense if name based affinities couldn't be completely preplanned. Panel 4 implies that if someone really wanted certain spells, changing their name might help....but I think that's really to do with how much they yearn for the type of spell they want and changing their name is basically showing how committed they are, that's not really giving them an affinity though as panel 5 states that it wouldn't be natural.
  17. Q&A / Story Monday, Apr 8, 2019

    Pandora said she could have given Ashley a spell that let her heal very small scratches, who knows how powerful that could have gotten if Ashley had awakened with it. It's also possible that older magic systems had healing spells and enchantments that work differently. Don't know if we'll see any of those though.
  18. NP Monday, Apr 8, 2019

    I know in Final Fantasy, the dragon Bahamut has attacks that can cause nuclear levels of destruction.
  19. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    That page only tells us that Sarah knows, or at least believes, that magic artifacts exist. It also wouldn't take much for anyone to know who Nanase is and what she does for a living since there are magazines about her, what Sarah doesn't know at the time we first see them together, is how Nanase operates, something that she should have some idea of if she had any prior meeting. I'd be shocked if two people like Sarah and Nanase lived together for a period of time and not get to know something about each other before going on an adventure, Nanase's very outgoing and eccentric, and Sarah's very interested in magical artifacts and transformation stuff but didn't appear to have experience any first hand until now. The way Nanase started flirting with Sarah and at first Sarah appeared to be uncomfortable about it, if Nanase had been acting flirty with Sarah from the moment they met, and Sarah had been living in the mansion before the adventure, I only see two possible outcomes, Sarah becoming so uncomfortable she moves out, or Nanase starts showing Sarah all the amazing stuff she has as a way of getting Sarah's attention. It shouldn't have taken this adventure to get Sarah to like Nanase.
  20. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    Do you honestly think that Sarah would not have asked what Nanase kept in her huge mansion? Given Sarah's personality, she would have explored the mansion at some point, if Nanase said "don't go in these rooms" that would raise questions, Sarah would suspect things, and it wouldn't make sense for Nanase to hide anything from Sarah only to nonchalantly reveal it later, heck if anything, this further proves that Sarah doesn't yet live with Nanase and Nanase revealing that she's got tons of magic items and such at home is a form of "I like you a lot and want you to come live with me."
  21. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    How about how many Bruce Waynes Batman has gone through?
  22. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    It still have to be triggered by someone entering the room, so the process of activating it was automated. I would argue that Nanase didn't hold back information about what she did and what she owned during the course of the story, I don't think she'd hide any of that prior to the adventure, if she trusted Sarah enough to bring her along, she'd have trusted her enough to live with her prior with all the knowledge of what she did for a living.
  23. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    Dan's commentary suggests it does have a step for such that the girls apparently skipped, they probably would have ended up in similar leotards like Nanase and Sarah did if they had taken that step. The tomb likely had that step automated, but since the scales are no longer in the tomb, it'd have to be applied manually. Nanase suggesting Sarah might be done now that she's financially secure implies this was their first outing together, even the way Sarah reacted to the dungeon and to Nanase's behaviour and such suggested it was the first time, unless she moved in between the day Nanase asked for her assistance and when they left for the tomb, I don't think she had been living with Nanase for any period of time. Sarah went from "this woman is crazy and reckless" to "this woman is amazing, thinks I'm cute and she don't look bad herself"
  24. Q&A / Story Friday April 5 2019

    Maybe Dan's hinting that in the future, all the characters are in one big polyweb?