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  1. Story Wednesday November 14, 2018

    Maybe some of the extra curricular classes Adrian gave Edward and Noriko involved the history of Noriko's family, and that's what made her become obsessed with continuing the family busness, which included ensuring the bloodline remains strong. Yeah, I'm assuming that Adrian would know about Noriko's family, he's probably lived long enough to have heard of some of their exploits as they happened, or there was written works about them and other similar families that he read like he had learned about Abraham.
  2. NP, Wednesday November 14, 2018

    I should have mentioned that I chose the no boobs option as well, I think Nanase still looks sexy there as well, and we're not really a minority since at the moment the minority seems to be the "same size boobs" option and though interestingly enough, the higher percentage is for "smaller boobs" rather than larger. I dunno if that means they think Nanase looks weird flat chested, or they just think that anthro female lizards should still have some sort of noticeable chest to identify them as female.
  3. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-14 And Sarah becomes the largest breasted girl in the room. Anyway, Nanase being colorblind is a challenge, obvious solution is Sarah needs to guide where Nanase puts her hands and feet. Will it be easier said than done though?
  4. NP, Wednesday November 14, 2018

    Dan's got a poll going that might change things.
  5. Story Wednesday November 14, 2018

    Grace saw Sarah's reaction when Tedd told her about Pandora being reset (and that she successfully refreshed and thus would remember Sarah). What Grace probably doesn't know yet, is that Sarah met with Adrian about it. I'd be curious if Tedd would object to Sarah doing that though, I mean, he knows Adrian and Edward aren't on good terms, but I don't think Edward is very concerned by the fact that Adrian is teaching the MSHS side of the main eight (as long as Adrian doesn't try teaching them like he did with Edward and Noriko that is). Tedd might want to meet Adrian after finding out Adrian's his godfather. I do hope that Sarah had mentioned Tedd to Adrian during their conversation though.
  6. Sketchbook Tuesday November 13, 2018

    Seems OK to me. There was apparently a power outage at the Hiveworks datacenter.
  7. NP Tuesday November 13, 2018

    The lever here looks like a standard Skyrim lever:
  8. This Day In History

    There's also the fact that just north of Washington is British Columbia, so..... yeah.
  9. NP Friday November 09, 2018

    Sarah, you're missing out on the bowling (and kisses)!!! It's also possible that there was an illusion/magic barrier blocking the passage that would have been removed by getting a strike, don't expect everything to be mechanical.
  10. NP Wednesday November 07, 2018

    I'm not quite awake at the moment, so forgive me, but I don't think you caught that I was trying to be funny there. I was simply comparing Dan's brand of humor with the Pharaoh's Wile E. Coyote reference by coming up with another reference of my own that might seen Coyote-ish but done by Dan. Getting hit by train in real life is a messy thing, but Nanase slamming into the wall like that should have been likely to break her nose at the very least, possibly crack or break a few ribs too, and definitely bruising all over. The fact that she's just dazed implies that maybe the magic involved in the puzzles prevents serious injury, so if there's a puzzle that results in Nanase getting hit by a train, the worst that's likely to happen to her is also getting knocked over and dazed rather than flattened like a coyote. Although, if we happen to see a bike pump nearby, we'd probably be jumping into Bugs Bunny territory anyway, at least Nanase has Sarah around to reinflate her.
  11. NP Wednesday November 07, 2018

    Yeah? And getting run over by a train would leave her unharmed as well rather than flat as a pancake.
  12. NP Wednesday November 07, 2018

    Maybe the next puzzle will be a set of minecart tracks seemingly leading to a dead end, but painting a picture of a tunnel entrance will not only reveal the next room, but Nanase gets run over by a locomotive.
  13. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Sounds like a tactic to prevent a majority vote banning drilling. Through in something that would make people think "but I gotta give this up in order to make something happen?"
  14. Time to talk hairstyles, which I'm not sure Dan would care for, but still.... George still looks like George, just female and longer hair, but the style still resembles his. That's fine. Justin looks more like Ellen but with orange hair, it's the pigtails that mainly do it if you compare Justin with the last time we saw Ellen. Adrian's really funky here, one would think that female Raven would look more like Susan, but, that doesn't seem to be the case, I think if anything, the half bangs kinda reminds me of Male Susan, but the face still looks more Adrian than Susan.
  15. NP Monday November 5, 2018

    I dunno about fairness, but Dan seems to be portraying Nanase as someone who just wings it and manages to get things right despite her ridiculous methods.
  16. NP Monday November 5, 2018

    Asking Sarah if she was right or left handed might have been Nanase's way of flipping a coin or something, head=left, tails=right kinda thing, no real meaning other than a decision maker. I would suspect that the middle indentation could have been if Sarah said she was ambidextrous.
  17. NP Monday November 5, 2018

    What if choosing an indentation didn't determine what Nanase transformed into, but more the success of her knocking down all the pins. like each indentation had a set path for the "ball" to travel, but only one path takes out all the pins. Seems likely considering it required the "ball" to be shoved which should normally give even less control of where the ball would roll compared to properly throwing it.
  18. NP Friday November 2, 2018

    She asked if Sarah was a lefty or righty. How does Nanase expect Sarah to be able to bowl her?
  19. NP Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Doh! I forgot which thread I was in, lol.
  20. NP Wednesday October 31, 2018

    You see the setup better on the previous page that they are facing 10 pins, they just don't look like your standard bowling pin.
  21. Story Friday November 02, 2018

    I think Diane's feeling awkward anyway, things are going way too well for her now. Not complaining though. And I've had to catch myself a number of times with Justin's name as well, not so much using another J name, but with adding a "g" to it making it Justing.
  22. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Well she was about to cut Adrian some slack by saying that her mother should have told him she was pregnant, but then second guessed that by thinking that he was probably disguised at the time and so her mother probably had no way of finding him. But yeah, based on what Adrian told Susan, Diane's mother must have had the ability to tell him, but for some reason chose not to.
  23. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Kitsune is Japanese for Fox, Nanase named her decoy summon "Fox" and Not_Tengu referred to Nanase as "Fox Niece" so I would guess there's significance to it being either Noriko's maiden name, in which case Nanase's parents might have taken the wife's name rather than husband's name. or Noriko maybe ran off with Papa Kitsune's brother.
  24. Word of Dan

    I don't have anything to put here at the moment, but figured since we had one going before, it wouldn't hurt to set it up again. I get the feeling that the next few NP and Story pages might generate some questions. Can't explain why, I guess it's like that feeling Elliot gets when he senses something dangerous nearby.
  25. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Not nearly as much as Susan's "KITTY!!!!" though.