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  1. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    The only way to wrap your head around that is to believe that the great flood wasn't a global event, and the animals saved were only from the local population. I mean, it could have been a big enough flood to still be considered biblical, though not global, like one theory has it that glacial melting from the last ice age rose sea levels to the point where it eventually flooded into what would become the Black Sea, all settlements in that region would have been wiped out.
  2. NP Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    Dan said on Discord that Susan's ideal height is about Diane's height, which would be Susan's original height before the growth spurt, my guess is that level 2 ranged is around Susan's current canon height, and it probably the tallest that she's willing to be. I guess she could have used cosmetic potions before to make her look like level 1 ranged height, but maybe at the time she didn't want to mess with it too much and played it safe with level 2 across the board appearancewise. Now though, maybe she figures she could change things up a bit.
  3. Story Monday, May 4, 2020

    On twitter. https://twitter.com/elgoonishshive/status/1256328425142288385
  4. Story Monday, May 4, 2020

    Even a poll wouldn't account for new readers that come along later. He did do a poll asking how people would feel about using feminine/masculine instead of female/male, the majority was cool with it, but there were some against and many were indifferent.
  5. Story Monday, May 4, 2020

    The commentary also names Maplestrip as having made the suggestion, I don't think they frequent the forums anymore, but they are active on discord. Dan calls it leaning, but she's probably more semi-seated on the arm of the sofa, I don't think you could properly lean on something like, she certainly could if she was half scale again. This pretty much goes back to the idea of labels being too much of a catchall and not properly describing individuals, like Dan said in the commentary even addressing it this way isn't going to make everyone happy because not everyone has the same preference for how they'd like to be called and such, and at the same time, you can't fault Dan for not knowing who all prefers what.
  6. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    The ring is a wand. Edit: forgot to link this, as it shows that there's no ring on that hand when Arthur wakes up from the meeting with the WoM, so I'd take that to mean he had to get it before going to the facility. It makes sense really, he knew he could make wands as he tried to make a training wand that resulted in Kevin, it wouldn't be too much for him to also think of making concealed wands in the form of a ring.
  7. Story, Friday May 1 2002

    If we're talking Susan telling Grace about what happened the night of the vampire attack before telling the other, then it probably would be something Grace might have trouble with, especially since it involves Pandora and Grace knows how close Pandora was with Tedd and Sarah. If Susan does end up telling everyone else though and her talks with Grace only involves anxieties and stuff that probably comparable to what she's talked to Justin about, then it's probably not as likely for Grace to spill any pintos.
  8. Story, Friday May 1 2002

    She doesn't like keeping secrets mainly because she would like people to be open and communicate, she especially doesn't want to keep herself secret. BUT she also knows why Sam doesn't want to tell anyone his secret and it's a valid reason, it really should be his choice to tell people, and he's trusting Grace to keep that secret. If Sam does wind up telling Sarah, it would be a relief to Grace because she was really only stressing over keeping the secret from Sarah, but finding out that Sarah figured it out due to the way Grace acted and linking it to what Grace said about the incident with "Smoke", it's probably going to make Grace start second guessing everything she does, she might even try to distance herself from her friends because she'd feel she couldn't be trusted to keep anything said to her in confidence to just between them. Heck Susan's considering having Grace be her "therapist", would Grace want to continue that role if she had reason to think that she could inadvertently reveal secrets by stressing out too much over them?
  9. Story, Friday May 1 2002

    Sarah pieced together the possibility of Sam being Trans the same way she pieced together Adrian (whom she'd only heard off from Ellen, Nanase and Grace) being Pandora's son. Yes it's conclusion jumping, hence the "if it turns out I'm right" bit, but it's conclusion jumping onto something that's true. And Sarah doesn't want to tell Grace how she came to that conclusion because it would make Grace upset that she failed to keep the secret despite how hard she tried.
  10. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/party-149 All is forgiven!!! Now Grace, be careful, maybe ask Sam first if he told Sarah in case Sarah simply made a mistake in what tense to use. Though this could be very much confirmation that Sam did tell Sarah that he's trans, I dunno how much he'd have told her though, but it could explain how Sarah was in such a good mood about the last date being an actual date, and her not being willing to tell Grace might mean that Sam didn't mention Grace knowing.
  11. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    Certainly, it's the proximity in story to Grace having the talk with Sam and the sudden change in attitude from "what historians may or may not say is a date" to "it was certainly a date!" with the implication that something great happened that Sarah isn't currently at liberty to say aside from that it was great, that makes a strong argument towards Sarah meaning Sam. I think what set Sarah off with the need to apologize to Tedd and Elliot was the realization that they are no different than Sam really, but she had been treating them differently because in Sam's case being Trans-male was in agreement with Sarah's preference for men while we've seen many examples of Sarah not really liking the idea of men becoming women. Sarah probably seems to feel that her attitude might be hypocritical, like she can prefer men over women, but giving preferential treatment to trans-men over trans-women or genderfluid/casual people is not cool and she wants to fix that.
  12. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    True, but it does affect how Grace thinks, that comment from Sarah may have contributed to Grace thinking Sarah is the perfect woman and wanting Sarah to live with her and Tedd. Likewise, Ellen was also included as someone Grace wants to live with them and Ellen had also said that Tedd was sexy, Grace didn't react to that though, but then maybe Grace did overhear Ellen say that Tedd was sexy back during their double date, Grace did doubleglomp them shortly after.
  13. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    Sarah did admit that she thought Tedd was cute, in front of Grace no less. I don't think so, I mean he's likely got the same spell that Tedd's got, maybe minus the "enchant others" part of it, but he probably has to go back to being female when around people who don't know he's trans, like family.
  14. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    She might have heard everything, it's still the fact that Sarah said "isn't" instead of "wasn't", that caught her attention, if Sarah was referring to when her and Elliot were dating, she should have said "So what if my boyfriend WASN'T "male" all the time..."
  15. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    I dunno, maybe, but I get the feeling that if she found out like that, and then told Sam that she knows, it might make for an awkward night. Even if Sarah didn't mention to Sam that she knows, she might have felt the need to tread lightly which also might have affected how that last date went. Sam though, had since Monday when he talked with Grace to thinking about whether or not he should talk to Sarah about things, even if he wasn't going to tell her he was Trans, there was still the matter of whether or not he wanted to date her or just keep things platonic, but I think the decision to date would also include mentioning he was Trans. I'd like to think maybe the experience with Smoke might have had an influence, like seeing Grace actually transform, and knowing that Sarah knows she can do that, probably made Sam feel better about Sarah reacting well to him being Trans.
  16. NP Tuesday April 28, 2020

    And we have confirmation that the only actual combat Susan's done has been the bugs which gave her the first levelup, and the skeletons when she was already max level.
  17. NP Thur April 23 2020

    I mean more along the lines of cheating for wealth and power.
  18. NP Thur April 23 2020

    The rules seem to keep changing as you level up, and there are a lot of cheaters too.
  19. Story Thursday, Apr 23, 2020

    My later post mentions that it's possible she said or thought something similar to what Elliot said when he first saw Tedd as a girl. Now that I think of it, I don't think Elliot's actually apologized to Tedd for that either, Grace brought it up in Sister 3 but Elliot's reaction to that was to show off the Mall form and ask Tedd to get it scanned. It's seems like Elliot's more of an "actions speak louder than words" type though which is evident by Tedd's reaction to Elliot transforming at the party, I imagine the talk Elliot had with Tedd at school helped a lot too.
  20. NP Thur April 23 2020

    I think he's playing Life. I hear you need a really good graphics card for that.
  21. Story Thursday, Apr 23, 2020

    In more recent times, after becoming Tedd's assistant, Sarah would have stopped criticizing Tedd's choice of forms and even been more accepting. But I'm sure there are times prior to that where Sarah would have probably said something similar to Elliot, or at least thought it. Not entirely sure how Elliot an Tedd's behavior around each other would have spurred this on though, unless just seeing them being accepting of each other made her think of the times she wasn't quite so accepting. It's possible that she might take to using magic easier and awaken faster, we won't know until she starts trying, we know that using a wand is a good way to get started and she's already used one, of course there wasn't anything special about it that would suggest that she's got more potential compared to the other magic users in the basement so we'll have to wait and see.
  22. Story Thursday, Apr 23, 2020

    It's probably got to do with how Sarah handled Elliot's transformations while they were dating, she probably realized that she could have been more supportive of it especially considering how she's gotten into it more during her time as Tedd's assistant. As for Tedd, there were some cases early on where Sarah had some negative things to say about Tedd's behaviour, but at the same time Tedd's not so innocent in how they had behaved towards Sarah before as well, heck I'm pretty sure Tedd still hasn't gotten around to apologizing for the times they called Sarah a lesbian and such. Grace is getting squirrely about lack of food in her belly of course. Nanase is looking at Diane's waist and wonder how she can be thin if Diane's mentioning of stuffed crust pizza is any indication of her eating habits. Speculation on this could certainly go towards Diane being so closely related to an Immortal that she doesn't need to have any magic herself to still have magical metabolism. Diane did comment on how she'll miss her metabolism when she hits her mid-twenties though.
  23. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    Personally, it'd be cool if Ellen and Nanase expanded on the "meddling teenagers" gig to include the others and they start their own paranormal detective agency, with magic being free to use, and once Tedd's figured out how to make things safer, I don't expect governments to have the monopoly on that sort of thing.
  24. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    So back on topic, I'm ashamed it took me this long to realize, but this moment could be the hook Dan needed to make the Superhero Science NP canon. We've got Tedd and Elliot dancing around a subject while at least 3 people, 2 of which are their girlfriends, have taken notice and seemed to have their own feelings as to where it should go. I can still see Grace and Ashley conspiring to keep giving Elliot and Tedd moments together, and headcanon says that they were off doing their own thing knowing full well what could potentially happen with Elliot and Tedd left alone together.
  25. NP Tues April 21 2020

    So Dan never mentioned how long it took to restock potions when he mentioned the restock on Discord, up to a week in game is quite a lot of time, even in Minecraft with 20 minute days, you'd be waiting over 2 hours and even sleeping through most of it could be tedious. And the commentary said 19 game years? If he had Susan still opt for going the potion route and spending that time, I'd expect there to be a gag where she goes back to find Rhoda having married Catalina and had a couple kids with her already. Also this page points out the existence of 4 difference XP potions so it's probably a good bet that Susan took advantage of all 4 to get max level without waiting tooo long the first time around, still likely passed the time between restocks feed potions to NPCs and ogling Elliot though.