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  1. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    It's no longer only Seers that are a threat to this, heck there were only 5 that had seen magic and 2 of those that figured out what their purpose was, the rest would only have known magic was a thing when the change occurred and if this "change" didn't require notifying all seers then those others aren't the issue. The issue is with all the current wizards and magic users finding out that they may not need to be secretive any longer, or maybe just those that can stumble upon magic and being like "ooh I gotta show this to someone!" which is also what Tedd argued would happen. Arthur's motivation for not sending agents to deal with the bulldog dragon was that he wanted to make people believe that magic users were rare , and sending agents to deal with magic related incident instead of letting local law enforcement deal with it would raise to many questions, Arthur doesn't believe that's possible anymore, he also expects to go back into retirement soon so whoever replaces him might do things completely different.
  2. NP Friday March 01, 2019

    It sets the tone that Nanase would be willing to do anything for money, it's like "yeah it could be dangerous, it could be evil, but I got bills to pay so I can't be choosy" Charging extra might seem like justification for doing more risky stuff like "they might be evil but if I get them to pay me more then it's not so bad."
  3. NP Friday March 01, 2019

    Panel 3 doesn't make me so sure about that. Nanase suggesting a possibly evil artifact, the amount of money Sarah stands to receive if they succeed, Sarah likely figured out that their employer is also aware of the possible evil.
  4. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    It's obvious that Arthur would like Tedd tpo find a solution before knowledge spreads, I'm not sure DBG is capable of preventing the spread, especially considering Tedd's argument for no change was how the internet and other media would allow that knowledge to spread like wildfire, I'm sure they could try, but not entirely sure they would have any real effect. So the world would see a small war with magic flung about. That's pretty much what Arthur is worried about, but there's no guarantee that anyone else would see if that way if they think the risk is worth the reward.
  5. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    Yeah leaving Sam out is obvious. Considering Arthur is tasking Tedd with figuring out a way to increase people's resistances against harmful magic, I think Grace would trust Arthur, Liefeld I'm unsure of but he does seem to respect Edward as well and also is aware of what Edward would do if family is threatened, I don't believe DGB would be anything to worry about. Other organizations who might have been aware of the consequences of magic become too public realizing that there isn't that risk any longer, might take advantage of their newfound freedom.
  6. NP Friday March 01, 2019

    There is the fact that Nanase said she would be charging extra if Diane wanted the artifact for evil. That's definitely a merc policy.
  7. Story Friday, March 1, 2018

    This is a continuation of Sam reacting to Grace being adorable, and Dan's commentary supports it I'm pretty sure she means she's going to tell Edward, who will then pass along the info to Arthur, or at least to Wolf and Cranium who, while aren't his agents anymore, he still seems to trust to handle any requests he has. Grace's last comment at least hints that she's aware that magic becoming public in inevitable and Sam would get his wish at some point, but there's work to be done before that's possible.
  8. There's also the way Susan and Tedd look at each other when they sit at lunch for the first time, there's a vibe that they've crossed paths numerous times to know of each other's existence, Sarah being friends with Susan for years, as well as being friends with Elliot and Tedd for years would certainly have helped, so it wouldn't be as if they were complete strangers before the events of Sister. I was meaning that she'd be comparing Elliot's memories, with what she's seen of Susan during the night out and Grace's birthday, that all would show Ellen one side of Susan, and then the review show would show a completely different side of her.
  9. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    Obvious. Or at least don't know he's wizard. I think Camdin means it when he said he really want to know the immortal motivation for giving him the spell. However, his list of methods of interaction with women is probably starting with "dating them" and is rather short. If Smoke is one of Luke's friends, specifically the known(by Luke) non-marked magic user then it's probably likely Camdin knows them as well. When we saw Camdin talking to Luke, Camdin suggested that he go spy on Grace which Luke suggested that Camdin couldn't be stealthy. Either their friend overheard it and decided to go spy on their own, or maybe Camdin asked then to do it because Luke wasn't willing to.
  10. Do we know that for sure? Tedd obviously knew her long before this moment, sure they weren't friends at the time, but I can't believe that Tedd and Sarah would know Susan and Elliot not have met her at all before that moment and not just be acting like it was the first time meeting due to having to pretend to be a different person.
  11. Have we seen Ellen and Susan together since Grace's birthday? Aside from when her and Nanase told Susan about Diane that is. It's possible she was basing her statement mostly on Elliot's memories of Susan up to Grace's birthday and so seeing Susan on the review show would be a completely different view.
  12. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-56 I think I can give myself a cookie. And yep, that's Ashley in a nutshell.
  13. That may be more to do with being on camera than being near Elliot. She also did say that Elliot is more like Justin to her.
  14. Well. Elliot and another girl, remember, Susan likes to watch.
  15. I think Justin has helped in that department as well.
  16. I'm not really sure stick in the mud applies anymore, I mean he did transform in public during his first date with Ashley, although that experience would certainly make him cautious about it and might limit himself to simple forms like his standard form we see here, rather than something like Mall Girl that turned a few heads.
  17. NP, Wednesday February 27, 2019

    Stealing identities would be one example of how the scales could be misused, the puzzle was a vetting process to determine if the scales would be in good hands. In good hands at a party, playing with the scales could be like playing Twister (which Nanase did say she was going to teach Sarah how to play later). In evil hands, it'd be like someone spiked the punch, or something.
  18. Unless Catalina doesn't even realize that she's with Elliot at this moment, I would be inclined to believe that her and Elliot have shared what each of them can do. Elliot: "I can turn into a girl with what ever appearance I imagine" Catalina: "Well it wouldn't be surprising at all to know I can turn into a catgirl" Elliot: "Oh I can turn into a catboy as well, I should see if I can turn into a catgirl now." Catalina: "i'd hold off on that while we're out in public, didn't go well the first time I became one" Elliot: "Ahh, well how but I just go female then?" Catalina: "Purrfect"
  19. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    This pages clarifies it more that Seers were the ones to make the tools that other wizards learned from.
  20. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    But also from a storytelling standpoint, it puts more value on Seers post Magic "non-change", if Magic had changed, Seers would have been the ones that got working spells to people who's spells no longer worked. But now? Yeah Tedd can make wands, but other wizards can and have learned to make wands as well, so aside from a Seer's ability to shrug off enchantments or their seemingly endless energy capacity, there wouldn't be much that would make Seers really special. But if Seers could copy spells that regular wizards couldn't, then that makes Seers like Tedd much more desirable.
  21. There's the element of being able to act like cats in public, magical transformation would draw unwanted attention. And yes, Elliot is currently transformed, but there's nothing odd about a blonde teen girl in a costume/party shop, it's also possible the shop clerk has seen this sort of behavior before, it's become more of an annoyance to her.
  22. Story Wednesday February 27, 2019

    Even if "Smoke" was up front about who he was and why he was asking to see transformations, Grace would be in a tough position of having to tell Edward which would probably jeopardize Sam's secret, Grace probably felt that Sam wouldn't be likely to tell anyone else but that just kinda got thrown out the window. I think Grace does need to take Sam to meet Tedd now, if just to be able to show how important it is that people don't start passing spells around just yet. We don't know if Tedd's gotten his new lab yet or if he's even started working on the magic resistance issue, we know his objective is to hopefully make magic safer to use before too many people become able to use it and "Smoke", an inexperienced wizard who's main interest seems to be gathering spells from other people, might prove to make Tedd's job a little more urgent. Not sure if Adrian could do anything about it, unless "Smoke" turns out to be one of his students, Edward might be the best choice with the resources he has, he'll probably be upset at how Grace handled things though, like she could have just walked away and reported "Smoke" without transforming herself, I think she was trying to get more info about him first which is why she thought she'd indulge his request or maybe thought he would become more dangerous if she tried to refuse, but I dunno. Dan's commentary seems to shed some more light on the difference between Wizards and Seers though in how they look at Magic. It appears that Wizards, even with tools and spells for making wands, are still unable to learn some spells, like Sarah's as Dan used as an example. This suggests that Sarah's spell probably can't be seen by regular wizards, Tedd being a Seer, allowed him to look at Sarah's spell and he likely could make a wand with it, that would make being a Seer more valuable to people who would desire spells that can't normally be obtained.
  23. NP Monday February 25, 2019

    Well, first three years of the 90's was 6 and a half hours of school, (9-3:30) and 4 years with 6 hours of school (8:30 to 2:30) THEN the work started.
  24. NP Monday February 25, 2019

    As with many things, there are beneficial and malevolent applications depending on people's intentions with them. The scales could be fun for parties or sexytimes, but in the wrong hands someone could use it to steal another person's identity, as we saw earlier, tipping the scales one way made Sarah look like Nanase(not exactly because other factors were in play but you get the idea). Diane didn't deny the possibility of having evil plans for the scales, though it's unlikely to be all that evil.