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  1. NP Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

    Maybe the twist then is Diane had the dungeon built as an amusement attraction, and got Nanase and Sarah to beta test it?
  2. NP Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

    It wasn't obvious to Sarah until now, and is likely the reason why Nanase got the ditzy effect, I dunno if this means the dungeon has some sort of intelligence at work and picked Nanase to be ditzy because she'd have figured it out quicker otherwise, or it the selection of who got what effect was random. And I'm not saying that Sarah is less intelligent than Nanase, but Sarah reacts to stressful situations differently and so it affects her problem solving a bit. It's also possible that there's a difficulty curve to these puzzles, though I guess it depends on how many there are and really on how Dan wants to design them. It may be a super easy dungeon and the twist to the story turns out to be that Diane is too lazy to solve the puzzles herself. Me too! It probably doesn't have to remain balanced, just as long as they get it to balance for a few seconds before locking into place, the way to the next room will open and they'll return to normal, question is, will they be missing anything else? Like, Nanase's clothes changed, will they stay that way for the remainder of the dungeon like her hair? Will Sarah magically be clothed again, or will she have a moment of nakedness while she scrambles to get her clothes back on?.
  3. Story, Wednesday Dec 19, 2018

    I swear I didn't see that the first time around... ah well.
  4. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-27 So all the weight is in the bowl and it's not heavy enough to balance... Psst, Sarah, jump in the bowl!
  5. Story, Wednesday Dec 19, 2018

    Surprised that Dan didn't reference this comic. He established a little over 6 years ago that Grace's antennae gave her extra senses, it just took him till now to say what they do. Yeah, since Grace was comfortable with bringing out her antennae, Tedd would have felt comfortable switching to female, Tedd could hide her form better than Grace could and might have been able to pull off being female all night but didn't want to chance it, Rich might have been keeping watch, and Luke was there too.
  6. NP, Monday December 17, 2018

    I dunno offhand, all I'm trying to say is the first two puzzles didn't require both people to be transformed, this one does, logic dictates that if anything else could be used in place of wieghts, then Sarah could have been transformed other ways that would prevent her to physically helping, as long as she could still say "hey Nanase, dump my backpack in the bowl!". Instead, she was shrunk down to a size that would fit in the bowl of the scale, so why not take advantage of that?
  7. NP, Monday December 17, 2018

    A cage could have appeared around her, ropes outta nowhere tying her up, the floor under her feet becoming super sticky. something that would allow her to see, and communicate with Nanase. And I I think the reason we haven't seen anyone turning into plants (I don't think Gracesaur counts) is because Dan considers it similar to other inanimate objects, we've really only seen it happen with Abraham turning into a statue but that doesn't mean Dan's ok with using it for other things.
  8. Story, Monday Dec 17, 2018

    I'd still think that if the scientists knew about Grace's telekinetic abilities, they'd have made some attempts to get her to use them, it'd seem like a wasted opportunity to not try to harness it at a young age.
  9. Story, Monday Dec 17, 2018

    Oh yeah, the goo fight slipped my mind there, Sarah had to remind Grace about being able to use telekinesis and Grace was straining hard to maintain hold while in human form, when she morphed into the Jeremy, Cat, Squirrel legion form the boost in power allowed her to shatter the goo's tendrils. The mugger incident would have been the first time Grace used telekinesis on objects, and she immediately passed out when she did that. I would suspect that if Grace had other incidents, expecially during her childhood before Damien's attack, there would have been knowledge of her telekinetic abilities and attempt to train her how to control it before Edward stepped in and got the scientists to cease trying to train her to kill. It's possible that getting zapped affected how her telekinesis works as well as fixing her morphing abilities, the fact remains though, post zapping, Grace needed a more powerful form to use her telekinesis more effectively.
  10. NP, Monday December 17, 2018

    They might have to remove a weight or two, yeah, but the scales will probably only work if specific types of weight is place in. Also what would be the purpose of Sarah being shrunken if not to be included as a weight, if it was to keep her from moving the weights herself, why not just make her ditzy too? if one person needed to remain intelligent to guide other, why not immobilize her somehow? Or give her a different form?
  11. Story, Monday Dec 17, 2018

    She disarmed that mugger which mean she had to grab and move the knife with her telekinesis and a knife is certainly bigger than dice. But I think that was the only time and she's stated that it's easier to just make herself fly. She was also in half squirrel form at the time of the mugging which again could mean that her abilities are limited to the form she's in.
  12. Story, Monday Dec 17, 2018

    Honestly, he should of (hehe) left it as is, I feel if it's in relation to character dialog, writing a word or phrase as how you feel the character says it is perfectly valid, regardless of whether it's grammatically incorrect or something. Tedd saying "shouldn't of" while a minor speech quirk, is really no different than how Jeph Jaques gives Roko her alternate dialect, or David Willis write's Sal's dialog, etc, and I don't see people going nuts about it.
  13. Story, Monday Dec 17, 2018

    While Grace's ability is all well and good, apparently Tedd and Grace had a big fight at some point? This being based on what Tedd says and what Dan says on Reddit: I can say from experience that getting hit in the back of the head unexpectedly does not feel good and first instinct is usually to respond in aggressively. That said, what Tedd considers a "big fight" with Grace may be entirely subjective, and probably comes nowhere near Nanase's and Ellen's first spat.
  14. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Considering the danger that Damien posed, and the nature of his creation, if Adrian did find himself anywhere near Damien, the rules shouldn't have applied. Adrian wasn't allowed to join a country's military because he would provide that side an advantage with magic, but Damien was an unnatural being that already had the attention of people in the know and with similar skills as Adrian, so the only things the could have stopped Adrian from acting would either have been him considering Damien to be more powerful than himself, or he was following the orders of someone else, like if he was told to take Noah to safety.
  15. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    The talk with Justin was Grace saying that she'd tear anyone bad enough that they have to fight to shreds. Grace's talk with Edward though, was about aberrations. Otherwise, yes she's very protective of her friends and also wants them to be happy, so anything that would potentially made them sad would be seen as a threat as seen by Grace jumping the counter to hug Sarah earlier. Grace sees Sam's secret as having the potential to make Sarah sad, but fighting is obviously out of the question because Sam isn't a bad guy, still the dilemma remains about how to keep Sarah happy.
  16. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    There is the matter of Noah training to become strong enough to kill Damien, why would Adrian allow that? Were they going to double team Damien? Was Noah going to fight alone? Did Adrian feel that Noah, properly trained, could be more capable in fighting Damien than he could be?
  17. This Day In History

    Ok, complete tangent, but there's that CD-DVD burning software called Nero Burning Rom, and it just occurred to me that it's an e short of Nero Burning Rome, and it's embarrassing that I never made the connection before....
  18. NP Friday Dec 14, 2018

    This would probably belong in the December 12 reaction thread, since that's the comic it's a colouring of.
  19. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Adrian didn't really have a choice, and didn't know the extent of what he was facing until Gullet showed up, for all we know Gullet probably knew that his purpose was to hold Adrian's attention for Smiley, and Adrian could only hope that Gullet would let up for a moment to allow him move in for the kill, and even then, he expected Gullet might be able to use his other hand to cast a different spell. Adrian might have been pinned at that point and would have to rely on the possibility of help from Susan or someone else, otherwise it'd be a matter of who ran out of energy first and while Adrian is the son of an Immortal, I don't think he'd have limitless energy. Also in terms of the sword, if that sword was enchanted specifically against aberrations (beyond just being a summoned magic weapon) as Susan believed, it might not have the intended effect against Damien, as such, Lespuko claws might not have an advantage against aberrations.
  20. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Adrian might have also sensed spicy magic from Damien, and then there's the fact that even if Adrian could match his experience against Damien's power, the best I could probably see happening would be similar to Adrian fighting Gullet, Damien's fast healing would make it difficult for Adrian to really hurt Damien so Adrian probably didn't think he was capable of killing Damien.
  21. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Adrian might beg to differ. I mean Adrian apparently had some idea of Damien's power if he could compare Grace to Damien in that way. It's possible that even Adrian didn't think he'd be strong enough to fight Damien, I would think that Damien would fall under what Adrian would consider acceptable conditions for getting involved, heck maybe he did get involved originally and that's how he ended up with Noah.
  22. NP Friday Dec 14, 2018

    The one dish of the scale is solid with a flat surface, while the other is a bowl. I don't think it's a simple matter of filling the bowl enough to equal the weight of the flat side, with Sarah the size she is, maybe she's meant to be sitting on the left hand side of the scale and Nanase needs to place enough weight in the bowl to equal the left side+Sarah. Either that or the weight's current location is misleading and Sarah is supposed to sit in the bowl which would mean she weighs more than the left side, and Nanase places weights on the left until it balances.
  23. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Greg noticed a significant power shift when Grace changed forms, and it's assumed that her Omega form makes her the most ridiculously overpowered person in Moperville. I mean yeah she's got all that power, but her forms seem to only use what is necessary like specialties, her ability to mix and match forms and such is like respeccing attributes where she can create a form built for heavy hitting, or one for speed, or one for stealth, etc though we've only seen her using animal-based forms for those things and only minor stuff when she's human with antennae, it could be just her choice to use animal forms though.
  24. NP Wednesday Dec 12, 2018

    Probably the closest we have is back in So a Date when Nanase's trying to encourage Ellen to help with the investigation. Though Nanase Craft is probably channeling Susan more.
  25. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    She only needed her antennae out to help guide that paper airplane message to Justin, we also know she only needs her antennae out to talk to animals, that's enough evidence that she's been able to do it regardless of overall form. The only question left is how powerful those abilities are, and it's probably safe to say that Grace with just antennae wouldn't have the power to create a telekinetic shield, or fly, or else we'd have seen her doing so without her fully transforming. I think it's still too early for even Grace to know the extent of what else she can do that she couldn't before, she's still baffled that she can resize her clothing, though she's at least tested to see if it can controlled. If she is able to work on building magic without the need to suppress her Uryuom Power or if Uryuom Power can substituted for magic energy in casting spells (like Nanase can burn calories for magic), that could lead to a whole new level of power for Grace. Maybe Dan's setting things up for Grace to be discovered, but I would find it odd that he'd bring in Sam after he just set Sam up to being unavailable, why would Sam suddenly appear after he'd told Sarah he wouldn't be, Sarah expects the next time she sees him is Sunday, seeing him now would raise questions about why he couldn't make it to the tournament to begin with and there wasn't any indication that he might stop in later or anything.