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  1. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    To be honest, it feels like that would just add more things Dan would have to worry about keeping track of to an already full plate, I don't think he'd want to just go "oh, the government is basically pulling the strings while the gang goes through college" and not even show what that means in their day to day lives, like would they basically get fast tracked through, not having to worry about grades, all because Tedd's been tasked with figuring out how to make magic safe? I also really dislike the idea that because they have magic experience and that Tedd's dad is connected with a government organization, that they're automatically gonna get shoehorned into government work. There's that warning that Pandora gave Sarah about what might happened if Edward or anyone else in DGB finding out about her spell, but I'm more inclined to believe that could be a plot point where an attempt might be made, but ultimately doesn't succeed. If anyone decides to work for DGB it'd be by choice, not duress. But maybe that's just my feelings about it.
  2. NP Sat April 18 2020

    Susan doesn't specifically say, but given Dan said there wouldn't have been any visual indication that anything happened to her if he just removed the levels gained through potions, and the only level we know she legitimately got was level 2, and there isn't any visual difference between when she leveled (used this page cus it shows her figure better) and when she started buying potions, and no difference between that and when she was doing the quest with Rhoda(aside from the devil stuff), I believe she hadn't gained anymore levels legitimately.
  3. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    We haven't actually gotta confirmation that Arthur was able to get that lab and funding approved yet, and even if he does, the lab could be anything from giving Tedd more equipment for the basement, or an actual government facility, but again I don't expect Dan to be splitting up the group so it seems unlikely that Tedd would be commuting to another school or job, and with Tedd also being tasked with studying how Ashley became a wizard and what happened to Ellen, it wouldn't make sense to split them off either.
  4. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    She could have still helped Elliot back when he needed to transform, it seemed like Sarah was into the idea of doing transformation stuff with Elliot back on Grace's birthday, but then nothing ever came about it aside from when she suggested that Elliot transform to look like her and then she developed that "I'm not pretty enough" complex. Beanbag actually. Sounded like Dan was planning on them going through normal college and keeping the tone of the comic pretty much as it is now, having it shift to DGB mandated school and jobs might be too much of a change in tone.
  5. NP Sat April 18 2020

    I don't think XP potions affected purity, just the cosmetic ones, still if the best XP potions she can get now are the same price but 1/1000th of the original's effectiveness then she's going to be buying a heck of a lot more, plus she'd then have to spend the time chugging each one down to get max level again. It's probably quicker to just kill some bandits at this point. Also, Dan just said in Discord that Fable 2 only allowed the player to buy 1 XP potion per restock, so I suspect that Susan probably had to wait for a few restocks to the the potions she needed to get max level anyway (she likely spent that time giving cosmetic potions and such to the NPCs and ogled the various Elliots during this time). Now though Susan needs to buy 1000 to get the effect she got from 1 previously and the 1 per restock would still be in play. Yeah, I really doubt she'll be leveling through potions this time. She gained level 2 in all three stats when she left the first cave. Then she did a quest where she subdued the enemy instead of killing and thus no XP, did the housing game, then she bought XP and cosmetic potions to get max level while keeping the appearance of having level 2 stats. That's why Dan went with the reset to 0xp thing because just resetting to the level she legitimately earned wouldn't have made her look any different, aside from the morality wipe. I don't believe Susan's starting from the very beginning story wise, just her character level was wiped. She'll go back to the hideout or where ever Arthur had her and Rhoda staying at, Arther will either question Susan about what happened or act like nothing's wrong, and then they'll go back to tracking down the other heroes. Why can't it be both, if she's leveling up again AND doing things of questionable at best but apparently evil morality, she'll need to keep some of those potions for herself.
  6. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    Quite a while. I'm already expecting Grace to be ecstatic about it.
  7. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    Yeah, and she'd love to have all her friends stay together to the point of even sharing a house with them.
  8. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    There's some headcanon of mine that believes that at one time Tedd had a crush on Sarah, it would have been around the time of "The Incident" and the aftermath of it would have left Tedd believing there was no chance of anything ever happening, then Grace came along and Tedd fell in love with her. We know Tedd had thoughts when Sarah asked to be his lab assistant, but those were pushed aside because there was Grace and also he didn't want to jeopardize screwing things up with Sarah now that they were back on friendly terms. We've seen how close Tedd, Grace and Sarah have become, it's been quite apparent since Squirrel Prophet, with teases thrown here and there that fueled the OT3 ship (with the 3 of them having seen each other naked, Sarah saying that she thinks Tedd is cute, Grace considering Sarah to be the perfect woman, etc), and the point was driven home at the end of Sister 3, it's clear that Sarah cares about Tedd, the question is are there deeper feelings involved? Of course she's currently pursuing Sam, but we've seen plenty of evidence that having in interest in one person doesn't mean they don't have strong feelings for someone else.
  9. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    Elliot's also stated to have a decent energy pool, the watch would be able to draw from that while out of the Moperville area.
  10. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    Pretty sure a watch still would have done the job, as long as it wasn't too dynamic, which I guess is probably the problem with Elliot's spell anyway, too dynamic for him. As long as Tedd set a fixed height and figure to Elliot's liking, it would have worked fine.
  11. Story, Monday 20 April 2020

    I'm thinking she's feeling bad about how she treated Elliot's transforming while they were dating. The one time she encouraged Elliot to transform, she reacted badly to instead of trying to be more supportive, she could have also offered to help pin down a standard for Elliot to use that didn't look like Ellen. Basically, she's become so used to transforming herself since the summer, she had plenty of time to get Elliot involved while they were dating, so she's now seeing Elliot and Tedd talking about it and thinking "I should have been the one doing that". I don't even think the flustering between Elliot and Tedd really registers with Sarah to be honest, either that or she's feeling a bit jealous of Tedd.
  12. NP Sat April 18 2020

    She'd have to drink more potions to get back to where she was than what she used before, like a lot more , and the price of the potions probably hasn't changed any either so it'd be much more expensive. She may just have to go out and kill things. She was level 2 (out of 5) in all three stats, and that was after killing all the bugs in the first cave. she used xp potions to get to max level and cosmetic potions to keep looking like she was level 2, so yeah, another run through a cave full of bugs would get the appearance back, but then it'd be a grind to get to max level, or else see above. Though either way, she's likely to be getting cosmetic potions.
  13. NP Sat April 18 2020

    Dea Elsea however does say "at this part of the story...", seems unlike he'd point that out if all the story itself reset to the beginning too. If level scaling is based where in the story you are, I dunno of any games that do that offhand, but with there being scaling based on location in the world, and scaling based on character level. I wouldn't be surprised if a game upped enemy levels after certain story points are reached, but Dea saying it's still pretty easy right now, it'd be safe to assume that while recruiting Rhoda may have upped the difficulty a bit, Susan should be able to catch up before they hit the next plot point that increases difficulty again.
  14. NP Sat April 18 2020

    That would mean Catalina and Rhoda are back at not having met, I think the pitchforks and torches would be out in full force if that happened.
  15. NP Sat April 18 2020

    Chances are she doesn't have to do the temple quest and recruit Rhoda as the hero of melee again, so the two of them (and likely Catalina) will continue on to find the other heros, and Susan will get back some levels doing that.
  16. Story, Friday, April 16 2020

    I think the issue is Elliot's trying to fine tune an existing form, like when he wants to go default female, the spell wants to make him look like Ellen. If he wants to make that form different though, he's probably thinking "I wanna be that form, but taller" or "I wanna be that form but with smaller boobs" and the problem is, he's not being as specific about "how tall" or "how small" as he should be so the results aren't always going to end up the way he likes. It's kinda like how someone saying "big boobs" when about to transform or any other stray thought affects how he thinks about the transformation. Probably what Tedd might suggest Elliot do is to try not to think of the default at all, just think of what Elliot would look like as FV1 or something (I think FV1 doesn't affect height or figure much if any).
  17. Story, Friday, April 16 2020

    Rose was....actually the commentary here says she was around 5'0 so same height as Rhoda then give or take a fraction of an inch. I'm not saying that Elliot wouldn't want to be that height, just probably not all the time, Ellen seems to want to be smaller more often.
  18. Story, Friday, April 16 2020

    Indeed. Though Dan on Discord said "Ellen wants to be smol with Diane's confidence." So this could be just Ellen's wish, but she'd probably also like to see Elliot that way whether Elliot wants to or not.
  19. NP Thur April 16th 2020

    Still thinking Noah's the best bet, if we look canonically, Grace and Noah haven't had much interaction beyond the Dojo just after the bulldog dragon incident in "New and Old Flames", about all we know is that Noah knows that Grace is the one that "killed" Damien, but he has yet to actually talk to her about it. If the reason he hasn't made any attempts to make conversation with her is because he's unsure of what to say or something due to not knowing anything else about her, I could see him using roundabout methods like this. Not saying that this has the potential of being in the realm of canon, just saying that as far as excuses for doing something like this, Noah's the closest for that reason.
  20. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Interesting that it mentions that when Obama made recess appointments, the republicans got mad and the supreme court even said that he overstepped his authority. Now Trump wants to make recess appointments and is mad that the democrats aren't letting him?
  21. NP Tues April 7 2020

    There's also the possibility that holding onto a transformation too long could make it permanent too. I think Dan said that transformations don't effect things like injuries though, like you can't just morph away a broken leg or stab wound. Pandora had implied once that Ashley could be given a spell that healed papercuts, I suspect there are more powerful versions that a person could get, Dan might just prefer to go that route which is more realistic, in terms of being in a world where Magic exists that is.
  22. NP Tuesday April 14 2020

    So now this is "Parable 2: The search for Grace"?
  23. Story Monday April 13 2020

    I just don't see how a twitter thread where Dan wonders if he ever had Elliot explain why he chose something a simple as blonde hair for being able to differentiate from Ellen and the need to elaborate about it in an upcoming comic as "he totally wants a wand for Ashley". Elliot reacting from his gut would more likely be "a spell with little chance of messing up? I'll take it!"
  24. Story Monday April 13 2020

    The tweet I linked earlier referenced the comic where Elliot is explaining how tricky it can be to tweak some features without going overboard with others, and there was also the problem certain features defaulting to "FV5" at bad times, so it would seem like Elliot's asking for a wand with a spell that won't default to an "FV5" figure if Elliot only wants to change face/hair/eyes/etc.
  25. Story Monday April 13 2020

    But Elliot knows that's not possible now, at least the "Magic Change" threat is no longer a factor, dunno any other way Elliot would lose the ability to use magic. Even if areas with low ambient energy, Elliot's own energy should provide enough to transform a few times a day before he needs to rest.