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  1. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Anyway, I didn't think Elliot would mention Magus wanting to turn Ellen into a man until after they got home, although, it is apparent that Arthur heard Magus and Elliot discussing it on the security footage so it might have been futile to keep that part private but Elliot would understandably not want to continue that discussion in front of Arthur.
  2. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    The argument could have been that there needed to be some way of being able to defend against magical creatures like dragons, if the last attempted system change occurred when magic creatures were getting out of hand and more people turned to Magic for protection. The paths that the WoM could have taken at that point could have been "There are other ways to protect yourselves" or "Magic will make minimal changes to accommodate this request" or something to the effect that lets Humans continue using it.
  3. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    I had theorize before that if Magus' world had a seer that managed to do what Tedd did much sooner in Earth's history and that with magic being more open, a lot of problems that Humans came across were eventually solved with magic rather than technology, so guns and rockets would never have been invented.
  4. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Sorry, phrasing wasn't clear, I didn't mean he'd let Ellen have his own phone, but he would have given her A phone to use. And don't forget Ashley taking pictures of Elliot's Cheerleadra 2.0 form, was that her phone she used, or Elliot's? I guess it probably doesn't matter now if Elliot never uses that form again and with magic being more open there might not be as much effort to cover up incidents anymore.
  5. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    The phone was probably supplied by Arthur, might have had measures to prevent backtracing as well. Nanase likely didn't know it was Ellen until she answered. Probably would just be better to find some texts on logic gates and stuff and work from there. Maybe take one of these back:
  6. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Actually, I wonder if Dan forgot that Magus would have a duplicate of Elliot's wallet. I doubt Elliot would have had the money to pay for that pizza anyway and if there was a debit or credit card in there, using that would certainly alert Elliot to Magus' possible whereabouts. Maybe he just took what was in the wallet and destroyed it because stealing Elliot's identity was never Magus' intention, which would explain why he used Mr. Magus instead of Mr. Dunkel (assuming that Dunkel is also his last name considering Ellen's his real first name). Both names would equally draw attention to DGB if they were searching for anyone ordering stuff or renting a room or something. Left at the Dunkel residence likely. I don't think Magus would have trashed them or dumped them out the car window halfway to the facility.
  7. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    Remember Tedd's (short*) history of naming characters? *I say short because we only have the one example, but I suspect there were other instances.
  8. NP Friday, Jun 15, 2018

    Not too long ago, someone I follow on Twitter was trying to catch a shiny Charmander, went to an area known to have lots of fire pokemon, and ended up with like 30 regular charmanders, no shinies, she ended up running into someone that had just managed to catch 2 and was willing to trade one. I imagine all the ones she caught ended up getting sold. I don't think I want to know what happens to them.
  9. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    Dan's strictly going for absurdity in this case, since in the games this is parodying has the rival trainer as the professor's grandson. The fact that George is calling Nanase his grandson should also be absurd for the fact that George is only 2-3 years older than Nanase in canon anyway.
  10. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Dan does watch a number of mysteries and crime dramas it seems, yeah some of them are set during times before credit cards and electronic banking, but if he's seen more modern ones then it's possible he's come across one where embezzlement and money laundering was talked about, even if it's not realistic, it could still serve as inspiration for how Sirleck was able to set aside enough that Magus wouldn't have to worry about drawing too much attention.
  11. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    Unless the door we see her passing in panel 2 isn't 210's I assumed the doors we see in panel 2 were 210, 212 and 214. It wouldn't make sense for that to not be 210 because it would mean that the door the tray is in front of might be 216 or further down which would mean that the Pizza Girl would have really made a bad assumption that the tray belonged to 212. The meta bit was too subtle in my case then cus I was able to apply real world experience to what she could have experience, if she kept her eyes on the wall and the doors as she pass, missing Magus' door would have made it more clear that something strange was going on, instead she shifted her focus to the tray as she continued down the hall so it could have been assumed that her own perception of the hall changed when her focus changed, which I can say from experience that you don't need magic for it to happen.
  12. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    If she didn't see the actual door to room 212 because of some illusion hiding the door, then of course she would just assume that the tray is in front of 212, it's the fact that we don't see what she sees (or doesn't see) that adds to the confusion. It's why I feel it would have been better if Magus' door just wasn't visible in panel 2, it might be a bit confusing at first to the reader, but I think the fact that there'd have been a large space between doors in panel 2, then suddenly the doors are evenly spaced in panel 4 should be an indication that Magus' door was initially hidden.
  13. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    That was in reference to the way the room numbers were set up and people were assuming that she was looking at the wrong side of the hall, because people automatically assumed that the hotel had rooms on both sides of the hall, Dan could have just stuck with that layout and stated that this particular hotel didn't work that way but no. Even with the new numbers, it still not clear exactly how she missed the room, just that she did, and the only real clue was that she commented on the room service tray 2 doors ahead of the one she was just passing, which can just as easily give the reader the impression that she wasn't paying attention to how far down the hall she was going. Fortunately for this case Dan has responded to my post on Reddit: I responded back to that with pretty much what I said previously and added that it probably would have been better if Magus' door wasn't visible at all in the second panel, and if anyone was confused by that, Dan can remind them that so was the Pizza Girl.
  14. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    It's not all that unusual, the hotel I work at doesn't have rooms on the opposite side of the hall, because the opposite side of the hall overlooks the pool and the rooms are laid out in a horseshoe numbering from 201-216. I just assumed that the hotel Magus is staying it was similar. I dunno how it'd make it more likely, it's still 3 rooms on the right hand side with 1 being skipped and that tray in front of 214 could still have been distracting enough for her to walk past 212.
  15. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    The pizza delivery person is such a cliche beginning to a porn video. But yeah I dunno if Magus was sexually active before he wound up stranded, or if it would be some weird side effect to having recently possessed and split from Elliot. Either way, Magus doesn't seem like that's on his mind at the moment, whether or not he accepts if she offers is another story, maybe we'll find out if he's got someone back home that he'd rather be with? It's interesting that he got a hair cut too, is that shorter than the shortest we've seen Elliot, I'm not sure, a quick look through the archives and this is the shortest I can recall. I don't think so, she apparently assumed that the door with the roomservice tray in front was the room she was delivering to and walked right past. I'd be more inclined to think that she was just not paying attention to things, than any magic affecting her, and I speak from experience on this having been working in a hotel for the past 15 years. As long as he's not drinking home made booze along with the pizza, speaking of working in a hotel, I've recently had the "pleasure" of having to clean up after someone who ate too much pizza along with booze, it's not fun...
  16. Video Game Discussion 4

    It's a type of citadel or player owned starbase, shoulda linked it in my earlier post, sorry.
  17. Planetary Beverage Container 2018

    Normally it's against regulations in Ontario to serve alcohol before 11am, but there've been specific exceptions set aside to allow bars to start serving by 9am. The 2014 and 2018 winter Olympics also had bars allowed to serve earlier than usual. It's definitely timezone, as well as province specific as well, since bars in Manitoba normally start serving at 9am but can serve as early as 7 am and is basing it on when the games are played, so from the 15th to the 24th all games are at 7am except on the 16 where there's a game at 5am. The 5am game will still see bars opening at that time but they'll only serve breakfast and serve alcohol at 7am, from the 25th on games start at 9am so they'll return to their normal serving routine. It's strange the effect of futball has on people.
  18. Video Game Discussion 4

    Looks like someone tried to unanchor their corp Fortizar and it crashed the server.
  19. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    She's going to be meeting Grace soon. And don't forget an alien construct probably would have killed her next if Ellen didn't wake up in time. Considering it's a branch of the FBI, probably close to if not more than a thousand, they probably don't all have to be wizards or magic users in general, some may be there because of connections with Uryuoms or something. Now for the Moperville branch alone is probably a handful of agents, but that doesn't mean they don't call in agents from Chicago or elsewhere if shorthanded for something, I don't see Commander Jaguar's team being stationed in Moperville. And on that note, I wonder what Canada's Paranormal Division would be like, I kinda expect it to be a branch of the RCMP so I Imagine a collab between them and the FBI would be akin to an episode of "Due South" which, incidentally, is set in Chicago.
  20. Video Game Discussion 4

    Because using spreadsheets in any other MMO would be overkill while spreadsheets in Eve is just barely scratching the surface?
  21. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    And for some extra twitch, there was an entire playthrough a couple years back of the original game done on Twitch.tv by way of chat members typing out the commands to move the player, access inventory, talk to people and battle. It was a real clustertruck and somehow they managed to beat the game this way.
  22. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    I think it's just showing that this experience has been exhausting for her and she's trying to relax and contemplate.
  23. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    To be honest, we shouldn't expect the DBG to be made of of 10 agents (Edward, Arthur, Wolf, Cranium, those two CSIs that further investigated the forest after Pandora's appearance. Sybil, the two guards that were keeping an eye on Abraham, the guard for the PTTAblahblahblah and Lavender if she can be considered an agent) introducing more people, even if it's just for one page, still gives the impression of a larger organization. Also Dan seems to enjoy giving us characters that have a detailed backstory but only appear once or twice in comic, I mean, are we ever going to see a story arc devoted to Good Tom saving puppies?
  24. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    I'm wondering if the vehicle behind them has the headlights bright enough to make it difficult to see details well, or maybe it's projecting images all over to make the surroundings look different. There might be other things that DGB could have done to lessen the chance of someone finding the place, like no signs, a lot of turns, maybe a lot of intersections where one could easily get lost if they make a wrong turn. Of course, the entire route would be monitored and if someone did get lost then a convenient stranger will show up and guide them back out the way the came. I think Arthur would insist on Ashley being filled in considering he asked that she allow Kevin to teach her how to be a wizard.
  25. Story Monday June 11, 2018

    Only Magus would believe that, when in reality Arthur likely intends on helping Magus get home, but not before Magus properly apologizes for making Ashley cry. And of course not before Ellen gets to give him a piece of her mind too.