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  1. Story Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    It'd be part of the berating for recklessness. Also, depending on his tone while recapping in the first couple panels, he might sound agitated.
  2. NP Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    There's a let's Player that used to do mostly minecraft vids on Youtube (he's strictly Twitch livestreaming now) named GenerikB, he did a Fallout 4 series where he played a character affectionately named "Genny the Jerk" and only chose the sarcastic dialog options when able. They also seem to have the ability to dodge bullets (in fallout) or arrows (in skyrim) at the precise moment you shoot from range, doesn't matter how long you aim at them or even if they can see you, the moment you push the button to fire, they're out of the way, thankfully there's mods that fix that and makes NPC dodging seem more realistic.
  3. NP Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    In Fallout 4 you get dialog options that allow you to be a sarcastic jerk, but in Skyrim it's not as apparent and the NPC just assume what type of person you are before you even talk to them, it's like they've cheated and looked at your character sheet.
  4. Story Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    He mainly disagreed that Grace said anything at all and that she's refused to identify the person she was talking to before "Smoke" showed up, he didn't seem overly concerned that his work in keeping Uryuoms a secret has just been unraveled, he said the chances of "Smoke" being a Seer are extremely low, and Grace didn't appear to regret her actions, so I don't think Edward was too harsh on her.
  5. Story Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    She might have spent the rest of the night at the comic shop rehearsing how to tell Edward what happened while keeping Sam's identity secret. She wants to talk to Rhoda remember? Yeah Grace already figures that Pandora marked her and Rhoda's not a random person, but Grace still needs to bring up the subject somehow and doesn't know that Rhoda awakened, and that Pandora gave her a spellbook, I imagine telling Rhoda about what happened to Pandora will bring up the feels again. The way Grace explained things to Sam was pretty plausible, how there's some spells that can't be copied, there are different kinds of magic users, her abilities wouldn't seem that odd once Sam was made aware of that. That and after learning about powerful beings that can sneak into homes and give people magic marks, plus hearing about griffins and monsters and cheerleader themed superheroes, Sam probably already thinks that anything is possible and Grace is just a drop in the bucket. She understands the whole "must keep my alien heritage secret" deal because it affects more than just her, the rest of it though, her transformations, etc, if she can pass it off as a form of magic, she feels that shouldn't be secret and it should be her choice whether she can trust someone enough to tell them about it.
  6. NP Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    That's another thing about some games, they're scripted to make your character the center of attention, in Skyrim, when you first come up to Whiterun, there's that group of companions fighting a giant, it doesn't matter how far away you are when the giant dies, you could have just gotten within sight of them, the one companion will come up to you and tell you how useless you were in fighting the giant. it's like "I just got here, what did you expect me to?" In all my playthroughs, I've only been able to come across the fight just as it was starting and be able to get a few hits on it, on one playthrough so I at least know they do praise you for your skill in combat. It's still that automatic "thanks for nothing" attitude if you don't even get the chance to do anything that bugs me sometimes.
  7. Story Monday, May 20, 2018

    Well yeah, the whole thing that happened with Sam and "Smoke" was just the night before, so she's only had the chance to go home, tell Tedd and Edward, go to bed, wake up, go to school, go home, and then Sarah comes over. If Tedd wasn't concerned about the possibility of "Smoke" being a student of MNHS and that it was Grace's story to tell, he would have mentioned it to Sarah earlier. In fact, if Tedd did tell Sarah, he probably would have said it differently enough that there'd be even less of a chance of Sarah thinking that Sam was involved, and Grace wouldn't feel like she's lying to Sarah by not saying it was Sam that was involved.
  8. Story Monday, May 20, 2018

    The only clue would be her hesitation when Tedd asked if she told Sarah about it. I doubt Grace would have said anything that would hint that Sarah also knows the person, that would narrow down the field too much because, it'd be like "why doesn't Grace want to tell Sarah, does she know the person that can transform? who else besides us does she know? Oh she's seeing that Sam guy from the card tournament now, is that who Grace is talking about? but why does she not want Sarah to know he can transform?" No evidence to suggest he did yet, I suspect that Tedd would be really eager to meet them, of course Grace likely left out the fact that Sam was marked shortly after visiting Tedd. Not that Nanase really needs to hide her being magical in MSHS, though it would be problematic if "Smoke" attended that school since they could identify Grace.
  9. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    Might be the closest equivalents to the Zeta aliens from the Fallout series.
  10. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    She clearly doesn't remember the last time she attempted a pacifist run of a game. Yeah, non canon realities and such, but I'd like to think that even Rad Squirrel could have been canon, and this one could be as well if we chose to believe that Tedd made the wand that Sarah's using. There were a couple cases in Skyrim that felt like that, the Gildergreen quest for instance, Danica tasks you with getting a knife from Hagravens, and when you return she literally says "oh, I didn't think that you would come back." I mean, I guess she might assume I gave up, but the tone of her voice sounded more like she thought she had sent me to my death.
  11. Story Monday, May 20, 2018

    He didn't miss it, Grace would have kept Sam's secret from him as well, so Tedd just believes that this was a random encounter that the gang would all hear about eventually anyway. Not his fault he doesn't know Sam's at the heart of it. Actually, I'm surprised that Tedd didn't jump to any conclusions that it was Pandora that marked "the person", unless she didn't actually confirm they were marked when talking to Edward. Would Sarah jump to that conclusion? Dunno if she'll catch it from Grace's story, or if Sam says something on Friday that makes Sarah think "Wait, Grace knew?!" My only evidence to this possibility is the fact that Sam had asked around about Grace before, he might mention talking to Grace about Sarah like "Grace seems like we're good for each other, but I'm just not sure I'm ready for anything serious with anyone yet." It is odd that Sarah hasn't picked up on Grace's hesitations and awkwardness around the subject of Sam (the unenthused "yaaaaay" from the previous comic fir instance), but maybe it'll all click Friday. I think it might be the idea that "Smoke" could hide anywhere, even if it appeared that there was no one close enough to hear anything, "Smoke" could be hiding in a locker or something.
  12. Word of Dan

    I don't have anything to put here at the moment, but figured since we had one going before, it wouldn't hurt to set it up again. I get the feeling that the next few NP and Story pages might generate some questions. Can't explain why, I guess it's like that feeling Elliot gets when he senses something dangerous nearby.
  13. Word of Dan

    Makes we wonder if we'll see any interaction between Adrian and Tensaided.
  14. Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    It happened the previous week, the timeline pretty much is "Legend of Diane" first(happened on the Monday following the attack on the mall), followed by "Secret of Sam" (Wednesday to this just past Monday) blending into "Unnamed Party Story" (this past Saturday to at least this coming Saturday) We just know that MV5 takes place before Squirrel Prophet, and Sarah's frustration over people thinking of her as a sister implies it's after her and Elliot broke up, which happened just after Christmas, that gives roughly a two week window for MV5 to take place.
  15. Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    At least, mixed company beyond Tedd and Grace. Though she'd likely still deny being comfortable with it. "Cause and Effect" had a poker game as part of the chain of events that got repeated, and IIRC, they do question whether or not Data was stacking the deck (he actually does later), but I do recall another episode, I think Riker and Worf get into a heated round of trying to bluff each other cus Riker was upset about Worf getting together with Trois, was that in "All Good Things"?
  16. Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    That's a possibility, but she has her own watch for that and can use it at home, unless she just forgot to take it off, or maybe they did some transformation stuff earlier (or are going to do some in a bit) and she used it to set her hair back. I'm not entirely sure, Sarah's been trying to convince people that she's not hung up on Elliot, or jealous that he's showing more initiative with Ashley than he did with her. But I do wonder if the fact that Elliot's on girlfriend #3 and Sarah's struggling to find someone to be with romantically, it might be wearing on her self esteem. There might be a emotional breakdown at worst.
  17. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    Ashley was told about the TFG without being told aliens exist. Ellen could tell Charlotte about the TFG being an instrument of her creation without revealing who originally built it. Mind you I don't really expect Grace's heritage being kept secret from her friends that aren't yet in the circle (like Rhoda) so Charlotte may yet learn about aliens, probably around the time Pyro-Uryuom becomes relevant again.
  18. NP Friday, May 17, 2019

    Would be interesting if Dan used this story to get some practice in on their designs before Kaoli made her appearance in the main story.
  19. Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    I really like Sarah's outfit here, it looks good on her! Also, she's wearing a watch, but doesn't appear to be transformed, Dan pretty much confirmed it too: Maybe if Dan continues the scene on Monday we'll what the watch does. I dunno if this means that she'll attend, but her and Susan might talk at some point before the party, if Susan mentions the party and not wanting to go, Diane might say something that changes her mind. It's clear neither of them have talked about what happened, but maybe Diane finally breaks that silence, maybe she'll see how Susan's handling it, compare it to how she's handling it, and decide it's time to rip the bandaid off. Oh, I just realized, Sarah's seeing Sam again on Friday, and Grace is remembering what Sam told her, if Sam does go through with telling Sarah that he isn't sure he wants to date, and keep things platonic between him and Sarah, what emotional state would that put Sarah in and will it effect her behaviour at the party?
  20. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    That's the thing, Greg knows about Ellen being Elliot's duplicate from touching the dewitchery diamond, Greg is also aware of alternate universes, Beta Tedd and Lord Tedd. It wouldn't be a big deal for Elliot to be like "You remember how we all thought it was Tedd's fault Ellen was created? Turns out he was being manipulated by another universe version of me as part of a plan to get free of a limbo state someone had wrongfully stuck them in." Also it does seem like Ellen filled in Charlotte about Magus, I dunno if she went into all the details of her creation though but considering what she had said, I wouldn't be surprised if she's like "screw secrecy". I didn't mean she would ignore Edward and invite them to the party, I was saying she'd ignore Edward and go talk to them about magic. Inviting them to parties would come at some point after that.
  21. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    I saw it as Tedd going over various reasons Grace could have been able to do that, if he was actively "looking" for a spell, he'd mention if there was something he could see, and we do know that Tedd can tell the difference between a spell that wizards can't learn from watching, and Grace's abilities. Which brings us back to Tedd needing to see the spell or ability in action. Of course, Edward has a spell that can tell him what enchantment someone is under, and give him details about what it does. It shouldn't take much to learn that spell and make a wand for it to be able to use to see if Grace did enchant herself (if it is Magic) or if it's not an enchantment (her own ability) How are they not spells? they're magic, they may not have much function other than to look cool, but if they're not a natural ability, then they must be a spell. It either just proves that there is a loophole for someone who's already "dreaming" to also be marked with another spell, or Magic is more flexible in how people get spells before they awaken. Nanase's hair growth was attributed to her magic energy needing somewhere to go, instead of being an energy buildup like in Elliot's case, except for Nanase's it was much less embarrassing. Susan's growth spurt was initially attributed to her awakening, but only because it was a convenient explanation for how her and Diane could be twins. Since they aren't twins, and in fact, there's several generations between them, can we really be certain that the growth spurt was magic related, and not just genetic? Again, I don't know how that can't be considered casting a spell, you use magic energy to get a specified effect, that's the basic definition of casting a spell. I'm not entirely certain that it's strictly ASMA related, but I concede that we haven't seen anyone else claim to be able to use physical energy in place of magic energy, I just find it hard to believe that Nanase would be the only one that can. Well at least as much as Elliot knows that would be relevant to his desire to learn to fight while flying (both his encounter with Tara, and his attempt to fight Magus). Susan would probably have to specifically invite Diane, and only if both were willing to talk about their experience, which they're not so it's unlikely. I think much of the reason Susan's refusing to say anything isn't just cus she's having difficulty processing what happened, but it might mean talking about Diane's much closer relation to Adrian and Pandora, and I think she would rather Diane start the conversation about all that. I'm not entirely certain about Rhoda having already been to the Verres' house, they would have had to stay out of the basement of course, but also Tedd couldn't do any experimenting while she was there. Also in "Death Sentence" Tedd only knew Rhoda as "that girl who was on the news when the creepy little girl appeared", which meant Tedd had gone through the rest of March (when Adrian set up Grace and Rhoda to tutor each other), April, and into May without meeting Rhoda in person. It's still unclear if Tedd's ever actually been introduced to Rhoda. There's that, but she did seem pretty eager to talk to Rhoda despite Edward's berating.
  22. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    Greg's completely in the know about the main 8 from Ellen's origin (and it's possible Elliot has updated him on recent events) to Grace's origin but we know his feelings about attending a party with teenagers, and magic shenanigans so I doubt he'd accept an invite in this case either. Diane and Charlotte do not yet know about Ellen and Grace's origins, Diane didn't appear to have connected Grace with Shade tail after seeing her on New Years Eve, I'm not sure if Diane would attend either though cus she might feel awkward about the whole "I was considering seducing Elliot" bit, also she's now dating Lucy and Lucy isn't in the know so it's either go to a party without Lucy, or possibly get in trouble for bringing someone Edward hasn't been able to do a background check on yet. I think that's also a key point, has Edward done background checks on everyone that the main eight knows? how many layers deep does it go? Grace suspects Rhoda and Catalina have magic but now real proof yet, Catalina suspected that Elliot was Cheerleadra but we don't know if Edward's fake sighting changed her mind about it, I think Grace would have to talk to Rhoda first and confirm things before she can consider inviting her to a party and then there's still Edward's approval too. I think keeping it at 9 participants (assuming Susan changes her mind and attends) would be best because as it is that's a lot of characters to juggle in a story, it'd be nice if others could attend, but it'd probably make it more difficult to have any meaningful interactions.
  23. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    As far as we know, Tedd doesn't "see" the end results, just spell as it's being cast. Or else Tedd should have been able to figure out he could "see" magic a lot sooner, heck, the line "If I can just get a good look at the spell in action" suggests his seer ability only activates when he's looking at a spell being cast. We have Grace as an example, it's been revealed that yes she could learn magic IF she could suppress her Uryuom Power, and she knows it, but she hasn't made any attempt to do so and yet she's suddenly able to do something no one thought Uryuoms or Greater Chimera could do without training for Magic? And IF the clothing morph is not a spell the only other thing it can be is something that part of her shapeshifting which again doesn't make sense why she was never able to do so in the first place because if Uryuom shapeshifting couldn't be affected by a Magic system change, then how could it be blocked without blocking all Uryuom shapeshifting. It's a paradox to try to separate what Uryuoms could and couldn't do at that point if all of it was natural to them, so my only explanation would be that the clothing resize wasn't an Uryuom's natural ability. So it becomes a question of how did Grace suddenly become able to use it? and my best guess is as I've said before, it is magic that she may have learned through attempts to use the watches with Uryuom Power, but couldn't use because Magic had long ago said "Nope, Uryuom Power can't be used for spells anymore." and the only evidence that Uryuom power could be used to cast magic, is the fact that Nanase could use physical energy(calories) to cast spells, I'm certain that ability is not unique to Nanase, but she's got the discipline for it and there's the whole "increased food requirements" and possible other side effects keep it from being commonly used(maybe she burned a load of physical energy casting those last few fairy dolls and the guardian form fighting Abraham which contributed to her collapsing from exhaustion).
  24. Story, Wednesday, May 15, 2018

    If it doesn't get mentioned, it's probably just as likely Dan forgot about it, though I'm sure someone will remind him on social media or something. I still didn't see Tedd mention that it'd be a bad idea to use the spell at his place, I'd like to think that it'd be some sort of confirmation if Tedd agreed with Pandora that his dad shouldn't learn about it. It has to be some sort of Magic/Uryuom Power interaction though, cus if it was all Uryuom power, how could the system change only selectively affect parts of what Uryuoms could do, we didn't see Tedd actually examine Grace using her morph with clothing resize to determine if there was Magic involved or not, but I'd expect him to have done so, and if he determined that Grace wasn't using magic, then it it's either because Uryuom Power and Magic were once interchangeable and Magic just blocked Uryuoms from using Magic spells with Uryuom Power or Uryuoms had their natural abilities blocked by Magic, something that even the Emissary was sure couldn't happen because their power is interwoven into their very nature.
  25. NP Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Here's the page, and I don't think he's talking about sex, Pandora also felt that Tedd and Grace are practically married too. Yeah and that commentary was written in 2014, we also got this tweet earlier today: