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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2364 I said on Discord that I think she's looking like she is because she wants to be as sincere as possible with Tedd. I think Tedd already knows that it was Box that marked him (Grace mentioned her as the creepy girl from TV and suspected her of marking people, and Sarah confirmed that she was responsible for the energy levels in Moperville), so don't think she hide that from him, she might not say anything about being Box but I don't think she needs to. Anyway, her child form wouldn't be taken as seriously, she usually comes across as either mischievous, or emotionally vulnerable, and her older form it too serious sometimes, and has had the habit of coming across as condescending, Pandora doesn't need any of that right now.
  2. np

    Yeah, Elliot's been preoccupied with things this week, but I don't know if Ellen and Grace have done any more training this past week either.
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=633 I love how Rhoda's bragging that all of this is not new to her. Also, what is more cooler that a magic flashlight?
  4. story

    If it was a choice between being raided by him, or Nazis/KGB agents. They'd probably go with Indy.
  5. np

    More like "Oh Carp!" But yeah, training with someone who does have combat flying experience would be good.
  6. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2363 Sarah figured out Box is Adrian's mother!
  7. story

    I dunno, I would think that some Pharaohs and Kings wouldn't mind being raided by Lara Croft.
  8. np

    Adrian's desire to not kill (though he did threaten to do so if Abraham didn't surrender) might have given Abraham the upper hand. But considering the spells at Abraham's disposal as well as magic items and the fact that he was able to resist the sleep spell would suggest that he's a decently powerful wizard. Also Abraham would have killed other monsters created by the diamond, if any of them were hostile, he'd have to have learned how to fight them. Also I would imagine that being able to put ones self into essentially a stone stasis pod would be quite a high level spell. That was nearly a month ago that we saw it, but I would imagine her and Grace have done more since then. Certainly more that Elliot's done.
  9. np

    The question is, will Elliot get the ability to fire laser beams from his eyes, or FV5 beams from his eyes.
  10. np

    This is all assuming that much of the main cast will be nearby when crap hit's the fan. Sarah might be at the mall with Sam while Susan is meeting Diane, I can see Susan giving Sarah a ride over if that's where Sarah and Sam agreed to meet. Catalina and Rhoda might be there as well for a date but not guaranteed. Though they might go to see if anything else crazy happens. Grace and Tedd, I'm not sure, I guess it depends on what Pandora tells Tedd? I don't really see any reason for them to go to the mall unless Grace feels the need to get Tedd out of the house, though it's possible that Grace has to work at the comic shop, the tournaments are a weekly event for those who aren't restricted by allowances. That would also make Justin unavailable for anything happening at the mall. The vampire attacks are supposed to distract Helena and Demetrius from watching Elliot so that Magus can get Ellen to zap him, so that means that Ellen and Elliot would need to be together at the time of the attacks. Nanase would likely be with Ellen...I wonder if Nanase, Ellen, Elliot and Ashley will go on a double date? So that Nanase and Ellen could get to know Ashley better? Nanase did seem suspicious about Ashley, Ellen might worry about that and suggest the double date, that could get the to the mall as well. Though they might be too close and still easily protected by Helena and Demetrius. Their date might have to be elsewhere. But Adrian would also have to be S Rank right? At least by Wizard standards? I mean he's half Immortal and Abraham was probably also considered S Rank despite the foul up with the diamond and supposedly Wizards can be more powerful according to the commentary.
  11. np

    Yeah unfortunately Dan didn't draw her completely so that we could see a version without the dialog boxes:
  12. np

    More like I'm hoping that IF someone close to Rhoda were in danger, she'd come running in with a guardian form to save the day. Does that cover things better? If any of them can pull explosives out of their trenchcoats like the Spidervampire could, then they could still be dangerous. I'm pretty certain Ellen's beams are still using Earth Magic rather than Ellen converting Earth Magic into Uryuom energy. Her beams are only supposed to mimic the TFG delivery method. Unless that's what you were trying to say already... then carry on. Agreed. As the "Mistriss of Shrink", if anybody can reduce a horror to pocket size, and keep it there, it would be Rhoda. Possibly, but she's only been at it for probably 7 going on 8 months? Rhoda might be good, but as hkmaly stated before, there's a chance there's a vampire or two that are better. It's also possible, that considering the reason so many vampires are being sent after Adrian is basically a Zerg Rush intent to overwhelm him. Rhoda may not be able to handle more than a couple herself and risk being overwhelmed as well.
  13. story

    It is possible that the watch is the one he promised to make for Nanase, however it's also possible that Nanase hasn't gotten around to giving him the details of what she wants on it. There's been a few developments that have had her attention lately.
  14. A coworker of mine told me not too long ago about how a dog she had ended up in quarantine and then ended up getting some diseased and died shorly after she got him back. Her and her husband were at their trailer one summer and they went out for dinner, leaving their dog tied to the trailer axle as they always did, they came back to find animal control demanding to take their dog because it apparently attacked an American that was vacationing up there, the guy had claimed that the dog attacked him by his trailer on the other side of the park, but my coworker didn't believe it was possible because the dog would have needed to drag their trailer all that way and there was no sign that it ever got loose. Still animal control took it. Later on my coworker was talking to one of her neighbours and they said that they saw a guy cutting through the plot several times that night, the dog barking at him each time, so it's more likely that at one point the guy must have got close enough for the dog to reach him. So basically the guy was trespassing through someone else's plot and didn't heed the dog's barking to stay away and got bit, then made a false claim to make him be the innocent victim, and the dog ended up dying because of it.
  15. story

    Susan definitely got the watch. From the commentary for that page: " Sidenote: Susan is totally in her short, more "hippy" form in this comic. She did get that watch of her own forms, after all. "
  16. np

    That depends, what if the vampires can resist Rhoda's shrink spells? Not_Tengu easily resist Ellen's beam (and it's possible that it wasn't even an FV5 beam she used). Actually, It would make sense if Ellen tried shrinking Not_Tengu, even half size might have made him easier to fight hand to hand.
  17. np

    Not necessarily, we know Rhoda cares about Diane as well, Diane's already been attacked once, and there are still more vampires out there, someone suggested that Diane might have an angst induced awakening if she were to witness Susan's life in danger, but what if Rhoda witnesses Diane's life in danger?
  18. story

    Possible, I was just guessing because Tedd seemed to remember more about the divorce and thinking that crap hit the fan with Adrian first, then Noriko finally went through with the divorce later. I dunno. Well yeah, the Seer stuff would certainly be a priority, at least the first purpose for sure and the other ability that she didn't know about. Talking about Edward and maybe Noriko would be after. And that would be because the Steam description made it seem like Nanase was a first name, but after looking upon the great wiki, it turns out that it's the character's surname.... Maybe, or he's just tinkering with any kind of watch just because he can't sleep and needs to get his mind off of other things. This doesn't really change what kind of watch it is but it could have been the same watch he was looking at when Pandora "visited" him Sunday evening.
  19. np

    I can't remember where Dan said it, but I think changes in forms by default don't have any side effects like having to learn how to walk/talk and chew bubblegum each time you change forms, it's just natural, unless of course if you think about it too much.
  20. np

    Yeah we don't know what other spells Rhoda could have, in all honesty, with people getting spells that reflect who they are, they could get any number of different spells based on the things they do throughout their lives, so while Rhoda started out with size related spells because of her skewed perception of size, and then disguise relates spells based on her not wanting to be noticed. She might start getting her own cat related spells after being transformed a few times by Catalina. Dan also did compare her to Nanase in the spell variety department, so I wonder if Rhoda can get her own Guardian Form. One can hope, right?
  21. story

    Yeah that's the comic I'm referencing, I mainly basing my thoughts on how Pandora appears to be instructing Adrian on how to cast a particular spell, comes across as a wizard needing to learn the technique that other wizards use.
  22. I'd be really ticked off if I spent however much money it cost to get a cat prepped for adoption, only to find out it had to be put down as part of a broad retaliation over the fact that a parent didn't follow posted rules and kept their brat away from the cages. I always hate hearing stories about animals turning vicious and biting a child because most likely they bit the child because their tail got pulled sharply or something. I've been bitten by cats and dogs numerous times, every single time it was my damn fault, I have a scar on my right forearm 5 inches long because I went up to pet a chained dog when I was 8 and it jumped up and gave me a bear hug in which one of it's claws dug in and scratched me as I pulled away, there was no animal control called for any of those cases and yet these days I hear about people calling animal control and getting the pets quarantined or worse, for less severe incidents.
  23. np

    Fixed that for you. Sure, Ellen can resize clothing, but needs special hand gestures to do so, Rhoda doesn't need specific gestures and she can shrink or enlarge specific parts of clothing (like sleeves). Even Dan's commentary states that Rhoda is the closest thing to being a wizard without being a wizard, Dan mentions themes for character spells, but apparently Rhoda doesn't have a theme.
  24. story

    Part 1 of Sister 3 is titled "Legacy" is it about Pandora. so Legacy of Pandora.
  25. story

    Thanks to Steam now hosting Crunchyroll anime, I learned that Nanase is a gender neutral name as well.