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  1. First Post Wins

    There, now the countdown to 1812 begins.
  2. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Seeing people auras doesn't necessarily make a person a wizard, it's just one of the many spells people can get, but Luke hasn't awakened so who knows really.
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2474 Well, it's confirmed, Ellen has been fully aware this whole time, and she'd not about to let Sirleck get his way either. This ain't going to be a thumb war either.
  4. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Yeah but Tara's assessment of Ellen stated that she had a "different sort of magic potential". Abraham's level of detection compared to Tara's might be like comparing Luke's level of detection to Abraham's. The main difference between Abraham and Tara is Abraham might have a hard time distinguishing between the auras, but he at least would know what to look for, Tara can clearly see a difference, but doesn't know why.
  5. NP Monday Mar 19, 2018

    Guess it would depend on if consent is given, could be prescribed like anti-depressants or something. Otherwise, yeah it'd be evil.
  6. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Hey, that's strictly meant to be left on Hans Island for the Canadians!
  7. NP Monday Mar 19, 2018

    The wand would have every single type of transformation available in the game. So she could likely combine forms like like in the game. I'll let Dan on Reddit answer this:
  8. Last Post Wins

    So.....why did it take this long to come up with that?
  9. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Well I would expect that knowing that Magus was only acting on the guidance of an Immortal might make Ellen have some forgiveness for Magus. Magus really had no other choice since he wasn't in any position to ask Elliot for help himself. Back on the subject of Ellen's ability to fight Sirleck, it could be foreshadowed that Ellen could do so way back at Grace's birthday when she was able to resist Magus' attempt to manipulate her into zapping Elliot and instead, redirected her beam at Tedd. Dan might not have thought of that, but it would make it seem plausible that Ellen wouldn't be easily manipulated because of that. It also wouldn't surprise me if Dan did think of that and we'll have Magus mention that he gave Sirleck the idea of possessing Ellen, believing that Ellen was capable of fighting Sirleck long enough for Magus to recover from the diamond and then properly deal with Sirleck.
  10. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    The whale used a method of compressing thoughts to communicate in an extremely short period of time, the results of which gave Tedd a headache and ran the risk of doing actual damage if continued long enough. Tedd didn't wake up with a headache this time around so I would suspect that no compression was used here. That said, I don't think the meeting took 3 hours either, but realistically, it could have taken up to 30 minutes, with the "change" happening at the 20 minute mark.
  11. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Ellen was magically created by the diamond, Edward had even said that because of that, she'd have an advantage over Elliot when it came to dealing with the energy buildups. The part where he mentions "regarding anything magical" could include anything like resisting enchantments, better control of spells, and overpowering bodysnatchers. Dan stated he originally didn't have Ellen be able to do this, I dunno when he changed his mind about it but it would have been at or before the raccoon part, Dan's commentary for that one mentions "If Sirleck's being truthful about using Ellen's muscle memory..." Sirleck could have been lying and not really know why he was forced to avoid the raccoon. The WoM stated that "how magic works has not changed at all" and that "what has changed it how much magic is being kept in check" the only thing that's immediately affected humans is they're no longer getting a resistance boost from magic. The WoM also stated in terms of transformations/resistances/permanence, that the system that humans have been using recently still works the same way, just that people who don't resist risk making it permanent, also Uryuom "magic" is not an issue suggesting that Grace will still be able to shapeshift however she wants and the TFG will still have 30 day limit with permanence only being an issue for male-to-female morphs and pregnancy. Also people will continue to learn magic based on the most recent system and the only way people would learn any of the old magic would be if they found artifacts from those older systems and learned spells from them. So while it is inevitable that people would end up using older magic, it might be a while before that becomes an issue.
  12. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    We know it evolved into Rock, Paper, Scissors and Ellen always chooses Rock. Which would only be good as long as Sirleck doesn't choose Paper.
  13. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Sorry, been a while since I've seen that movie.
  14. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    I think more than just the fielders would be distracted to have missing a catch even matter really, the runner might have stopped short of touching home plate to look and if the fielder was quick enough could run up to tag him out. Or there'd just be a general stoppage of play.
  15. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    The first time when they followed Magus to France, they might not have even been protecting Elliot, or they thought Magus was a threat to Elliot and so chasing him to France was still protecting Elliot. Maybe he doesn't learn spells the same way other wizards do, or it's not as easy as we think it is and he just hasn't learned it. Even though he is hundreds of years old, we shouldn't expect his spellbook to rival Encyclopedia Britannica.
  16. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Here: I didn't say they would deal with Voltaire directly, but there'd probably be some way they'd be able to expose Voltaire and maybe get him forcibly reset? We know it saved at least one person's life though (the one that was about to be attacked), but yes there might have been some indirect damage cause by people paying more attention to the lights than to what might be in front of them on the road.
  17. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Abner was a last moment character that Dan didn't intend on making until he realized that he couldn't have Voltaire contact Sirleck directly, I'm not sure if we'll see him again though BUT it wouldn't surprise me that, considering Abner doesn't seem to trust Voltaire, he might also be part of why the facility seems too quiet and that Magus getting to the diamond was too easy. Maybe that's why Magus was quick to interrupt Ashley when she was about to point out the lack of any other signs of life in the building. It seems like it's complicated, but it might be simplified enough by pointing out that Pandora was made aware of Voltaire's actions at the mall the week before, and while it's unclear if she ever found out who he was, she knew that Helena and Demetrius played a role in thwarting him. And Pandora did make a promise to tear him to shreds, and while she's no longer able to do so herself, I can't help but think that maybe she set a plan that involves Helena and Demetrius dealing with Voltaire eventually.
  18. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Those lights weren't the signal or else they'd be too late to indicate that Helena and Demetrius are distracted, also those lights being the signal would have indicated that Sirleck knew about the aberration nuke spell, but Pandora said that it was a spell that no mortal could get, and now that I think of it, might be considered the Ultimate Bane from which Pandora's descendants get their affinity from. No, the original signal was to tell the vampires to attack and we never saw what that signal was, Sirleck might have just assumed that once the attack was under way then Elliot would be cleared for zapping. And it's likely he was risking it by assuming, but again maybe Helena and Demetrius let him and we're about to find out soon where they've been this whole time. Heck maybe there's been a miscommunication about which Immortals were spotted at the mall, if say Scarf Guy reported back to Sirleck that he's spotted 2 Immortals at the mall, Sirleck would assume it'd be the Immortals that he needed to be distracted, but in reality it was Pandora and Zeus that were seen, not Helena and Demetrius.
  19. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Sirleck was in possession of Ellen at the time Pandora made all the Immortals do their aberration nuke spell. He might not have known what the lights in the sky were exactly, and not how widespread they were,but he had to have known they'd be related to the vampire attack he set up, so that could be why he felt he dodged a bullet. On to the other parts: 3. It doesn't appear that Pandora's nuke caused any actual damage though there are very likely piles of ash everywhere that a vampire once stood that need to be cleaned up. There's probably some minor damage in the mall from the initial vampire attack, the worst of it maybe being scorchmarks from Gullet's fire spell, but it's possible that Adrian completely negated it. 4. Susan and Diane get their affinity from Pandora, the question of why couldn't Adrian have summons a magic sword, it's quite possible that he doesn't have that spell, just because you have an affinity for something doesn't necessarily mean you automatically get that spell. Adrian's probably got other "bane" related spells or something that gives him an advantage when fighting aberrations. 5. Helena and Demetrius believe they need to protect Elliot, Ellen might not even factor into this and so she's left open for Sirleck. Sirleck might have also set up distractions for them so they'd be looking away when he did something like swap bodies. They're also probably not powerful enough to detect Sirleck on the spirit plane but aberrations in the mortal plane might be more obvious to them. 6. This one is unknown really since we've seen no sign of them at all during the vampire attack or in the aftermath when Pandora was "reset". It's why I've got a sneaking suspicion of why Magus' and Sirleck's entry into the facility and access to the diamond seems "too easy". 7. I've said before that Sirleck sees the lights as he's driving Magus and Ashley to the facility, he's looking out the car window as it's happening and you see Magus in the passenger seat.
  20. NP Friday Mar 16, 2018

    And Dan's made coloured versions of this page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/goonmanji-2-98-17613895 I'm not sure about the other 4 versions though, I mean the pink haired one is nice but the overall colour is desaturated, and it looks strange especially with Susan. Edit: just realized that the patreon post was still locked to the public and that I probably shouldn't have pasted the image, the link itself should be ok though since people that don't have pledges should get redirected right? I'll probably relink the image later. Edit2:and apparently my eyes are playing tricks on me, I opened up the main image and a couple variants and did a pageflip comparison, and the only colours that actually change are the swimsuits, lipstick(original is red, variants are lighter red) and hair(the only one that's different is the pink) so it would seem that the bright red swimsuits made everything else seem brighter.
  21. NP Friday Mar 16, 2018

    Ashley winning with the Kitty Pet card would have been great.
  22. Questions for Q&A 8

    The form Susan had was Skunk+Kid, so Squirrel+Kid should certainly be possible
  23. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    Since the diamond is destroyed, then Abraham will have no need to atone for it's creation any longer. If he is nearby and gets involved, I'm hoping he helps remove Sirleck from Ellen. I imagine when he comes out of stone form he'll do the usual modern knowledge/garb thing and realize only months have passed, then he'll do whatever he did to discern who touched the diamond and realize that it was the same aura as the last time and really wonder what the heck is going on.
  24. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    OMG I didn't even realize that, I mean I knew Sirleck had decided that Magus would be the perfect new host after what Magus said, but didn't think that Magus might have offered himself up intentionally knowing that Sirleck wouldn't be able to resist. Makes it seem pretty much guaranteed that Magus has a surprise up his sleeve for when Sirleck pounces.
  25. Story Wednesday March 14, 2018

    This is the likely timeline of events, Vampires attack the mall> Sirleck!Ellen zaps Elliot>Magus!Elliot puts Ashley to sleep and they get in the car and start driving to the facility>Pandora kills vampires attacking at the mall>Pandora uses "reset" link to make all Immortals to a vampire killing nuke which is visible to Sirleck as he's driving down the road. We even see that they're in the car when the "lights in the sky" happen. As for where Helena and Demetrius were, we have no clue but we can only assume that they were sufficiently distracted away from Elliot at the time the vampires began their attack. Theory: Maybe instead of Pandora getting in touch with Magus and setting things right with him, maybe she got in touch with Helena and Demetrius and told them what the deal with Magus is so that they could help him, maybe they're waiting for the moment Sirleck attempts to possess Magus to make their move?