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  1. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Pandora told Nanase that Abraham left the school through a portal so no one would have seen him leave, and if someone saw him enter the school, his appearance wouldn't have conflicted with the stalker cover all that much.
  2. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I wasn't disputing that, it has worked out well for Justin, that's something that he has in common with Susan, they didn't want things just handed to them.
  3. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Adrian's fight with Abraham was in the school. the only person that saw the fight was Nanase. But I will correct myself in that the sleep spell would have needed to wear off before any students or staff found Adrian, and considering there was an explosion from Abraham's fireball, it probably would have drawn some attention from anyone near the school if they weren't also affected by the sleep spell.
  4. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    It's what happened. True, Tensaided proposed that they could watch any movie for free if they reviewed it, but once it got popular he might have decided to pay them, I dunno.
  5. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    The cover story was that it was someone from Ellen's past, so that's what the students would have heard. As far as Diane guessing about Raven, he would have been found by students or staff once the barriers went down, hence why Pandora reapplied his disguise for him, so that they didn't find Adrian in his true form.
  6. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I think Dan was intentionally making a running gag of people assuming that Justin's abilities was strictly from ASMA training (that actually works!?!) it wasn't until very recently (comic time) that Grace realized the possibility that Justin had been marked, and then Grace, Tedd and Sarah coming to the conclusion that Justin was also awakened by Pandora. Edward was probably just like Noah and didn't believe that an Immortal would easily be able to mark people without consent, and might have just assumed Dex was an isolated incident and that Justin's ability was natural.
  7. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Liz+Ashley+Goth Girl Elliot.
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=681 Totes accurate memory Ashley. Hmm, Ashley feeling a tad threatened by Catalina? I'm sure she doesn't have anything to worry about in terms of Catalina stealing Elliot away.
  9. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    I'm not entirely sure that's a fennec form, at least, it's not the full form that was in the Q&A. Also not sure if that's Diane or Susan with those ears, It looks like Susan considering height and hairstyle, but they could have mixed and match various features that it might be Diane with Susan's height and hair style in Blonde with fox ears.
  10. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't think the TV was specifically hers anyway, I can believe her mom bought it, but Susan likely didn't ask for it either. It might have been bought with child support money from Mr Pompoms or something related to the divorce maybe? Justin got his job because his uncle owns the shop and took pity on Justin who'd recently been outed and was being bullied. Susan would have actively went looking for a job, and Tensaided might not have been the first choice, but was probably the most flexible with her being a student. Grace has only been working there for like 7 months, and is probably getting less hours than Justin during the winter, remember, I said at least a couple years for Justin and Susan. Also Elliot I imagine still gets paid for doing the review shows even though he's not actually working at the video store while in school. Yeah, Sarah's the only one that god a "job" that doesn't pay with money. Best guess is she didn't complain about doing chores at home in order to continue receiving an allowance over the summer.
  11. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    That's cus I misunderstood what you were saying, though Susan certainly wasn't an Alpha Bitch, she just became cynical about men like her mom. She was embarrassed though about her mom getting her on the France trip earlier, Susan just wanted to know if it'd be ok to go later on and seemed to be content with waiting and might have intended on saving up the money herself to pay for her ticket and such. As we know, aside from Justin, Susan's the only other character that's held a job while still attending school for at least a couple years.
  12. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Well to be fair, I just remembered that at New Years, the "Meddling Teenagers" reformed to become "Charlotte's Angels" so I guess the title is free now?
  13. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Figured Diane would have guessed it. Though Susan's at least in the clear about not having to tell Diane that Adrian's an Elf, Diane will find that out later. From the commentary: Yeah, we don't need Susan and Diane stealing the title of Meddling Teenagers from Ellen and Nanase.
  14. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I'm pretty certain that even if the Alpha Bitch was from a rich family she'd still get guys to buy her things, because she'd be spoiled by her parents always buying her things so she'd have that sense of entitlement, she wants something, they'd buy it. That would carry on to school life as well, she wants something, she'd get someone to give it to her. That's why I think in Diane's case, it was more of an act than being a real Alpha Bitch, she might not have come from a rich family, but she acted like she did because people paid attention to her. The novelty of that has faded now. I don't think Susan's mom was an Alpha Bitch though, yes she was shown to be strong and independent. Probably felt she needed to tooth and claw her way to be seen as an equal, but after Mr. Pompom's affair, she became more cynical about the whole equality thing and used her strength and independence to intimidate men. That attitude certainly would have rubbed off on Susan after a while as her early attitude would suggest. I kinda find it odd that it isn't clear about whether Greg's awakened or not. He's talked to Edward at length about what his training does. One would think that during that discussion, Edward would have asked Greg about his powers and want to confirmed that he's awakened for the fact that he'd have to create a file on Greg for DGB like he did with the Main Eight.
  15. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    If that was the case, she'd certainly given up on that by New Years.
  16. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Nanase was involved with the Goo incident. When Dan introduced Diane, she had a real Alpha Bitch vibe going for her, manipulating guys, and trying to recruit Nanase into her girl posse. Later on we see her treating Rhoda with compassion and being a mama bear to her which suggests that being an Alpha Bitch is just an act which would mean the manipulation of guys was just because she could.
  17. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Or, alternatively, her plan to put off all discussion of her own sexuality until later... and then later... and then later... Considering she's had a boyfriend, who she dumped during the uniform fiasco, then got back with afterwards. I'd guess that her willingness to experiment in college makes her bi-curious at least.
  18. Things You Find Amusing

    It's ok, everyone has an off day occasionally.
  19. Things You Find Amusing

    Are you feeling well? I coulda swore /me would back me up with the list for Prof's reference.
  20. Things You Find Amusing

    There needs to be a cringe emote reaction for moments like this.
  21. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Considering what she knows about the day of Abraham's attack, she likely changed her mind about it. There's no indication that she knew beforehand that Nanase had developed magical skills. Wait... maybe there is? Mama Kistune did seem kinda lenient about Nanase being out the weekend of Painted Black without checking in with her. I guess it would make sense that Edward would be truthful with Mama Kitsune. They probably agreed together to just let Nanase develop her magic naturally rather than try to push her in a certain direction. Maybe Adrian knows this as well and it trying to be respectful of their wishes since he still regrets how things turned out with Noriko? Yeah, but getting the guys to buy stuff for her is confirmation that she's got that hold on them. She has the ability to get guys to want to buy her stuff, and guilt them into doing buying more. I believe it's more of a power trip for her, rather than something out of necessity. Even Dan said it was superficial. Again I mention that Diane's stopped behaving that way, when she learned of Elliot, she did consider that he'd be easy to get to do stuff for her. But after seeing the review shows, she changed her mind about him, she didn't even care that he barely had money to buy her stuff. So she likely got bored with stringing guys along.
  22. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I'm pretty sure Diane knows that Grace knows Susan, considering Grace was at the table with Justin was going "Susan's the kindest person I know, and I know Grace". I don't believe it has anything to due with Tedd, Mama Kitsune was concerned about Tedd's wellbeing when she found out he had a girlfriend and wanted Nanase to help him. I doubt them being in different schools had anything to do with that. It might just be as simple as they live closer to MSHS and so Mama Kitsune just accepted that Nanase would be taught by Adrian at some point. It's not the gifts themselves that's important, it's the fact the guys are willing to buy her stuff that was important to her, it would have been all about the attention that she enjoyed. It's possible much of the stuff they bought, if it wasn't clothing or food, then it might have been tossed in a closet never to be looked at again or something. He could have been checking if he had enough to buy something that she asked for, or maybe they were in the cafeteria and he was about to buy her lunch. We never actually see anyone hand her money.
  23. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    She didn't get money from them, they bought her stuff. Considering how much she tries to hide the fact that she likes geeky stuff and the fact that she no longer wants meaningless relationships, I believe she went into highschool with the desire to be popular because maybe she wasn't very popular in junior high. I would figure if her desire to have others buy her things was due to her family just having enough to get by, then it should have been tougher for her to break that desire.
  24. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Ashey doesn't have to let Susan steal Elliot, she's probably willing to share. I don't believe Ashley is aware that Catalina had a crush on Susan though, it'd be amusing to see her reaction to that if it comes up.
  25. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Well Susan herself told us why she didn't want to tell Diane how she knew about Adrian already, nor did she apparently want to get into the fact that he felt strangely familiar to her even though she could have just said she probably seen him at the mall numerous times before and felt he was trustworthy, Diane might have believed that better. As for undisputed teacher from hell, I would dispute that, he acted pretty strangely early on with regards to Ellen and Grace, and from Nanase's perspective, he expects hard work from students especially if he feels they have a lot of potential. The fact that Nanase's mom doesn't like him much is likely due to what happened between Edward and Noriko, though it might have also been due to him trying to get her to embrace her magic aptitude if she didn't want to. We do have evidence that Adrian isn't hellish in how he treats his students, I mean he tries to give good advice. In a slightly related note. I had mentioned in an earlier thread about what Susan knew about Adrian, I think I forgot to mention that Grace had told Adrian about Jerry. I would imagine that Susan didn't want to mention knowing Ellen, Grace and Nanase, nor Jerry because she might not have wanted to reveal Adrian's true nature to Diane just yet.