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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2340 That's either a new look for Pandora's crazy chaos form. Or.....werewolves? Judging by the bottom right face.
  2. I know I'm posting it here, but at the same time, I'm wondering if there's a special place in mlooney's "list" for this:
  3. Dan's re-evaluated his patreon milestones, mainly dealing with the "Dan's Choice" portion, but also added that it seemed pointless to have the Goonmanji sequel as a milestone because what would be do with the slot after the comic is completed? So he's removed it BUT will still created the comic anyway and let patrons vote on who would take part in it. Someone had already suggested Ashley be part of it which I agree, it'd be fun to she her reactions to the mayhem, but I also added Diane and Charlotte because I want to seen how Diane would play with Ashley as well as Charlotte. And then to make it 4 players, I threw in Sam, no particular reason other than to get him initiated in non-canon hijinks.
  4. A while back Dan tweeted with a tease about an EGS villain he considered really evil. Today he tweeted again with this: We're currently speculating that Sirleck is who's behind the vampires organizing in Moperville as part of Magus' request to distract Helena and Demetrius. We also have a feeling that Sirleck's planning on double crossing Magus once Magus has possessed Elliot's body. Sounds pretty evil there. Aside from Sirleck, who else would fit the bill of being evil? Some may jump to Lord Tedd, considering Beta Tedd's warning that Lord Tedd is trying to kill all other Tedds, but there's evidence that contradicts this, like our actual view of Lord Tedd and what Nioi says about "...he is corrupting you". The fact the Nioi came to the EGS main universe looking for Dr. Scuiridae hoping he'd "know how to defeat him" strongly implies that it's General Shade tail that's the evil one in this scenario manipulating Lord Tedd. Pandora is crazy yes, for reasons probably to do with Adrian she's not bothered to reset herself in many centuries, that doesn't necessarily make her evil. Chaotic Neutral would be more fitting. Magus himself doesn't come across as evil, likely the victim of some other plot in his universe. His interaction with Terra comes across as magic sparring practice (similar to Nanase and Elliot's AMSA sparring) gone wrong. So he's stuck in limbo and desperately trying to get back. That Ancient we know as Colonel Sanders is still pretty mysterious, nothing is know about his motivations and whether he's actually affiliated with anyone, he apparently knows of Pandora but there's been nothing to suggest he's with or against her or just taking advantage of the situation for his own fun. His behaviour in trying to incite violence strongly suggests he's evil but there may be more to him that we don't know about. I'm in the Sirleck corner for this particular case, but who know, all these plot threads could very well be connected to one particular villain that we either already know of, or Dan hasn't revealed yet and he's just teasing us.
  5. I still think Arthur was pandering to the Director, Arthur was tasked with maintaining secrecy, he knows what would happen if too many people figure out magic. His announcement on TV that magic was real, sounded crazy, but I think his goal was to give the impression that magic was rare and random. If he sent agents out to deal with the dragon, then it wouldn't look so rare anymore and it might have caused people to figure it out sooner which would have probably brought about the system change earlier. That lul* in the number of incidents during the time skip might have made Arthur think that things had calmed down, but then got the wakeup call in the form of the incident at the mall. I don't believe he's intentionally trying to ensure the system changes, but he likely doesn't have any way to prevent it either aside from trying to minimize exposure, which is difficult when you have Immortals involved. *#1: The boar was before the time skip, but I don't think it drew too much attention, yeah there was the mystery left behind about it's size, but aside from Rhoda, Catalina, Grace and Adrian, no one else saw it while it was enchanted so that was probably forgotten after a bit. *#2: Rhoda and Catalina's adventure in the mall was seen by a number of people after their transformations got mixed up, but it apparently didn't make the news and only Kitty attempted to pursue them so it's likely that incident was fairly isolated and forgotten. *#3: New Years Eve would have been considered an isolated incident, as Edward was able to call Cranium and Wolf out for assistance. It also helped that the majority of witnesses were drunk and didn't even realize something had happened.
  6. story

    Does Susan's summoning work with anything in the marked container? Or is it only what SHE puts in the container? Only one way to answer that. Have Rhoda shrink Catalina, get Catalina into the container, then get Susan to summon Catalina. I'm not even sure if Susan's spell would work on living things, but if it's anything like the summon bloodgrem, I dunno.
  7. story

    Yeah, I was reminded of that as well when I looked at the Moar Speculation thread. Still I don't think Arthur would be capable of enter the Immortal realm and grabbing Jerry. I'll be honest, it would be disturbing enough to know that you could have an Immortal watching everything you do. It'd be even more disturbing to have humans watching you from another layer of reality. We know Crainium can see stuff somewhere without physically going there, whether that's the same spell as Sarah's or something else is a question we've discussed before, but I feel I can trust her to not abuse it beyond the occasional peek into the guy's locker room/shower.
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2339 Uh oh. So uh, who does that shadowy hand belong to? Pandora's possibly still talking to Heka in Egypt, or maybe not, if travel instant for such a distance? That leaves either Voltaire having found out about Jerry and possibly worried that his meddling with Susan might interfere with Voltaire's plans, Not sure why Helena and Demetrius would grab him, unless they just wanted to be overly dramatic but really they just want to talk. Fingernails though could be a hint. Oh, and for the record, Jerry 2.0 has so far crashed ONE party.
  9. Yeah, but if a research facility no longer needed certain materials, they'd either sell them off, or junk em. Edward would have been in a position to call dibs.
  10. She kept the knowledge in her memoirs, but as Jerry put it, those are like reading from a book. It sounds like memoirs are a different form of long term memory, not easily accessible like thinking back to what you did last Tuesday, but still there and can produce a sense of deja vu. So Pandora wouldn't have had that knowledge readily available, not until Disco Wizard mentioned it and it sounded familiar. I don't think the whole bit about Immortals getting more clairvoyant means that their past lives' memories become more apparent, it just applies to their current incarnation being able to predict the outcomes of events. The memoirs are there, but the Immortal still needs to open the book to learn what they hold. A vow being carried over in a reset would likely have a "HEY! READ ME!" notice attached to ensure that the Immortal knew what the vow was about.
  11. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=607 Umm....Hmm... Where to begin? Would it be lazy to just say everything's changed?
  12. Ooh, good catch, I did not see that. When I was looking at Second Life Ellen, I used the the example shown during Ellen's explanation at Grace's Birthday, I didn't see the double pony tail there either and didn't think anything of it. Now that you mention it though Amanda also rocked that style in the last Q&A. To be honest though, I'm not sure if Noah counts. yeah he's got two antennae growing out the back of his head, but he keeps them tied together as one ponytail. Though I'm sure the option to have a double is there.
  13. I remember seeing a documentary about a case in which a college kid was convicted of murdering an ex girlfriend because he left his cellphone in his car, which he lent to a buddy who was the actually killer (and the girl's boyfriend at the time), the buddy made several calls to and from the phone at various places, then when police went to ask him question, told them that he was called to help move and bury the body. The police had the cell phone records check and saw the calls fit the timeline and arrested the college kid. So while connected devices could be used to create an alibi, they could also be used to frame someone, so never leave them unattended.
  14. Edward never said where and how he got them though, so it's possible he could have gotten a hold of them though any number of work related activites. Heck for all we know, the "business" Edward went away for might have been to help the R&D department clean out the lab and the stuff he brought home was considered scrap or extras that were no longer needed.
  15. That's possible, it may also be possible that he's aware of the Main Eight's involvement and might be expecting them to fix things too, like "they're in this too deep for us to deal with, they'll either prevent the change for us, or fail and it wouldn't matter."
  16. Iced coffee is fine...well more like Iced Cappucino with whipped topping and hazelnut flavour shot which is actually better. but yeah room temperature coffee is less than meh.
  17. I'm pretty certain that the multi-fairy summon is a separate spell, it might still work under the same mechanic as the original summon spell in that she can use the same container, but from what Tedd suggested about what she could potentially do with them, I wouldn't be surprised if the summon anything from a container spell split off a fairy specific version.
  18. Yeah, Sarah likely didn't know until Bad Tom happened. Anyone else feel that page was one of the best Catalina moments? I mean, they're all great, but I think that one made me chuckle the most.
  19. story

    The whole "WHY ARE YOU HERE" line suggest that whoever it is thinks that Jerry is intruding. As stated before, Pandora likely considers all of Tedd's friends as a kind of extended family and would protect them.
  20. Looks like Tedd zapped Grace with the Mall Girl form. The only real difference to the Mall Girl form though is the hair which given that Grace can mix and match features, wouldn't be surprising. The hairstyle looks more like Second Life Ellen's though, with Nanase's original color according to the commentary. The girl could be naked for all we know. And the guy only looks that way because arms have moved.
  21. story

    Quite the contrary, I would expect she wouldn't let him near her daughter. Note that those good times vere BEFORE the divorce. Also Susan's mom might have been trying to calm Susan down because Susan was trying to cut all of her hair off and could have hurt herself in the process too. Though note that there was a change of tone when Mrs. Pompoms got to "Because he's a man." There's also the possibility that the divorce itself made Mrs Pompoms even more bitter towards him, if he tried to make demands about custody and such. Though I'm not very familiar with family law, but I get the feeling a judge would rule that a cheating father wouldn't make for a fit parent. I got the feeling those cousins are considerably younger. Younger would be likely, maybe Akiko's age, give or take a couple years? As for the discrepancy, I'd rather say that it was because Susan was in a foul mood over the treatment the other students gave her about trying to change the uniforms. The comment about only caring about her mother might have just been off the top of her head to try to satisfy Ellen's question. Susan being blunt is well established. Also possible that Susan doesn't get the chance to see her cousins often, if they do belong to Mrs Pompom's sister then it's possible they're not in Moperville. So visiting is rare.
  22. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I seem to be immune to the stuff, about 10 or so years ago me and my boss at the hotel I work at were cleaning up the flowerbeds on the property, also cutting back a lot of brush along the perimeter (the hotel as a woodlot and river at the back of the property). That spring had been particularly warm and wet so the plantlife had sprung up pretty quick and thick. So there we were, pulling weeds and trimming bushes and trees, didn't even realize that there was poison ivy among it all until a few days later when my Boss came out with large rashes on her legs and arms. I was right beside her the whole time handling the same stuff and all I got were mosquito bites.
  23. story

    The only times I've seen a character with long fingernails was mainly for Pandora when she's mad or trying to look scary, Grace in omega squirrel form, and Sirleck's braindead host. Of those three, Pandora would be the most likely because Grace certainly can't reach into the immortal realm even if she happened to be sleeping over at Susan's for some reason, and I doubt Sirleck can bring his hosts into the Immortal realm either. The only other possibilities would be Dan's felt it necessary to add extra detail to an existing character whose capable of grabbing Jerry2.0 (Voltaire, Helena, Demetrius, Magus) or it's someone we haven't see yet. I'm not really counting on a new character, but maybe an existing character we don't expect to be involved.
  24. Scatter some monsters around as well, get my trusty sword and shield, time to grind some XP!! ... Umm, wait, what kind of roleplaying ARE we talking about here?