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  1. NP Friday Dec 15, 2017

    So if Susan hadn't had an animal form, she would have wound up in the collar, bikini, socks and sneakers, without any fur. (As I said in the previous comic's thread, I find that a little disappointing; I don't see why we couldn't have a person with fur but an otherwise standard human body.) Oh, I missed that, sorry.
  2. NP Friday Dec 15, 2017

    The floofy hair was because of Ditzy, but Hanma said that the mental changes were like Secret Identities in that they can kinda turn it off. Dan's commentary states that Susan wouldn't normally allow herself to talk like that but if she became comfortable or distracted the effect would be less subdued. The first panel with Susan's "Erhem!" could indicate her focusing back on subduing the effect mentally. We'll probably see it creeping in again before the Ditzy effect gets replaced. Dunno why, it just seems to be one of those things where society decided that wearing socks with sandals is the worst thing a person can do in fashion. In Susan's case, if she didn't use Furry, the Fox form would have been much like the Squirrel form, in that she'd only have the ears and tail and still be wearing the default tank top and shorts, if Susan didn't use the Fox form, Furry would have made her Squirrel form more squirrelly and likely have the same collar+bikini=socks and shoes. I do wonder what would happen if someone used the Furry card without an animal form though?
  3. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    She's looking at someone who moments ago looked to be in their sixties or seventies now looking barely older than she is. As much transformation as has been going around, that ought to take a moment to process. That this is Raven's actual form. The fact that he's an elf, and a dashing one at that, can only increase the duration of that necessary moment. We have a side view of both of them in the last panel that shows just how much alike they look, aside from Adrian's ears of course. I think Susan sees that, as she had already felt he seemed familiar before, but I doubt she think he's her father. Even though there might have been at least decade since she last saw her father, I still think they should recognize each other as having lived under the same roof for several years. Even if Susan's memory isn't great, Adrian's should be, so I'd still say there's at least 1 other generation between them
  4. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2430 Looks like we're going to have an old fashioned family reunion complete with vampire slaying.
  5. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    While we didn't see the result, Susan could have hit that vampire square in the chest and it would have been enough.
  6. Things You Find Amusing

    Here's more proof that Grace wasn't wrong:
  7. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    I can't be certain because of the camera angle in the 6th panel, but it's possible that Adrian reached out his hand to offer to help her up, and she took it, in which case she touched him. I don't think Adrian would just grab Susan's hand. She also snuck several fairy dolls into the house recently. She might have been able to get a couple swords into the house without her mom knowing, and maybe her mom doesn't go snooping around her room when Susan's at school or work? Susan had momentum and the element of surprise for the bearded snake. That was lost when Koala/kangaroo guy dropped in, though she probably should have taken a slice at him immediately after throwing the hammer rather than taking a moment to resummon Nase.
  8. NP Wednesday Dec 13 2017

    Sure, she's still wearing pants, but I think being topless still counts.
  9. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    I think that's what this poor sap was trying to do....
  10. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    I can understand why Susan never took sword lessons, well there are probably numerous reasons. 1) No one in Moperville trains in the usage of long swords, at best as some state, only Fencing, which isn't the same. Closest thing might be to join an SCA group but dunno how that would work. 2) Some suggest that she should have no problem getting training because she's rich, but Susan might not want her mom to pay for everything, Susan has a job, I'm certain that Susan bought her car with her own money from her job, so if she wanting to get professionally trained, she'd probably pay for it herself, but she might not have the time to invest between work and school. 3)She probably wanted to forget the whole vampire incident and didn't believe she'd ever have to deal with that sort of thing again, we know she didn't want to look at her spellbook after her awakening, she probably didn't want to use a sword until the goo fight. My guess is she kept swords in her summoning chest more as a deterrent if someone tried to mess with her. 4)She might not have wanted her mom to suspect anything happened to her in France, it'd probably be concerning if your daughter came back from a school trip requesting to take swordfighting classes, even if the excuse is that they were told about Joan of Arc. I never said he had a chance of succeeding.
  11. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    It makes sense, An Immortal can guide someone to go somewhere, but they can't physically move them against their will. Zeus would need to convince Diane to leave.
  12. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    I think she's more worried about other things than holding someone else's hand. I was kinda right in that Adrian would show up for this Vampire, though it didn't happen the way I said, and of course he didn't bring his cane, but I guess we'll get to see how long Susan's sword lasts for sure now. Also, did Adrian guess at Susan's awareness of him? Or did he already pass Diane who mentioned it? Grace was pretty vague about who saw him that day and I'm not sure if Adrian knows that Grace, Nanase, Ellen and Justin are friends with Susan.
  13. NP Wednesday Dec 13 2017

    This might have been one of Hanma's compromises, there'd still be clothes, but Susan didn't say anything about how skimpy they could be.
  14. NP Wednesday Dec 13 2017

    That was Susan that became a furry fox, I doubt Catalina would have reacted that way in panel 3. I'm thinking this was something that Susan and Hanma might have discussed before hand and Susan insisted that clothes remain even if there'd be fur covering everything. Of course one has to wonder if, now that Susan is experiencing it, she comes to the same conclusion Sarah did.
  15. NP Wednesday Dec 13 2017

    Well she's still got the ditzy effect, so she's still open to use whatever cards she has next turn (unless someone else transforms her first of course). I wonder what special ability the Fox form has, and if being furry adds to it.
  16. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    I dunno if they're that customizable. Though there might be the potential of the fairies becoming like mini-Foxes that can cast a some spells.
  17. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    All three are separate spells though, she's not using the same summon spell for the sword and hammer. Though considering the origins of Nase, I would speculate that while it can be a separate spell now, it could still have the same summoning mechanics. Or it really did turn out that Susan could summon custom fairies without the need for Nanase to have made dolls for her.
  18. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    Jerry read in Susan's spellbook that her hammer spell let her "summon various stun hammers at will" I can only assume that a throwable version is part of the "various". And yes, it looks like there isn't much of a cooldown period between unsummoning and resummoning fairies, though maybe her being supercharged at the moment helps?
  19. I don't think so? I thought I was just making a joke about the ribbing and food stuff. But I don't want to derail this further.
  20. Mmmm...ribs.... I'm sorry, carry on.
  21. More Speculation.

    A while back Dan tweeted with a tease about an EGS villain he considered really evil. Today he tweeted again with this: We're currently speculating that Sirleck is who's behind the vampires organizing in Moperville as part of Magus' request to distract Helena and Demetrius. We also have a feeling that Sirleck's planning on double crossing Magus once Magus has possessed Elliot's body. Sounds pretty evil there. Aside from Sirleck, who else would fit the bill of being evil? Some may jump to Lord Tedd, considering Beta Tedd's warning that Lord Tedd is trying to kill all other Tedds, but there's evidence that contradicts this, like our actual view of Lord Tedd and what Nioi says about "...he is corrupting you". The fact the Nioi came to the EGS main universe looking for Dr. Scuiridae hoping he'd "know how to defeat him" strongly implies that it's General Shade tail that's the evil one in this scenario manipulating Lord Tedd. Pandora is crazy yes, for reasons probably to do with Adrian she's not bothered to reset herself in many centuries, that doesn't necessarily make her evil. Chaotic Neutral would be more fitting. Magus himself doesn't come across as evil, likely the victim of some other plot in his universe. His interaction with Terra comes across as magic sparring practice (similar to Nanase and Elliot's AMSA sparring) gone wrong. So he's stuck in limbo and desperately trying to get back. That Ancient we know as Colonel Sanders is still pretty mysterious, nothing is know about his motivations and whether he's actually affiliated with anyone, he apparently knows of Pandora but there's been nothing to suggest he's with or against her or just taking advantage of the situation for his own fun. His behaviour in trying to incite violence strongly suggests he's evil but there may be more to him that we don't know about. I'm in the Sirleck corner for this particular case, but who know, all these plot threads could very well be connected to one particular villain that we either already know of, or Dan hasn't revealed yet and he's just teasing us.
  22. What Are You Ingesting?

    Shouldn't this be typed in colour? Like mauve, or fuschia? Oooh! How about California Sacra-mint-o? We can't take you seriously if you're gonna moderate in normal text ya know?
  23. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Maybe one of the vampires is a duck of the not-so-demonic-but-vegetarian kind?
  24. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Lucy's reaction there could also be interpreted as Lucy having been taking the whole "use boys to get free stuff" act more seriously than Diane. That would however have the potential of Lucy dumping Diane the same way that a number of the feminist club members dumped Susan after she attempt to rally people to help change the dress code. That might also be a reason why Lucy treats Rhoda the way she does, Lucy might believe that Rhoda's making Diane soft.
  25. More Speculation.

    Just had a scary thought, the last time we saw Arthur, he mentioned that "the next incident could be the last straw...". The attacking vampires at the mall can certainly be seen as being "the next incident" and with Susan using magic, Adrian using magic, Zeus and Pandora appearing out of nowhere, and whatever else that could happen. What are the chances that magic changes right in the middle of all this? What would that do the any vampires that are still alive? What about Magus if he hasn't touched the diamond before it happened? Would he be stuck in Elliot's body? What about Sirleck? Would he have the same fate of the other vampires and how would that affect Ellen?