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  1. Story Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    Kinda like how Elliot used to be friends with Tony, though I doubt Elliot ever thought the same way as Tony, but Elliot might have tried to convince Tony to stop bullying Tedd, and then whatever happened that Elliot didn't want to talk about happened, and that was the last straw.
  2. Story Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    I dunno, Sarah beat Tensaided last time, Justin also once beat Tensaided, I think Tedd would have had a good chance unless he was distracted too much by thoughts of Pandora to concentrate on the match. I dunno, Dan stated that he knows when Pandora will make her triumphant return, but it's only been a week, that doesn't seem like enough time base on Jerry's description. It's very understandable that Tedd and Sarah would be feeling this way though, they both had some profound experiences with Pandora the previous week, and for them, the experience began with the card tournament 2 weeks ago when Pandora marked them and it's also exactly 1 week since Pandora was reset, so it's a big deal, like an anniversary. I like that Larry is coming to the defense of Sarah thinking Rich was hitting on her or something, My headcanon says that Larry told Rich to lay off the routine if he happened to play against Sarah. Would be nice if Larry convinced Rich to lay of the routine completely but starting with Sarah would be a step in the right direction.
  3. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 11, 2018

    We need more Fairy Ashley.
  4. Story Monday, December 10, 2018

    She wasn't any bigger when Sarah and Tedd arrived. My main frame of reference comes from how Dan drew Cheerleadra when Elliot had her epiphany. Panel 1 makes Cheerleadra look like she has larger breasts than in panel 4.
  5. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Just had one of my wisdom teeth removed, it was pretty quick, one the freezing took, the surgeon went in with the pliers, gave it a few twists and pulled. Gotta get another one done in January. Fun fun.
  6. NP Monday Dec 10, 2018

    I wonder what happened to Nanase, either she shrunk as well, or she got bigger or otherwise transformed into something that could carry Sarah up to the switch or lever or whatever. If she shrunk, part of me expects her swimsuit to shrink with her, would further frustrate Sarah. "How did your swimsuit not stay the same size? Is it magical?" "No, this is actually the size on the hanger when I bought it, the material is really stretchy which comes in handy for these situations. Remind me to take you shopping when we're done here."
  7. Story Monday, December 10, 2018

    Might be the angle of view that makes her look bigger, but not entirely sure, I do get the feeling that she's been somewhat distracted to be messing around with change blindness shenanigans. The difference between "over the counter" and "non prescription counter" is the type of counter being used, Grace is obviously manning the counter where people bring her the items they want to buy, whereas the "over the counter" counter is where the items that people ordered are kept for pickup.
  8. NP Friday December 07, 2018

    How would you explain pineapple then?
  9. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    I didn't mean to suggest that Luke would magically see that Sam was trans, but during the act of "looking" maybe Luke noticed some things about Sam that others might not at a glance, lack of an Adam's apple, maybe the pocketed shirt didn't hide Sam's breasts as well as he thought or something.
  10. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    That doesn't really mean anything though if Sam found himself to have the ability to shift back and forth like Tedd could, he'd just shift when he's out at the comic shop or on a "date" with Sarah, then shift back before he got home, and if the change is subtle enough the chance of anyone noticing would be extremely low, Sam could even get rid of the beard and claim he felt like shaving for a change.
  11. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    If Pandora had marked Sam, he probably would have used the spell on accident by now because there'd have to be plenty of opportunities for him to wish he could change his form which would trigger the spell...although again, if that message to Elliot was from Sam, maybe the "sorry, nevermind" might actually be Sam saying "figured it out myself" rather than "looks like I was wrong about you being Cheerleadra", but then Sam shouldn't have had any problem hugging Sarah or any other physical contact.
  12. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    The idea was that Grace thought the only chance she'd be able to talk to Sam was whenever he was at the comic shop and Sam had apparently been showing regularly enough to the card tournaments that Grace was sure she'd catch him tonight but was wrong. As the little narrative blurb at the top says, the tournament is underway so I don't think there's much danger of Dan turning this into Squirrel Prophet 2.... Hey...wait....Luke's probably participating again right? And in Squirrel Prophet it was made apparent that the only person that Luke didn't look at was Sarah, which means Luke looked at Sam, what if Luke could also tell that Sam was a trans (and didn't say anything then because it would be uncool and not unlike Luke's experience at the other comic shop) but maybe Luke slips up during a match between him and Sarah and reveals Sam's secret thinking that she already knew? Don't know how likely this would be, if Sam is the one that messaged Elliot, he seemed convinced by Edward's fake Cheerleadra sighting to believe that Elliot isn't Cheerleadra, and the best chance for Sam to discover Elliot's secret would be to do what Ashley did, except with the intent on proving that Elliot can transform. So, at the moment, I don't see any reason Sam would actively search out Elliot, and what are the chance he'd accidentally bump into Elliot and Ashley during another walk through a public place while transformed.
  13. NP Friday December 07, 2018

    All I got is a quote from Turai Mattsson on Patreon: "Apples? I only see melons." I can't top that.
  14. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    It's probably the same side of Grace that's had Tedd figured out since day one. The side that saw past the glasses. Possible. Though I'd imagine it'd be related to what's stated below. Grace mentioned that it would be a loophole if Sam found out about magic and Tedd's ability to change a person's sex and such (either by spell or TFG) but she's pretty clear that she can't do any nudging to make Sam find out. Sarah would wind up in the same boat as well if she finds out about Sam herself, she couldn't be like "OMG I gotta introduce you to Tedd, he can help you!" cus that's the same as what Grace was thinking and the same consequences would apply. Sam would basically have to run into Tedd as Tedd is transforming or at least see Tedd as male one moment, then female the next, similar to how Ashley discovered Elliot. Sam did come really close at the card tournament 2 weeks earlier though, hmm, I wonder if Rich and/or Larry are at the tournament this time around, maybe later Sam could overhear one of them mention how it didn't look like Tedd changed sexes this time around, and Sam get's curious. And see above, because if they were to use test subjects, they'd probably pick from their own list of trusted individuals and not let Tedd chose.
  15. http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-11 Well I doubt Susan would object to Justin working with her at the video store. I wonder if Tensaided's already asked her to try convince Justin. And Gordon being Nanase's ex would be a good callback, if he only worked on day's Justin had off then Nanase could easily have avoided him if she didn't want things to be awkward.
  16. NP Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

    Yeah but in the case of video games, many developers focus too much on the Video and not enough on the Game, I remember Metal Gear Solid 4 getting a lot of flak for long and numerous cutscenes punctuated by short bursts of gameplay.
  17. This Day In History

    Also November 6th 1917- The largest man made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons devastates most of Halifax, Nova Scotia, after the French munitions ship "Mont Blanc" collides with the Norwegian merchant ship "Imo". 2000 killed, 9000 injured, 25000 without shelter.
  18. NP Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

    Whatcha doing in panel 2 Nanase? Providing shipping material? Carry on then.
  19. Story, Wednesday December 5, 2018

    yeah, but it was awkward when Nanase ran into her other exes while on the double date with Tedd and Grace. It is quite possible though that Justin had known Gordon when Nanase dated him, and he was a nice enough guy that Justin was the one that suggested he apply at the comic shop despite having broken up with Nanase, and maybe Nanase was willing to still be friends at least it's just a coincidence that he's never working when she's at the store.
  20. NP Monday, Dec 3, 2018

    There seems to be a noticeable difference in the cost of haircuts for men and women too, my haircuts cost $15 but I think women's cuts (without all the shampooing and such) are at least $20 (at the hairdresser I go to that is), I'm pretty certain Diane would have paid more for her haircut that I would have for mine and her's seemed much more simple to do.
  21. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

    Well thankfully Dan had decided long ago that the majority of the forms that the main characters take would take on a variation of the base palette Dan chose, Tedd would have purple/pink elements, Elliot would have blue/black element, etc. though in Elliot's case some forms would need different palettes, like Heidi, Goth and Mild Mannered) but those could have been referenced from other sources with a web image search. the most recent difficulty Dan had with character colours though had been deciding which shade of green and yellow Ellen's hair and eyes would be after her recent transformation shenanigans. It might help if he'd basing a location in comic on an actual location he's been to (school, the comic shop, the mall) so he'd certainly have some idea of colours, but real world colors don't usually translate well in cartoon style so he'd probably be more like "well that was brown, but it'd be too dark to use in the comic so I need to go lighter" and then proceeds to try to narrow down a shade of brown that would look best with any other colours he's using.
  22. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

    That's the thing, I don't think he's actually thinking about colour (or greyscale) until he actually gets to the point where he needs ink it, if he hasn't already done an earlier scene in a particular location in colour, he won't have a colour scheme in mind when he get to drawing the background and then that's when he starts to figure out the details of it.
  23. Sketchbook Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

    It's not that he pictures in in grayscale originally, it's just that that using grayscale is easier because the palette he has to work with is much smaller as he addresses in the last Q&A. His recent foray into colouring stems from finding out an easier way to match colours and creating a number of swatches for various characters, for the most part though, the bottleneck remains the backgrounds since they would vary more the the characters, like with characters even if they have different clothes, they could still follow the same colour palettes unless there happens to be a drastic change in form or something. Backgrounds though, the only reason Dan managed to get through Squirrel Prophet in colour was because the majority of it was in one location so it was easy to stick to a single palette for a length of time, So a Date at the Mall and Sister 3 took place is numerous locations so if Dan tried to do it all in colour, , he'd have to create background palettes for Tedd's home, Susan's home, the video store, Sarah's home, both schools, etc.
  24. Story Monday, December 3, 2018

    She certainly could, though we don't really know if she's remained serious about drawing comics and such, she hasn't really talked about it lately.
  25. Story Monday, December 3, 2018

    That could be it, a more casual setting without the possible stress of other players. Speaking of which, is Larry going to show up next? I wanna see if he manages to be good this time.