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  1. Things You Find Amusing

    Rabbits are apparently making a play for taking over the Cats' domain and the Cats have no clue what to make of it.
  2. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Maybe they never actually entered the crypt, this was all just a in their heads from the moment Nanase busted the door open. Maybe she didn't actually bust the door open.
  3. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    It's basically, why should Grace and Sam comply with Camdin's request when they don't even know him at all, he's sticking his nose in their business and acting like it's his business to know, for one that just not how it works, you wouldn't tell a complete stranger your life story if they rang your doorbell and demanded you tell them, there's a level of trust and Camdin's giving no reason for Grace and Sam to trust him with anything further.
  4. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    You're looking at the pedestal that the scales were sitting on, remember Nanase put them on the floor so that Sarah could still operate them in case she ended up too small to reach them up there. The door hasn't finished sliding down to reveal what's beyond yet.
  5. This Day In History

    We prefer to handle our conflicts in an area made of ice thankyouverymuch, now drop your gloves or prepare to be jersey'd.
  6. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    Camdin's a jerk, putting his eagerness to get more information about magic and butting in on a private conversation, Grace can easily just say its none of him damn business what they can transform into, and can even claim the unfairness of being asked to show anything without knowing Camdin's actual identity first.
  7. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    I imagine there were Werebeasts, with wolves being a subset if the curse had regional differences, like wolves being european and foxes being asian, maybe there were Werebears in north america?
  8. This Day In History

    Gee, and with all that's been going on lately with it, I was thinking that Youtube had gone to the dogs.
  9. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    There was soo much tension that to break it they added even more tension!!!
  10. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    The werewolf one was likely based on Sarah's imagination inserting Nanase as one of her werewolves during the card tournament. I'd also suspect that if Dan says she's a werewolf, then she's a werewolf.
  11. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    There's still the problem of maintaining accuracy, unless she knows how to open locked containers without affecting the contents, there's a chance that anything she expects to see will not be what's actually in them.
  12. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Problem with Sarah's ability is that even if she can get an accurate look at something, she can't take it with her. Camdin can sneak in through the ventilation system or something, grab something of value (within reasonable size I assume, something he can put him his pockets) and sneak out.
  13. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    It's not a question of whether they already have someone that has a similar spell, remember Pandora warned Sarah that telling Edward might lead to the FBI wanting her to work for them, and Cranium is the closest one to having a similar ability. It's likely they'd want to get Camdin into their system before someone else did or before Camdin uses his ability for criminal activities.
  14. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    There is that Pinup Dan did of Nanase looking seductive while Fox, who is wearing a foxy outfit with animal ears, tail and paw gloves/socks, is licking Nanase's cheek. Does that count? the pinup in question I believe was originally posted in 2015 or early 2016 just before the Great Crash, it's buried pretty deep in Patreon by now, tumblr was probably my best chance of finding it but well....tumblr happened.
  15. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    And presumably she's in a fox form here.
  16. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    I'm not even certain that Grace would be able to do anything to Camdin while he's a smokey form, if anything, Camdin could just poof into a cloud to avoid any attempts to punch or restrain. Her antennae might not be of use either if a cloud form isn't affected by her telekinesis. If he does fully form, her antennae would help her get a read on his appearance which, as I said, would help her shapeshift into a close enough copy which she could then show Edward and he could look him up and deal with him personally. Heck I imagine Camdin's ability is also the kind of thing that would get someone strongarmed into the FBI's paranormal division.
  17. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Is that a fox form? Looks more dog-like, and makes me wonder if that room required some digging to find the next button or door. Anyway, all the forms in the first panel are likely the result of Nanase hitting other buttons like the first one that made her extra curvy. The second form is of Sarah though which suggests that Nanase might have been given a much bigger belly and Sarah's showing the rebalanced figure. Panel 2 is showing another rebalancing and Nanase's tum tum looks flatter than's Sarah's so I'm assuming the dog/fox/whatever canine form had a slimming effect. I wonder what Nanase's dropping into next.
  18. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Dan's stated on both twitter and Reddit that this is very odd, I dunno if he's trying to throw us off by suggesting that this isn't Camdin, or simply suggesting this isn't normal Camdin behavior. Last we saw Camdin though, he seemed obsessed with finding out the "real" reason he was marked and believed that Grace was Cheerleadra or at least another "super powered chick" who'd know what the deal is, it's possible that Voltaire's behind this, the question is, is Camdin some new gullible person that Voltaire found after the "magic change", or is Camdin a remnant of Plan CM that was late to the party? I can sadly see Camdin eavesdropping and depending on how much he's already heard, he might believe he can get even more info by way of blackmailing them, especially by using Sam's desire to not come out as fuel, and Camdin has the advantage of knowing who Grace is and even though he's wrong about her being Cheerleadra, him going around telling people she has super powers would still be problematic for her, and Sam won't want him telling everyone he's trans either, Grace and I'm assuming Sam has never met Camdin, so the only things that would foil Camdin's plan would be if he mentions Luke (or Luke comes to Grace and tells her) or if Camdin fully forms and Grace is able to get a good "look" at him to be able to shapeshift into an approximate copy to show Edward. Depending on how this goes, Sam might be making a visit to the Verres house after all.
  19. This Day In History

    No, but it does become a feature film starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6266538/ It's listed as "Biography/Comedy/Drama" so I would suspect that there could be mention of the shooting.
  20. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    We see most of... I'm pretty certain...her father.
  21. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    Well Grace's original intention for talking to Sam was to say that he should be open with Sarah about being trans, Friday's page pretty much covered that bit with Sam asking about it instead of Grace bringing it up first, so for today's page Sam's already stated that he doesn't want to have to come out to anyone so I think Grace understands that. Her suggestion in the last panel reads more like "You don't have to tell her you're trans or have a magic mark, but at least tell her how you feel about the idea of dating." We have met her dad. I don't think THIS will ruin it ... Today's page basically cancels my concern, if he's not sure he's ready to date, it's unlikely he's preparing to ask Grace out.
  22. NP Monday February 11, 2019

    The slide button was an interesting mechanic because Nanase would have easily fit through that hole the size that she was when she first entered the doggy door, and it would have been boring if she was just able to walk to the next opening and figure out what form to be. Even though these "puzzles" have been easy, that aren't predictable. It's the reason why I thought this whole temple/dungeon was constructed for an amusement park, it seems oriented towards the adventurers having fun as they explored inside. That's what I figure too, with the way it's trending, next appearance would leave bra and boxers, then after that...well the tie could stay.
  23. NP Wednesday February 06, 2019

    It probably wouldn't take much to set them back if needed.
  24. NP Monday February 4, 2019

    If it's about Ashley and her first entry into Tedd's basement/lab, then it'll probably involve Ashley finally meeting Grace and we recently saw Grace's thoughts about wishing she could have certain people live/have sleep overs with her. Having Ashley and Grace get along really well would probably introduce shipping potential between them. And there's my theory of Ashley's Internet Girlfriend that may come into play here, until Dan reveals who that is, I'm not letting it go.
  25. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    I think at the time she saw Sarah and Sam talking, she was thinking that it was too soon for Elliot to be dating again, I don't think Grace mentioned whether her relationship senses jiggled for Sarah and Sam, but they might have been clouded by both Sam's secret and her wanting Sarah to have a chance to find someone after Elliot already did.