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  1. The Weather.

    Snow day here, got about 5-6 inches, had to shovel out the parking spaces anyway though but it wasn't too heavy. Mostly just blowing snow right now.
  2. Story Wednesday, February 25, 2020

    Right, there's different levels of detail that people can focus on, and you can have casual nerds, hardcore nerds, and anywhere in between. Diane's definition would probably cover the kind that are near the hardcore level but also have a "know it all" attitude, don't want to admit they're wrong or will beat you over the head if you happened to get a detail wrong. Also these past few comics put a new light on Diane's reaction to Nanase warning her that liking to talk about and listen to others talk about movies was how nerds get started. Diane would be scared of becoming the kind of nerd that was a jerk about it, though Diane was already known to be a jerk about other things.
  3. Story Wednesday, February 25, 2020

    Probably a good way to put it is like this: There are people who enjoy movies, many will talk about how good the actors were, and how well the story was told. Then there are those who will talk about the special effects and music score. And then there those who will dive into whether or not someone could survive an explosion or drop from 30 feet, and also look for other inconsistencies like prop placement, makeup blunders, and then take specific frames to make memes from.
  4. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    Yeah, sure, if you wanna go with that.
  5. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    I'd probably have to agree with the response that it's another way of saying "lots of", in context of the comic, Susan could also say "showing lots of abs" instead of "abs for days". Of course Susan's showing abs too, but you can see they're not as defined as Rhoda's so Susan unfortunately doesn't have abs for days. She makes up for it by being Susan though.
  6. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    Volunteer work probably counts, though if you're expecting to get paid, then probably not.
  7. Sketchbook 25 Feb 2020

    Also if Susan had a Nanase-like figure.
  8. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    Can we all just appreciate how Susan called Rhoda a "small, adorable woman with abs for days"?
  9. Story, Mon 24 Feb 2020

    Considering the epic slapfights between Tedd and Susan in regards to sci-fi stuff, both can be very nerdy. Also, Justin is not immune. But Diane's probably thinking of more extreme cases like Rich and Larry. Dan even confirmed that Diane treated Charlotte as one of the bad nerds until Charlotte saved her life, so my guess is the reason Diane doesn't think Justin, Susan, Nanase, etc are nerds is because they've shown themselves to be selfless and cool. Also, why I think Diane treated Charlotte that way was because her state of mind at the time was too focused on Elliot, and she went into jerk mode when Charlotte questioned it. Earlier that night though, the two of them seemed to get along well enough and were pretty in sync when it came to theorizing how Fox worked.
  10. Story Friday, February 21, 2020

    Rhoda was also not very good in the social category, and Diane wanted to help her, I'd imagine she'd have tried to get Grace into the group if Grace wasn't already with Ellen, Nanase and Justin, and it's probably good that she didn't try, Justin could handle being called a "defective male", not sure how Ellen would have taken to Diane pulling something similar while attempting to recruit Grace. So while Diane's tactfulness on the subject leaves a lot to be desired and is probably still a remnant of her jerk phase. The desire to help boost people's self esteem and confidence seems run at least as far back as when she was helping Lucy with her issues. I don't think she'd have used "socially inept" if she'd never gone through the jerk phase.
  11. Story Friday, February 21, 2020

    Diane: "You all can't be nerds, you're not socially inept!"
  12. Story Friday, February 21, 2020

    Diane's most likely thinking of nerd as in the stereotypical "George McFly" sense, but it's much broader than that and can even apply to herself.
  13. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    But hkmaly specifically said "two-Graces-kissing-Tedd", there's only one Grace kissing Tedd in that link. Or rather, Tedd's kissing 'Grace'.
  14. NP Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

    There were 3 potential hoodlums planning on taking advantage of Rhoda, up until they overheard her mention her proficiency with large hammers. So she can still be a deterrent without realizing it.
  15. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    This is what you're looking for, and the other Grace (or rather Claire) in this was Ellen.
  16. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    The point I was making was that we'd seen Sarah used a summoned hammer on Tedd, and we'd seen her threaten to use a real hammer, which, I might add happened before she lost the ability to summon hammers so she was already ahead of the game there. There's also the fact that Sarah and Tedd had a good talk on the subject when Sarah became Tedd's assistant.
  17. The Weather.

    It was for snow squalls, of which no real accumulation of snow fell during that period. There were a few flakes in the air but that was it, the original statement was issued at 7am and stated the squalls were expected to go into the afternoon. The sun actually showed itself several times throughout the day. Was still cold though.
  18. The Weather.

    This morning on the radio: "Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the area" 5 minutes later: "Environment Canada has lifted the special weather statement for the area"
  19. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    I was figuring in terms of Sarah being able to handle Tedd, which we've seen before as well albeit out of canon, but it makes the threat of using a real hammer have more impact. And yes, hammer, impact, I wasn't trying.
  20. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    Not really odd, I think at this point Elliot trusts that Tedd wouldn't have done anything inappropriate towards Sarah on purpose, also Elliot probably still believes that Sarah would have been able to handle it herself if needed.
  21. Story Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Psst, I don't think this belongs here.
  22. Story Monday, February 17, 2020

    If they made a game of it, they'd take turns guessing what it means and then actually trying it to see if it worked.
  23. Story Monday, February 17, 2020

    Even the new descriptions given in spellbooks imply "experimentation required" even if the spells themselves haven't changed. Though apparently Ellen and Nanase were experimenting while trying to figure out what the old descriptions said, so at least now it's more strongly implied?
  24. Things that make you MAD

    We just had guest stay at the hotel I work at who brought a chihuahua with them that they were initially supposed to be dog sitting while their neighbours went to Florida. They were told it'd be for a couple weeks, but it's been over a month and they can't contact the neighbours to find out when they'll be back to pick up the dog so now they're afraid they just had it dumped on them. Mind you from what I've heard, it's a well behaved dog, they've got a travel cage for it which the dog will use on it's own and it isn't yappy. So why the owners would abandon it is beyond me aside from them just being jerks.
  25. NP Monday, Feb 17, 2020

    And Kahlua White Russians would have been dangerous. Seriously, you could get them in 200ml bottles and while they're vodka based, they're still only 5% alcohol/bv which puts it in the range of a light beer so you'd need to drink a few to get drunk, but it's sooo easy to drink them because they just taste like iced mocha with no burn from the vodka.