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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=594 Yeah, those open world games and their main quests always seeming to be important, I just want to farm. Interesting, if true, about Dan's plan for the next NP set, Grace, Susan and Charlotte, using as much copy-pasta as possible. I wonder what it'll be about, non-canon of course, but still.
  2. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=593 You could pretty much do this in Skyrim as well, though I don't recall being able to strip your followers. They'd have their base gear and then if you give them something else, they'll use/wear it, but if you took that away they would return to using their base gear. At the very least you might be able to take their weapon, but I definitely don't remember seeing armor in their inventories.
  3. I find hazelnut cream with hazelnut coffee too hazelnutty. I have my own blend of coffee that's a 3:1 mix of french roast:hazelnut vanilla that's pretty good IMO.
  4. All the examples given in that clip were of full length capes though, I don't think Tedd has anything to worry about with the short cape. We haven't see Elliot have any issues with Cheerleadra's short cape.
  5. Tedd might have asked Sarah what she thought would look best with purple hair.
  6. It's especially true during multiplayer sessions. For Starcraft, you can set the game speed when you create the session and can't pause it or change speed so you have true real time play. Of course in single player campaigns or against AI player you may be able to pause and adjust speed at will, so is becomes a pseudo-RTS. Though back when I used to play Starcraft+Brood War, there was a friend that had AOL so games tended to be more Lag Time Strategy than Real Time Strategy.
  7. You can still have armor that looks good on females, but it's when they give a woman in a game what amounts to a chainmail bikini and call them a tank is where it gets ridiculous.
  8. A lot of games include these. For example, Star Wars: The Old Republic has the Slave Leia outfit available for purchase for players. *sigh* And I'm sure you could get that for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games for free on the Nexus mods website. Just checked and yep, there's 3 Slave Leia "armor" mods for Skyrim, and 1 person retextured the Grognak Armor in Fallout 4 to sorta look like a Slave Leia outfit. I'm not too keen on the whole "less is more" mentality that some people have towards armor for females, I'll download outfits that people adjust to fit better because a lot of times the outfits and armor look really bulky.
  9. It sounds a little bit like the awful Mindjack game. However, its plot made even less sense than the above. In the game "Battletoads" the first boss is fought from the perspective of the boss (a giant mecha thing) shooting at the players and you controling the Battletoads throwing stuff towards the screen to damage and as you damaged the boss, cracks and such would appear on the screen to show your progress. For the rest of the game its a pretty standard side-scroller brawler like Double Dragon or Final Fight. Second person perspectives seem to cover games like text-based or point and click adventures where there's a narration describing what your character does. I would imagine games like "The Stanley Parable" would fit as a second person game as well, at least until you start defying the narrator. It also seems to imply that the second person is someone holding the camera as you play, especially in games where you can move the camera around to look at stuff, one example I found was Lakitu in Super Mario 64 being the camera operator and second person.
  10. Possible. Though it's also possible 10 minutes could have passed between panels 3 and 4 and Elliot had just visited his locker and taken the jacket off and he was just heading to the cafeteria or home room. It's hard to tell when there no narrator giving time of day info.
  11. There doesn't have to be suspicion on Nanase at all. All she would need to do would be to appear as Cheerleadra in a situation where Elliot is present. If she hadn't been visible as Nanase there earlier, there would be no reason for anyone to think of her at all. I don't think Edward would approve of the idea of any of Elliot's friend's who are capable to looking like either Elliot or Cheerleadra (Nanase, Grace, Tedd, Ellen) of trying to pull off that plan because there is still a chance of someone noticing one of them dissappearing before Cheerleadra's appearance, the plan was to have the sighting occur during school though I was expecting it to be during class or lunch rather than just when people are getting to school. Nanase is fairly well known in MSHS and people have seen her floating around the halls, if someone noticed her being late for class, it would draw attention to her. Having an agent of DGB do it will keep the Main Eight out of public scrutiny.
  12. I doubt flight is all that rare of a spell, and the person posing as Cheerleadra doesn't have to look exactly like her as long as they keep just enough distance from witnesses, the right size person with a brown wig and blue tights would pass at 50-100 feet in the air. Also panels 1 and 2 are amusing in that it shows there really isn't much difference between m!Elliot and f!Elliot. Obviously there's hair colour, and then everything from the neck down is different, but the face doesn't seem to change at all. Elliot did say he changes eye colour as well, but that's not apparent in greyscale.
  13. Ok, we got Prof's fridge, mlooney's dishwasher, and we can add my bedroom window to the list as it's making a noise like an animal crying in pain whenever the wind blows across it, or a really bad kazoo player.
  14. Yeah, I've played The Sims, 1-3 and various expansions of each and the fact that it takes an hour for a sim to walk to the bathroom and use a toilet can be ridiculous.
  15. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2325 Elliot needs a hug now, where's Grace when you need her?!?
  16. Yeah, the main reason games let you carry so much is so that they don't feel grindy, though some people may argue that they can still be grindy even if you can carry 50x the realistic amount of stuff. ECO though claims to be trying to simulate an ecosystem but still be presented in a simple enough manner, but it's certainly a game that needs patience and teamwork.
  17. Of course in ARK there is a penalty for trying to carry too much and you start to move slower at something like 75% capacity and then are unable to move at all when you've maxed out the amount you can carry. Also the attributes do seem to scale differently depending on the dino so obviously a bronto would be able to carry more than a triceratops. Though it is strange that they somehow have inventories that you can access despite not having any harnesses with packs or anything. I think there's only 1 game that I know of that tries to be semi realistic with inventory and such and that's ECO, It's still in development but it's the only game where you shovel a pile of dirt or something and have to put it somewhere (either in a chest, cart or place it down again) before you can dig again, meaning that if you go mining, you need to bring ore and materials up one shovel load at a time until you get a cart or something to haul more.
  18. In the game both you and the dinos can level up and get points that can be spent in various attributes. I imagine those examples I gave were of dinos whom the player had leveled up pretty high and put all the points into stamina and carry capacity, because game logic.
  19. story

    Maybe? "I think he MIGHT be using some calming spell" implies that you believe he is using a calming spell. If that's not what you mean then replacing "using" with "needing" would be enough to imply that he needs a calming spell to use on himself. Alternatively "I think he could use a calming spell" would work with implying that if Elliot had one or even if Ellen had one, now would be a good time to use it. Actually, Ellen with a calming beam would be appropriate.
  20. story

    If he's using a calming spell at this moment, I'd hate to see him not using it...
  21. You need to play ARK: Survival Evolved then:
  22. This goes along with what I said about today's comic. I noticed on Twitter that David Rockefeller had died at the age of 101, I wasn't sure if he was of the same Rockefeller family that is iconic for American wealth so I clicked to see what people were saying about him. Turns out I was right and he was of that family, but what the majority of people were saying about him was not what I expected, sure I expected some to comment about money or something, but I noticed a lot of people posting this image: And at the same time calling him a traitor to the U.S and that his death couldn't have come sooner. It really bugs me to think that people see the desire for economic and political stability around the world as traitorous.
  23. story

    I was going to ask "what does that make Lisa and Amanda? Since they can see the titles." but then I re-read the commentary, and considering Dan linked references to both Susan's book and Elliot's, it's possible that Dan might not always display the spell books with titles unless he feels it necessary to show it.
  24. story

    There's no title on the book Ellen is reading, though I dunno for sure if "A Perfectly Normal Book" is the actual title of Elliot's spell book or not. Maybe it isn't and both their spell books have no visible title on the cover. Correcting myself here, "A Perfectly Normal Book" had to be Dan using artistic license as we see Ellen reading Elliot's spell book and it didn't have a visible title on it, so it both their books likely have blank covers.
  25. story

    His hair didn't go golden and spiky though so he's still so far right about it being impossible.