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  1. All colours back around Sister 2 were more saturated. Dan desaturated them in Squirrel Prophet. Actually, I think the Squirrel Prophet "Red" on Nanase is darker that the Kitty Pet version, but that might be due to the black in her hair as well.
  2. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    Or Michael Bay, or Quentin Tarantino. Jeeze, a Quentin Tarantino Pokemon movie?
  3. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    It's probably good that Diane stated their true purpose then, I would imagine that in other instances, they would battle with their Graces, and when the player-trainer won, they'd make a comically hasty retreat. But in this case Justin might have thrown all that out the window. Good save, Diane.
  4. This Day In History

    It wasn't for lack of trying though.
  5. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    Oh god, I wonder if, when Gracesaur reaches her final metamorphose, anytime she uses those abilities(or whatever equivalent Dan gives her) she makes a "Breaking Bad" reference.
  6. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    We've seen that the Grace are able to form complete sentences, they may act kinda childish (their second tier forms seem a bit more mature compared to their starting form though) but it seems like you could hold a conversation with them. The only one we haven't seen talk much has be Ellen's Gracesaur, and that could be easily explained (don't do drugs kids). I am no huge Pokémon buff so I am not sure. Are they going to be some sort of Team Rocket parody? Diane could be acting in character (as herself) in that she does what she wants and playing the part that Sarah had in mind for her didn't appeal to her at all.
  7. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    She didn't care about Nanase "taking peeks" as Susan because Nanase got an eyeful of Susan when she first made the doll. Also Susan was uncomfortable with Nanase prodding herself, despite her blushing, she's still finds it awkward enough to protest, so I file that as evidence supporting my statement. It's seeing someone that looks like her doing "things" that would be the issue, like "that's my body in physical contact with stuff" even though it's not actually her. Also Susan is the niece, but Diane isn't quite as identical to her. But you know she would totally use it as a controlled environment for getting over her anxieties though. It's safe, private, and she can bail out if things get too much for her without having to worry about getting anyone else involved.
  8. This Day In History

    Probably because the forest fires are already going, so it would be pointless to try to prevent them, best to focus on putting them out now.
  9. Yeah, you can probably be certain that if Ashley is at the party, Elliot probably is as well, Susan and Justin are probably off reminiscing or something.
  10. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    She probably is fine with doing "things" with herself or her fairy doll because stuff like cleanliness is under her control as you stated, it would be very different if it was someone else in Susan's form. Now I'm wondering if part of Susan's jealousy over Sarah having a "holodeck" in her head is due to how easy it could be used to play out fantasies or even try to work out anxieties about physical contact.
  11. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    I feel that if she doesn't see herself doing "things" with people, seeing someone in her form doing "things" with someone else is probably going to weird her out just as much, if not more, despite her liking to watch. She would need to overcome many of her anxieties to be able to seriously consider it.
  12. They all have enhanced figures though and that seems like the theme for the slumber party, and considering the forms are due to Tedd's mark spell, it's probably safe to say she is participating, eventhough she's not in frame (meaning this could be Tedd's POV then?).
  13. I like how Sarah is enjoying this, like it makes up for the last time she was at a slumber party.
  14. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    I don't think he was crushing as bad as he was at Grace's birthday, but he would certainly still have moments, this instance comes to mind as Justin being uncomfortable with the idea of Elliot being a girl, and that would have been a couple days before Justin met Luke.
  15. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    I know, this could just be a callback to that, and I think there were a few time after that when Justin still had thoughts about Elliot.
  16. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    Nanase can't be the only one with someone to crush on now.
  17. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    I was actually misremembering Huey, Dewey and Louie as Donald's kid, they are his nephews. Although I did just remember there was Webbigail (Mrs Beakley's granddaughter) whom PsyGrace could sound like.
  18. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    I can't help but hear PsyGrace talking like one of Donald Duck's kids. I'm not the only one that does, right?
  19. She's just focused on catching whatever it is she's chasing.
  20. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    I've heard of drunk shopping. Several people I knew in EVE ended up with supercaps and faction ships that way.
  21. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    Well, it would put her in an awkward spot considering she dated Elliot, but Ashley said her relationship was she was barely old enough to date, which would place it in Junior High probably, dunno if Sarah would have been exploring any relationships with girls back then, seems like the attraction to girls aspect is fairly new here. But anyway here's some old tweets of Dan's that strengthens my position: The last tweet is almost exactly a year after the first ones, and despite it being over a year ago, and like I said before, if it is Tedd, then the story arc with Tedd and Ashley doing magic stuff would be a the best time to reveal it.
  22. Wild Speculation version 3.14159265...

    So I've been a big proponent of the idea that Tedd was Ashley's internet girlfriend. Dan once teased that he knows who the internet girlfriend was. Now that Ashley is guaranteed to learn about what Tedd does since he'll be helping her learn magic with Kevin and such, that would be a great time to reveal if Tedd was in fact being openly feminine* online and met Ashley and roleplayed transformation stuff with her. *I was about to say "pretending" which I think I did once before, but realized that would be insulting to Tedd and other trans/genderfluid people, so being openly feminine online would be similar to how Sam is "most real" when he's at a card tournament.
  23. NP Friday 03 August, 2018

    The player pieces for Goonmanji 2 were 1/14th scale, but when Ashley used "mouse" on Catalina, she shrunk to 1/5th and her piece to 1/20th (5%of player size) Whether the player pieces count though I guess can be debatable, because they were identical representations, just not the actual people.
  24. Word of Dan Discussion

    Eh....give the kid some credit, he's learned how to tell when Tedd's female. Though the sad part is the idea of Sam being afraid of his secret coming out when we know Elliot wouldn't do that intentionally, I would at least hope that if Elliot suspected Sam being trans, he'd ask privately rather than tell Sarah behind Sam's back. Edit: Crap, I forgot that Elliot's told Ellen about the message, which the person was hoping Elliot wouldn't tell anyone...wait a moment, what if Sam (or the person that messaged Elliot) met Ellen first and assume she was Elliot transformed?
  25. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    Actually, thinking about it more, maybe this possibility is even less likely if you think Edward's haste to end the call was more than to just avoid clarifying what "rarely" meant.