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  1. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Being even genuinely comfortable with her role after getting used to it for over a year isn't really proof that she started out comfortable with it, especially when her template/brother has been shown to get used to things he clearly started out uncomfortable with.
  2. Friday June 8, 2018

    Just because something seems to exist around an immortal doesn't necessarily mean it is "real". Arthur has already mentioned one way (summons) that an immortal could empower a human to temporarily produce something that doesn't really exist in our world. That doesn't rule out the alternate world idea, of course.
  3. Story Monday May 28, 2018

    If she wasn't any sort of magic user before, she's probably a long way from getting spells of her own. What she needs is to see at least one low-power spell a few times to use her wizards ability to learn other people's spells. Once she knows one, she can start practicing it. Ellen's "blonder" beam (http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/2017-07-23-ellen-demo-15) should be a low-power transformation that Ashley would like.
  4. Story Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

    As Sarah has already demonstrated, having (technically) some magical affinity doesn't necessarily mean having the power to use it without some sort of extra energy (such as the Moperville Clog). "Wizard too weak to actually use the spells they learn" may be a common situation.
  5. NP Monday April 9, 2018

    Even a tiny, sheer, and close-fitting swimsuit can be thought of as "trying" to wear clothes. It's easier to make excuses that they are dressed than to outright admit people are effectively swimming in the nude.
  6. Story Friday April 6, 2018

    How about a rigid traditionalist government where you can aspire to any position you have the talent for -- but then you get made over to fit whatever pigionhole you're in. The president might have been a woman...until the mandatory change after inauguration.
  7. Story Monday April 2 2018

    The difference was that Tedd was there, as opposed to three young women all of whom she probably felt more comfortable with...And the rather iffy continuity probably helped, too.
  8. Story Monday April 2 2018

    I'm beginning to wonder just how much choice ur-ellen was given, most likely being hurried into "doing the right thing" with no consideration for how painful she would find it in the long run.
  9. NP Wednesday March 28, 2018

    Yeah, 2.3 billion years since the oxygen catastrophe and the cleanup still hasn't been approved, let alone the appropriations to fund it.
  10. Story Friday March 30, 2018

    If the ur-ellen would give them a chance, Tedd/Tess could give Ellen her own gender-change wand, making it clear that she could switch any time she really wanted to. Getting ur-ellen to understand that could be all kinds of difficult, though. Could ur-ellen actually be really missing her feminine side, resulting in feeling envy and resentment for the double of herself that got to keep hers?
  11. Story Friday March 30, 2018

    I sure hope that by "fix" he means "restore the ability to move easily", not "fasten permanently in place." Insisting that Ellen be given options is one thing, but it sounds like he only wants her to have his selected option...
  12. Story Monday March 26 2018

    The attempts by ye olde immortal pair of Pandora and/vs. Colonel Sanders to set Magus up to fight for their amusement may yet pay off. The impositions that Ellen and Elliott would probably have volunteered to endure are a lot more offensive when there is no way to ask politely ahead of time.
  13. Story Friday March 23 2018

    I wouldn't count on anyone else except another esoteric scholar gryphon being precise about the distinction between a different dimensional plane and a different side of the same one.
  14. Questions for Q&A 8

    A new question: We know that an Uryuom "egg" with no Uryuom DNA produces a Roaisol Seyunolu, one Uryuom DNA and one Non-Uryuom DNA source produces a Tolougal Seyunolu, and two different Uryuom DNA sources produces an Uryuom, but the number of DNA sources can be more than two (Grace having four sources). What results with two Uryuoms and one Non-Uryuom DNA source? Is the rule "more than one Uryuom always breeds true?" That would sure be handy for adapting second-generation Uryuom settlers to a new planet by producing true Uryuoms with extra, localised DNA.
  15. NP Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018

    Perhaps have each player get their choice of any cards they played which are still active, to use until those cards automatically cancel and return to the box at dawn? The winner would have the most cards to choose from by the way the score is determined (counting double cards twice, etc.)
  16. Story Wednesday March 14, 2018

    I can just see Abraham hitting it with a crystal-shattering spell, but it doesn't work on a crystal-over-wood construct. Next, he uses a fire hot enough to burn diamond (the only flammable precious gem) but the actual crystal is not diamond and not flammable and protects the wood core...
  17. Story Friday 9, March 2018

    With a whole warehouse full of "much more active than anyone expected", the "one or two tempting powerful objects" option is right out. Who wants to guess how many incidents? I call three.
  18. Story, Monday March 5, 2018

    I also suspect this was a case where too little dialog made trouble -- if Nioi had justified her "baby soul" theory with (in-story) rock solid evidence e.g. "We've done it before and it always worked, we've skipped it before and we still have nightmares about the results," then a drastic step like that would feel more reasonable, and Nioi giving such a justification would imply that she knew and admitted that such a step needed a lot of justification.
  19. Story, Monday March 5, 2018

    Were those additional memories immediately merged into her personal history, or were they initially "as if read in a book" and only became really a part of her when and if she decided to accept them? That would be a way to provide the necessary experience with a lot less violation -- plus, she could assert her individuality by picking and choosing those she wanted to accept.
  20. Story, Monday February 26, 2018

    This sounds like it might actually go through. So, what happens when Tedd requisitions a human guinea pig test subject (and with Sarah already in DGB's records, does she have the inside track on that opening)?
  21. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    Bungled by overloading. Birds, bats, and ... was there a leopard in there, as well as Human and Uryuom? Just being alive to begin with should credit Vlad with a win.
  22. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    Tedd could produce one-day transformation wands with pointed ears, cat ears, cat whiskers, puppy tail, green skin, etc. (just one small transformation per wand) for vaccination purposes....we could have play groups with every grade-school child showing a different trivial transformation.
  23. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    The trick would be to get the clothes to morph themselves...perhaps a wand sewn into an inside seam with as much energy as Tedd can store in it and a single spell: Stretch/Shrink to fit the person wearing you.
  24. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    All magic must now be used by gestalt beings with at least three components. What do you mean, all humans are individuals? What's an individual?
  25. NP: Friday January 26, 2018

    They actually have a great rating so far -- it will be an infinite time before they fill up. Unfortunately for them, mathematicians can post downvotes based on expected poor service at infinity...