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  1. Also, her grandfather is still around and occasionally checking up on her.
  2. He's not protected, though, against the authorities deciding in a panic to crack down on his being allowed to even possess (working or non) tech. It could be an uphill battle for him to be allowed to re-establish magic..who says the authorities (I'm looking at you, Arthur) really want him to succeed?
  3. Well, magic is basically telling Tedd to abandon his own plans...and by the way, get ready to do some chores for Magic. That has to rankle. That's why I also like PCR's answer in the last panel.
  4. np

    The way that they would protest is to claim the saying should be "Uryuom at heart" or "Elvish at heart", since the point of the saying is that those can be close to the same thing.
  5. How about quarter-immortal grandchildren being impossible now, because some very ancient reset changed the way mortals used to have children by/with magic, and the immortals chose to forget because the loss of families is too heartbreaking to remember? Especially if, say, immortal/immortal reproduction is difficult because two doses of chaotic magic is really rough on growing lifeforms...
  6. What about martial arts habits that say, "If your center of balance is here and your target is there, use this hand."?
  7. There are an awful lot of people in the real world who expect a therapist to force the patient to be normal under threat of turning them over to the authorities for punishment, and not a few "therapists" that think so too. Sadly, a big proportion of the therapists working for the government might have that problem.
  8. May I request an example of a link (with appropriate warnings about content disallowed in this forum which is allowed in the off-season topic forum) to that location?
  9. np

    Didn't Justin hint that the existing "security camera" at Salty Crackers was a bluff (probably a security camera case with no electronics)?
  10. Last line of last panel sums up a reason why being gender-fluid would matter -- if part of who you are is only accessable from one side and part is only accessable from the other, being able to change is necessary to being all of yourself.
  11. The logic is probably that if Elliot can become Cheerleadra more than once then he must have some way to change back ( from female to male) in-between.
  12. story

    Didn't someone suggest that Susan build an "inside-out" shed, stand "outside"(inside), and mark it -- making the world her marked container. Of course, that might take a lot of leveling up.
  13. np

    I'm expecting this to end up as Crowd-sourced Clark Kenting, where all their friends and most of their acquaintances figured it out long ago and decided it wouldn't be right to tell anyone who didn't already know.
  14. story

    Of course, if she does "go first person" she will feel things (be "touched back") right through the spell. It would be ironic if she got used to being held in someone's hand before she got used to holding hands.
  15. We don't at this time actually know that the main cast comprises most of the "code spooky" reports, just the ones that concern Verres Senior the most. Especially after all the marking recently, there could be a lot that doesn't become undeniable enough to hit the news, or that Mr. Verres can easily explain away.
  16. Since one of the special powers Tedd/Tess gets with the title of "seer" is to remove enchantments, if he isn't limited to him/herself that ability could work on a lot of things. We already know that abberations can't survive as humans ever again, and immortals might be as dependent on magic as humans are on mater. So "removing" hostile magical beings might be part of the office, perhaps to clean up who- or what-ever caused a system change. Someone who has been misusing magic to try and kill mortals might really want Tess/Tedd too traumatized to carry out his/her duty...
  17. To me, Tess here is pushing the limits of what I care to see; she's way to close to being unidentifiable as the Tess/Tedd we have grown to like, more like watching a random character transform. I think the "tell" that is critically missing is her expression -- Tess/Tedd would be ecstatic not in the stressed, almost frenetic way this pose shows, but in a more comfortable way, relaxed and contented with the transformation.
  18. My own favorite outfit for a standard "flying brick" needs a cape -- and a clunky, clumsily-draped, full-length one at that. It converts into a stretcher by way of poles in the lining and a handle for use in flight.
  19. Just have everyone that can "do" Cheerleaders appear all together, and say it's the standard "uniform" for anyone super powered who doesn't have their own unique super identity yet. The very short skirt is to encourage new supers to get their own costumes as soon as they can.
  20. Elvis has the advantage that multiple Elvis impersonator are good enough to earn a living at it -- big pool of candidates. I used to distrust Elvis sightings until I realized how many good reasons there were for even careful observers to be fooled.
  21. Just like the "Camera Phones" incident, the internet has dramatically changed society in an unexpected way -- everybody is so innundated with baseless rumors that no one pronouncement (from a known liar no less) is going to be believed except perhaps by a few fanatics (who wear out their own believability at an accelerated rate in the information age). I wonder what the tipping point would be for something like that? It would take more than just a few videos and "experts". Still, the evidence can only build up, from incident to incident.
  22. So when we say the human life expectancy is nearing 80, that's a shorthand expression for about 50 years plus 30 asleep? If hybernation becomes practical that could turn into 50 years plus 100 asleep in some climates where humans would rather skip the less comfortable seasons, with time spent that way putting a lot less wear and tear on body and mind...and imortals might similarly use a "lots of naps" spell to stretch out their 200 or so years of available sanity from 120 plus 80 asleep to 120 plus 500 asleep. That would still probably put someone we know well over her limit, but maybe not to the point of complete insanity...
  23. Or replied to the question "Are you a boy or a girl?" with "Which one would you like me to transform into?"
  24. Or just receives an official update to her spell book, telling her how to use the "Tedd Verres" method to re-establish her connection to magic. Having her little one's name synonymous with magic for generations could also have quite an effect.
  25. Since Ashley has a track record of guessing at details when she can't be given the information, what are the odds that she has or soon will guess that her internet friend might have really been able to transform? (Independently of whether her guess is correct?)