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    Drasvin got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story: Wednesday, November 10, 2021   
    Tedd is in considerable emotional and mental pain. The source of said pain is Edward's transphobia. From Arthur's perspective, Edward is a reasonable and very accepting individual. To him, if Edward is causing pain to his son, then it is likely due to a misunderstanding. So clearing up the misunderstanding should get Edward to stop acting in a hurtful manner, at least in Arthur's opinion. It won't make the pain magically go away, but it should prevent the pain from getting worse without completely breaking whatever love Tedd still has for his father.
    Is that the best course of action? I don't know. At that moment it probably isn't, but in the long term, removing the cause of the hurt is generally better, when feasible, than just soothing the symptoms.
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    Drasvin reacted to mlooney in Story: Monday, Oct. 11, 2021   
    Jay is stated that she will be attending college but is currently a senior at south with Grace and Diane.
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    Drasvin reacted to ijuin in Story: Monday, Oct. 11, 2021   
    Note that Jay is stated to be presently attending college—she is a contemporary of Rhea and Luke rather than our group of high school seniors.
    Anyway, aside from her thinking of Arthur as “The Devil”, Jay doesn’t seem like the kind of personality who would like to work for government—she wouldn’t like the discipline required.
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    Drasvin reacted to mlooney in Story Monday, Jun 1, 2020   
    Noted for my Bard character in my current D&D game.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from mlooney in Story Wednesday September 25, 2019   
    I think every time Dan has drawn Grace's full squirrel form, he's done it differently. Then again, master shapeshifters don't need to be 100% consistent.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from Tom Sewell in Story Friday, May 17, 2019   
    Everything is fine!
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    Drasvin reacted to Tom Sewell in Story Monday, May 6, 2018   
    Nanase used to have a spell that gave her total control over her hair before her first burnout. I assume she got it back. Or Ellen could have zapped her, or she could have borrowed Ellen's ring, or gotten one of her own from Cousin Tedd. Or her hair could have gotten longer because her magic is building up.
    Now she needs to get her ponytail back.
    I assume the skirt is a pleated kilt. Her whole outfit reminds me of the kind of thing Ashley goes for, especially if she's wearing pants under the skirt.
    Ellen Dunkel. Dunkelzahn?
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    Drasvin reacted to Scotty in Story, Wednesday, May 1, 2018   
    I'm wondering now, since Elliot's feeling bad about Susan and bringing up the idea of a party, will Ashley pick up on it and just instinctively want to reach out to Susan, and then the two of them end up talking about their experience together. Ashley isn't really up to talking to Elliot about it, and she doesn't really know anyone else, but I'd think if she believed that Susan was dealing similar trauma, she might open up to Susan first.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from Tom Sewell in Story Friday September 28, 2018   
    Diane's subconscious realized the direction her life was heading and poked her to make it, even though her conscious mind was in denial about it all. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that she's going to get the epiphany about why Lucy is upset, at least at this moment. Maybe later, but hopefully sooner than that.
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    Drasvin reacted to The Old Hack in Story Wednesday September 26, 2018   
    I cannot really agree. Painful as it often is, I prefer truth to illusion. And Quixotic though it may be, I've spent a lot of my life looking for the right sort of mirrors.
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    Drasvin reacted to hkmaly in Story Wednesday September 26, 2018   
    ... is the elephant still there?
    How much of the class she was supposed to be in already passed?
    And Diane, unfortunately, learning about your mistakes is necessary step to fix them. Yes, I know, I would also prefer some other way.
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    Drasvin reacted to ijuin in Story Friday September 9, 2018   
    Meh, it's less about him being a gamer and more about him placing his own hobbies above paying attention to the girl he is with and anything that she might be interested in. It would be just as stupid if his obsession were about sports, or books, or collecting memorabilia, or anything else.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story Friday July 6, 2018   
    I agree with this pyromaniac uryuom. Fire is a wonderful thing worthy of celebratory laughter.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story Friday July 6, 2018   
    I agree with this pyromaniac uryuom. Fire is a wonderful thing worthy of celebratory laughter.
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    Drasvin reacted to weirdee in Story Friday June 22, 2018   
    I'm totally using "YES! ME GIRL! HAPPY LADY GIRL WOMAN!" next time somebody asks me a stupid question about my gender.
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    Drasvin reacted to The Old Hack in Friday June 8, 2018   
    It's possible, but it could also be a callback to another conclusion jumping event.
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    Drasvin reacted to ChronosCat in Friday June 8, 2018   
    Oh, I missed that. (I usually skip over reading the links section of the commentary, as I assume I remember the comic well enough I don't need a recap.)
    I prefer EGS with dragons in it's past, though, so I'm going to continue having that as my headcanon until and unless it is conclusively proven the main world never had dragons (or at least there's an in-comic explanation for that flashback).
    Of course, that doesn't mean the scale is from a dragon (although if you go with the "any big reptile" definition it probably is, as the only other likely option would be a big fish).
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    Drasvin reacted to ChronosCat in Main Wed June 6 2018   
    Noted. (...Actually, looking at the usage guides on wiktionary, even replacing "transgendered" with "transgender" in my sentence wouldn't have fully corrected it; it probably should have been "transgender people" (minus the preceding "the" of course)...)
    (A bit of a heads up: it's likely I'll make similar mistakes in the future. I'm not very social, and this forum is pretty much the only community where I have a chance to talk about such things; as a result I'm a bit out of touch with the correct terminology. Please do continue to correct me, but try to be gentle. )
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    Drasvin reacted to TamarTree in EGS Strip Slaying   

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    Drasvin reacted to mlooney in Story Friday June 01, 2018   
    As I have said before
    "The Dan that can be understood is not the True Dan"
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    Drasvin reacted to TamarTree in EGS Strip Slaying   

    Kevin: Must you give me breasts?
    Kitty: Silly! How else would others know you're a catgirl?
    Kevin: ...I could've listened to dad and become structural support for furniture, but nooo...
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    Drasvin reacted to Don Edwards in Story Friday May 4, 2018   
    My impression is that this is a problem with legislatures (and legislators) in general.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from hkmaly in Story, Monday May 7, 2018   
    One should not underestimate guardians of ancient, mystical places, especially if they're willing to be polite. If they weren't powerful enough to deter any attackers, then the places they guard wouldn't have lasted to become ancient. And politeness on their part means that you aren't a threat to them and they would rather not take the time cleaning up your remains.
    Given that Dan's commentary states that modern Uryuoms wouldn't understand the ancient language, it's at least like comparing modern English and Old English (like what the original poem of Beowulf was written in) as modern English speakers can understand Shakespearean English(also known as Early Modern English), albeit with some difficulty.
    Yes, but the golem has been inoperable for all that time, with it's systems and functionality being actively suppressed. Any internal chronometer likely wasn't running either, so while the golem can obviously tell it's not at the library any more, it most certainly doesn't know how much time has passed.
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    Drasvin reacted to Alwaysnewguy in Story, Monday April 30, 2018   
    When the golem woke up, it was asking about a library. Presumably it remembers what happened to the library and how it ended up so heavily damaged.
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    Drasvin got a reaction from wanderingmagus in Story Monday 4-23-2018   
    With Dan's commentary, it would seem that Kevin is a more recent creation, rather than an inert artifact from a previous system. He not only knows modern English, but also gets Elizabethan English significantly wrong AND thinks the 'Ye Olde English' sounds sophisticated and 'mystical.'
    As for why Kevin, a wizard training device, would be considered useless (considering that even simple and benign wands can be used to awaken magic), he seems rather obnoxious and temperamental. The DGB probably just figured no one would be able to put up with Kevin long enough to get any use out of him.