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  1. Things That Make You Happy

    Actually I can empathise. A problem that you have gotten used to and found ways to work around is still a problem. And when it is suddenly gone, it can feel like a disproportionately huge relief just because you can finally ditch the workaround and stop worrying about it.
  2. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    The Moderator: Please. No spelling flames and/or corrections of this kind. They come across as condescending and invariably bait thread derailment. I am astonished that I even have to mention this. It is a point of Netiquette nearly as old as the net itself. Also, the religious point you brought up is entirely inappropriate. One, we do not need religious discussions in these forums. Two, the changes George Lucas worked on the canon he himself created can scarcely be compared to murder and suicide.
  3. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    This is not even mentioning all the stuff that got created due to people being inspired by Star Wars. And one funny little detail. ILM was originally created due to Lucas deciding that it would be cheaper to create his own special effects company from scratch than hiring outside professionals. Now, remember a little film trilogy called Lord of the Rings? They had their special effects produced by a company called WETA. WETA was originally founded by Peter Jackson and two of his friends because it was cheaper to create their own special effects company than using ILM. What goes around comes around.
  4. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Hrm. Do you have to share them with the Prof's wife's feral cats, Dumbass A and Dumbass B?
  5. We got to install microwave ovens

    No, I think Yuggoth is another word for the planet Pluto.
  6. We got to install microwave ovens

    Just don't pick up any housekeeping books with titles like "Abbas al-Azrad on the Necronomicon and the Art of Home Maintenance."
  7. We got to install microwave ovens

    That still doesn't cover a lot of things. No byakhees or fungi of Yuggoth either!
  8. We got to install microwave ovens

    Thanks! Dropped a little something into the till. Let's make @mlooney feel at home in the new place! Just... no more evil dishwashers. Please?
  9. We got to install microwave ovens

    I trust you completely, old friend. Go ahead.
  10. Story, September 20, 2017

    Arthur is a LOT smarter than I thought. And I already respected his brains.
  11. We got to install microwave ovens

    I'll happily chip in. Would someone who isn't me please set up the Paypal thing? I hate doing stuff like that.
  12. Things You Find Amusing

    We also still use wheels. They are pretty old.
  13. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    Seems to work again now.
  14. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    Me, I'm afraid. It won't even try to load.
  15. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    I was actually thinking the same thing.