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  1. IPA is quite overprecise for general English use.

    The Deseret alphabet is more designed for English specifically, but still doesn't quite equate across all accents (for instance, the "long a" (fAther), "short ah" (bOx) and "long ah" (cAUght) are the same sound in some accents and two or three different sounds in others) and has a few additional flaws, as well as a few letter shapes that sorta got displaced in a chain at some point (en→short a→short e→"short o"→er) between earlier and later charts.  It also can't be posted on this forum due to non-BMP characters not being allowed by the software (the same reason why most Unicode emoji can't be posted).  Not that anyone (likely) would be able to read it, since it more or less fell into obscurity.

    Although one of the more frustrating things about standard English orthography, though, is that it's somewhere between difficult and impossible to unambiguously specify the pronunciation of (say) a given foreign name using it.  Deseret is at least much less ambiguous.  IPA moreso of course.

  2. Yeah.

    Although Aramaic was at that point spoken in Judea / Galilee.  The Greek texts of the New Testament are regarded as the original, which makes some sense (Greek and Latin were widely used in the Roman Empire, with Greek being stronger in the eastern parts of the Empire).  A fair amount of what Jesus said, he probably said in Aramaic though.

  3. Well, people have been occasionally mentioning elsewhere that they had tried to make a forum account but it hadn't let them, for over a year now.

    So I've just tried it in a Firefox Container tab, purely for the purpose of seeing whether I ran into that problem also:

    Notice the "Security Check" header with nothing under it.

    Trying to submit gives me a "You did not pass the security check. Please try again." despite there being no security check to pass.

  4. 1 hour ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

    If English law had been selectively ignoring Papal decrees for centuries, why was the court of Mr VIII so worked up about the detail that the Pope wouldn't officially annul the King's first marriage?

    The Magna Carta was annulled on the basis that John signed it under duress, but his successor re-issued it voluntarily to secure support iirc.

    There were several monarchs who clashed with the pope, John amongst them, Henry VIII is noteworthy here insofar as it was suddenly politically tenable to break from Rome.

    1 hour ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines the term "planet" such that Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet.  People who normally care very little about science find this very offensive.  Pluto itself does not seem affected at all.

    Issue being that Pluto turned out to be in a belt of objects, and if Ceres was classified as an asteroid rather than a planet (as which it otherwise qualifies) purely due to being in the asteroid belt, then same would apply to Pluto.

    So there were at the time either eight known planets (MVEMJSUN) or eleven (MVEMCJSUNPE), but not in any case ten.

  5. On 27/03/2018 at 8:58 AM, CritterKeeper said:

    Do they use a different term over there for the thing that measures how many kilometers a car has traveled?  An Elastigirlmeter or a uryuometer or somesuch, perhaps?

    Milometer is the term I've usually heard. ‘Course, that's in England, not the continent.

  6. On 25/03/2018 at 3:38 AM, Scotty said:

    Edit: Disregard struck paragraph, it appears that the forums simply weren't displaying my post at the end of the thread, might have been a greasemonkey script related bug? reloading the thread works fine.

    Don't think so. The only one of the Greasemonkey scripts I'm running at the moment is the stylesheet patch, which doesn't affect the HTML tree, only the CSS / how it's rendered. Yet it happened for me too.

    Evidently something's trying to avoid making you reload the entire page upon submit by dynamically inserting your post into the page after you hit Submit, and it isn't working properly.

  7. Quote

    turkeypedal 6 points 23 hours ago

    A problem I see with making the all-boy version as gay (or gayer) for guys is your number of gay or bi male characters. You'd need at least four, and I can only think of two that are well established, and one that presumably will be established (if Justin ever goes on his date :) ).

    So better get on introducing at least one more gay or bi male character. (If it were me, I'd go for bi, because bi male seems to be underrepresented in fiction. And, when they do show up, they are often just treated as gay.)

    danshive Author [S] 1 point 22 minutes ago

    Justin and Luke are gay, George is either gay or bisexual, and Noah, Elliot and Tedd are bisexual.

    Granted, Tedd will blame any and all attraction to men on female forms (even when not in them) and probably wouldn't be a good choice for this sort of thing without some character growth first, but he is bi.


  8. @ProfessorTomoe

    The script itself is fine. Greasemonkey for Quantum is currently a work in progress.

    Meanwhile, the Greasemonkey alternative Tampermonkey, which I had already been using for these scripts on Chromium, is apparently operational on Quantum. It is closed-source, so not suitable for Stallmanist purists, but should otherwise be fine, and is what I'd recommend at least for the time being.