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    HarJIT reacted to Vorlonagent in Story Monday April 17, 2017   
    First "this comic" shows Diane being a gossip.  Like everybody else.  It illustrates pettiness but not outright ill-will.  Not by high school standards.  Kids, even high school kids, can be vicious creatures. 
    Second "this comic" shows Diane making doe-eyes and a guy who is pulling money out of his wallet.  If she isn't making those eyes for the guy with the wallet, the next best explanation for me is Diane's hero-worship of Nanase.  She might be envious of how close and casual Justin's relationship is to Nanase and wanting that for herself.
    You can make these comics fit a pattern of actual dislike but I'd like more solid evidence before I sign on, and a better answer to refuting evidence.  This comic shows Diane barely aware of Justin beyond "he's the gay guy".  Her focus is on Nanase. 
    Diane's "Defective male companion" line next strip works just fine as a reference to Justin's gayness without reading any deep or longstanding animosity into it.
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    Well, if he'd really been looking for the most bad-ass men to portray, then the Sacred Band of Thebes reportedly once made the whole Spartan army back off and retreat just by standing at rest.  Well, okay, with a few Athenians to help.  At the Battle of Tegyra the Sacred Band routed two morai (one mora = about one-sixth of the Spartan army), the first time the Spartans had been defeated in a real battle, proving they weren't invincible after all.  The Sacred Band was 300 men, composed of 150 committed gay couples.  There were a lot of suggestions to use them in a sequel to The 300 when that movie was a big hit.  :-D
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in NP: Wednesday April 12, 2017   
    That linked scene actually helps convince me that maybe Tedd and Grace haven't gone as far as most people generally assume. Tedd's pretty embarassed by Grace's taking his clothes off, making me think they don't make a habit of getting naked together deliberately.  (Incidentally naked while experimenting is another matter.)  I could definitely see them leaving it at cuddling and kissing for now, agreeing not to take things "all the way" until they're both ready for the potential consequences.  I can even see Grace, who Tedd always says knows him better than he knows himself, being the one to explain to Tedd that he's not as ready as he thinks he is, in a way that neither makes him feel inadequate nor gives him any doubt that she'll be enthusiastic when they are both ready.
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    HarJIT got a reaction from mlooney in Theoretical next set of pinups   
    Okay, UUCP addresses were before my time, although I have encountered them in the occasional old Usenet post.
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    HarJIT reacted to Sjmcc13 in Theoretical next set of pinups   
    Sounds more like Noah's thing  
    Edit Link
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    HarJIT reacted to Pharaoh RutinTutin in What Are You Ingesting?   
    A Tex-Mex place I like which has a totally original and unique special.  Taco Tuesday.
    They have cartoon like paintings on the acoustic ceiling tiles.  Today, I was intimidated by the message "Ceiling Cat is watching you masticate".
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    HarJIT reacted to The Old Hack in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    I know. I updated it with no apology whatsoever.
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    HarJIT reacted to The Old Hack in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    The modern version suggests that he is still very much not there.
    Yesterday upon a stair
    I met a man who wasn't there
    he wasn't there again today
    I think he's from the NSA...
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in NP Monday April 10, 2017   
    And that trope is a bit more credible for kids age 16+ than it is for, say, Linus Van Pelt.
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in What Are You Watching?   
    A TV series on PBS called The Nine Months That Made You, episode titled "One of a Kind".  The episode is about how a fetus becomes an individual person, and the first segment is about the hormone surge that makes a male develop a penis.  The way they're covering it is fascinating, because they're visiting a village in the Dominican Republic where 1 in 90 male babies didn't respond to that surge properly and didn't grow a penis before birth.  These kids are assumed to be girls, and their families treat them as girls, until they hit puberty, and the second testosterone surge causes their testes to descend and their penis to grow.  It's so common in this village that they have a name for it, which translates as penis-at-twelve.  They seem to be very accepting, that it's just one of those things that happens, and it's no big deal.  And just like trans kids, the "girls" often show a distaste for wearing dresses, a tendency to want to play sports and get into fights with friends, various indications that they may be a penis-at-twelve long before they actually reach that age.
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    HarJIT reacted to The Old Hack in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    That sounds kind of fishy to me.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in Things That Are Just Annoying   
    Was closer to 6 hours, but seemed to have worked.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in What Are You Listening To?   
    Other than the parrot part, that sounds really close.  And it would be an electric tractor, based on the noise.  Might have just been their garbage disposal unit.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)   
    And the understatement of the month award goes to Professor Tomoe.  Tell him what he's won John....
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    HarJIT reacted to Scotty in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    If you're referring to this exchange, they were talking about Noah.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in Story Friday April 7, 2017   
    Fixed that for you.
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in Story: Monday April 3, 2017   
    But Dan never implied that Zeus is not a real god. He simply stated that there are (in his fictional universe) beings who go by that name but are not real gods.
    You won't offend Moslems by pointing out that there are beings named Mohammed who are not prophets...
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in Story: Monday April 3, 2017   
    IMHO if the GPS satellites were taken out and putting up new ones were not feasible, at least for navigation in populated areas it wouldn't be a big deal. They'd just put scaled-down GPS "satellites" on existing cell towers... which would spur the more-rapid deployment of suitable towers to remote locations that currently have little-to-no cell service. That would be a lot more practical than putting up a completely-different replacement system AND replacing all the GPS-using devices.
    There would have to be some tweaking because of earthquakes and such moving towers around, but not much... with the current system, the GPS satellites' opinions on their precise orbital characteristics need to be corrected based on ground observation every month (iirc), because of orbital perturbations caused by pretty much everything in this solar system and maybe the next one over, and are corrected every week (so if something goes wrong on the ground causing a correction or two to be skipped, it isn't a big deal).
    The way Dan has used names from mythology, he has never made or implied anything about the truth of any part of that mythology. Pandora, in particular, is explicitly an ordinary human in the mythology - not an immortal being of any sort. And it's pretty plain that some immortals take the names of deities from mythology because those names are of deities from mythology - their mythological origin predates the immortals borrowing them.
    If you want a webcomic that touches a bit more firmly on mythology, try Gunnerkrigg Court. A number of mythological figures from several different mythologies have appeared there... one of them from the mythology most commonly known as Sesame Street (but not in the same role at all). So far, I think only one being that is explicitly a god has appeared, and one other has been referred to.
    Or I'd recommend Brat-halla if it were still going... the way it ended, it really looks like the artists just got tired of it and could be bothered less and less (the last several pages are as seen by a blind character, and then it just stops without anything resembling an ending). But that was after a run of more than a decade, and was a lot of fun for most of that run. It quite explicitly gets into religion and mythology, particularly Norse but also touching on several others on occasion.
    Wapsi Square doesn't directly get into religion or the standard mythology, but sort of crafts its own. Major characters include a guy who fought in the Trojan War, a part-phoenix, a couple of sphinxes... and then if you get into the fanfictions in the forum, there you'll find more religious stuff including an appearance by Hades and a few scenes where Jesus has a speaking part.
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    HarJIT reacted to hkmaly in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    The most important audience is you in few months - but don't overestimate your memory; if other programmer won't be able to read it, it's likely you wouldn't either.
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    And if you aren't actually trying to write unreadable code (and aren't writing in APL or Lisp) there are few things worse than to have some electrical-engineering calculations written in Cobol by a Fortran programmer and then patched into a Cobol program by a person who understands neither electrical engineering nor Fortran (and isn't all that great at Cobol either).
    Now add in that there's a suspected bug somewhere in that mess, and the person assigned to fix (not one of its creators) it is an immigrant whose skills as a Cobol programmer are sound but is unfortunately lacking skills in English.
    (She begged me for help. It took me all afternoon to figure out what those two pages of code were doing, then all the next morning to be confident I had deciphered it correctly. And even though I know almost nothing of electrical engineering, it looked wrong. So I sent my explanation of what it was doing to the clients, asking if it was correct. The next day I got a response back - the code was wrong and they provided the correct formula - and spent an hour writing a third of a page of straight Cobol to do the same calculation. I delivered that to the lady assigned, and she actually could understand it.)
    That was, oh, probably somewhere around 1995.
    Anyone just starting out in programming, take away this message: the MOST IMPORTANT audience for any given piece of code is NOT the compiler. It's the programmer who has to fix or alter that piece of code. You or someone else, in a few hours or in a few years. That person has to be able to read the code. If the code is readable, it can evaluated for correctness and can be fixed as needed. If it's unreadable, it can't be fixed and nobody can be confident that it's correct.
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    HarJIT reacted to hkmaly in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    The key is to write enough scripts to make your work fully automated BUT never tell anyone.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    Need to be careful about that sort of thing.  Write enough scripts to make your job easy and all at once they don't need you any more, just some monkey to run the scripts.  Then, of course six to eight weeks later they discover that not all of what you did was done by scripts.  Good for a couple of bucks an hour increase in pay to return.
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    HarJIT reacted to Scotty in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    A bit of extra job security I can imagine.
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    I wrote this one management report (in Cobol 68)... they printed three copies of it, and that took between 90% and 110% of a box of fanfold paper.
    One copy got distributed. First few pages went to the head of the company. Next several sets of a few pages went to managers who reported directly to the head. Next sets of a few pages went to managers who reported to them. And so on down the line. I don't think there was anyone who got as many as 10 pages unless they were temporarily handling two positions.
    Another copy got filed in Accounting. And the third got filed in Information Systems.
    Accounting and Information Systems really loved one thing I did on that report... I figured out how to easily put page footers on it (in addition to page headers) so they could look at the bottom of a page and see where they were in the stack, rather than having to open the binder wide enough to read the page headers. I also did a really good job of guessing what should be in the page footers.
    Since I kept the code for the page handling separate, and could easily plug it into other programs, I got assigned to write a lot of reports after that.
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    HarJIT reacted to hkmaly in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    Also helps with keeping things together. If Charlotte is reading code listing (which doesn't have natural pages), it would be very impractical to read it from separate sheets of paper.