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    HarJIT reacted to Vorlonagent in Pinup: Saturday April 1, 2017 (Rental Guard Level 2)   
    Far more likely is a temporary Elliot-Grace hookup with Tedd's approval...
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    HarJIT reacted to ijuin in NP Monday, April 3, 2017   
    Yes, dot-matrix printers still have superior reliability in terms of pages printed between failures, and their ribbon-based ink is less finicky and lasts longer per cartridge than toner. The "endless paper" feed also helps when creating endless/continuous documents--e.g. near-real-time status printouts. Really, the only disadvantages for text printing (which doesn't need the high-resolution of laser or inkjet printing) are the lower print speed and the noise.
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in Pinup, Single, Mall-Goth Elliot, Wed March 29 2017   
    They just did a Shetland Pony/Sheepdog thing and shrank into RedBox kiosks, which are in or outside a whole lot if grocery stores and Walgreens now.
    Actually, coffee only brings performance back up to where it would have been originally.  Coffee drinkers in the original trials would be told to stay off caffeine for a day or two before getting the baseline no-coffee performance level, so they were in the throes of caffeine withdrawl when they did the no-coffee tests, which dropped their scores.  Their scores once they were allowed their caffeine fix were naturally better.  Non-coffee-drinkers never had that drop in the first set of scores.  Once someone figured out to control for whether a subject was already addicted to caffeine or not, they found that the with-coffee scores of the coffee-drinkers were no better than the baseline scores of the non-coffee-drinkers.  Rather than giving themselves a boost with their morning coffee, coffee-drinkers were impairing their performance without coffee, and then crediting the coffee for an improvement that was really just taking away that impairment.
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    HarJIT reacted to The Old Hack in NP: Monday March 27, 2017   
    A different issue would be either loss of or damage to one's voice, potentially locking the actually authorised person out.
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    HarJIT reacted to Tom Sewell in Story: Monday April 3, 2017   
    Maybe the big guy is "Set". Set was associated with snakes, among other creatures. However, for knowledge, the go-to god was Thoth, usually depicted with the head of an ibis. Set was basically the god of kicking butt. Several pharaohs took Set names, including the father of Ramses the Great.
    The snakes ought to be cobras, though. Pharaohs had cobras on their crowns.
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    HarJIT reacted to The Old Hack in Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)   
    Codswallop. This thread and to a degree the entire Off Topic forum is meant as a venting post where you can let out frustrations in relative peace and safety. Anyone who doesn't feel like sharing doesn't have to read this thread. Those of us who do read it are generally adults who know what we are letting ourselves in for. So no apologies needed.
    And yeah, I know a bit about things getting scary. None of us blame you, and we all root for you getting better.
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    HarJIT got a reaction from Scotty in NP: Monday March 27, 2017   
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    HarJIT got a reaction from Scotty in NP: Monday March 27, 2017   
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    HarJIT reacted to Don Edwards in Things that make you go WTF   
    Whoever is responsible for deciding that autocorrect should be turned on by default in any given device/OS, should be sentenced to one year of punishment wherein they MUST say everything by means of that device/OS with autocorrect turned on and not allowed to ever reject or amend autocorrect's changes.
    And if they ever start turning on grammar-autocorrect by default, make it five years.
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    HarJIT reacted to ijuin in Story Wednesday March 29, 2017   
    Sure, but I meant that we shouldn't declare them to be a lost cause without really trying.
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    HarJIT reacted to ijuin in NP: Wednesday March 29, 2017   
    Perversion is in the eye of the beholder.
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    HarJIT reacted to Sjmcc13 in Pinup, Single, Mall-Goth Elliot, Wed March 29 2017   
    According to the description, lucky Tedd, lucky
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in Things that make you go WTF   
    Not gerund, genus, or genuflect?
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    HarJIT got a reaction from ProfessorTomoe in Forum interface fixes: Greasemonkey-wrapped custom stylesheet   
    I've went through my recent posts and rehosted several images.  Took me long enough to realise that was probably the problem.
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    HarJIT reacted to Scotty in Things That Are Just Annoying   
    I blame chainsaw manufacturers  for designing them in a way that looks like it can be weaponized.

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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in Story: Monday, March 27, 2017   
    You know, I find it interesting that so many people, in comic and in forum, feel the need to specifically hold up "some fetish" in contexts that make it sound like having a fetish or acting on it is a bad thing.  Like Tedd would be a bad person if he were turning into a girl because of a fetish.  Human sexuality is incredibly diverse, and I see no reason we shouldn't just stop at "he's not hurting anyone" and avoid the implication that people with fetishes are somehow inherently bad.
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in Things That Are Just Annoying   
    Trying to transfer a little under 1.5 gigs from my laptop to the tablet without a flash drive.  This is taking more effort than it should.  All my cloud drives are taking too long, enough too long that the tablet gives up.  Doing a sftp to the laptop is slow as a slow thing going from the laptop to the tablet as it is going from the iMac to the tablet.  As the last hope, I'm using Chrome to upload to my Gdrive then trying that from the tablet.
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    HarJIT reacted to WR...S in Pinup Magical Girl Tedd March 23 2017   
    ...N!  P!  N!  P!  N!  P!
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    HarJIT reacted to mlooney in Things That Are Just Annoying   
    An open rant to publisher, designers, and authors of role-playing game supplements:
    For the love of all things lawful good do the following:
    Hire an editor.  Or at least use a mechanical one.  At a bare minimum use a spell checker.  Don't wrap text around images.  It doesn't look cool, and it makes things hard to read. Even if you don't have an editor, have someone with normal eyesight look at your page layout to spot weird issues. Use full justification or use ragged right.  Don't do both on the same page. Use the same font size for the body of your text.  Don't change it mid-paragraph. When you cut and paste from one description to another, make sure you replace the item names in the description. You don't need to have a reproduction section for every species of monster or player character race. We don't need more world killers.  The Tarrasque is open game content in the 3.x SRD, the Pathfinder SRD, and the 5th ed SRD.  Don't need more like it.  If anything, just add your special touch, like it can fly or can live in space. The f-bomb shouldn't be used as a general-purpose adjective.  If you are going to use it, please restrict it to the normal sexual meaning or excited utterances.  Don't toss it around like copper pieces. Speaking of copper pieces, assuming a gold piece is equal to a current US dollar is just silly.  A bog standard RPG gold piece weighs 9 grams.1  That puts its value at around $360 today. No one wants to read about coprophagia.  And really, no one to play a character that has that as a major part of its racial backstory. If you are trying to be gender neutral either use singular they or alternate between male and female pronouns, but don't use all three in the same paragraph when talking about the same thing. Advanced space-going civilizations will not have high-tech melee weapons.  And if they do they will not be katanas. Monomolecular weapons are impossible.  Stop using them Chainsaw like swords, axes, and pole arms are silly.  Stop it. Shotguns don't have nearly the spread of shot you think they do.  Consult this handy chart for the actual size. Learn the difference between an Armored Personnel Carrier, a Tank, and a Self Propelled Gun. Understand why multi-turret tanks went out of style in the late 20's early 30's of the 20th century. Understand why a two-person crew of an armored fighting vehicle with a main gun is a bad idea. Thank you.
    Signed: a person who reads way too many RPG PDF files
    1Most version of D&D, to include Pathfinder, put "coins" at 50 per lb.  That works out to almost exactly 9 grams per coin.
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    HarJIT reacted to ijuin in Story Wednesday March 22 2017   
    Modern American culture does seem to have this notion that children are, and should be, entirely ignorant about anything sexual, and therefore would never ever grasp innuendo, double entendres, or other borderline things such as these toys.
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    HarJIT got a reaction from ijuin in What are you learning?   
    Fewer, I suspect, than there are to skin a Winamp.
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    HarJIT reacted to CritterKeeper in Story Wednesday March 22 2017   
    Well, I did say most boyfriends....  I bought it from the Disney World gift shop after discovering I'd forgotten to pack anything to sleep in, and it was definitely labeled as either a "sleep shirt" or "nightie," I forget which.
    This is the same company from which I have since purchased both shackles (from the Pirates of the Carribean ride's gift shop) and "Imperial Binders" (from the Star Wars gift shop), so they are either kinkier than they let on, or more oblivious/naïve than a megacorp has any right to be. ;-)
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    HarJIT reacted to Scotty in What are you learning?   
    But Winamp uses Llamas anyway.
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    HarJIT got a reaction from Zorua in Things You Find Amusing   
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    HarJIT got a reaction from Vorlonagent in Pinup Magical Girl Tedd March 23 2017   
    As hkmaly suggests, the trick is basically to preserve Dan's shading as far as possible whist still attaining the desired colouration and brightness.
    Mainly, this amounts to significantly limiting operations on the value channel to those which don't affect the shading (applying levels/curves/gamma/contrast/etc to specific regions (usually not the entire image) is generally fine, provided this is done in such a way that it doesn't noticeably mess up the region border).
    The hue and sat channels are a different matter, and can even be region-floodfilled, although I didn't have to resort to that here (I do when I'm e.g. colourising from greyscale though).
    My first version basically made the hair and attire lighter in colour.  The second shifted the focus to contrast and saturation, thus increasing brightness rather than simply lightness.  The final effect on the second version was to take something closer to the first version, use the levels tool to extract only the highlights, blur the result significantly and then use it as an additive layer, with a certain tuned alpha, above what I had so far for the second image.  This gives the image an additional subtle glow.
    Use of waifu2x beforehand is also very helpful, mainly because it makes selecting regions a lot less fiddly.