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  1. Literarily allergic to cats. >_>
  2. Well, I didn't think you were figuratively allergic to cats...
  3. Honestly, that last panel speaks to me on multiple levels. I think the combination of the human desire for physical contact (hugs), and specifically from someone who is taller or larger than I am, must trigger some kind of latent memory or instinct. Not to get too scientific, but you see it in animals like cats - when you do things like picking them up by their scruff (disclaimer: don't do this to an adult cat) and they go limp, or when littermates who've grown up together wash each other by mimicking the behaviour of their mother.
  4. Story Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    The last two panels reminded me of a scene from Moana.... "Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself? Because if you are.... I will gladly do so! In song form!"
  5. Story Wednesday January 9, 2019

    Yeah, I see your point. Unless Sam looks so drastically different when presenting female than when presenting male, and (as you say) is leading a double life with both "personas" named Sam, which does seem unlikely. However, if he is presenting as male, it's at odds with what he told Sarah (where he seemed to imply that he is only able to present as male on Friday nights). And getting to the comic shop in daylight while presenting as male might be something he considers risky - he could be recognised by people he knows, and "Say, I thought I saw your daughter Sam out in the mall the other day, but it looked like she had a goatee or something! Kids these days eh?" could lead to a very awkward conversation at home later.
  6. Story Wednesday January 9, 2019

    I'm laying odds that Sam is presenting as female right now, including voice. Remember what he said to Sarah - "I pretty much play a role every day", "Friday nights are when I'm at my most real" - I took this to mean that he's not "out", i.e. presenting as male, other than on Fridays at the card tournament.
  7. Story Monday July 02, 2018

    I'm.... a little confused. Do we know what the spell books said before the change? Otherwise I don't really have any frame of reference as to how much the wording has changed or which version was "better".
  8. Story Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

    Absolutely! I took one look and thought "Mecha Deadpool?!"
  9. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    The key here, I think, is that Tedd, Arthur and Van had no idea that Magic itself was actively working to keep itself secret, or to what lengths it was actually going. They must've just presumed that only humans could influence how widely Magic was used. For that matter, did Pandora know? If so, would her original plan (to mark or awaken as many random people as possible and create a magical "dam" to increase Moperville's ambient magic) have even succeded? We know that it would have eventually caused a "change conversation" with the Seers, of course.
  10. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Haven't we established that magic doesn't have a "flair for the dramatic" but rather a lack of subtlety which appears to casual observers as a fair for the dramatic? I do stand by my notion that its parameters are programmed rather than something it chose itself. How can it judge how much widespread knowledge is too much when it can't directly observe the world and doesn't understand human motivations anyway? And yet it somehow knows that Pandora's final act caused X number of people to "notice" magic, and that this meets the criteria for "too much". It needs seers to advise it on what to do next, but has no problems making the initial decision to invoke them. It does sound like its threshold of "knowing" is forced upon it from somewhere else.
  11. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Oh, undoubtedly. But the "automated flow" comment really pushed it over the edge for me.
  12. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    I'm calling it now: Magic is an advanced AI running on a computer system on an upper level of reality. It has a pre-programmed set of parameters for the task it was built to perform: give humans "supernatural" abilities based on their personality and desires, monitor the results, and trigger the "change procedure" when magic reaches a worldwide exposure level above X. It's been programmed to read these qualities from humans, and this is in fact the only way it can perceive the world and how humans (and Immortals, and other magic-users like the Griffins and maybe the Uryuoms) interact with it. Instant percentage-based calculations (seemingly on-demand with zero latency), talk of spells being given to humans as part of an "automated flow".... just little bits and pieces of how Magic has been speaking.
  13. Story Friday January 26, 2018

    Magic might not treat it that way, but we (presumably) are going to see this argument played out between Arthur and Tedd... and if not, maybe my ability to predict EGS's plotlines isn't as good as I think.
  14. Story Friday January 26, 2018

    So, all questions of parentage and relationships aside.... looks like we're heading towards Tedd advocating a reveal, Arthur arguing for a severe change, and Van being the tiebreaker in the middle. I wonder how he feels about magic, and especially about his mother's "line of work". And also whether any of their opinions will change when they learn about Pandora's final act.
  15. Story, Wednesday January 24, 2018

    Dan tends to loudly shout about things that are false, while only vaguely hinting about the truth. There's a very good chance that Van and Tedd are at least related, not least because we know nothing about him and the hints that have been dropped are very light - Tengu's pointed reference to Noriko's "first born son" - whereas we were repeatedly hit over the head with half a dozen theories in-universe about how Susan and Diane were related and, although they are related, none of them turned out to be the case! It's the old "plan misdirection" thing again. Explain how you're going to rob the casino vault in great detail, and nothing will go to plan. Show no details of the plan ahead of time, and everything will go off like clockwork.