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  1. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    12:32 p.m. CST 20171122. I turned 54 since my last update. Don't think it helped. The past couple of days have been difficult. I've been laid out and sleeping for most of the time. Not much to do during the time, but I could have come up with something if I'd been awake. Pain, headaches, and a sore throat have made that next to impossible. Add to that a cluster of little blisters on my right knee that came from who knows where and you can see why I've had trouble with the past couple of days. Geez, one thing at a time, please! At least I'm up today. I'm not very functional beyond checking e-mail and updating add-ons (NoScript is out for Firefox Quantum! Yay!), but I'm going to try and push it. Let's find out what happens.
  2. What Are You Ingesting?

    Very much obliged - thank you!
  3. What Are You Ingesting?

    A slice of cheesecake for my birthday,
  4. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    It's temporary. He'll be returned to the spot where he was trapped, minus a couple of gonads. (I hope you don't feel that way re: gonads about what "Humans" are doing to you.) Anyway, he'll be handled with as much care as he'll let Mrs. Prof's group treat him with, since he is an extremely grumpy guy. Mrs. Prof was afraid to touch him due to the possibility of losing a finger. Or two.
  5. What Are You Ingesting?

    Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea. Nom. (This is **not** tea porn. It's just a bit too pedestrian a post for the folks over at TeaChat.)
  6. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    The monster cat has finally been captured: Again, it would appear he is a Maine Coon, or at least partially one. It's off to the T-N-R program with him, where he'll have a healthier and (most likely) longer life, just without the ability to create new kittens.
  7. BigCat_20171116a.jpg

    Big cat finally captured

    © 2017 Brenda Jackson. All rights reserved.

  8. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    I know. It just looks narrower with each doctor visit I make.
  9. Last Post Wins

    Well, you can go farther, but you'll have to aish baladi over there for permiss ... oh, I'm sorry, Captain Picard! I didn't see you rising. Maybe because you don't that much ...?
  10. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    9:12 a.m. CST 20171116. Well, unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to deal with the drug for at least a bit longer. I saw a back surgeon yesterday—again—to find out if there was anything that could be done to fix my back and get rid of the pain at the source. Just like the previous two surgeons, he said no. Urrgh. It would appear, in essence, that Mrs. Prof is guiding my treatment from here on. She wants to hit goal X and try procedures Y and Z. I just want to stop hurting without becoming zombified. The two goals aren't always in line with each other.
  11. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    Mrs. Prof has had to whip out the Trail Camera on this feral cat: Obviously, this isn't a trail camera picture, but this monster has been hiding in the rafters of a car repair shop for days. The shop has a time elapsed camera, but it's pointing the wrong direction to catch what he's doing. Therefore, out comes the trail camera. This thing has got to be at least 20 pounds and part Maine coon cat.
  12. What Are You Ingesting?

    Daifuku. Stopped by our local Japanese store on the way back from a trip to the back surgeon today and got three varieties - the original plain mochi with anko sweet bean paste, and another tray of green tea and strawberry flavored mochi with anko. Good stuff. Had a bowl of red miso soup earlier. Never had red miso - not bad.
  13. BigCat_20171114a.jpg

    Monster Cat that Mrs. Prof is trying to Trap. She's put out the trail camera to get better coverage of him. She also says he must be 20 pounds.

    © 2017 Brenda Jackson. All rights reserved.

  14. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    A bit confusing, but in the end you're right - it does work. Thank you.
  15. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    The dreaded Firefox Quantum has arrived, and it has broken the script as expected. Such is life. Is it fixable in the current state of Greasemonkey?