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  1. From Dan's commentary: "In regard to panel two, I like the idea of Elliot sometimes just taking off his shirt before transforming before bed and then putting it back on as oversized shirt pajamas." Is it still "boyfriend's shirt style" if it's your own shirt?
  2. Yeah, I'm afraid Mr. Verres is off on this one -- he must be assuming that none of the highschoolers in Moperville read the comic books that Justin sells. Superheroes pull these scams all the time to hide their secret identities -- most without having super speed. For all anyone knows, the "True Elliot / Cheerleadra" is flying around saving parachutists, while the "Fake Elliot" at school is a lookalike cousin, or butler in disguise, or a hologram, or a robot. Or the robot is the one flying around. At the very least, Mr. Verres should have consulted with Justin to learn how difficult this would be. On the other hand, those scams *do* always work in the comic books.
  3. I haven't said this in a while, but today's comic seems like a good place for it: I really admire what Dan is able to do with faces. Aside from today's wonderful panel six faces, even the very subtle changes in Ellen's face between panels 3 and 4 reflect the dialogue so well. He's really good at it!
  4. story

    That's it! Thank you! edit: Her warning is even scarier than I remembered it!
  5. story

    In the Oct. 14, 2016 comic, Pandora advised Sarah against telling Mr. Veres (and his agency) about her mark -- and by implication, about Pandora's plan to solve the ambient magic buildup situation. Sarah probably included that in her explanation to Tedd and Grace. I think there was another comic where someone fleshed out a warning about why it might be wise to withhold information from Mr. Verres, but I was unable to find it.
  6. story

    If this is the same location as the Dec. 31, 2013 through Jan. 13, 2014 comics, then Elliot and Tedd are standing right outside one of the Girls' washrooms -- and it doesn't look like either of them have checked to see whether anyone is inside or nearby, this time. Often schools also have a Boys' washroom either in the same hallway or just around the corner. It seems to me like a really, really, really bad location choice for this conversation. Though I don't think Dan is going to have anyone overhear them.
  7. story

    Dan, Happy 15th Anniversary!!!! Sto lat!!!!
  8. np

    > ... and 2007-09-29 (just 3 comics after she's first shown) reveals her name (Catalina) 2007-09-18 (just 1 comic after she's first shown) reveals her full name (Catalina Bobcat). Dan's intentions were pretty obvious. I am astonished that he somehow managed to hold off on the actual TF for nine whole years! (Though I must admit a tiny disappointment that those placeholders on her face have not been utilized for whiskers -- at least, not yet.)
  9. np

    Yay! I've been waiting nine years for this!
  10. Thank you. (Kicking self for not clicking on the following comic.) I got carried away by the two Whoopses. Thank you again. First post here, but I posted once in a while at the previous 910CMX forums, and before that at the old EGS Webcomic.net forums.
  11. Pandora's "Whoops" in this 8/1/16 EGS-NP comic reminds me of her "Whoops" in the 7/21/14 EGS Main Story comic. On 7/21/14 I don't think I understood why Pandora was saying "Whoops." Maybe I figured that she was commenting on the bad timing of Tedd's first use of his magic. But now I think that Pandora did not intend to mark Tedd when she put her hands on his shoulders in the 6/11/14 EGS comic. I think that she was just feeling protective of Tedd regarding Luke (see 7/14/14 EGS). I think marking Tedd was 100% an accident. The 8/1/16 EGS-NP comic shows that Pandora does not have full conscious control over her own magic. BTW, I came here to look for the 7/21/14 forum thread to see why people thought Pandora said "Whoops" back then -- but found out that all those past threads are gone.