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9 minutes ago, InfiniteRemnant said:

(um... what? you mean like he writes in code or something? i have no idea what you're going for there...)

Doesn't really matter, actually. The point is that random things happen.

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Paraguayan  economic indicators.

Edit. I thought a recap might be in order...

Thomas went to school wearing his Adorable Pink Frilly Parka that was a gift from his late cousin Amelia.

She acquired a quite unusual Taste in fashion. She had neon streaked hair, and many chains hanging on her neck. But Despite her excessive muscle growth, she's entirely harmless and she gladly hugs almost anyone.

A long time has passed since Amelia died in a prank gone Wrong. Apparently Fireworks were installed with faulty launchers, making it rain explosions. Nowadays, she haunts a very large part of town. Paranormal investigators love to try to cajole information from people who knew Amelia years ago.

At school, Thomas has problems with solving a problem involving other problems. His teachers hate his habit of nesting problems within convoluted webs of letters and numbers to process the streams of data from the latest Paraguayan economic indicators.

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