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What's in the Lost and Found?

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4 hours ago, CritterKeeper said:

And yet, there's still so much of it out here....

Einstein was wrong, in addition to the universe and human stupidity, there is also unlimited procrastination.

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The secret string inside the secret box, which when pulled, reveals a secret compartment containing embarrasing photographs from a Christmas party.

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6 hours ago, InfiniteRemnant said:

Used (empty) paper towel rolls

Not unexpected.  The demand for that kind of craft supply in early elementary school can be so overwhelming that many parents will keep saving cardboard rolls and plastic tubs even when the kids have graduated.  I'm not surprised that someone has stashed some here.


Next to the paper towel rolls, there is a large pot of Brunswick Stew.  Not the kind made with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Rabbit, or Squirrel (Sorry Grace, but that is the most traditional Brunswick Stew ingredient).  No, this stew is made with free range Brunswick Bowling Balls.

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