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Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

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A connection has been made between the itching and the 400mg of Topamax. Turns out that, in rare cases, Topamax can cause diffuse itching without an accompanying rash. I seem to have fallen into that crack. I have no rash, and I must scratch. :o

If it weren't for the stuff keeping me from having daily migraines, I'd go back to the 200mg dose. I'm still getting migraines, but they're few and far between now.

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Had to visit the doctor today. Been having sore throat issues, along with congestion (nasal & chest), sinus pain, non-migraine headaches, and a generally foggy head, making it unable for me to write music. Diagnosis: upper respiratory infection that has spread to my mouth.

Additional: while showering, I noticed a black spot on the second toe of my left foot. That's the one that had the toenail removed back in February due to infection. Well, the toe is now ulcerated and infected again.

I'm on a 14-day course of Augmentin. I haven't been able to write music today or yesterday, although I'm hoping I can by tomorrow (or at least by Saturday).

Mrs. Prof is now complaining that I've given her the same disease. I hope not.

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Turns out I did give Mrs. Prof the same disease, and thanks to her stubbornness she let it get worse than mine. She now has an acute maxial infection with water behind the ear, according to the folks at CareNow. And, for some dumb reason, she's going to continue with plans to conduct a feral cat round-up on Sunday. She's going to make herself worse, especially when you consider that she's got to take me to my pain med checkup on Monday.

To add to the agony, the stupid Windows update made Google Drive try and sync with every file on my system, and in my anxiousness to get them off, I wound up deleting most of what was there, including my medical records. That's it - I'm using Dropbox from now on, because I'm going to have to restore a recent image backup to an empty drive and then restore what I had from Google drive just so I can access my medical records.

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