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Story Wednesday October 12, 2016

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1 hour ago, Vorlonagent said:

Humans/Animals/non-Immortal Magical beings can have no interaction with magic, be Marked or be Awakened.  Magic writes new spells and/or abilities for those who are Awakened according to the rules it has set up including the ability to create permanent magical objects and perhaps even Mark others.

... the term for having some magic but not being awakened is "dreaming". Being marked is just one possible way to be dreaming. Anime martial arts seem to be second.

1 hour ago, Vorlonagent said:

I wonder: Magic has only two known functions whereas the others have a lot more.

That can be security feature. There are systems where root admins are prevented from doing things normal users can.

1 hour ago, The Old Hack said:

When the head dev does something, it goes everywhere and everybody else puts up or shuts up.

Yes, that's what the magic reset is. No, this has nothing to do with normal spells. There are fixed rules which says who and how can get which spell. Immortals are likely able to decipher lot of those rules but can't really change them. For humans, it seems very random, but that doesn't mean it actually IS random.

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