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12/30/17 - New Year's 2017-2018 Filler

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Dexter and I bid a fond farewell to 2017... by which I mean, we're fond of the fact we're bidding farewell. 2017 has been a rough year. Natural disasters, an awful tax bill, threats to Net Neutrality and healthcare, half the celebrities we like that survived 2016 turn out to be racist or accused of harassing women, and of course, we have a president so awful and unqualified that there's probably nothing I can say about him that hasn't been said already.

Despite all that, I have high hopes for 2018. Many of us who survived what 2017 threw at us fought for our rights and the rights of others. We protested. We called representatives. We made the media notice. We made the government notice. We flipped seats. We didn't back down. And I don't plan on backing down in 2018.

Sometimes, we need a fire lit under our butts to get active and make a change. And sometimes that fire just happens to be a garbage fire of a year.

Get out there and take 2018 by the horns. MAKE IT YOUR YEAR.

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