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Story, Friday February 2, 2018

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21 hours ago, ChronosCat said:
On 2/2/2018 at 11:44 PM, Drasvin said:

That said, a simpler possibility is that Lord Tedd became the ruler of his world the "old-fashioned" way.

As far as I can recall, we have no evidence Lord Tedd actually rules his world. All we know is that General Shade Tail, Nioi, and the Goo all call him "Lord" or "Master", and they all live or at least hang out in a fairly large building or facility that gives the impression of being a fortress or villain's lair. Shade Tale's title of "General" does suggest he is part of some sort of military, but we don't know for sure that military is under Lord Tedd's command, and even if it is that doesn't necessarily mean they have control over much if any territory. Lord Tedd could be a minor warlord, or plotting conquest without having started in on it, or he could just be an "ordinary" citizen who just to happens to be "friends" with a general and likes to send demon nuclei to attack alternate universes.

Heck, even if he is in an official position of power, military force isn't the only "old-fashioned" way; he could have been elected to his position (or if his nation isn't a democracy or a dictatorship, gone through whatever the appropriate legal means of gaining positions of power is in that system). Granted his age might be an issue with this, but different worlds can be at different points in time, and I could see Lord Tedd being in his mid or even late 20s.

While I agree we have no evidence of Lord Tedd actually rulling his world, I would say we can safely rule out ordinary citizen. He certainly is in position of power, official or not, and has means to keep that power by force, which includes General Shade Tail.

The territory he has control of might be small, yes. And he may have just few humans under his control. But he doesn't have anyone above himself. Not counting the fact that General Shade Tail, officially his subordinate, has big influence over him.

8 hours ago, ChronosCat said:

Seriously, though, I think we all get to choose what our purpose or purposes in life are

That's our purpose.

We are here to find the purpose of our life.

8 hours ago, ChronosCat said:

I believe the "Will of Magic" would more properly be named "The Will of the Magic of Humans of this Side of this World". I also have a theory that it is a gestalt being created by the combined magics of all the beings it affects. The way I see it the Will of Magic in question would probably cease to exist without humans (it definitely would if my theory is correct).

I think it's "Will of Magic of native Earth sapients on this Side of this World", but it IS Humans in practice. Unless we find out dolphins can do magic as well.

8 hours ago, ChronosCat said:

Of course, that doesn't mean it cares about anything besides itself - it just means that caring about itself also requires ensuring the continued survival of the human race in this (side of the) world. 

11 hours ago, wanderingmagus said:

It said itself, it's completely alien to mortals, and mortals are essentially incomprehensible to it.

It is alien to mortals. It may not have sense of self-preservation mortals have. Just because end of human species will be end of it, doesn't mean it will actively try to prevent such event. It was said it has objectives, and it's trying to fulfil those objectives, but own survival might not be on list, no matter how alien such thing seems to us.

That said, I would assume that if the magic change causes extinction of humans, it wouldn't be deliberate on will of magic's side.

10 hours ago, wanderingmagus said:

You still have the other side of the world, though, which is full of magic. Would Magic consider the extinction of this side of the world any great loss, so long as the other side remains?

Yes. The other side is different territory with it's own will of magic.

11 hours ago, wanderingmagus said:

It gets an adult, an emotional teen and a biased kid to decide merely IF a major change should occur, without regard to HOW magic should change, or basically anything involving stuff like "consequence" or "morality".

Note that it may not explain exactly what it asks for ; but it already said this is not voting. The seers are not there to DECIDE anything. They are there to try answering the question, and based on HOW they will answer it, the magic would decide. It IS possible magic will change stuff based on what the seers told it, if not this time then maybe next time. But they can't directly say what the change should be.

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