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Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

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24 minutes ago, partner555 said:

Well, I knew a Luke in my high school, but the obvious Star Wars joke was done once, and then we continued with our lives.

High school is not quite the same as grade school, and Luke not the only name like that by far. Or even nearly the worst.

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On 6/13/2018 at 9:28 PM, Don Edwards said:

Moperville is part of metro Chicago. As far as I can immediately recall, there are four known (to us) magic-users and one uryuom* in MIB-Chicago, and no explicit references to there being more than that. That isn't a lot for a metropolitan area that size, let alone one containing a weirdness-magnet city like Moperville.


* Four: Verres, Wolf, Cranium, and Arthur. One: Lavender.

Considering that they were called in to investigate a paranormal incident, the two CSI: Moperville agents we saw working for Mr. Verres are likely magic-users.

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