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Posted 19 December 2010 - 02:48 AM

Posted Image

Name: Snap Zapcannon! Exclamation point is optional.

Height: 5' 8" (172.7 cm, by metric standards)

Weight: 141 lbs. (64.1 kg, by metric standards)

Age: 21 (21, by metric standards)

Appearance: Snap's appearance bleeds pure loudness. He constantly wears vibrant red goggles, under the mistaken impression that they make him look dramatic and mysterious, as well as a violently yellow jacket, a brown sweater, dark blue jeans, and an assortment of multicolored pins and buttons. His hair is dusty blond, his eyes are brown, and the entire ensemble, combined with the saturated weaponry and gadgets he carries around, serve as a form of gruesome abuse to the eyes.


Personality: Snap is precisely as one would expect the leader of a post-apocalyptic 1980's-esque sentai team to be. In case you haven't happened to come across one of those, though, he is incredibly enthused, energetic, optimistic, determined, and has a habit of yelling dramatic things, often while pointing or striking an equally dynamic pose. He is of the firm belief that life is an adventure, and tries very hard to come off as someone cool and awe-worthy despite the campy atmosphere of… pretty much his entire planet. He also seems to have a rather remarkable case of ADHD.

Snap has a nasty habit of rushing into things head (or blaster-barrel) first, which persists despite the number of gratuitous nether region-beatings this has given him. His entire existence bleeds over-the-top. This is not to say he doesn't think things through—he, despite popular belief, plans things out fairly intricately, noting specific details and running over exactly what to say, what to do, and how to go about both these things in triplicate.

Problem is, rather than the admirable goal of 'not wanting to die', his tends to be more towards, 'I wonder what will be the coolest thing to happen right now'. Snap loves nothing more than good entertainment, and will happily rush into, say, a battle with a laser-shooting Death God, because heck, that would be amazing. I mean, lasers. Death Gods. Come on.

Strengths: Determination, intricate planning, a friendly and outgoing nature, nigh-endless amounts of energy and pep, a pair of sweet goggles, and a blaster gun powered with a nuclear battery that can fire at varying rates—from a gentle tickle to making holes in sheet metal.

Weaknesses: Being an overly-enthusiastic, easily-distracted, and surprisingly naïve hero from a world that sees nothing wrong with this concept. He can barely swim, is only barely literate, and is frequently wowed and amazed and distracted by Shiny Cool Alternate Dimension Things. He's also horribly allergic to bee stings and has a quick mouth that is more likely to get punched than say anything of value.

Gear/Weaponry/Objects on Person

• One (x1) handheld 'blaster'—essentially, a vibrantly-colored handgun that shoots bursts of laser at varying sizes depending on how long the trigger is held, ranging from bullet-sized bursts to a steady beam. It goes 'pew pew pew' when fired.
• One (x1) Virtual Buddee. It's a handheld, Gameboy-like object that can project various virtual images as holograms in the real world. No one is entirely sure how it works; it seems to constantly scan and gather information from its surroundings, and seems to project replicas of objects based solely by Snap holding it and concentrating hard enough on said object, then activating it. The images can be adjusted before and after projection in regards to their brightness and size, from a giant blinding slab of white wall to a grain-sized silhouette. It has a range of roughly fifteen to twenty yards and a battery life, when in use, of three hours. This can be extended up to two more hours if the battery runs low (or is somehow drained), but at the consequence of the holograms steadily losing quality.

This object was stolen by Snap a long time ago from the guys in white, after a rather daring and exciting escape from becoming one of their human experiments. Snap's knowledge of it is strictly based on practice, and its constant scanning when active means that it has a massive variety of objects available. It is safe to assume that any object previously presented in battles or likely to be found within post-apocalyptic 1980's America can be summoned, a truly dangerous proposition if it actually did anything other than be a most boss distraction.
• One (x1) Walkdude. It's a cassette player. Snap keeps four treasured cassettes with him at all times, all of which hold various techno- or rock-like songs. It should, perhaps, be noted that the Walkdude and the wire to the headphones are coated with ProtectiGel, a revolutionary product that increases the durability of objects up to three times their usual amount. The salesman said over a hundred times, but Snap is a ditz, not an idiot.
• Two (x2) spare batteries. Work for the Virtual Buddee or the cassette player.
• One (x1) MediCare Pack, a portable medical kit that contains a roll of gauze, antiseptic, three (x3) small cloth squares, sticky tape, a needle and thread, two (x2) aspirin (labeled AcheAway), and a lollipop (cherry flavored).
• One (x1) pack of cigarettes, with the obligatory lighter. They help ease stress, and Snap will refuse any odd claims about being 'bad for you' from people so obviously technologically inferior.
One (x1) freaking MAGICAL WAND. This was stolen in his fight against Iris (versus Celtic Minstrel, ATTR round 1). Snap has little to no idea how it works. While the wand technically has limitless potential with enough will and imagination, Snap does not fully realize this and tends to focus more in general on duplicating the attacks presented by Iris in that fight. He tends to use it strictly only when in dangerous situations, and seems far more inclined towards the projectile boomy explodey sort of magic than anything defensive or otherwise creative. The wand also does need to be recharged periodically, but the odds of it running out in the middle of a fight are relatively low considering his frugal use of it. (Given away after confessing to its being stolen; very unheroic, stealing is.)
• Six (x6) pairs of earphones, colored red, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, and gray, respectively. Each contains up to four charges of a certain element (in order, fire, lightning, earth, air, water, and 'switching', a form of teleportation that involves switching the user with another object). These were gained from Lath in exchange for her copying his advanced laser technology, and each has a circular disk with a button on it about where the earphone wires connect, which, when pressed, activates their functions. One press absorbs energy of the matching element (IE, fire earphones absorbing fireballs), recharging it; two activates a temporary shield of that element, and three an offensive blast of that element. More information can be found here: https://docs.google....A/edit?hl=en_US

They're nifty.

Quirks/Other Things of Note:

• You read the whole thing! I'm so proud of you!

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 05:22 PM


Name: Andy
Classification: Alchemical Homunculus
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: None

Physical: Andy is about 6 foot tall, with a muscular humanoid build without a hint of gender. Or anything else for that matter. Andy's body is almost entirely featureless and smooth, from its completely blank head to its monochromatic milk-white colouration.
As a unnatural being, Andy's body is somewhat different to that of just about anything else. When damaged, it will crack or bleed white, depending on the location and severity of the damage, but Andy's body is somewhat tougher than that of a normal being, lacking normal organs. Somewhere inside Andy, usually in its chest or head, is a roughly finished fist sized stone formed from pure ethereal energy that Andy thinks of as its heart.
Although largely silent, Andy emotes and mimes a lot, and can communicate through binary and similar languages if it ever finds someone who can communicate back.
Andy seems to be looking for something and is willing to cause a great deal of havoc in the process should it be required.

Powers and abilities:

Transmutation: Literally, to take one material and change it into another. In Andy's case, this comes in two forms:- Alchemical transmutation, and true transmutation.
Through a far cry from full-blown shape changing and with limited duration to its changes, Andy's original alchemic abilities allow it to adjust it's bodily extremities – density, material, structure and shape, reworking it's body to form weaponry or defence or to restore damage wrought to its body.

The stronger, true transmutation, released by drawing on the power of the heartstone inside it, allows Andy the power to manipulate matter completely, either directly by touch or indirectly through a touched surface within Andy's range of influence. The extent of the manipulation includes properties, state of matter, and atomic structure, or more simply, to touch an object, and alter it from the base level up. The true transmutation also allows Andy to perfectly fuse or separate objects or alter bound magical properties, but it can neither truly create nor destroy anything, only alter. Nor can it directly affect energy or its effects such as heat or cold.
It should also be noted these alterations are proof againsts effects like a dispel, since the transmutation isn't an enchantment or shapechange, but instead a alteration at the most basic structure of the affected target.

Runestone: A dull chunk of vaguely spherical stone with metallic veins running through it.
To Andy, the stone is much like a secondary heart, created by condensing the magic of an entire enchanted library, plus a healthy dash of dragonic mana, and bending it all into one form, the whole functions as an empty space, able to capture and store pure magical energy on contact, which Andy can then draw upon. Furthermore, its physical form enables it to serve as a storage space that Andy can move bound magic to via the transmutation of magical properties.

Andy's body is made of flesh like a human, except that's pretty much it. So no organs, just solid muscle flesh. This does mean Andy is pretty heavy, especially when coupled with the thick surface layer responsible for how Andy can 'crack'. It also means few diseases or poisons are able to affect Andy, and the concept of critical or fatal damage differs greatly for it than for an actual human.
Andy does however feel pain. Sort of. Thinks it does anyway. And really, isn't that all that's important?

Andy's concept of 'health' is probably best explained by imagining it has two status bars, one for it's HP/Health, representing the energy in the body, and another for MP/SP/Spirit, representing Andy's stoney heart. The major difference being that while in a video game MP gauge context, the amount of power is insanely huge, it is by no means infinite, and more importantly, Andy has no way of replenishing it. That and the only means of refilling the HP bar once something has taken a chunk out of it is by draining off from the MP bar.

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Posted 10 January 2011 - 12:44 PM

Mahalath (Lath) Whitaker

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Posted 17 February 2011 - 01:11 AM

Name: Grace Riviera
Age: 23
Average Height: 5"7
Weight: 100lbs
Hair: Dark red, with a few hints of bright orange, creating a look of fire. Spiky, and short.
Eye Colour: Hazel, with an outward gradient of maroon. Her eyes are rather catlike in appearance.
Race: Dragon, formerly human.
Power Sources: Magic (Not Science), Science (Not Magic), Magitek (Both Magic, AND Science!)



---Human Form---

Regular height for a girl her age. She's lighter than average though, due to her magic. She's nicely lithe. Normally wears a white labcoat, a tank top underneath, and either blue jeans or a black skirt with pockets. Leather utility belt around her waist. She wears glases without lenses because it makes her look smarter.

---Dragon Form---

Dark Red scales, large wings, and a spiky tail. Looks quite forboding.

Technical Aspects of her Dragon Form:


Backstory: Grace Riviera was just a regular human, untill one day she recieved a package with her name on it. When she opened it, she found a sort of glowing, dark red egg of some sort. When she touched it, it seemed to reach out at her, and she absorbed its powers; which eventually turned her completley into a Dragon. Luckily, that Dragon can assume human form. Soon enough, trouble arose, when a rip in the fabric of spacetime was discovered, which allowed time travel. Many events ensued, and in the end, Grace ended up in Orion City as it fell, in the middle of a three-way war, and the time and space rifts got worse; eventually swallowing her up, landing her in Tandy. She now fights in the arena as a hobby, for being a Dragon has given her a bit of a fighting spirit. She managed to secure a lab, through which she uses her now vast intilect, combined with her magic, to create inventions to help her in battle, and daily life. Her inventions also serve as a source of income from those willing to purchase them.

Unabridged version of what happened before she got to Tandy:

Gadgets, Gizmos and Weapons:

---Pocket Dimension---
She stores an infinite holding space in her hair, however sometimes it malfunctions and she accidentally grabs the wrong item. This is her pinnical achievement of combining magic and technology, one she's very proud of--- When it's not shorting out, of course.

---Fire Pistol---
Acts as a conduit for her abilities, to allow better aiming..

---Wristwatch of Time---

This wristwatch is based off of research Grace did into the brokenness of time and space in her home reality, and can slow down Grace's personal timefield to quarter speed ((Effectively speeding her actions up 4x)) for a total maximum of twenty seven seconds. Alternativley, she can use it in sections (or bursts), however untill the full time is used up, after each burst it has to recharge for twice the ammount of time it was used. (So, 2 seconds = needs to recharge for 4 seconsd, 10 seconds = needs to be recharged for 20 etc, untill all 27 seconds are used up, then its 5 mintues.) And yes, it tells the time too.


Grace was always a fan of the Katana, so when she got to Tandy she decided to forge one of her own, with the help of some others there, once she gained some money from her services at the Lab. This Katana is perfect for use with her figure, and she's been practicing with it, so she'd be able to use it in a fight. She can make it burst into flames to increase the damage, since the material was magically altered to enhance and protect against flame. When it's Fire Powered mode is active, it can slice through a lot of things like butter.




  • Increased intelligence
  • Field tinkering - Crafting improvised weapons in battle
  • Heavy Fire manipulation
  • Mix-and-match between human and dragon forms (Human form: Small, quick, agile - Dragon: Tough, slow, increased fire affinity)
  • Flight
  • Increased senses, reflexes and strength
  • Training in martial arts
  • Limited training with swords.
  • Heat detection, can sense body temp. etc
  • Dual-clip magic induced quick-draw firearms stored in pocket dimension. Grace's own weapons that mimic the style of shotguns, sniper rifles, bazooka's, pistols, machine guns, etc.
  • Solid fire-- The ability to summon fire that has a solid, insanely hot center. Uses a lot of energy.
  • Time Backlash-- Due to being sucked into a tear in time on her own universe, it makes her slightly able to predict the flow of events based on the direction and movement speed of objects and people. This is because her body is infused with time energy. It allows her to act and react quicker, even with enhanced reflexes.
  • Electronic Manipulation: Using her magic, she can take apart and put back together electronic devices, especially her own.
  • Fire Shield; Encasing the body in fire, this reduces elemental magic's effect by half.
  • Mental Shield: A metal bracelet on her arm, makes it twice as hard to get into her mind, or create an effect there. Note; not impossible.
Physical Abilities: Her top running speed is three times that of a normal human, and she can jump five times the height, due to her reduced weight and increased strength. Her sight and hearing are very keen, and she can, for example, pick up a car and hurl it at an enemy with her increased strength. She knows martial arts, due to training in it before she became a Dragon, and has, since coming to Tandy, learned swordplay for her Katana.

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Posted 07 March 2011 - 04:54 PM

Posted Image

Name: Sekkai Zero Strife
Title: Warrior of the Aetherian Blade
Age: 22
Height: 5'2"
Weight: "Wha...why is that any of your business?!"

Appearance: Sekkai has a gently rounded face with green eyes, a small upturned nose and somewhat pouty lips. Her hair is a short and messy boyish cut, with two large feline tiger ears poking out from the mess of hair. She has an hourglass build, with rather large curves and a relatively slim midsection, arms and legs toned with slight muscle. Her striped tiger tail is about two and a half feet long and quite fluffy.

Race: Half tiger catgirl, half Atherian. Atherians are a special breed of human that had died out after Sekkai's birth, and tend to be indistinguishable from humans in most cases.

Racial abilities: The defining abilities of the Atherians are their extremely heightened affinity to all six natural elements (fire, water, earth, wind, light and darkness) of the earth, some even able to alter their bodies with what look to be angelic wings. Sekkai, being a half-breed however, can only control three elements proficiently; fire, wind and light elements. Though shat she lacks in Atherian abilities she makes up for with her feline abilities, given deceptively great speed and strength, her sense of smell and hearing is much greater than any ordinary human's, but she has little magical ability on her own.

Using her Atherian control over the elementals however, she gives herself three boosts. One being the ability to use the wind to increase her speed and attacking force. In addition, her affinity to the wind combined with her feline senses allows her the limited ability to read the wind currents and even feel changed in the atmosphere to an extent (ie; able to feel ionization in the air preceding an attack with lightning). The second blessing of the elements being the ability to use her control over fire to give herself a massive resistance to it. However, extremely powerful flame attacks can overwhelm her defenses in time. Lastly, the ability to use light and holy energies gives her a fair boost to her abilities to use restorative and holy abilities. She has also recently figured out how to tap into the levitation abilities of the element of light, able to create a pair of prismatic wings that allow her flight...however, the usefulness of this ability is offset by how much mana it eats away. When she isn't on earth (or a very similar planet) itself, however, her racial abilities are crippled, her elemental abilities suffering from it.

Magical abilities: On her right hand under her glove is a strange runic etching. Called the Copycat rune, this is where a majority of Sekkai's miscellaneous abilities come from. Its function originally to analyze weapons and match their power perfectly, Sekkai took it from where it was being developed, and it latched onto her as a host. Her imperfect magical abilities however keeps her from using it to its full potential, resulting in unrefined uses of others' abilities when used; something that can be easily utilized against her. Instead, she uses it to analyze opponents' fighting styles to look for openings, or to figure out how to counter them. Sometimes, she even uses it to weave techniques and spells together to create something brand new, so she'll often make up new attacks on the fly. She can only use it reliably in short bursts, so if pulled into a difficult fight she might lose control. On occasion, the rune CAN activate on its own to counteract dangerous situations.

Weapons: Sekkai has a large variety of weapons on her person, the main one being her massive sword that she calls the Angel Edge. Left to her by her father, the massive blade is covered with a thin sheathe of rune-cut diamond over the silvery blade. Invisible until active, both the blade itself and the diamond covering have runes etched into their surface, made to enhance Sekkai's Atherian abilities, allows her to charge the blade with any of the six elementals' energies. The blade can even be activated and released, allowing the blade some measure of autonomy in its unleashing of its elemental abilities...though it can be hard on the blade itself. The diamond however is also able to be changed in shape into a gauntlet to cover her right hand, giving Sekkai the ability to focus and cast magic even with her minimal reserves of natural mana.

Extra weapons include the brown hip pack she wears, filled with transformational, poisonous, acidic, and healing compounds created through alchemy. Looped in her belt are various knives of different make and length, mostly used for long range throwing or extremely tight quarters. She is also capable of hand to hand fighting, though she very much prefers blades. Being one to fight fair for the most part, she noticably refrains from using her potions in most fights.

History: Born to Archael, One of the last Atherians, and Nene, a tiger catgirl like herself, Sekkai was orphaned at a young age after a bounty hunter killed her father and mother. At that time, she was actually a boy. Seko, as his name was, grew up on the outskirts of a small village near the wilderness. Through his feline instincts, he was able to survive mostly on his own by occasionally stealing bits of food from the nearby village, and even though he stole, the villagers found the boy to be rather amiable, even civilizing the young cat child by schooling him. A passing swordsman however gave him something to dream for when he was older; being a master swordsman! So taking it upon himself, he trained with a toy sword for many a year until he turned ten, when his life changed drastically.

Coming home late one night, Seko was taken away from the village by a group he later found to be called Genesis, who put him to use by training him to fight, to grow strong enough for an experiment they had been planning, even being made to enforce some of their laws. Years passed until, at age fourteen, Seko, with the help of one of the other test subjects there, stole out one night with their current experiment, which he called to Copycat rune, which had bound to his hand during the ensuing escape...though the other test subject was not quite so lucky to escape. Years passed, and he fought many battles, meeting many rivals along the way. However, during one such travel he encountered a woman being harassed by another man and, being as he is, challenged him to leave the woman alone. This however turned out to be a mistake, as Seko lost rather handily to the man, and even got cursed into being a woman for his troubles...In his quest to turn male once more, she managed to meet many new friends...one of which was Azalea Cloud. She quickly became best of friends with the woman, even literally becoming her sister at one point! With time, she even grow to enjoy her locked female form...even when she succeeded in breaking the curse, she decided to keep her female body.

However...not all was meant to be, as she was caught up in some time travel business involving future versions of her friends and, in the ensuing chaos, was pitted in battle against one of her friends; a women she had come to love, turned into an interdimensional being, and, in trying to save the woman she loved, was lost between dimensions...eventually drifting her way into this plane of existence...where no one had ever seen or heard of her...What will she do now that she's in this new timeline and dimension...?

Current Copied abilities and techniques:
Repulse: Taken from the Anansi Mage, Lea Plath in their first fight, this magical spell allows Sekkai to instantaneously project a wall of force at an opponent. The spell itself can also be focused through the runes in her blade, allowing her strikes to carry an extra blast of force upon contact.
Rune of the Indomitable: A passive ability taken from her fight with the Dread Lord of the Elements (and Forklifts), Slum, projecting this rune upon her body allows the woman to anchor herself against almost any force her opponent can summon against her. ...however, without proper protection, it does not protect her from the actual damage of the attack. Due to the imperfect copy, she will still find herself skidding back ever-so-slowly if the force does not let up on her.
Magnetism: Taken from the Loudest Naiad of the Land, Clarise, this ability...does exactly what it says. It allows her to project a magnetic field around an item of her choice, metallic or not, allowing it to cling to any sufficiently magnetic surface. It doesn't last forever, but it usually doesn't need to.
Portals: Taken from the Demonic Something of the Something, Iggie, this enables her to create a pair of medium to small-sized portals almost anywhere she may please, even in mid-air. Due to the imperfect copy, Sekkai cannot make any portal big enough for anything larger than a typical house cat to jump through, if even that. As such, she cannot use it to travel through. However, they are particularly useful for transporting vials or long range attacks from one spot to another...now that's thinking with portals™!

Additional info: Due to massive damage to her soul due to unknown events in the past, Sekkai's soul is at current fractured, leaving her extremely vulnerable to spiritual damage.


Name: Kazaki Regaki
Title: Silver Demon of the Dragonkin
Age: Unknown; looks to be about 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 179lbs

Appearance: Standing tall, the man has medium-length silver hair with his bangs grown out in such a way to swoop over his left eye. His right eye is a dark blue and, under his hair he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. His body looks to be rather thin, though he usually tends to be covered in a long, dirty brown cloak with a ragged t-shirt and jeans worn underneath, along with a scuffed, dirty pair of black combat boots. On his hands are twin armored gauntlets. His body however is toned with muscle from years of fighting, scars along his upper arms and chest. The cloak however hides a secret; it is weighted for training purposes, the weights also serving as flexible armor that can shield him against some elemental attacks.

Race: Dragon kin; special breed of beastfolk that descend from dragons and have certain dragonic abilities depending on what they inherit.

Racial Abilities: Differing between dragon kin, Kazaki's ability lies in his left, covered dragonic eye. When uncovered it allows him to physically see mana stores and spells being crafted, allowing him greated magical ability through manipulating it directly. It does, however, distract him from the physical world so he usually keeps it covered.

Magical Abilities: Kazaki has a variety of spells, from minor black magic spells to spells meant to confuse the opponent. However, when his dragonic eye is revealed, he gains access to his most powerful, sometimes reality-altering spells, including the ability to mentally paralyze an opponent, dulling their senses for scant seconds to make himself seem as though he teleported, allowing him to avoid attacks or startle the opponent, as well as the ability to swap locations with his opponent, achieved by placing a small teleportation circle on the ground. Should the opponent step on it, he can freely take their place on the spot, swapping their positions. His most destructive ability however is to coat his hands in destructive mana, allowing him to physically shred apart any spell thrown at him and carve through armor, though it will injure his body from being so close to the destructive energies.

Another ability he has is one he gained from his monk companion, allowing him to tap into the force of his 'chakra', or the mana inside his body, allowing him to use it directly in hand to hand attacks or regulate his body's condition to give him some minor healing abilities. Also notable is his significant hand to hand skill, for the times in which he is unable to use his weapons, having emulated his fallen comrade.

Weapons: Kazaki has a variety of weapons available to him, the main one being his chain sword. A mechanical marvel, the weapon looks like a normal sword until Kazaki squeezes the switch under the handguard, separating the blade into segments connected by gains, extending the sword into a long, bladed whip, able to wrap around his opponents to slice them up. He also carries an old, leather whip with barbs at the end, a memento of a fallen comrade, a thief. Its modest look disguises its true abilities, the inside being extremely magnetic; perfect for taking metallic items away from opponents. The barbs are poisoned, which when scratching an opponent make their limbs numb and sluggish. At his back he carries an ancient, tattered grimoire; another item of a former ally's, the thick cover effective as a shield and the contents ripe with magical spells for him to choose from.

History: Acessing GENESIS archives...done.
Acquiring permissions...done.
Accessing file: Kazaki Regaki Bio...done.
ERROR! Insufficient security level! Accessing partial file!

Kazaki grew up in a small tribe of dragon kin, far away from any human settlements. He was one of the weaker of the bunch, his only dragonic power being the ability to see mana. They were a stubborn bunch, holding their beliefs closer than reason. They were tasked with holding one of the elemental conduits of the world, as were most of the beast tribes. War however broke out between the human military and the beast tribes. At sixteen, Kazaki was taken along with a hunting party but was separated from his tribe during an attack and captured by a group of human soldiers. He was only saved by a young thief out to loot the caravan as they slept. He and she became fast friends, even though she was one of the humans his tribe so despised. During their adventures, they came across a human mage soldier who was left behind during an attack on a beast clan for his refusal to kill the 'beasts' they so hated. Together, the three decided to try and stop the war, all the death and destruction, not knowing what they would get themselves involved in...

Breaking into one of the soldiers' encampments in the dead of night, they happened upon something worrisome. The king of the human kingdom was planning to harness the elemental conduits to control the entire world. But in finding this out, they were confronted with one of the king's most loyal generals, a monk of unrivaled power who had been lead to believe that this war was the only choice they had. Through fighting off the powerful general, the trio proved their skills to the man, and got him to listen to their plea. Promising them as much assistance as he could give, the four heroes began their fight against the overbearing king, and over many long, hard fought battles, the four warriors made their way to the capitol and struck down the monarch, restoring the beast tribes' control over the elemental conduits...

They came back to Kazaki's village victorious, hardened warriors, and were welcomed back with open arms. Even his once stubborn, proud tribe was willing to celebrate the heroes' safe return, welcoming back their lost son, though they sent him off to get supplies for the celebration. Upon returning, however...he was something awful. His friend's bodies laid out on the ground, surrounded by his own tribesmen. Crouching over the thief, he heard the girl's last words...of how they were struck down when he left. The dragon kin blamed all humankind for their folly. Their sins were punishable by death, they said. Kazaki, one of their own, was given lenience, thrown in a cell with all his companions' bloodied gear. The monk's armored cloak useless when he wasn't prepared...the powerful grimoire was unable to help the mystic mage foresee his downfall...and the thief's whip...not nearly fast enough to save her. After all they had been through...all they had fought for...still, even his tribe was just as selfish and uncaring as the humans he had saved them from. What world would allow such beings to exist?

No...he couldn't let this happen. The world he saved, he fought for...he couldn't stand it...such evil people in the world, so cruel, selfish, uncaring...he had to be rid of them. To save the world, he needed to change this...everything. That night, he broke free of his prison...and took his whole tribe down in a fit of vengeance, before disappearing into the mists of legend.
End of file.

Kazaki's Tome (Warning: strong language and violence)

Entry One


Extra info -

Life force: What seperates the living from the undead is the energy produced through the soul; the life force of a person. This energy can be used to measure a person's vitality, Tired or weakened people having much less of it. It differs from mana in that even when all mana is expunged from the body, like through casting away all your mana, it stays within the body, allowing it to heal and continue living. Life force can be converted into mana, increasing the user's store of mana drastically if normally ungifted with magical abilities through species or otherwise, or even used directly. The trade-off for such an act, however, is obviously much quicker exhaustion. However, as long as a person retains a reasonable amount of life force within their body, their soul will eventually replenish it within their body; The process sped up through proper care and attention to recovery. However, if someone like Sekkai uses their life force while their soul is in disrepair, it will damage their spirit while replenishing it, speeding up the soul's process of degradation until, finally, the person's soul would break apart completely.

Elemental table: The elemental table of Sekkai and Kazaki's world, and as such, the elemental system they follow, works as follows. The world is governed by six elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness. Each elemental also governs certain things found in the natural, and supernatural world.

Light: Governs holy power, and actual light in the world, and levitation.
Darkness: Governs demonic powers, shadow, and gravity.
Fire: Governs heat, flame, and explosives.
Water: Governs water, cold, ice, and healing abilities to some extent.
Wind: Governs the wind, oxygen, and lightning.
Earth: Governs the earth, plants, acids, magnetism, and metals to an extent.

Corrupted Mana: Created through improper, chaotic mixing of different elements of mana, which can do nothing but burn and eat away at whatever it touches or is absorbed into, including any type of mana or matter, but eats itself away in the process. Another way to create corrupted mana is to mix any kind of mana with the caster's pure, unconverted life force, allowing it to feed off the person's life force instead of the mixed mana, allowing the effect to last until the caster dismisses it, which is the basis behind Kazaki's most destructive technique.

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Posted 28 May 2011 - 12:30 AM

Profiles wiped for a fresh slate for Arena reboot. Stay tuned for a new profile in the coming days.

Last edited: Jan 2, 2014.

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Posted 29 May 2011 - 06:54 PM

... I'm insane for doing this... I just know it.

Name: Kyra Crimson

Birth Name: Kayla Marie Saunders

Age: Eternally 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 lbs

Race: Magical Girl (Human)

Career: Demon Slayer, Scourge of the Criminal Underworld, Video Store Clerk at "Been There, Scene That"

Appearance: Kyra is a slim girl, with abit of a gymnast's build to her. She has unnaturally dark red hairflowing down to mid-back that is sometimes kept in a high ponytail,and deep violet eyes, a sign of her unnatural state. The tips of her hair seem to be a frosted white however. She wears a white leather,hooded jacket with red streaks and blotches on it (the sleeves areusually rolled up to her elbows), a tight, red tube top with white specks on it, and a pair of black leather pants with white edges onthe bottom. Around her neck is a white choker. Attached to the choker is a silver circle, with an X cut into it. She moves around very wellfor someone in 4 inch heeled boots as well.

Personality: Stand-offish in a sense, very solo-oriented but also the type of person that will do her duty as described to her. Once she's known, she's got a mean streak of loyalty in her and will defend to the end anyone that has been called her friend and ally. She has a constant need to explore and question the nature of things, breaking it down into it's basics in order to affect improvements as best she can. On the battlefield is one of the few places she really enjoys herself, and feels a strong need to prove her strength so that she can eventually get her vengeance against those that killed her.

Abilities: Kyra's original abilities as Keeper of the Flame in the Aspects was a control over the element of fire. She refined her abilities through exploration of how she channeled and created the fire, which has given her a further extension of her abilities such as lightning. Since receiving the powers of the Maiden of the Sea, she now has a basic control of water and ice, and continues to try and refine those powers every day.

As an Aspect, she began with a base improvement of strength, speed, and reflexes. To power the magic ofthe Aspects, they are all equipped when transformed to absorb ambient mana in the air around them. She was also given access to a subspace pocket, which originally was out of thin air that she has now redirected into her coat. This pocket is one that she's filled with her firearms, tonfas, and her original channeling rod. Finally, all of the Aspects have the gift to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum.

Equipment: Inside of her sub-spacial pocket, Kyra holds an AA12, an M16, a Desert Eagle, 2 Smith &Wesson .45s, a .30 Baretta, and an M4 semi-automatic. All of these guns have been inscribed with runes and markings, allowing Kyra to channel her powers through the guns and and give the ammo status effects relating to her abilities, or if she's directly out of ammo, fire off her powers directly. After her fight with Ollie, she lost one of her Desert Eagles and replaced it in her arsenal with a set 15 grenades: 6 frag, 6 incendiary, and 3 flash. She has made another trip to the Firearm and Hammer recently, and has added a XM25 CDTE to her arsenal, as well as replenishing her grenade supplies. She is patiently awaiting someone to make the Zorg ZF-1, as she will be first in line to buy one. She also now carried a large pack of water, a lesson learned from her fight against Marian to always have water handy. As an avid gun user, she carries a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and as a user of flashbangs, a pair of light-filtering goggles. And yet another trip before the Quarterfinals of ATT2 has brought her a pair of UZI-PRO SMGs.

As far as hand to hand combat goes, she also has a pair of bladed tonfas that are covered in the same types of runes as her guns, one of which glows red and the other white... fire and water. They are tethered to her forearms by a magically based chain, which gives plenty of slack but allows them to be recalled to her if need be.[/spoiler]

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 12:17 PM

Name: Archimedies

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Height: 27 centimeters

Weight: 9 pounds

Fur color: Body as Black as the night sky, tail tipped with white like the first snow of winter.

Eye color: One is yellow, the other is blue.

Physical Appearance: Archimedies, is a housecat. Not a catgirl, or a lion, or a tiger, but a housecat. Of average height and weight, Archimedes looks pretty normal. His fur is mostly black, with white on the tip of his tail. His real only distinguishing physical feature, seperating him from other housecats, is his heterochrondia. One of his eyes is yellow, and the other is blue.

Personality: Archimedies, as you may have noticed, is a cat. Selfish, lazy, and full of himself, Archimedies embodies many elements of the average cat. Like most cats, he enjoys getting scratched. He views this, personally, to be his one weakness. He is fairly smart for a cat, but not a genius.

Combat Skills and other abilities: Archimedies has two main skills that he uses in a fight. First, he is much more nimble than even a normal cat, being able to jump further, and run faster. Also, he can control gravity. While at first, his powers on any given person or object are weak, the more times or the longer he uses his powers upon an object or person, the more susceptible they become to it.

Equipment: Archimedies carries around 6 knives, fully susceptible to his own power, that he can manipulate as well as himself.

Backstory: Archimedies, was once a normal cat. Then one day, upon the 4th of October, he was chanced upon, by a witch of great power! She granted him power, power beyond his wildest dreams! Being a normal cat before this, this was the ability to reach the top shelf. She kept all the treats there! Gifting him with intelligence, and speech as well, he would no longer use his powers for such foolish endeavors. Now, his Mistress being
Now, his Mistress being bored, he is being forced into the Arena, so that he may relieve her boredom. He hasn't been able to talk her out of it, so here he is.

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 11:30 AM

Ferrets kidnapped me and told me to make an arena character, so here it is. Based upon the Tales of Symphonia universe because I am utterly obsessed with that game.

Still a huge work in progress, but I got a draftish done so I'm posting it to get some feedback.

This is essentially an "Alright, I'm new and I know this isn't perfect, what do you guys think still needs work?" post, thanks ^.^


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Posted 15 August 2011 - 07:52 AM

Name: 22-A7322 Combat Android "Agent O"
Age: 2 years
Height:1.82 meters
Weight: 22.6 kilograms

Appearance: its face is bare save for one large camera lens surrounded by six smaller ones. its armor plating smooth, curved and bright neon orange in color. Covering all but the area surrounding the joints. The joint sections themselves are covered with a flat black carbon fiber mesh.:{picture to come later}:

--|five specialty cameras (infra-red, ultra-violet, heat sensing, x-ray, "magic seeing")located in the head|
--|A high intensity, pinpoint focus laser
--|four long claws, two located in each forearm|
--|operational knowledge of all known weapons|
--|Knowledge of all known martial arts|
--|Advanced learning programs|
--|Anti-hacking software|
--|Black-box recorder|
--|Self destruct mechanism|
--| Semi-Polymorphic structure|

Background: A privately owned, custom android built to hunt down and fight its targets. It employs whatever force it deems necessary to complete its primary function; to acquire a trophy for its master.

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Posted 13 September 2011 - 06:17 PM

Alright So as requested in IRC, I'm posting "Annabelle"
I don't know if it has to be approved by moderators or GM's and what not but here it is.
Basic Information

Biography and Personality

Attributes and Abilities

Mimicry System

A little bit about where Annabelle is from.. (Because people are confused about things.)


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Posted 26 September 2011 - 08:36 PM


Lily and Lucy

These two fight together in the arena.


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Posted 26 October 2011 - 09:57 AM

Okay, new to the forums and such and not sure if this has to be approved by some third party to be official, but here goes

Name: Zane XII

Race: Fenrisian (sub-species of human)

Age: 18

Height: 5'5" ( roughly 165.10 cm)

Weight: 145 lbs (68.5 kg)

Quick Summary: Fenrisian ( a subspecies of human with animal-like qualities born in a icy prison colony) Zane comes from a world equal parts fantasy, science-fiction and absurdity where he was trained as a super-soldier and turned into a living gateway for beings of pure malevolent energy that are slowly possessing and killing him. He's less alarmed at this than you would think.

Appearance: Zane's typical clothing both in and out of combat is a suit of lightweight combat armor left over from his days as a Darkblade with the armor plates over the shoulder and chest marked by the stylized S&Sword logo of the unit. Over this he typically dons a pair of boots and a black trench-coat that he vehemently defends "The sign of a true Badass" though if pressed further, he usually reveals that he just thinks it looks cool. Physically Zane appears to be a typical eighteen year old human around five feet and five inches tall with short black hair, brown eyes and olive skin. The only immediate clues to his not-entirely human nature are his pointed ears and noticeably large canine teeth.

Personality: Despite his blood-soaked darkness filled past and the eldritch beings trying to rape his mind into submission, Zane tries his best to be a cheery and outgoing sort of guy since he believes that even a short life should be lived to the fullest and there isn’t much sense dwelling on a past that can’t be changed. His surprisingly positive outlook on life is something he typically carries into battle with him, and he’s rarely above exchanging taunts, banter and polite conversation with someone he’s fighting, even should they try to devour his spleen. Being from a world where almost all myths are true including a few that don't exist, Zane is rarely surprised by anything, though the only advantage that gives him is a few extra seconds to make a snark-filled comment. Like all Fenrisians, Zane loves the thrill of a good fight, whether that means a sudden back-alley brawl or a formal tournament, though he’s happiest when fighting truly skilled or powerful opponents. Also like most Fenrisians, he can sometimes be overwhelmed by his instincts, displaying animalistic behaviors and occasional savage rage, though experience has made him more restrained and less-hot blooded than most of his kind.




Partial Possession


One of seven swords created by The Eternal Soul to maintain equilibrium in the universe. The Shadowbane looks like a two-foot-long (70 cm) pure black uchigatana with a three-headed dragon design branching out from the bottom of the handle. The Shadowbane is far sharper and more durable than an ordinary sword and has the ability to absorb and nullify Dark Energy or other similar types of energy (Unholy, demonic, legal etc) to further increase its sharpness and size. Because of the nature of Zane’s powers, he can activate these abilities by essentially feeding the sword his own energy. However it is impossible for the sword to grow more than 3 feet in a single post, so from two feet to five, five to eight and so on. Width and weight can increase as well. If completely overloaded with energy without changing size or sharpness, the sword can transform into a large, three-headed metal serpent that attacks opponents and absorbs energy in massive quantities through its mouths, but this requires three completely uninterrupted posts worth of charging to invoke intentionally. Both the Hydra-summoning and occasional weird occurrences suggest The Shadowbane is alive in some way, but Zane normally tells it to "Shut up and be a sword" at those times.


Combat Suit: Lightweight combat bodysuit made from a skintight, ballistics resistant and fire-resistant mesh reinforced by overlapping armor-plates. Despite being a full-body suit it is extremely flexible and barely hinders his movements. Protects mainly against small arms fire rather than blades, it is durable and comfortable in a variety of climates and Zane wears it both in and out of combat. Mesh is elastic and armor plates can be re-arranged given time so that one-size fits all.

Black trench-Coat: made from unspecified materials, serves no real combat advantage though Zane continues to insist that it is “The Sign of a True Badass” and provides him with endless advantages on the battlefield. Has a hood and covers the bottom half of his face with the collar when zipped up. Has deep pockets. Destroyed in a fight with Speed.
Dual combat knives: Zane keeps two (2) steel combat knives concealed in his trench-coat as weapons of last resort.
fight; to fix a world full of injustice
fight; to show your worth to a world of billions
fight; to sing a song composed of a thousand fists
fight; to begin the hopeless struggle that will end in defeat
fight; to feel the blood and adrenaline rushing through you and know what it means to live

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 08:03 PM

Thought I'd try my hand at this enjoy. Also thank you Celtic Minstrel for a little proof reading help.

Name: Zia Rousseau
Age: 22
height: 5'5"
weight: 135lbs
Species: Human

appearance: Click here.

History: <going to re-work this>

Personality: Despite being rejected by family, Zia is quite open and social. Selfless, with a strong sense of justice, she always tries to save and help everyone even her enemies. She is wracked with guilt over her failure and subsequent "banishment" from her world. Since then she has feared failure and will work almost insanely to avoid it, this causes her immense amounts of stress.

Equipment: Zia travels light, before leaving Kael the last time she was given a new weapon called the Phy-blade, essentially bracers which can summon blades composed of light of varying sizes. It's limited however if the user lets go of the blade it vanishes, and if the blade is fairly large only one can be present, so essentially she has the choice between one large blade or two smaller ones. She was also given the Phy-bow which is similarly to the blades. The bow looks like any regular bow but creates arrows made of solid light, it also has a limit 10 shots before having to recharge for a short period of time. These two weapons were new and part of Zia's last mission was to test them, she doesn't have any idea how the work or where they came from since Kael technology wasn't this advanced.

Abilities: No real special abilities besides a little speed and quick wit. She is opportunistic using whatever her environment has to offer.
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Posted 02 April 2012 - 05:51 PM

Name: Freya Karayan

Posted Image
Gender: Female
Age: 80,452~ although she appears 23.
Race: Senka
Height: 5'9"/175cm
Weight: 9.5stone/140lb/65kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Freya Karayan started her life as an Officer in the war between the two tribes of the gods in her home dimension. During this, she, along with the rest of her kind were eventually killed, and later resurrected as immortal guardians of heaven. However this situation did not last forever. Her own kind, Senka as they call themselves, eventually felt the need to have their own lands and identity. So they Rebelled and cut their way out of Heaven. During all this and the long years that followed Freya continued to serve as an officer, building a long and fairly unremarkable career that looked like it would last forever. This all changed one day when, during the pursuit of a daemon, Freya succeeded in falling through a dimensional rift. It did not take long for her to work out that the rift was closing behind her, leaving her stranded with her foe on the far side. After a long, and difficult battle Freya was defeated. When she resurrected herself she set about trying to find her way home, eventually stumbling across the Arena. For a more complete version of the Senkari backstory, Click Here

Swordsmanship: Thanks to her long life in the army, Freya is an expert at wielding her sword, and far above most people in close quarters combat with a smorgasbord of arms.
Shape-shifting: Freya has a very limited ability to shape shift, at present it is restricted to her wings, eyes, and wounds acquired in her first life.
Night vision: Freya’s eyes Glow in her native form, essentially allowing her to see in the dark when she is in that form.
Pain-resistance: Freya can, through sheer experience, push pain to the back of her mind. This is in part due to the disconnect between her life force and her body, and in part because of the amount of pain she has experienced in her life and the practice she has in rising above it.
Resurrect: While she is immortal, Freya can physically die. Whenever this happens she undergoes a process where she resurrects herself. This process takes at least a day…so she’s not likely to use during a battle. *It should be noted that her ability to do this is not common knowledge in the Arena, Freya feels that if people knew she was Immortal people might feel it's okay to kill her/let her die and thus has kept this fact quiet so far*

Sword: Freya carries a heavy, one-handed, steel arming sword, the same one she carried when she fell through the dimensional rift. Like all Senka she keeps its name a secret to herself.
Knife: As a backup to her Sword Freya carries a heavy, Frankish Seax Style, Knife on her belt.

Crossbow: Although it’s not standard issue, Freya does carry a simple crossbow after she lost her comrades.

-Bolts: Freya carries a variety of bolts since her first fight, tipped for different effects. These include explosive, incendiary and armour piercing

Shield: Freya’s shield is made of wood, canvas and edged in rawhide. Like her uniform its black with a red and white 8 pointed star emblazoned on the front (the symbol of her Senkari Clan).
Armour: Standard Senkari Officers armour consists of a mid-thigh length maille shirt, plate gauntlets and pauldrons, a heavy wool tunic and padding. She also has a steel helmet to protect her noggin and keep her hair out of her eyes.

Fight Record (1-0-1)
Exhibition vs Lady Madeline (Maddie Mondale): Win
Exhibition vs Ignatius Walowick & Clink (Uber): Draw
Posted Image
The Senkari forum: here

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 04:30 PM

Common Name: Koko Jeruselem13420-4
Technical name: Unknown
Aliases: Ambassador of the free Insurmountable isle of Atlantis

Type: Virus

Operating system(s) affected: Multi-agent

Categories: Multi-agent systems Computer worms Spamming Botnet Malware Rootkits

The story of Koko's past is a poorly listed, ill-defined thing, pieced together largely from her own recounting, the vast majority of which are lies. The only three things that can be even loosely considered definitive are that she was at some point coded, at another point she acquired the ability to escape the digital world, and that taking physical form did absolutely nothing to end her ways as a career criminal.
A slightly less definitive fourth thing is that she is in no way the true Ambassador of Atlantis, claiming the title solely for the opportunity to declare diplomatic immunity, safe in the knowledge of the obvious difficulties involved with contacting her 'homeland', much less invalidating her claim and refuting her the right to flout any attempt to hold her accountable for her own actions.

Her human form takes the appearance of a less than well developed teenage girl with technicolor hair tied into two tails, and pointed ears. Her preference in attire is anything garishly colored with clashing patterns, the more eye-destroying the better, along with a taste for hooded jackets with fluorescent decoration. And buttons. Lots of buttons.
She acts like a big kid in the same way, and wants to touch everything and everyone. Of course, given that she's a virus, this is less out of immaturity, and more of out a sense of arrogant entitlement.
Her tendency to ask 'Can I touch it?' however, is not.

System Error – Much like any other computer virus replicates itself and spreads from one computer to another, Koko can infect her surrounding area the moment she makes contact, spreading her virus into the environment and gradually taking control of it. Once infected, Koko can twist and warp the infected into viral forms, spread new viruses, release virus matter and generally act like everything is her personal amusement park.

System Infect – Even with the shift between worlds and her gaining a human form, Koko remains a virus at her core, and her threat to digital code remains as strong as ever. If anything, her sentience and humanistic greed makes her far more of a danger to technology and the world now than she ever was before.

System Shock: Not strictly an ability in of itself, but a product of the ability to manipulate digital code, combined with the ability to control virus structures, enables Koko to make far better use of her body's electrical impulses than a normal entity would by storing electricity like a humanoid capacitor.

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Posted 22 March 2013 - 07:51 PM

Name: Exavier Melbourne
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Black hair down to his waist, black T-shirt , black slacks, black dress shoes,pale skin, the only splashes of color come from his gloves and his dilated blue eyes, always accomppanied by his wide grin.
Age: 17/257 (Appearance/Age)
Power Source: Spirit of Lightning in Left Glove/ Spirit of Stone in Right Glove
240 years ago, In the middle of an old victorian city of a nondescripit location a young man that grew tired of his boring life tending the farms found a crater with a strange stone in it... he picked it up with both hands and blacked out... when he awoke he was standing in the middle of his village, wearing strange gloves... the village was burning down, the voices in the gloves promised him power... and he accepted it. He and the gloves went into a cave, where they honed their skills... and he has come back, to investigate this interesting town where men and spirits can meet... in hopes of testing their skills against equal opponents.
Left Glove:
Electrical Absorption- he can absorb electrical energy from appliances or, in non-technological environments, from plants and small animals nearby to "Over-Charge" one of his other lightning abilities or certain stone abilities to multiply its power exponentially.
Electrical Discharge- Static energy is generated around the glove and the target, resulting in a lightning bolt of... average power... OVER-CHARGE: A bolt of red lightning targets the nerves of the victim, either stunning them temporarily, interrupting an activity, or otherwise causing their muscles to clench up.
"Lightning Whip"- Exactly what it says on the tin. NOTE: Does not cause any permanent damage, just hurts like heck OVER-CHARGE: red lightning, causes a physical slashing wound, potentially disabling arms for extended periods of time, cauterizes the wound, so bleeding out is not a serious problem, yet healing should be slowed down.
Right Glove: NOTE: When working with sand he has to make an effort to solidify the granuals together or else his spike or boulder or whatnot will just fall apart before it can manage to do any damage or provide much protection.
Stone Armor: Exavier slams his right hand into the ground and pulls in rocks around him, this provides the expected amount of armor but can also be discharged as a "Built-Up" stone power. He is still capable of upper-body motion though changing his position on the battlefield is practically impossible.
Stone Spike- Exavier hits the ground and causes a 2 foot wide and 3 foot tall jutting of whatever rock the environment is made of coming out of the ground in a sudden motion BUILD-UP: A line of these spikes are released from Exaviers location towards the target, the spikes grow in size as they go farther
"Boulder Toss"- Exavier levitates a boulder roughly the size of a watermelon and launches it directly at his target OVER-CHARGE: The boulder gets infused with red lightning and sets on fire... be afraid.
Passive Powers:
Healing: The spirits consider, rather accurately, that Exavier is more a puppet than anything else, they dont like their toy to be broken... and will heal his wounds... just barely fast enough to be noticeable, and quite disgusting. This includes such things as decapitations, in which case the spirits would directly take over the body and put the head back on the neck.
Lack of Sanity: Exavier feels his wounds... but he doesn't show it, sometimes it seems he enjoys pain, he greets every situation with a crooked smile on his face, and has killed people on the first meeting "because they were talking about him behind his back..." yeah... hes broken. He also has a habit of getting simple words mixed up, mistaking snow for rain and the like.
Name & (Unofficial)Title: Kieldestraza: The Dragon Child
Nickname: Kelsie
Species: Green Dragon bound to Humanoid Form
Power Source: The Realm of Dreams, Combat Experience, and Draconic Nature
Gender: Female
Height: 4'2"

Background: Kieldestraza (Kelsie for short) is a green dragon from a clan that has survived in a land where dragons are hunted almost religiously by maintaining subterfuge and secrecy, many live in human societies as figures of power, miracle workers, or wandering adventurers, that keep their true nature to themselves, and to others of their kind. It is a long standing tradition however, from back when these dragons reveled in their true forms, that a child coming of age would prove herself against enemies outside of the clan that have powers of their own. Standardly this would involve heading out and fighting against one of the less subtle clans of dragons, usually the fiery reds, but with hunters beginning to pick up on the clan, Kelsie has been sent through a gate to a different world, wearing an armlet she cannot remove to remain in human form, in hopes of proving herself and returning home.

Personality: Many of the stereotypes of dragons are false, the good majority of them are not bloodthirsty monsters, and Kelsie is no exception. That said she has be raised so as not to hesitate to fight if she feels that she is being threatened, threatening her can include one of a few things,
1: Threatening her life.
2: Threatening her wealth.
3: Threatening her honor.
Though these are generally her motives for combat, it should be noted that dragons do in fact have a natural urge to acquire treasures, and she is something of a pick-pocket to accommodate this, when outside of the arena she lives life in a cave on the outskirts of town and generally hunts for food, but on occasion she goes into town to visit the arena and ends up with a couple golden pocket watches by the time she gets home, this has occasionally gotten her in trouble, especially since not everybody in town simply fails to notice a little girl reaching into their pockets, and not all of these people are without methods of getting stuff back. She does however consider any test of combat to be closer to her goal of proving her worth, and will accept challenges from nearly any source.

Appearance: A little girl, appearing to be roughly 8 years old, her skin is light colored and has no visible scars or marks upon it. Her hair, which goes down to the small of her back, is an earthy green color, and is the first indication that she isn't exactly a human, her ears stretch backwards to create a point, and her eyes are a light jade green color as well. She appears to constantly be wearing brown leather boots with brown cloth pants tucked into them, an ornately decorated jade green tunic, and a long green cape, also decorated ornately. She keeps a dagger in a sheath on one side of her belt, and the other side has a small pack which contains vials of muggy green liquid, and only she can apparently tell the difference between them.

Draconic Translation: Her clothes are a direct translation of her draconic armor, her thick hide becoming her boots and pants, her scales becoming her tunic, and her wings becoming her cape, as such she is terribly attached to them, and will fight very aggressively if she believes they are in danger, despite them being as strong as their respective translations, and as easy to repair as they objects they have become. (ie. Tunic is hard to pierce as dragon scales in combat, but when she isn't threatened it can be sewn back together relatively easily.) Her dagger is also a translation of her claws and teeth, and as such is sharp enough to cut through stone pillars, and nigh indestructible, this is not to say she can't be disarmed however. The poisons and such she keeps in her pouch are also translated from her breath weapon, and her vials seemingly refill themselves at a rate of 1/4 a vial per turn, but it takes a full vial for them to be useful.

Vials of Dragon Breath: She has three vials of slightly different poisons/medicines, and although they don't affect anything unless the vial is full upon use, a single drop is enough to simulate at least a minor version of the effect.
1 - Vial of Numbing Poison - This poison numbs the limbs, making it harder to move them, but not paralyzing them completely. Kelsie has found that this poison also can be used to stop pain, and in desperate circumstances is willing to use it on herself.
2 - Vial of Burning Poison - While the numbing poison dulls the nerves, this poison stimulates them, sending a burning pain that spreads roughly a foot from the point of contact at the worst scenario.
3 - Vial of Magical Water - Being a green dragon, Kelsie can stimulate plants to grow to tremendous size with magic infused water, she doesn't coat her blade with this, and instead spills it out onto plants in order to initiate growth.

The Dream: The dream is a parallel dimension, where objects and architecture are exactly the same as our own, things people pick up excluded, such that if somebody were to pick up a vase in the dream it would turn to smoke and go back to its previous location upon the person who picked it up leaving, or if it were picked up in our world it would simply disappear from the dream until set down, where it would reappear in its new location. The standard method by which people enter the dream is through going to sleep, where they appear in a semi-randomized location of the dream. As a dragon, Kelsie is able to "Dreamwalk" where she steps into the dream, disappearing from our world, and can step back into our world after traveling a distance in the dream. As she no longer has her true form, which is always in a state of between, the presence of a waking mind in the dream creates "Nightmares" which will cause her harm if she stays in the dream for longer than a couple seconds. While in the dream for that short time however, she can fly as though she had wings, and though she cannot in our world, momentum is transferred and she can use this to launch herself to great heights.

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Eric Clayton

Fighter Status: Active, Sanctioned, Unsanctioned

Origin: Eric is a sort of golem, created three years ago in a world that is almost entirely without magic. The world is worn thin, as humanity has consumed the resources and destroyed the environment. There, the only safe place to live is in the cities, where the corporations rule. He'd learned to survive there, but unfortunately he learned little else.

Personality: Eric is almost entirely focused on himself not to say that he isn't a nice guy. It's just that where he came from, focusing on others was a good way to get yourself killed. He's social enough, and will try to help others, but he focuses on his own needs first. Unfortunately, he's also a bit naïve. He's only had a few short years to learn, and has a lot to learn about life in general.

Appearance: He looks like a fairly typical 18 year old adult, although the specifics are subject to change. He can be slim, short, tall or thick, his hair can be long or short. The only thing that remains the same is his face. And the fact that he's made of various metals, soils, sands and glasses makes it pretty clear that he isn't human, although his composition also varies.

Physical Traits/Skills Eric has two primary parts, which are his core and his body. His core is a metal sphere about the size of a softball that looks somewhat like burnished bronze. It has electricity crackling across the surface, and when touched it will give a pretty good electric shock, similar to a stun gun. Additionally, it is hot to the touch, although not enough to burn. The core is what Eric really IS, and is defended by the body.

His body is composed entirely of the materials above, and is generally very heavy, although his size varies. The materials hold together very well, although their strength of course depends on what he is built of at the time. Metal is strong, glass is brittle, etc.

The larger Eric's body is, the longer it takes for the messages to be transmitted through the body. If large enough, it can take a full second for him to react. Inversely, the smaller he is the faster he reacts. At six feet tall, he reacts quickly, but within human levels.

Eric is also very, very strong, as is proper for a golem. He can throw small cars about one hundred feet, and he can move a tank by pushing it, although pretty slowly. Additionally, he does not have any muscles, so he never gets tired, and he can always work at one hundred percent capacity. The larger Eric is, the stronger he becomes.

The core uses the materials his body is built out of as fuel, so the harder he works the more materials his body burns.

Supernatural Powers The core can assimilate materials into the body upon contact, spontaneously integrating them within his form. When the materials are part of his body, they can be relocated and reformed to be where they are most useful. Eric can also reform his body into various simple shapes, although it does take some concentration, and he currently has to maintain a mostly human shape.

Eric can detect magic, due to the fact that he is magic himself, but he is currently unaware of this capability, as his world had almost no magic. He perceives it as a sort of sound or glow.

Standard Equipment: At this point, Eric does not take anything with him but his clothing.

Ties with other fighters: None currently.

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Name: ‘Resonance’ Beth

Age: Approximately twenty-seven

Place of Origin: Azeroth

Designations: Deathknight, Undead, Human, Horde, Paladin, Bard

Appearance: Beth has black hair, reaching almost halfway down her back, and eyes of a midnight blue. Her skin is unnaturally pale, the only real tell of her half-living state. She’s pretty enough, lithe and athletic despite barely five and a half feet of height, and without any tremendous Talent to speak of. Rather, she wears her armour most of the time. Matte black and viciously spiked at the edges, the scaled armour she wears is all but a part of her, subject to the same enchantments that bound her to a new life. The few small gaps between the plates are a dark blue, the remnants of a tough, flexible bodysuit she wears like a second skin. Upon her back is a massive sword of black metal, grooved and runed oddly throughout its length, but none so obviously as the holes in the handle, looking much like those of a flute.

On the rare occasions she doesn’t wear her armour, Beth tends to wear equally dark clothing, often favouring dresses and skirts-since her second life began, she hasn't had many opportunities to indulge her more feminine side.


Abilities and Equipment:

Abilities and Equipment, Less Fluffily:

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