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Comic 9/7/19 - Camera-Focused Lana

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A little insight into Enticia's friend, Lana (Whose name rhymes with "manna", not "Ghana").

I had planned to delve further into Enticia's backstory through a meeting with Shadowy Sentinel for years, but adding her pre-heroing friends was a recent idea that I thought of only a few months ago.

I came up with the idea for Mags first, then Lana. I think I took a bit of inspiration from Steven Universe's Garnet/Sapphire for her facial design, but made her tall and slender to differentiate her from not only either of those characters, but from most of my comic's cast. Lana's the skinniest girl character in my cast, and probably the third skinniest overall (After Cannon and the waiter from "The Dating Scheme" known as "Monsieur Snooté"). Lana's name came from the idea of her being a string bean, then my brain doing gymnastics from "string bean" to "lima bean" to the name "Lana Bean". An unusual thought process, but it seems to be a good name for her.

Lana's camera in panel 2 is supposed to be like one of those disposable Kodak cameras. I honestly wonder if that'll be obvious ten years from this comic's debut, when so many people just use the camera on their phones for casual photos.

The photos of Enticia in the bottom panel flesh out her history a bit. The first photo shows just how much her little sister Daisy looks like her. The heart pattern on her shirt and sneakers also mirrors the broken heart halves on her modern-day pants, and she wears black in the first three photos like she does today. The second photo shows her taking ballet, inspired by her "pivot kick" from the story "Ally Need is Love". The third photo shows her having taken martial arts, which has been alluded to a few times. That last photo showcases Lana's evolving into more artistic photography, as well as Enticia's inheriting her mother's passion for fashion.

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