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Tom Sewell

Story Monday, September 23, 2019

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21 hours ago, Scotty said:

Justin assuming it's pizza would mean he assumed the pizza had already been ordered, and if he didn't see anyone order it, then he'd have to assume the order was placed before he arrived.

The point is that he can assume that even without being told.

21 hours ago, Scotty said:

I would expect that if Tedd hadn't ordered it yet, she would have given everyone an idea of when she was planning on it, like as soon as everyone had arrived or once they got settled in, especially if Tedd decided to ask for topping preferences (in case she forgot what everyone liked at Grace's birthday or if they might want to try something different). If Tedd did order ahead of time, she could also tell everyone as they arrived when the pizza will get there.

I don't think ordering same topping without asking is good idea. You can prove you remember by asking like "you want X again" but not asking at all? Maybe for someone you eat pizza with very often so you know they are always order the same, but I think main eight is not eating pizza so often.

21 hours ago, Scotty said:
On 9/18/2019 at 0:25 PM, hkmaly said:
On 9/18/2019 at 0:15 PM, Scotty said:

I guess Susan could be like "I didn't want to reveal anything about your connection to them if you weren't ready to tell anyone either." and maybe Diane would be "I wanted to be sure I wasn't stepping on your toes if I did, but I think we could at least trust them with this." and then they finally go to the party.

Yeah, could be. However I think it would be more words. Possibly not fit on Friday page.

So while it ended up being on a Monday comic, and not quite the same way, Diane does reveal that she expected Susan to have told her friends about that night, and is also ok with Susan telling them and will even be there to support her if she does.

I would say there are quite important differences. Like, Susan never mentioned keeping Diane's secret as reason not to tell her friends. However, I definitely guessed correctly it will take longer.

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