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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

Moperville Monthly

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Two months ago I began the podcast Moperville Monthly, to talk about our favorite webcomic with various fans. The fourth episode just came out and I only just now realize I never posted about it on the forum! So please join us every month as we discuss the latest events in El Goonish Shive and its fandom. In the latest episode, we talk about our favorite mad scientist Tedd Verres!

The podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Castbox, BeyondPod, AntennaPod, Pocket Casts, and probably Google Music??? Podcasts are weird.

Find all the episodes here, for one: https://anchor.fm/maplestrip

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The next episode of the Moperville Monthly will be about the one and only Hammer Queen, Susan Pompoms! My friend 2ndPersonPlural and I will be discussing every aspect of the character. Do you have questions or specific topic suggestions, please bring them up here and we'll incorporate them into the episode :)


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The new episode of the Moperville Monthly is out! "Click, or 80% of the girls will cry"

As promised, 2ndPersonPlural and I discuss Susan Pompoms, who is one of our favorite characters, but a surprisingly difficult character to talk about. We try to pin down her personality and her arcs, while also accidentally talking about Tedd, archiving fanworks, the website's security leak, our shipping predictions, and Star Trek. But we managed to talk about Susan inbetween there as well!

Also featuring the voice acting recording "Little Progress" by HarshLightOfDay :)

Listen to the episode on Anchor or any of the many other podcast services: https://anchor.fm/maplestrip/episodes/Ep--5--Click--or-80-of-the-girls-will-cry-w-2ndPersonPlural-eacgvi

This will probably be the last time I announce the Moperville Monthly on the forum, due to a lack of response here. If you want to get live updates, check the Reddit, Discord, or follow us on one of them podcasting services.

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