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Mags gets a turn to try on clothes... no lederhosen this time. Either Rose is having a harder time finding a good outfit for Mags, or she has more fun messing with her than she does with Lana...! Either makes sense; for some reason, groups of friends like teasing the most gullible member of the group (I know this from experience...!).

This is the first I've drawn Mags' full body. I found it a bit tricky; full bodies are always more difficult than torsos for me. I also did a lot of tweaks to make sure that she looked plus-size rather than pregnant, most notably giving her a muffin top and thick legs.

Her "cute" look was originally going to look more ballerina-like, but I thought putting a kitty on her shirt would be even more nauseatingly cutesy, and the outfit evolved from there. It looks a bit like a frilly apron crossed with a toddler's overalls.

Mags' hair clip was originally going to be a skull bow as a nod to Elmyra from Tiny Toons, but I already gave her a bow in the previous panel that seemed fitting, so I just made it a hair clip. I made her fishnets easily; I used a "parallel lines" brush diagonally.

My Texan girlfriend might've inspired Mags' cowgirl look a little. Mags was originally going to wear flannel and long jeans, but I didn't want it to look too similar to her lumberjack look in the next panel, so I gave her a denim shirt and ripped her jeans.

The lumberjack costume was initially inspired by Monty Python's lumberjack sketch, but I wound up taking a little inspiration from Gravity Falls' Wendy Corduroy, particularly with the shirt being green and worn sloppily. I used the "parallel lines" brush again for the flannel.

I've seen treasure map corsets for women's pirate costumes, but I gave Mags a map on her skirt to be less risque (Making sure I didn't put the X anywhere inappropriate). I gave Mags the map skirt and striped headband for another reason; I wanted to make it clear that she was a pirate and not wearing a stereotypical Romany (better known by the less PC term, "g*psy") outfit. Like I said, I wanted to avoid any cultural insensitivity.

The final panel with Enticia and Shadowy Sentinel was originally going to be at the end of Lana's montage, but as I was formulating the scripts for these two strips, I thought it made more sense to put it at the end of the second montage.

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