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Pharaoh RutinTutin

Story Monday May 24, 2021

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I am sorry to see this particular dream-sequence end

It would have been Fabius to see Grace save the Roman Republic with Bake Sales

Now I am wondering exactly which "certain point of view" is needed to understand why Uryuoms are not from Outer Space

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Evolved on this world or one of its analogs, left and then returned? An expatriate returning to their original country is not usually thought of as an immigrant from the country they had lived in. By analogy, Uryuoms returning to Earth after a time in space would not be from outer space. Bit of a stretch, maybe.

Yet another alternate universe? Uryuoms not having space-faring technology would explain their inability to dominate bronze-age humans. But that leaves a whiff of smoldering continuity in the air. Or perhaps they are from the same side of this world as the Griffins. That could explain how they could have coexisted with humans since the time of ancient Egypt and still be a secret on this side of the world.

Not to worry, Dan will explain it in a decade or so. Which will be about a month in continuity.


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