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Pharaoh RutinTutin

Story Wednesday May 26, 2021

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Is this supposed to show that Agent Edward Verres is such a unphasable professional that he will not give the obligatory spit-take when confronted with this information?

Or did the scene just cut away before the punch-line?

When first reading the note, I thought Grace meant that she had already left the house for school and would explain when she got home.  The final panel, if I am interpreting it correctly, implies that Grace wrote and posted the note just after she woke from the dream, only to go back to bed.

But more importantly Grace did not specifically address this to Edward or Tedd.  She had to know that either of them would see it on the refrigerator.  Along with the aftermath of Ashley's party where Tedd demonstrated the Mirror to his Father and with Edward making the report to Arthur, I suspect that Tedd is no longer asking the others to keep secrets from his Father and/or the FBI Paranormal Division.

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He was winding up for the pitch in panel 4.

Grace still being in bed confused me a bit too. The easiest explanation I have is that her post-dream awakening was a bit too early for the other members of the household, so she wrote down her memory of the dream and tried to get a little more shuteye. Pretty much your explanation, I suppose.

Tedd's mostly been open with his dad, save where there was some friction over gender identity, I think. Since the reset, the paramount importance of keeping Edward up to speed has to be pretty obvious. Besides, it must feel good to be the source of info, rather than the mere recipient. Edward is, I think, treating Tedd more like a colleague than a kid, these days. Tedd has to like that.

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