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Comic 11/12/16 - Post-Election Filler Comic

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I'm gonna be honest; I was planning to have this filler comic in some form or another this weekend. Even if Hillary won, I felt that Trump wouldn't see justice if he was to continue harassing women and spreading hate without consequences, just because he's rich. As I - and many others - have said before, artists can shape their vision for the world in paintings, books, movies, and of course, webcomics. So, just as I have based a handful of my characters on real people before, I have this new character based on Trump: Assistant Janitor Drumpf.

While many wish physical harm on Trump - and such thoughts are tempting, indeed - I decided to take a different route: teaching him a lesson in humility. In my world, Trump has lost the election, his fortune, and the legal rights to that which he values most: his name (which is why he's going by his family's original name of "Drumpf"). Now, he must live his life serving others and living paycheck-to-paycheck. It's a life that many kind, humble people can take quiet pride in... and Trump can either learn to do the same, or let the job be his prison. Will he ever learn to take pride in helping others? Or will he continue to be as obnoxious and hateful as his rich, real-world counterpart. At this moment, I'm not sure what - if any - character development he will undergo, but for now, I'm just gonna savor Assistant Janitor Drumpf's current situation.

For those of you who want to take REAL action against the REALTrump, there's a petition on Change.org (With over 3 million signatures at this time, I might add!) to get the electoral college to vote for Hillary on December 19th. It's one of the reasons the electoral college actually exists (Huh; the electoral college actually has a purpose! Who knew?). If you want to check it out, I've provided a link on my comic's main page! Sign it and share it!

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