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NP Tuesday September 28, 2021

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So cuddling strangers on a bus is disturbing to some people?

As someone who frequently uses the bus, this is something I think that they should let all of us passengers know

Especially the part about getting thrown off said bus

 - - - - - 

The cheering, I suspect, is referencing the bus scene in Star Trek IV

Just where is our future, the things we've done and said!
Let's just push the button, we'd be better off dead!
'Cause I hate you!
And I berate you!
And I can't wait to get to you!

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18 hours ago, ProfessorTomoe said:

Did the stranger wind up under the bus?

No, I suspect Grace didn't actually put him under the bus, just off it.  Rapidly off it and ended up several dozen feet away. 

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