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Just reread the whole arc so far. Playing compare and contrast with the thoughts and reactions of the various characters has been a lot of fun. Nanase not quite being able to get into it yet is perfect.

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17 hours ago, mlooney said:

My only question is was it Nanase or Larry the asked "Really?"  Could go either way.

Larry's elf's mouth looks like she is talking. She also has a perky look like she's interested. Nanase looks confused or skeptical (I vote 'confused') and her lips appear to be pursed. The 'Really' speech bubble is closer to Nanase, but a line extended from the arrow on the bubble hits Larry's elf just below the neck. It is only closer to Nanase because Dan needed room for Rich's 'No' and wanted the bubbles in sequence. So, Larry's elf is asking, 'Really'.

It is an odd conversation. I am curious who said the first panel speech bubble. it was either George's or Larry's character, and it seems that Larry's elf would have been the one to say it if she's asking 'Really' now. Not understanding what mislead her in the first place.

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Nanase not knowing any thing about how rituals in this world working would explain why she was saying "really" as well.  I'll grant that Larry is more likely, but it still could have been Nanase. 

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