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Story: Friday February 10, 2017

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8 minutes ago, ijuin said:

Letting people know that the girl Tedd is the same person as the boy Tedd will only result in said people reacting to the trans-ness rather than to specifically Female Tedd.

I don't know if Tedd has thought this through entirely. If she has i would guess that she is assuming that she is so androgynous anyway that anyone who doesn't know her well wont be able to tell the difference. She even seemed surprised that Elliot could tell she wasn't male.

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No disagreement here, Scotty. I was dancing around the gatekeeping role of medical professionals. They have a lot of latitude in how they approach treatment, and many do demand a period of living as the target gender prior to surgical and, in some cases, hormonal intervention. This was more common in the past, as the DSM-V and the most recent revision of the WPATH Standards of Care no longer treat gender dysphoria as pathological, but these demands do persist in some practices. Where you are and what insurance you are on can lead to a completely different experience with the establishment from another person. Sometimes, there are a lot of hoops.

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