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Things that make you worried.

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7 minutes ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

Thank you.  And thanks to everyone of you who have kept me and my family in your thoughts through these times.  The last two years have not been a pleasant time and I appreciate escaping the insane insanity of reality for the rational insanity of the Moperville-adjacent community.

I hope everything will go well in spite of the perfect rehearsal. And I am very sorry for your loss, too. I am glad we can provide you with a more rational breed of insanity here.

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1 hour ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

Today I met with the Funeral Director and the Pastor to set the final details for my mother's service tomorrow.  It will be nearly identical to my father's funeral last year.

Don't know if you mentioned this loss while I was distracted dealing with my own, or what, but if I did miss saying it before, you have my sympathies/condolences.  Losing my father mostly made me feel for my mother, who lost her life partner, but when mom lost her dad a year after her mom, she said even though she was in her sixties, having lost both parents made her feel like an orphan.

1 hour ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

Everything went smoothly.

Too smoothly.

When I was involved in community theatre, dress rehearsals NEVER went well.  That actually made me more confident about opening night.

We didn't have a dress rehearsal for my father's memorial, or I might have asked them to tone down the religious-service stuff for my sister's sake.  Still, everything went smoothly, a good number of people attended, and the math professor joke the minister told was one I think my dad would have liked.  :-)

May yours go equally well, if not better.

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