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  2. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    I've now had a doctor type person look into my ear. It's impacted ear wax not a punctured ear drum. The peroxide based stuff I've bought doesn't seem to be cutting it, I'm going to try the H202 + rubbing alcohol + water thing he suggested for a week or so. If that doesn't clear it, I'm off to an urgent care place and/or ER to have them scrap the wax out with spoon... I am now the poster child of "don't use q-tips in your ear". Been deaf in my right ear for about 6 weeks now. Yes, from before the move.
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  4. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    I doubt Dex had the power to do much other than at most multiple fairydoll summons, unless Greg's been teaching him ASMA as well.
  5. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    And yet we have Force-Immune creatures like Watto, Anakin's owner. The Alec Guiness Obi-wan tells us that Force Suggestion only works on weak minds (we also saw this when Luke attempted to Force-Suggest Jabba the Hut) and that would have sufficed, because Watto obviously would be considered strong-enough-willed to resist suggestion. But Lucas has to have Watto to tell us that his race is immune to The Force. I THINK it's because Watto's race has no midichloreons but I'm not positive of that. That also flies in the face of The force as presented in Ep4 -6. I flat-out don't believe Lucas when he says that he intended Midichloreons from the start. it has a high probability of being a self-serving lie to deflect criticism. it's like saying he intended to make a trilogy of trilogies from the start, but there was no "Episode IV" in the text crawl when Star Wars was released in 1977. Lucas added it later in the first of many "Lucas edits Lucas" moments he subjected Star Wars to. Lucas might have liked his universe enough to imagine a whole bunch of movies he could make, but none he could have expected to make. Lucas didn't need to explain why some people are Force-sensitive. It's another one of those things he never had to touch. There was no reason to expect Star Wars to be the "Summer Blockbuster" that it was. It was a B-movie. It was written and plotted to be a single movie start, middle, end, make some money, move on. Nobody, not even Lucas, could have expected to have made a second movie in 1977. Why else would the actor pay have included percentages of the gross? because there wasn't expected to be much gross. Naturally many Hollywood insiders thought Star Wars would fail. It was science fiction. Hollywood nurses a prejudice against the fantastical genres and further probably didn't like Lucas breaking the "success formula" established by Star Trek, so it had 2 strikes against it from the start. I have sympathy for Star Wars destroying Lucas' personal life. It is along the same lines as the respect I give him for the groundbreaking audio and video technologies he financed. But at the end of the day he *did* ruin things for others. he took a half-step toward ruin with Ewoks and dove in head-first when he came back around to Ep 1. he didn't hand creative direction off to someone else, he made all the decisions himself. The kindest thing to say is he botched it. The nature of the botch suggested he had succumbed to Gene Roddenberry's Syndrome, not made honest mistakes in good faith. If he stopped caring he shouldn't have made the movies. I have sympathy for Lucas that he felt stress but cut him no slack for the decisions he made. I feel very certain that Lucas would have wanted to give jar jar the sort of screen time in Ep2 and 3 as he had in ep 1. The floppy-eared Gungan just too marketable to kids. In fact kids were Lucas' first line of defense against fan criticism of Ep1. "'i made it for a new generation of kids." Which tells you who he wasn't making it for. Saying Luke was more force-sensitive does not say Leia was not at all.
  6. Story, September 20, 2017

    Dan is being cute here. He isn't giving us a clear idea of what Arthur is really trying to achieve. If Arthur is talking about the Will of Magic as a thinking being, he might have a justification for what he's doing. That is, he's working toward what he thinks is the best interest for the most people, or at least the best interests of the agency. If so, he's not a jerk, just terribly mistaken. Why? If magic changes for humans, Immortals will still have magic, and Immortals can be big trouble. Now there are human mages like Edward who can actually overpower at least some immortals. After a Change, there will be few or none. In other words, unilateral disarmament. It would be like trying to get North Korea to give up nukes by destroying all of ours. But if Arthur does see the folly of forcing a Change, he's really turned to the Dark Side. One other thing: I don't think there's any proof in canon about Arthur actually having magic. He's never done any magic in front of us, and no one has said he has powers. All we really know is that he knows a lot about magic. Dressing up like Gandolf doesn't make him a wizard. This could be the reason he hates Adrian so much. It could be that Arthur, who trained Edward, felt that Adrian had stolen away his protege. Kind of like a dad who pushes his kid into becoming a sports hero and then losing the child's affection to some hotshot coach or trainer.
  7. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    "had". I would assume he's been using that spell pretty much every day - he generally seems a lonely fellow - so he's built up a bit more power by now. How much more, to be determined maybe I'm not entirely sure of that. I imagine he's still been summoning his little friend, but he made friends with Greg and became apart of his social circle. In a later comic, we saw Dex bummed out that the regular game had been cancelled because Greg had a new girlfriend. With a regular social group, he might not be lonely enough to warrant regularly summoning his fairy friend. Though, to be clear, I imagine he still regularly summons her. He did say he liked her, and I doubt many gaming groups would object to having a fairy summon flit around during the game, especially when one of the group members is literally an anime-style martial artist.
  8. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    "had". I would assume he's been using that spell pretty much every day - he generally seems a lonely fellow - so he's built up a bit more power by now. How much more, to be determined maybe.
  9. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    We don't know if Dex' fairydoll is as impressive as Nanase's. It probably isn't. He could probably summon it without aid. Even if he doesn't have the power, he could probably spend physical energy to finish the spell off. I wouldn't think a Mark could change, though I have to admit "nothing is known to be impossible for magic other than time travel", so there might be some rare edge case where someone's Mark spell evolves before they Awaken. It can't be a common case. It's worth noting that those spells we've seen evolve, such as Elliot's Cheerleadra or Nanase's fairydoll spell add capabilities, but do not seem to subtract or alter what the spell already does (again, "Nothing is impossible for magic...blahblahblah" so there probably is an edge case or two of THAT out there as well) nanase's fairydoll added "a "fae punch" subspell" and I assume Cheerleadra didn't start with the ability to act as a cell phone. RE Dex: magic is somewhat pliable and changeable. You can' change a spell to some degree if you push hard enough. Dex was both guided and empowered by an Immortal (Voltaire), which is why he was able to take a fairydoll spell and summon a bulldog dragon and fireguys by the bushel. Dex by himself has neither the power nor the skill to do much, if anything, besides a fairydoll.
  10. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Midi-chlorian's aren't the source of the Force. I was I could find the actual quote where he says it, but Qui-Gon describes the midi-chlorians as a connection to the Force, and also describe them as living in all living cells (Similar to mitochondria present in the cells of all life that breathes oxygen). The Force was still an omnipresent field that all life was connected to, just some individuals had a stronger connection, which made them Force sensitive. While I was digging for the connection quote, I found a bit the behind the scenes on midi-chlorians. Lucas had thought of the midi-chlorians in 1977 but hadn't included them in the original trilogy because he didn't think there was time to properly introduce the concept. And the article also states why Lucas felt the need to include them in the mythos: why are only some people Force Sensitive? That's a question that gets dealt with in a lot of settings. Why do only some people have these amazing, reality-warping powers? While it takes time and training to learn how to harness Force powers, the gain is certainly worth the cost, especially if the Sith style of force user is taken into account, which focuses less on intense discipline and more on intense emotion. Moral upstanding people are going to do their best to avoid the Dark side, but there are plenty of immoral criminals and scum that would kill(probably literally) for the kind of edge that force powers would grant. And while the majority of the fan-base weren't asking that question, Lucas himself had asked the question at the start of Star Wars and came up with an answer. And by the time we made Ep1, he pretty much was done with listening to what other people wanted. Though he had put up with the hellish, draining experience of producing the original trilogy while everyone, including himself, expected the first one to fail, and to top it off, his wife left him after his finished the trilogy. (Warning: Tvtropes link) He didn't set out to ruin things for others. He had simply just stopped caring after life pounded him down. I'm honestly not sure the fans complaints had any significant impact on what Lucas did. He reduced Jar Jar's role in the movies, but still kept all the CGI that many of the fans complained about. As I said, Lucas had stopped caring about what others suggested or wanted. He was sick and tired of all the stress and the grief. He was going to make his movie, his way. The original trilogy's quality comes in a significant part due to the variety of voices that went into it's production. It was Lucas's vision. His opinion, his voice, was the main aspect that shaped them but he cared what those around him said and wanted and the movies were better for it. With the prequels, he went from being the main voice that mattered, to the only voice that matter, all because he stopped caring. I think Leia had some degree of Force Sensitivity. When Luke leaves to go save his friends on Bespin, Obi-Wan is worried that Luke could die, or worse fall to the Dark side, and Yoda mentions that 'There is another.' That, along with the revelation that Leia is Luke's sister, sets up the implication that Leia is a potential back-up plan. And while Leia is certainly badass, her being able to kill Vader and the Emperor (and potentially Luke if he turned evil instead of simply dying) without Force powers would be a bit of a stretch. Though, since she never got any training, her force abilities wouldn't have developed beyond their base level.
  11. Story, September 20, 2017

    As I said, Arthur never once said anything about magic, he said "the misinformed would call them wizards". it's pretty much saying "you might think that they're wizards, but they aren't" because saying that they are wizards or mages would imply the ability to learn because people who think wizards would think of learning spells by studying and such. But instead it sounded like he's saying these people just one day realized they could do amazing things. The main thing Arthur was trying to do make people believe that getting powers like that was rare and not something one could do themself. Maybe he was hoping that the majority of people would assume comic book examples like Mutants or something. I maintain that Arthur has realized that his announcement had failed, and there isn't anything more he can do to prevent the system change, either the majority of people eventually forget about it, or they push things and cause the change. This comic basically reinforces that, Arthur believes that if the FBI stays out of things, then people wouldn't figure out just how easy it is to get special powers as well as keep the fact there are whole organizations that had known for ages.
  12. Things That Make You Happy

    No it doesn't, not unless you're so happy you've ceased to function as a human being. It sounds like something worthy of quite a lot of happiness to me!
  13. Things That Make You Happy

    Actually I can empathise. A problem that you have gotten used to and found ways to work around is still a problem. And when it is suddenly gone, it can feel like a disproportionately huge relief just because you can finally ditch the workaround and stop worrying about it.
  14. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Couldn't add this to my last message. If duplicate post, ToH, please delete. Qui-Gon sensed The force in Anakin but had to test Anakin's blood (and get a midichloreon count) to determine Anakin was off-the-charts powerful. I can only assume Leia didn't have the ability with the Force that Luke did. Vader only learns about her from Luke's thoughts during their confrontation on the Death Star. Even then he just knew Luke had "a sister" and never realized it was Leia. Following through into Ep 7, Leia never makes the transition to Jedi either.
  15. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Hmm, been thinking of seeing a dermatologist to get some skin tags removed and get examined for any suspicious spots out of my sight. Which raises the question, how do they conduct such an exam for skin cancer etc? Do you strip down to undies and they look you all over? Is magnification involved? Is underwear left on, on the assumption that those parts don't get much UV? Just curious. Wonder if it had spread far enough to interfere with the inner ear and thus your sense of balance? If that's possible, they should warn people about it. Awww!
  16. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    It's not just a more-detailed explanation, it's a complete recontextualization. It's Lucas saying, "I'm changing how The Force works and you can't do anything about it." The Alec Guiness Obi Wan Kenobi tells us the Force is an energy that flows through the universe. He doesn't say it is an energy field generated by subcellular organelles present in some living things. The Force is presented as transpersonal, larger than the individuals that draw on its energy. And Obi-Wan would know about Midichloreons. He's a trained Jedi. I think Prequel-Obi-Wan was even present when Qui-Gon Jinn tested Anakin Skywalker's blood. There's no reason to conceal midichloreons from Luke. That simply wasn't how the Force worked and never was until Ep 1. The mysticism angle is important to The Force as presented in Star Wars and Empire Strikes back (the two films that really sit at the core of what was best in Star Wars). It's not a trivial add-on. The Force is High Magic it sits at the intersection of the deific and the magiccal. The Light side, which is what most of us think of as The force doesn't only empower, but it provides a moral/spiritual compass. Lucas demolished all that and replaced it with a hive mind/colony creature composed of parasitic organisms. It's a bit of a comedown. Not only that. he didn't have to do it. As Don implies above, 999,999 out of 1,000,000 it is a poor choice to explain a magic system that readers or viewers already accept as is. Which means. Lucas went out of his way to do it. The Light side of the Force was one of the core things that connected fans to the universe. Writing this now I think audiences in 1977 and onward found reassurance in The force in the same way Star Trek fans found reassurance in seeing the Enterprise's bridge filled with people of all races 10 years earlier. Lucas replaced it with a mechanistic and completely unromantic model which in turn demolished the film for a lot of people who loved the first three Star Wars films. Nor were Midichloreons a single bad mistake in the Star Wars prequels. The concept was not an exception, it was emblematic of the rule. Lucas midichlorean-ized Star Wars from beginning to end and would have done far worse if had fans not complained. Midichloreons sum up a staggering MISunderstanding of Star Wars by the single individual who ought to know it best: George Lucas. With all due respect to Critterkeeper, The technical advances and improvements that Lucas innovated with money from Eps 4-6 does not wipe this sin away. Nor does my anger at the star wars prequels bot out the good Lucas did. I thank Lucas greatly for all the good he has done and damn him for all the bad. Being human, I tend to come to the bad more easily.
  17. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Midichlorians do not actually explain anything. How does all this law-of-physics-defying power get into this bucket? Well, this bucket contains all these other little buckets. That's nice, how does the power get into those little buckets? And what they purportedly attempt to explain didn't need explaining. It's magic, okay? Certainly. Magic doesn't need to be explained, as long as it's seemingly consistent (or at least consistently inconsistent) and doesn't leave too many plot holes around. Though, if as I posit in the second part of my paragraph, that midichlorians are meant as a means to quantify force potential, then it needs to be explained how this other thing can be used to quantify the magic thing. This is actually plausible, but again, it didn't need that sort of quantifying. One of the greatest Jedi masters ever is saying that this individual is exceptionally powerful even for Jedi - isn't that good enough? Possibly. As I said, there are better ways Lucas could have handled it. For instance he could have leaned into mysticism and had something about the force leading Qui-Gon to Anakin. As for Qui-Gon's word that young Anakin was exceptionally powerful, it could bring up the question of how he knows. Force users can sense other force users, but I don't remember any instances of someone sensing force potential in a person before that person gets training and starts to develop their powers. I'm not even sure they can sense other force users like that unless said force user is actively using the force. Vader didn't make any mention of there being another force sensitive on the Falcon after he killed Obi-Wan. Even though a potential force sensitive traveling with Obi-Wan for an indeterminate amount of time (from Vader's perspective at least) would warrant mention as at least a potential apprentice of Obi-Wan's and therefor a threat. Vader didn't make any mention of the force being strong with Luke until the trench run, when Luke's force abilities were making him hard to aim at. Vader might have sensed Obi-Wan on the Death Star due to Obi-Wan using the force to avoid getting bogged down with the aches and stiffness of old age, just speculating there though. EDIT: I remembered another example: Vader made no mention of Leia being a force sensitive, even though he interrogated her himself.
  18. We got to install microwave ovens

    I just realized that I should have included the "kick in" address in the last post: https://PayPal.me/Leejacksonaudio/ Anything from a dollar on upward would be appreciated, more than you know. Thank you!
  19. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Midichlorians do not actually explain anything. How does all this law-of-physics-defying power get into this bucket? Well, this bucket contains all these other little buckets. That's nice, how does the power get into those little buckets? And what they purportedly attempt to explain didn't need explaining. It's magic, okay? This is actually plausible, but again, it didn't need that sort of quantifying. One of the greatest Jedi masters ever is saying that this individual is exceptionally powerful even for Jedi - isn't that good enough?
  20. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    That's a good question. Do we have any evidence of a Mark-based spell changing before the caster Awoke and lost the Mark? Technically, Dex, but that was really exception. It wasn't really a changed spell. The mysterious fighter of mystery with no name (Noah) confirmed that it was the same spell, just with different amounts of power applied. Theoretically, Dex could summon any kind of creature he wanted if he had enough power. The little fairy is around his limit without Voltaire's power boost (Which makes me hope he's been using his mark enough since then to not need the build-up from the dam to summon her.)
  21. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    I'll be honest, when George mentioned midi-chlorians as his biggest complaint with the prequel trilogy, I was a little perplexed. At the time I hadn't thought much of the subject, and after quite a bit of consideration, I still don't entirely understand why there's so much vitriol around it (I certainly get there being vitriol. I just don't get the quantity of it). It's a basic explanation of some of the mechanics of the magic of the setting, and while explaining the magic can sap the mystical feeling out of it, there are a lot of settings that explain some of the basics of their magic without the fans erupting in an uproar. And I believe explanation of the magic isn't even the story function of the midi-chlorians. From my perspective, the purpose of the midi-chlorians is to give an in-story identifiable reason why Anakin is important. True, there are other ways to do that, though the one George gives in the comic (simply say 'The force is strong with him') doesn't really hold water in my opinion, because shouldn't the force be strong with all the Jedi? And they have an entire galaxy-spanning monastic order of them, so what is so special about this brat from an out of the way dust ball that they need to go through all the trouble to drag him along and even defy the council? Midi-chlorians introduce a simple measurability. More midi-chlorians means more force potential. And Anakin had more than even Yoda. That certainly marks him as significant enough to drag along. A big reason for this happening is a form of 'echo chamber' effect. If there are no dissenting voice to make the creator step back and reconsider certain points (or if their ego has gotten so over-inflated that dissenting opinions have no effect or the opposite effect), then many bad decisions will make their way into the production. And as the fame and prestige of a creator increases, they gain more leverage to remove or suppress the dissenting voices. An introspective creator can potentially avoid that problem, though in a way, they would be their own dissenting voice. On the flip-side, listening to the fans can also be toxic to a production if the creators aren't careful, because 1) the most vocal part of the community isn't necessarily the largest, just the loudest, 2)what people think they want isn't always what they actually want, 3)focusing on fans can cause the production to become very insular, making it difficult for people outside of the fandom to become invested in the work and therefor part of the fandom (just look at all the complaints surrounding Marvel and DC comics about the significant emphasis on dense continuity and inter-connectedness making them difficult to get started reading) Multiple voices and opinions are important to the health of a production. Not too many, lest the production risk becoming bland and generic as it gets pulled every which way, but certainly enough to weed out the bad ideas and promote the good ones
  22. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    First of all, both mama and baby need to be sterilized. Contact your local Trap-Neuter-Return program and talk to them about what to do. That'll get the hormones out of mama and stop her from seeing her offspring as competition. Second, if you have *really* been socializing the kitten, it's time to make a decision about whether or not you want to bring it inside and keep it as a pet.
  23. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Bleaugh! My right ear is ugly. I'm not putting a picture of it online, thankyouverymuch.
  24. Story, September 20, 2017

    To most people, mentioning an uncommon and unexplainable power is going to draw correlations to magic, and he mentioned wizards, which further draws connotations of magic. He didn't come right out and directly say that Cheerleadra's power was magic, but he doesn't have to if he can play on people's preconceived notions. Imply something correctly, and you can get people thinking about it without having to actually mention it. (Besides, directly confirming it's magic is likely against departmental policy and could be seen as 'forcing the hand of a god') Also, if he's trying to minimize exposure, why didn't he try to steer the narrative away from magic? And if he'd already given in to the inevitability of the reset, why did he show up to the talk show at all?
  25. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    The Moderator: Please. No spelling flames and/or corrections of this kind. They come across as condescending and invariably bait thread derailment. I am astonished that I even have to mention this. It is a point of Netiquette nearly as old as the net itself. Also, the religious point you brought up is entirely inappropriate. One, we do not need religious discussions in these forums. Two, the changes George Lucas worked on the canon he himself created can scarcely be compared to murder and suicide.
  26. Things You Find Amusing

    Good luck Doc. Speaking of sports, TSN (The Sports Network up here in Canada) has apparently started doing Monty Pythonesque routines with the return of Jay and Dan who'd spent the past few years working for Fox Sports. http://www.tsn.ca/jay-and-dan/video/jay-and-dan-ask-will-a-canadian-team-win-the-stanley-cup-this-year~1212031
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