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  1. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    My instructors tended towards overkill. They were oceanographers and US Navy divers doing graduate work at the Naval War College (it’s right across the bay from the oceanography school.) To be fair it was in the pool and it did pay off for one student. She had her regulator fail at around 100 ft. And her buddy was one of the SEAL instructors. She swam over to him, signaled her loss of air, and used his secondary regulator to ascend with him. She was so calm the instructor thought one of his friends or professors we were diving with had put her up to it. In order to even dive in open water we were required to drop our weight belt, mask and snorkel at the bottom of the high dive pool, then surface dive in full winter wet suit back down, put the weight belt back on, put the mask on and clear it of water, put the snorkel in and ascend slowly to clear the snorkel. That’s not part of any civilian scuba training, but I never felt ill prepared for any dive I ever did.
  2. NP Friday August 23, 2019

    I’m hoping Monday is just a wide angle shot, showing Grace and Ashley eating popcorn on the couch watching all the cuteness. If anyone is likely to encourage that behavior, it would be those two.
  3. Hello?

    Yes, it appears to have been removed. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but discovery may be poor. Promote it if you’d like to see it used. I’m too ephemeral to be much help (IRL demands too much of my time these days), but I always stop by when I’m free.
  4. NP Monday August 19, 2019

    Yeah, basswood seems a bit light for good wand work. If you plan on leaving the country you’ll steer clear of woods on the CITES (pronounced SY-tease) list like Rosewood. Conductor’s batons tend to be two piece affairs, to provide better balance and offer grip in the hand and stability and flexibility in the shaft; and they probably make a better analog for precision work than a drum stick like wand we usually see. That said, the baton started off more like what a drum major carries in a marching band and can be referred to as a mace ... and now I want to see a battle mace equipped Tedd.
  5. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    Right, sorry it’s been 30+ years since I did the Krebs Cycle. I meant to make the point that your body can function without oxygen, but very inefficiently and at high cost (like lactic acid build up and other problems) and not for very long. Since your brain is an organic computer, when you stop breathing it’s like losing power and your body only has so much reserve power. The thing is, you don’t have a direct oxygen sensor system, your body senses the concentration of CO2 to prod you to breathe. I’m remembering all this from a multidisciplinary scuba class I took at university 30+ years ago (there was a oceanography school there) and we were required to be able to hold our breath for 3 minutes underwater and encouraged to aim for 5. The biomechanics were explained as part of the instruction, so if the current understanding of the biofeedback loop has changed I apologize.
  6. NP Friday, Aug 16, 2019

    The body has a forced breath reaction to CO2 above a certain threshold, there isn’t a O2 bio sensor as such. In fact any anaerobic exercise is due to a local lack of O2 and ATP to burn. This is why if you want to hold your breath for a longer time it pays to breathe out deeply a few times first to purge your lungs of as much residual CO2 as possible.
  7. Three Word Game

    the market. However,
  8. NP Monday April 23, 2018

    Now I am always going to read the duck as sounding like Kathleen Turner.
  9. NP Monday April 23, 2018

    Maybe he just identifies as male. After all he isn't referred to as the Demonic Drake.
  10. EGS Strip Slaying

    If you haven't listened to it, I would recommend The History of English Podcast ( http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/ ). Also *groan*
  11. That would be a whole different form. It isn't uncommon to the cow/boy/girl/both genre, but would be much more NSFW. (Possibly relevant: http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=415 )
  12. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    I like a straight-up magic wand for Ashley, especially one that seems to excel at exposition. I look forward to seeing what it does - other than be offended that it isn't considered "powerful".
  13. NP Monday April 23, 2018

    My head cannon on what we're missing is a reverse camera shot with the tickle fight out of focus in the near foreground and the focus on Ashley sidling up to Susan with a bucket of popcorn (because of course Susan has the best viewing angle). Neither looks at each other in the below exchanges, but look straight at the camera the whole time. Ashley: "So you like to watch?" Susan: "Yes" [Takes out chopsticks to eat the popcorn.] Ashley: "So have you ever watched Elliot?" Susan: [Blushing] "No." Ashley: [Blushing] "Would you like to?" Both: [Awkward pause] Ashley: [Flustered] "... Not that I've even asked him, and we've only kissed, but he's a good kisser, and ... I should stop talking ..." Susan: "If he was okay with it, I would consider it ... for science."
  14. Three Word Game

    the pancreas was
  15. The Band Game

    Wildgriff had a few great albums and some good airplay, but stopped playing after an incident at a festival where some "bad pharma" was blamed for a mass riot caused by the delusional crowd "seeing" the griffins engage in an air battle with "a dragon and some flying monkeys". At least that was what the nice medical team in their crisp black suits told everyone. Irie P! is a Punk band from Jamaica, or a reggae band that does punk covers - members of band disagree on which is correct.