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  1. Story Monday November 28, 2016

    you know, her persistence in this subject might be less annoying to both audience and cast if she'd led with the "jerry 2.0's small favor" detail. cause it sounds stupid without it.
  2. The Band Game

    No one knows the title of their first album, but the group's Mid 90's album 'Men of steel and circuit' is by far their most popular, particularly the title track and the tracks 'Deadly Dustbins of War' and "Blue Engine of Time". In fact it's their only widely popular album. Probably because it's the only one that references something more than 12 people on the entire planet have ever heard of. When Doctor Who got started up again a decade ago, they pulled the album from the shelves/servers as it's inspiration was no longer obscure, and haven't been heard from since. At Heaven's Steps - A blatant and unapologetic ripoff of Two Steps from Hell, that somehow manages to be just barely different enough to avoid legal action.
  3. Three Word Game

    On every machine
  4. EGS Strip Slaying

    it's a reference to a picture of link in a straight jacket from about a decade ago, someone tries to talk to him but he just mumbles "Three days..."

  6. RVB.PNG

  7. OW.PNG



  10. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. Unfortunately, the people he pissed off are still pissed off and one of them puts a rifle round through him before he can reveal his change of heart and new plan of reform to he masses, leaving his running mate who's as bad as he was, if not worse, in charge. I wish i existed again, oblivion is boring.
  11. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, unfortunately the controls are permanently stuck on -40*c 0% humidity, and it's a massive power-hog. I wish to undo my previous wishes.
  12. Three Word Game

    hosted a talkshow
  13. The Band Game

    the group was doing quite well up until it was discovered that said toaster was actually a computer in a heavily modded casing using a pirated vocalizer program. The resulting lawsuits over commercial use of illegally obtained software bankrupted the group. Morning Star, a mixed-content group who get 90% of their income from cartoon intro theme, end theme, and background music commissions.
  14. Last Post Wins

    *Starts hipping on the giant buttons, but messes up the sequence, inadvertently turning NOCLIP on for everyone* ...Uh... okay, I go through the buttons now... how do I turn this off...
  15. Three Word Game

    of his timeline.
  16. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you have the ability to see a 5-second window of events that have not yet happened. An event once viewed however, MUST occur exactly as you've seen it, and you will be compelled to ensure it does, the compulsion completely overrides your free will and your self preservation instincts. you gain no other abilities. I wish to be more resistant to cat claws.
  17. Last Post Wins

    no o mean lost physicaly, i think i've passed this same rock like eight times now.
  18. Three Word Game

    Summoning Circle for
  19. Well, someone had to do it...

    so much for the no-time-travel rule...
  20. Last Post Wins

    i am SO lost right now...
  21. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. It is reality, for you. more specificaly, it is a schitzphrenic delusion that has replaced your entire perception of reality. i wish for a back-scratcher
  22. Three Word Game

    spoons in 1699
  23. Three Word Game

    UFO Storage Hangar
  24. What's in the Lost and Found?

    every idiot ball, plot coupon, and big red button ever written.