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  2. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    But even if he would transform to human it wouldn't change anything. So they would know how he looks - but they still wouldn't know HIM. His look or his name won't tell them anything useful. Showing him transformation isn't exactly telling him your life story - ... wait, actually, in Sam's case it sort of is. Although if he was paying attention he should already know it. Anyway. They have no reason to show him any transformation except if his puppy eyes convince them. BUT on the other hand it's not about trust. It's more like if you talk about some card trick and some stranger starts demanding you should show him. It's rude and you have no reason to do it, but you don't show him any secret. He's transformed to smoke, showing him transformations are possible won't really show him anything new AND showing him won't reveal more than just telling him. Unless they plan to pretend there were talking about computer game or something. Which is unlikely to work ... because they already shown that transformations (namely, him being in smoke form) are not as surprising to them as they should.
  3. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    It's not a dream. We've accessed your neural transcei- ... ehm. I mean, it's not just a dream if it's drawn and published. Would that really be simpler? I mean, in most universes, sure, but in EGS transformations are crazy easy.
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  5. Things You Find Amusing

    Rabbits are apparently making a play for taking over the Cats' domain and the Cats have no clue what to make of it.
  6. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Or even worse... What if this is all just a dream of some crazy comic artist working on an obscure website?
  7. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Maybe they never actually entered the crypt, this was all just a in their heads from the moment Nanase busted the door open. Maybe she didn't actually bust the door open.
  8. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    It's basically, why should Grace and Sam comply with Camdin's request when they don't even know him at all, he's sticking his nose in their business and acting like it's his business to know, for one that just not how it works, you wouldn't tell a complete stranger your life story if they rang your doorbell and demanded you tell them, there's a level of trust and Camdin's giving no reason for Grace and Sam to trust him with anything further.
  9. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Maybe the magic is that they never really lost their equipment, or even went through transformations? Maybe it was all in their heads?
  10. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Meh, it's all Greek to me.
  11. 2/16/19 - Belt Boy's Loose Lips

    TheHeroesOfCRASH.com Belt Boy lets some sensitive info slip. Also, my annual fanart contest begins! Belt Boy's slipping back into breakdown mode again, and his background in panel 3 shows it. That dark cloud is supposed to be reminiscent of the background from his dream at the beginning of this storyline. There's more I want to say about this scene, but I don't want to reveal too much just yet. All I will say is that the thing that Belt Boy has inadvertently foreshadowed is something I've been planning to mention for years...! My birthday's coming up in just three months, and what I'd really, REALLY like is some fan art and fan avatars! My annual birthday contest has begun once again, and there's two ways to submit entries: 1. If you're good at art, then you can draw/paint/sculpt my characters and e-mail it to me at heroesofcrash-at-yahoo-dot-com with the subject "Traditional Fan Art Contest". 2. If you're not good at art (or don't have all the supplies you need), you can create a custom character or avatar in a video game or on a website, so that it looks like one of my characters. You can then send an image to that same e-mail with the subject "Generated Fan Art Contest" EVERYONE who submits a valid entry will get some art in return; the Traditional category winner will decide my next desktop wallpaper, the Generated category winner gets a filler based on their art, and all runners-up will get a surprise sketch! You can check out the FULL rules on my website at http://www.theheroesofcrash.com/ContestRulesAnStuffPage.htm for more details. Make sure that you submit your entry by May 19th, and have fun!
  12. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    ... and equipment. Magic.
  13. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    ... and he doesn't match Camdin's behaviour so much ... and is not scary enough to warrant Grace shapeshifting. Is protecting women still considered positive? I though feminists are radically against that idea ... ... and in this case it would be definitely counterproductive, although Sam doesn't know that. What? Why? Like, interrupting private conversation, especially in manner which makes obvious he was eavesdropping, is definitely rude, but I fail to see the angle in which it would be unfair to do that specifically transformed. Unless you would consider Sam transforming into girl to be showing Camdin (IF it's Camdin) his actual identity, which ... well ... it sort of is but not really. Technically, BOTH Grace and Sam are transformed, but Camdin doesn't know that and likely assumes this is their "normal" form. ... I suppose if some piece of furniture doesn't allow this motion we can move it. Unless it's too heavy.
  14. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    I imagine there were Werebeasts, with wolves being a subset if the curse had regional differences, like wolves being european and foxes being asian, maybe there were Werebears in north america? Or the differences were not regional but just random. On a related note, In Dungeons & Dragons, Lycanthrope is term for ANY shapeshifting creatures similar to werewolves, including wereboar, werefox and wereshark ... despite λυκάνθρωπος literally meaning wolf-human. The correct general term would be therianthrope.
  15. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    ... and they have back their clothes and shoes.
  16. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    You're looking at the pedestal that the scales were sitting on, remember Nanase put them on the floor so that Sarah could still operate them in case she ended up too small to reach them up there. The door hasn't finished sliding down to reveal what's beyond yet.
  17. Yesterday
  18. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    I think that's just another shot of panel one here, minus the scales since they're on the floor with Sarah and Nanase. That surprise slide after doggy door makes more sense, if that's also the same door that is opening now - so the separate pathway wouldn't go right into the final/treasure room for only one of the adventurers.
  19. This Day In History

    We prefer to handle our conflicts in an area made of ice thankyouverymuch, now drop your gloves or prepare to be jersey'd.
  20. Things That Are Just Annoying

    This headache. Will not go away. My normal OTC drugs tamp it down for a while, but not long enough. But it's not quite take the "knock me out, I don't care any more" drugs level.
  21. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Here is And it looks like the artifact is missing. Bummer that.
  22. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    Second! Are there any objections? Will the chair allow this motion to pass through acclamation?
  23. This Day In History

    You do realize that this sets the humor bar impossibly high.
  24. This Day In History

    Given the name, a lot of people probably assume that it was the French who founded it, especially since the entire Mississippi had been claimed by France and only fell under Spanish rule after France's defeat in the Seven Years' War.
  25. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    Camdin's a jerk, putting his eagerness to get more information about magic and butting in on a private conversation, Grace can easily just say its none of him damn business what they can transform into, and can even claim the unfairness of being asked to show anything without knowing Camdin's actual identity first.
  26. This Day In History

    On February 15 in History: 590 - Khosrau II becomes King of Sassanid Persia. Nicknamed "The Victorious", his will be yet another great reign in the long tradition of Zoroastrian rulers. Yep, nothing's ever gonna bring these folks down. 706 - Recently restored Byzantine emperor Justinian II publicly executes the guy who deposed him, as well as the guy who later deposed that guy before ultimately being deposed by Justinian II. He will rule for another five years before eventually being deposed and executed. 1564 - Galileo is born. On the same day, the Earth and the Sun trade places just to fuck with everyone, and to see how long it will take for anyone to notice. 1764 - St. Louis is founded. Most people are aware that the city later hosts a very famous World's Fair. What may surprise people is that the city was actually founded by Spain. As they say, nobody expects a Spanish Exposition. 1898 - The USS Maine explodes and sinks in Havana Harbor, Cuba. The U.S. decides this is as good an excuse as any to steal some land from Spain and then not do anything with it. 1965 - Canada adopts its new symbol of national sovereignty and strength: a leaf. This is due to the average Canadian's propensity for avoiding conflict, preferring instead to dry up and blow away. 1971 - Opting instead for something that makes sense and the rest of the world can understand, the British stop using Wizard money. 2003 - Occurring in over 600 cities around the world and with between 8 million and 30 million participants, the largest peace demonstration in history's protest against the Iraq war is entirely successful in getting people out of the house for a few hours.
  27. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    He might be right about two of the component species, anyway....
  28. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    "Smoke" definitely reminds me of Freakazoid here, with his wide-eyed expression and super enthusiasm. Also, extra man points to Sam for trying to protect a friend.
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