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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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  2. np

    Dear Big Fashion, Regarding your advertisement in the January 18, 2017 EGS NP comic. Please stop. Outerwear without the ability to carry something other that itself and the person wearing it is a waste of fabric.
  3. Feline name based affinity... You don't suppose Eartha Kitt...
  4. I ... think my supply is considerably more potent.
  5. Mrs. Prof brought home a Monterrey Melt from Whataburger. I managed to get half of it down without getting sick.
  6. Today
  7. *at the hypertime rip* RR: What's taking them so long? *Two small transport ships with roughly ten personnel in each arrive on the scene; with a boatload of equipment and lots of weird looking weapons* Major Derida: Major Derida, Temporal Emergency Support Team #1, BBFP Lady Miriam. Apologies for the slightly delayed arrival; had a bit of trouble with the local Air Force. RR: I hope you didn't shoot any of them down. MD: Negatory. Prof. Kent: *frustrated parent tone* Rex... RR: Oh, hi Kent. PK: What did you do this time? RR: Nothing really that would explain what happened; we were analyzing quantum waveforms left when a tank capable of extradementional and temporal travel left some wakes; I changed the batteries on my device with the exact same type of battery, and after taking an analysis without a hitch, it blew up in my hand and aged it by I think around 40 years. I'm not sure what's going on in there and I'm one to find out; but so far its only been belching out random pieces of apparel. PK: And where did you get those new AA batteries? RR: From this thing. *presents Kent with the remote* It makes foodstuff appear from seemingly nowhere. PK: Right... We'll get your hand fixed up first then we'll run some tests on this and that rip; where'd you even get this? RR: I got it from Celia after- wait, where is she? *wherever Balloon!Hack and Dragon!Celia are* CM:I believe that the Icarus route suits you, so instead I may have to just drag you down by the tail. Hold on. *flies ahead of Balloon!Hack and warps her tail around him* CM: Just scream like a little girl in case my grip's too tight; I don't want you to pop or fly around like a deflating balloon.
  8. I get my Tryptophan from Butterball.
  9. Aside from maybe this, or this, or this (Susan's Nature side being the aspect of Tiffany). I just think that an affinity isn't an affinity if it isn't hard coded in some way, name based affinity does seem like a grey area as it is either given at the time a name is given, or the affinity is given prior to birth and then the parents are guided into giving an appropriate name at the time of birth, like a little voice saying "Hey, Kitty would be a purrfect name."
  10. You call that easy? Yearnings are something you stop having when you stop having them. If you decide to suddenly stop using name, it would take you some time before you stop reflectively answering to it. She wouldn't have that affinity. It's hard to imagine in case of Catalina, as the name obviously matches her - and it's question if it's effect of the name-based affinity itself or if she has some cat-like qualities independently. But Susan doesn't show any signs of Tiffany. If the name had any effect on her, she fought with it and won long ago. Note that if Catalina just changed name without the desire to stop using it, like, if she married and changed surname, it would still remain her maiden name (or, generally, former name) and would count into the name-based affinity. IMHO. In fact, this makes more sense than someone's affinity suddenly changing due to marriage because their legal name changed, doesn't it?
  11. Yeah, but my go to mid level migraine pills have caffeine in them, so you would think that they would combine forces. One the gripping hand, every thing else I take, other than literal "speed" has "may cause drowsiness" as a side effect, one of the ones that goes on the yellow label on the pill bottle.
  12. But that would suggest that name based affinities could be nullified almost as easy a yearnings, like if Catalina for some reason decided she wanted to answer to a different name a couple years before Pandora found her would Pandora still have noticed a cat transformation affinity but not know it was named based? Or would would the "Girl Formerly Known as Catalina" have a completely different affinity that overwrote the original?
  13. np

    Hard to aim hand without looking. Also, trying to not look might be even more suspicious if they were keeping to look before. And finally, so what? PNG is loseless compression. More likely, the color filter did it (meaning, Dan draw the shop in background normally and then faded the colors with some filter).
  14. Hopefully she doesn't bring home a pet or two from each of these occasions...
  15. It's possible that heredity takes priority over name, but who knows for sure. While also possible, my point was that "Tiffany" wouldn't count as Susan's name because she's not using it unless forced to. There is still no motivation. Sure, it's more understandable why it's happening, but it still doesn't make sense WHY is magic doing it.
  16. Now digesting evening pills. With tea. Mrs. Prof hasn't come home yet from her tasks at the Garland Pet Adoption Center. She usually brings something, so I wait.
  17. I think the coffee is fighting an uphill battle against both our medications. One cup has little chance of winning with my pill menagerie.
  18. np

    Being a card carrying pervert, I approve of this service and/or product. I'd rather vote for the second option, her bust is good enough as is.
  19. It's possible that heredity takes priority over name, but who knows for sure. Heck as you said, Pandora complained that it didn't make sense at the time she marked Catalina, but I'm betting she's thinking it makes some sense now that she knows about Magic having a will.
  20. np

    Any change would result in Kitty knowing her speed is being impeded. Therefore, Rhoda should change her without even looking. Plus, the strip might be compressed since the text is readable but wee faded. *looks at you with contempt* But knowing there will be hi-jinks, alright.
  21. np

    Being a card carrying pervert, I approve of this service and/or product.
  22. That might be fun. As long as no [F|M]V5 was applied to any of the combatants
  23. Not sure if it's related or not but I seem have developed a tolerance for low dosed of caffeine. One mug of tea seems to have little, if any, effect on my wanting to stay awake nor any effect of in fact falling asleep. Normal doses of caffeine containing analgesics behave the same way.
  24. np

    Or make her so much smaller even the ears and tail wouldn't help her. Also, she's likely to fall just from being surprised by the change. Although changing something else could make more sense. Like, enlarging something and block her path with it. But that would be too clever I guess ...
  25. ... good question, can someone be marked based on name-based affinity if she hates the name? In many cases, name is only important because it represents you ... we don't have this noted in EGS yet, but it makes more sense than magic depending on legal documents. (Of course, Pandora already complains that name-based affinities doesn't make sense at all ...)
  26. Sounds like it'll be a crappy movie. What, too soon?
  27. np

    Morals are so easy to drop when you're being chased by a catgirl obsessed otaku.
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