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  2. 7:25 a.m. CDT 20170528. Rough night sleeping. Had trouble finding a comfortable position with my left iron-booted leg elevated. My right spine nerve pain kept flaring up and waking me up. I had to switch from one side of our sectional sofa to the other in order to get sleep of any consecutive length. (Our bed isn't that conducive to sleeping with an elevated boot.) As mentioned elsewhere, coffee is required at the moment to keep me awake, and I'm about to go get a much-needed second cup. Walking is a bit less painful, but still slow. I was having issues with pain in my second toe when I'd walk after the podiatrist re-wrapped my new bandages. That seems to have gone away, but I'm still skittish when I walk. My spinal nerve pain is also causing issues when walking, further contributing to my slow gait. If you'll remember, I've been referred to an ENT doctor for out-of-control coughing, mainly when I lie on my back. For some reason, I'm not coughing any more when I lie on my back. I am still getting odd coughing fits, and I've still got other nose and throat issues, so I'm still going. I'll just be going for different symptoms. I'll also have Mrs. Prof with me to provide corroborating evidence so the doctor won't blow me off as a nutcase.
  3. BIG TIME racing day today. Right now, I'm watching the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. Mrs. Prof is still asleep—she had a busy day handing out cat medicine at the Pet Adoption Center yesterday, and she's not really an F1 fan. She is an IndyCar fan, though, and she will be waking up in time to watch the coverage of the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500, which starts at 10:00 a.m. CDT. We will both need mass quantities of coffee to make it through the race (assuming there isn't a rain delay)—her for physical fatigue, me to fight off medicine-induced sleepiness. We will watch the Indy 500, though, come hell or high water. There's too much intrigue in today's race, with Fernando Alonso driving, Scott Dixon on pole with a monstrously fast speed, and questions about Honda's engine reliability after James Hinchcliffe's engine went kablammo during carb day Friday, despite Honda's overall speed advantage. It's going to be a hell of a race.
  4. Worry not, my friend. I see it after I wave it. It's like a cursor with a trail, and it doesn't happen every morning. Only occasionally, and usually for just a few minutes after I wake up.
  5. You see the hand after you wave it, but you know it is an illusion. That does sound annoying but survivable. If you see the waving hand before you wave it, or if you can not tell what is illusory and what is real, consult your physician.
  6. The dizzy stuff is because of you Abilify dose, if I remember correctly, right? (Brain fade - please humor me.) Haven't experienced it with my own increase from 5 mg to 10 mg. However I am experiencing something almost as weird: afterimages after I wake up. I can wave my hand in front of my face, and it'll leave a "trail" of images that fade away behind it. Wikipedia calls it Illusory palinopsia. I call it weird, yet somewhat cool, when it happens. Turns out the culprit is most likely my Topamax. I can live with it, as long as the Topamax and hydrocodone keep working together.
  7. Please do. Vertigo is no joke. I hope improvement continues!
  8. As my boss, a Marine from the Korean War, likes to say, "The Marines are a department of the Navy. The Men's department."
  9. This dizzy stuff is getting weird. A lot better, but weird. About an hour ago, I damn near face planted because I sat down too fast. The dizzy to normal ratio is getting closer to normal, at least for me, but it is still about 50% above normal. I still plan my life around moving very slowly or within reach of a wall.
  10. Ah, well, no. John Glenn was a Marine, which means he was in the Navy's army. But he was a pilot in the Navy's Army's Airforce.
  11. Sunday Girl. by Blondie, in French. Got played a lot at the place down the street during my first tour in Germany.
  12. When you flip a light switch, you expect the light to turn on. Tell that to my grandparents. They have the switch set in the "on" so the ceiling fan can run for air circulation. They have the light off because the room doesn't need light when nobody's in it, plus you can just go pull the chain if you want light. The problem is this is the shop (formerly an actual workshop room when Grandpa was more of a handyman, now it's more of a storage room for various tools, parts, and junk) is the room we're in the least, so why do we need air circulation either? And I hate tripping over stuff just to turn a light on. And we always need the fan on in a room we're almost never in but never have the fan on in a room we're always in (the living room)? Not sense make!
  13. story

    I hope not. Being careful even for what you wish for seems like very sad and frightened kind of life.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Where have all the pumpkins gone? and where are all the gourds? Where's the luscious butternut to squash the rising odds? Isn't there a courgette upon a fiery steed? Late at night, my marrows gone, zucchini's what I need…
  16. Euro-style ham, mushroom pizza, lambrusco wine, and squash. must be one hell of a song.
  17. I have an intense craving for a Euro-style ham and mushroom pizza and a large glass of Lambrusco wine. That is because of a song that just came up on random play. I think I'm going to make some squash.
  18. Don't settle for any random conspiracy expert. Go directly to the best.
  19. Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed? late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need...
  20. Given that it happened? Unity, of course. As to WHY it happens, see your random conspiracy theory export for hours of details on the subject.
  21. story

    I guess this should teach Eleen to be careful what she wishes for.
  22. The nobility spoke French, but they were a tiny, tiny minority. The thing is, they stopped speaking French after the end of the Hundred Years war. Hank the fourth was the first native-English speaker to reign since the Norman Conquest--that's 419 years of kings who either spoke no English at all or learned it as a second language. Now if England had conquered France and the same dynasty went on reigning, the focus of government and culture would have shifted to France the longer that went on. England would basically become to France as Scotland became to England after James VI of Scotland became James I of England as well. Anyone English who wanted to get ahead would learn French. I don't agree with all of Pratt's insights. Given that Henry VI of England (who would have become Henry II of France instead of the Henry II who was Louis IV's grandad) turned out to be a long-lived flake, the prospects of a lasting Plantagenet dynasty in France don't seem too likely. But it is a phenomenon that's been seen elsewhere, most notably in China which has been absorbing its "conquerers" for three or four millenia so far. At that time there were something like ten Frenchmen for every Englishman. The English had to play a long catch-up game, but now the English in England outnumber the French in France.
  23. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com We now return to our regularly scheduled program! When we last left our hero, Belt Boy was nervously staring down his arch-nemesis, Necros. But stress and a recent battle have left our plucky protagonist a bit shaken, and Necros can smell his fear. Will Belt Boy be able to face his fears and his foe? Will his friends be able to hash out their differences? And for how long will Miss Sunflower be nursing that headache? The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in the upcoming installments of... The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H.! By the way, due to a lack of entries, the Generated Fan Art Contest has been cancelled. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Traditional Fan Art category. :-) Feel free to send me some fan art during next year's contest, folks (Although I appreciate fan art year-round!).
  24. I just switched from 32-bit Firefox to 64-bit Firefox, with no apparent side effects, just by following the instructions posted on Mozilla's website. They actually got something right for a change!
  25. You know what'll really surprise the hell out of me? If he shows up carrying the stereotypical "little black bag" that doctors of yore used to carry. That'd be a hoot.
  26. Don't tell anyone, but actually there are international agreements between paramedics of different armed forces on generating patients for one another so we can justify getting bigger budgets.
  27. story

    They didn't seemed to believe anything like that. Also, Jerry don't consider them nice. Right. Important distinction. There may be other reasons while their reset was improper. As if being Seer wouldn't be enough.
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