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  2. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    No, it would be two days later if this year is a leap year. A normal year is 365 days: 52x7+1. But a leap year is 366 days: 52x7+2, so any date after February would fall two weekdays after that date on the previous year. Anyway, this comic takes place two days before Grace and Sam encountered the smoky transformer who was not Camdin and, probably more important for the party, before Grace told Tedd's dad about it. So I'm thinking that maybe Tedd's place (which is also his dad's place) isn't quite the best venue. How about Susan's house? It's a bigger place with sleepover possibilities.
  3. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Dan had mentioned that once a leap year comes into play then the simplest explanation would be to assume that the EGS verse treats leap years differently or something. Like when the comic first started, 2004 was the leap year which if we're following the comic from 2002, and are now into 2003, then the next year would be a leap. However if we follow it as starting in 2013 and are now into 2014, then the leap year won't be till 2016 which is 2 years away comic time. 2020 is a leap year so it could be possible to have the first year be 2019 since Dan hasn't gotten into February of the second year yet BUT, Dan also stated that if he were to place EGS within a specific time frame, it'd be after the Star Trek 2009 but before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which takes us back to the 2013-14 time frame, also because Dan didn't have the first year be a leap year, the way he's been vague about what the exact date is in comic lately (he used to do month and day of the month up until the Family Tree story and then has been just doing day of the week since, so as long as he does that, we probably won't even know if the story passed a leap day or not, unless he happens do mention another milestone day like Grace's birthday being on a particular day and we're like "wait a moment, that should be a day later if this year was a leap year".
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  5. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    And they're still in high school. A party on Friday evening or Saturday, to celebrate something on Thursday, seems not only plausible but likely.
  6. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    The dating system began with EGS in 2002. Day-of-the-month and day-of-the-week corresponds to that year right through to the New Year's Eve party. But Dan seems to have decided not to be bound by the Gregorian calendar any more than any other long-running comic. Personally I'd vote for 2013 for a base year, although as I myself stated in the Shivepedia, the initial dates also work for 2019. But 2020 is a leap year, so either the coming February will have 29 days while February 2003 and February 2014 had only 28 days. Anyway, Dan seems to be going for relative dating now, and it's appropriate for The New World, what with the spare Ellen at large, Diane hooking up with Lucy, etc. , I'm inventing a new system for Moperverse dating, based on NW-Day (for "New World"). Here's how recent events are timed out: NW-7 Friday Sarah meets Sam, Justin meets Luke NW-6 Saturday Ashley's first date with Elliot NW-Day Friday Day of "Minimal" Change (yeah, right) NW+5 Wednesday Grace askes Sarah about her not-date with Sam. NW+7 Friday Sam does not show up for the Friday night tournament at Salty Crackers. Later in Luke's dorm, we meet Camdin. Also that evening, Ashley and Elliot's shockingly uneventful third date. NW+8 Saturday At the mall with Ellen, Grace spots Sam, Sam spots Grace, Sam runs away, and Ellen misses the point. Also on Saturday, Elliot asks Tedd about a party next Saturday. NW+9 Monday Grace uses her antennae on Sam at Salty Crackers, then follows Sam outside and asks if he has a magic mark. They both encounter a smoky transformer who is definitely not Camdin, who is elsewhere, enjoying a sandwich. NW+15 Saturday (provisional) PARTY!!
  7. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    If we're going by the idea that the current year in EGS is 2014, the current scene is taking place on the 25th of January, meaning the party Elliot wants to have will be on February 1st, Ellen's "birthday" would be January 30 which is Thursday. Unless Dan skips the week right to the party, we might see Elliot talking to Ellen about it and maybe him asking if she wouldn't mind using her "birthday" as a reason to invite Ashley, if Elliot doesn't want Ashley to know the party is specifically to get her to open up about what's bothering her, having it disguised (or maybe actual if the idea of 2 birthdays a year appeals to her) as a birthday party would be a good plan.
  8. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Elliot's apparently coming up with the party before the pretext makes this seem unlikely, and the fact that Dan has indicated on Twitter he doesn't know the calendar-dates for recent events makes it far more unlikely, but the current story is likely within a week or two of the anniversary of Ellen's creation... I wonder how she'd feel about having her brother and friends throw her a first birthday party? I assume the Pharaoh's point was how to justify it to Ashley. It might make her uncomfortable if she knew the party was all about introducing her to other magic users / Elliot's circle of friends. (Then again it might not be a problem, and Elliot does tend to be pretty straightforward these days.) As for a party without a theme or celebrating some event, are they really that common? I've never experienced one myself (not that I know enough people IRL to get invited to many parties) nor can I recall them ever really coming up in fiction (aside from the stereotypical "the parents are away, lets invite half the school over" parties).
  9. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    All that's needed is for Tedd to tell Grace and the party will become inevitable. And since when do real teenagers even need a theme to party?
  10. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    So no Birthday or Gnu Year's pretext for this Unexpected Party? There needs to be some sort of theme other than "Convince Ashley Magic isn't so bad" or "Watch teens binge on pizza and Pringles".
  11. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    As far as we know, the basement at Elliot's/Ellen's is mostly unfinished and is where their exercise equipment are. It's also seemed implied that there's a spare room that could have been given to Ellen, but Elliot insisted that Ellen had just as much right to his bedroom as he did. It's also implied that the spare room is now being used to do the Review Show in(stated in commentary). Anyway, considering Ashley's going to be training to be a wizard with Tedd supervising, she's going to be spending time at Tedd's house often so it makes sense that this party could also be used to show Ashley all the stuff she'll be seeing later. I don't think Elliot's ever had Tedd over at his place, everytime there's a scene with the two, I've always assumed it was at Tedd's.
  12. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Maybe not, but in this comic, Tedd and Elliot are in Tedd's basement lair. Notice the stairs? The couch where Susan made out with Justin at Grace's last birthday party? Also the same basement where Voltaire revealed himself, and, later, Pandora, but we don't know if Ashley knows either of those factoids yet. But it's definitely a bigger venue, and it's not Elliot's house.
  13. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    Ashley hasn't met Grace or Justin yet, has she?
  14. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    With twins, I would try to provide each one with at least a tiny room -- IF the twins wanted that. Opposite sex twins almost always will want that, but the Ells are closer than most identicles anyway. It might have seemed obviously better to both "sisters" that they should both be in the best room available.
  15. http://egscomics.com/comic/party-004 Sooo, this is how the party happens. Wonder if Elliot tells Ashley it's just to give her chance to talk with someone ... or if he tries to hide it and fails horribly. Maybe she really needs more time to just think about it? Or, like, doesn't consider safe talking about magic in public places? Is Elliot's house big enough for party anyway? We know everyone did fit into Tedd's house, but Elliot's supposed to be smaller, doesn't it? Elliot needs to share room with Ellen, for start ...
  16. This Day In History

    On April 23 in History: 599 - King Uneh Chan of Calakmul attacks and sacks his rival city-state of Bàakʼ (Palenque) under Queen Yohl Ik'nal. That'll teach 'em. I feel like if we had a more complete history of Mayan politics, it would be just as interesting if not more so than all the Greek stuff we study. 711 - Dagobert III becomes King of the Franks on the death of his father, Childebert III. Unfortunately, I've already made a Dilbert joke regarding old Frankish kings before, so I've got nothing here. 1014 - The good news: Irish High King Brian Boru has defeated a band of Viking invaders at the Battle of Clontarf. The bad news: he was killed in said battle. Well, shit. 1016 - Edmund Ironside inherits the throne of England when his father, Æthelred the Unready, is killed. You have to admit his name inspires a little more confidence. 1616 - William Shakespeare dies, literally the day after Miguel de Cervantes. Somebody warn Jonathan Smith! 1928 - Shirley Temple is born. The tap routine she performs for the delivering doctors and nurses is reportedly very impressive. 1985 - Coca-Cola introduces a new formula that tastes more like Pepsi but not as good. For some reason it doesn't go over well. 2005 - Jawed Karim uploads a video of himself in front of some elephants at the zoo and forever changes the way society consumes and interacts with media. 2018 - Some douche in Toronto who's mad that he isn't getting laid runs a bunch of people over with his truck. Can't imagine why women wouldn't be flocking to such an obvious catch.
  17. Yesterday
  18. EGS Strip Slaying

    Been a while since we had a Skyrim related slay.
  19. This Day In History

    On April 22 in History: 238 - The Roman Senate declares Emperor Maximinus Thrax an outlaw, and nominates two of its own number to take his place. It perhaps won't surprise you that this will later be known as the Year of the Six Emperors. 1519 - Hernán Cortés establishes a settlement at present-day Veracruz, Mexico. Nothing to worry about, Moctezuma; we're just minding our own business over here. 1616 - Death of Miguel de Cervantes. Perhaps he got cancer from a windmill. 1836 - Mexican General Santa Anna is captured hiding in a swamp the day after the battle of San Jacinto. The Texans have no reason to think he's anything more than a regular solider until his own men accidentally reveal his identity. Whoopsie. 1864 - The phrase "In God We Trust" first appears on U.S. minted coins. More specifically, the two cent coin. So you see, it's clearly a long-standing tradition. 1870 - Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov is born. I can't blame him for switching to the pseudonym "Lenin". It's definitely a lot catchier. 1889 - The cities of Guthrie and Oklahoma City go from nothing to over 10,000 people in a matter of hours once "unassigned" lands are open for settlement and people madly rush in to grab a piece for themselves. So like Black Friday, but less chaotic. 2000 - Federal agents with military-grade weapons break into a house and rip a six year old boy from the arms of his relatives, and this is considered a reasonable solution to an international custody dispute. 2016 - Every country on Earth signs an agreement in Paris to reduce greenhouse emissions. The agreement lets each country set their own rules and goals and does not penalize not following or meeting them. Yeah, we're all gonna die.
  20. NP Monday April 22 2019

    Since I started following Dan's twitter, the chance to create reaction threads has come up so often for me it's not only lost its novelty, it would be starting to feel like a chore if I thought I had to do it. So these days I usually leave the reaction-thread creation for others unless I have something to say (because I can't comment in a thread that doesn't exist yet). I might need to clarify that I meant that it rarely happens to me I have absolutely nothing to say about the comic. Although I don't have that many opportunities to create those threads either ... (at least it doesn't feel that way, although looking at recent history ...) And I usually do if I can because otherwise someone who don't even know how to add tags will do it. (Or is it impossible to add tags from mobile or something?)
  21. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Yeah, context is key here. Anyway, after I posted my previous comment, I noticed that Elliot's hair looked shorter than it did the last time we saw him, a Tweet to Dan confirms it.
  22. NP Monday April 22 2019

    In the Dragon Quest / Warrior games (or at least the first three, which are the only one's I've played) by the time you reach the middle of the game, when you walk through the areas near the beginning with the weakest enemies, the monsters run away from you fairly often - and if/when you return to those areas with end-of-game levels, they're more likely to run away than to fight you! Enemies significantly weaker than you also run away from you in the first Final Fantasy, though not nearly as often. These are pretty much the only examples I can think of, though... Since I started following Dan's twitter, the chance to create reaction threads has come up so often for me it's not only lost its novelty, it would be starting to feel like a chore if I thought I had to do it. So these days I usually leave the reaction-thread creation for others unless I have something to say (because I can't comment in a thread that doesn't exist yet).
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  24. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Seems Ashley is suddenly afraid of Elliot's house. She probably understands that the chance of another Magus showing up are low, but can't overcome that feeling anyway. ... is she also fearing the mall now? Her last two dates proved that it doesn't matter if it's in public or private, Elliot is magnet for danger. ... Elliot is lucky: this will definitely lower the risk of him getting her pregnant. Helps that they are so similar it's easy for them to understand those. I mean, both are very bad at lying. On first though, he's quite specifically best boyfriend just for Ashley. On second though, universal best boyfriends might not even exists ... generally, the run for "best boyfriend" must be something similar to competition for best screw: no screw is universally best ; the best one is the one matching the nut. ... uuuhhh ... might not be best way to say it in English considering the other meanings of "screw" and "nut" ...
  25. NP Monday April 22 2019

    Game mechanics which doesn't scale well either at beginning or at end is nothing surprising. Now, enemies which are aware of it and run away due to that ... on second though, enemies running away for ANY reason ... are pretty rare in games. Never stopped me. Although it also very rarely happens to me, so ...
  26. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    As opposed to the worst, best boyfriend ever? Exactly
  27. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Knowing Elliot, he's probably aware that something's bothering Ashley because she's not being very cheerful and even her awkwardness is off, but he's not wanting to push her to talk about it, at least not at school. As opposed to the worst, best boyfriend ever?
  28. Story Monday, April 22, 2019

    Elliot is in the running for "best boyfriend ever".
  29. NP Monday April 22 2019

    These guys remind me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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