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    I just had a less than a second long power glitch. Took out my router and one of my screens one my workstation/server machine. Needed to reboot both. I'm taking that as a sign I should go back to bed.
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  4. http://TheHeroesOfCRASH.com There are some names that only special people get to call you - usually family members and childhood friends. Lana, of course, is in that second category. I was originally going to have Lana make a slightly more suggestive joke about Rose and Mags having certain "attributes" that Lana was lacking. My rule of thumb is that my comic is never more explicit than a 90s TGIF show, and I'm sure that Step By Step has been more adult and less subtle than that joke, but it still didn't sit quite right with me. I'm glad I pushed myself to figure out some clever wordplay, instead. Still, the remnants of that joke remain in Lana's passing reference to "filling out a top" - which, despite being less subtle, also seems less crass when it's part of the setup instead of the punchline.
  5. This Day In History

    Still sounds better to me than having Rudy Giuliani around. That explains the name. Given that they quit the first location, I mean. "We quit. Take two. Qui Two." The freed slaves all weep bitter tears, I am sure. It is never a good idea to mess with Finns. These people are scary. Oh come on, they made it in time after all. Well now there is concentration camps for evil immigrant children. Never again shall they menace the land of the free and the brave by yelling, running around and playing. "Bohupwhatswana? Oh, Bohupthatswana." And now it is precipitously abandoning allies and fleeing bases for the Russians to take over and hold. A very good thing that Putin is such a reliable and trustworthy man unlike all these evil democracies and NATO countries. Thank goodness we have the GRU now that the USA's own intelligence agencies can no longer be relied on to act in the best interest of the US!
  6. This Day In History

    On December 6 in History: 1185 - Death of Afonso I, the first king of Portugal. Can the nation survive without him? Only time will tell. 1240 - Batu Khan's Golden Horde takes Kiev. I tell you, these Mongols are going all the way to the sea. 1421 - Henry V of England's son Henry is born. Enjoy this time while you can; he'll be king himself before you know it! 1534 - The city of Quito is founded in present-day Ecuador. It was actually founded a few months ago several miles away, but they didn't like that spot and moved. This time for real, though. 1884 - A giant monument to George Washington's manhood is completed in the capital. 1889 - Death of Jefferson Davis, first (and only) president of the Confederate States of America. I'm sure he'd be given a state funeral, except the country he led doesn't exist. Womp womp. 1917 - Finland declares independence from Russia, who currently has problems of its own and can't really contest. "We'll discuss this later." 1917 again - Halifax explodes. It is the largest pre-nuclear manmade explosion. All because two ships crashed into each other in a narrow strait. Whoopsie. 1921 - Britain and Ireland sign a treaty that calls for the creation of an Irish Free State within the year. 1922 - The Irish Free State is established. Cutting it a little close, wouldn't you say? 1941 - The U.S. and Canada declare war on Finland in support of the Soviet Union (whom you might recall was in the process of invading Finland). And you thought the Japanese internment camps were the extent of our embarrassing behavior. 1959 - Birth of Iwata Satoru. If you like video games, chances are you owe a lot to this man. 1977 - South Africa recognizes the independence of Bophuthatswana. Literally nobody else cares. 1990 - Death of Tunku Abdul Rahman, first prime minister of Malaysia. Unlike some others on this list, his country still exists, so he gets the whole shebang. 1999 - The RIAA sues Napster. That's a little harsh; all they did was facilitate the distribution of other people's property for free. 2017 - The Trump administration acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a decision which could not possibly have any negative ramifications whatsoever.
  7. This Day In History

    Montreal Mooses Montreal Meanies Montreal Mounties (however, the RCMP does not operate in Quebec and Ontario, per Wiki) Montreal Hosers Montreal White Bears Montreal Narwals Montreal Malamutes Eh?
  8. This Day In History

    True 'nuff.
  9. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Exactly - and on top of that, Susan likely wasn't using her powers much even when NOT around Tedd, Ellen's only attack didn't looked useful in fight, Grace only started to learn how to use her powers ... ... ok, what I said might be little TOO much, it's true that even less strong abilities would help, but still, at that point it wasn't exactly obvious even to people who hanged around them regularly ... or to the future main eight itself. And, yes, Lord Tedd and General Shade Tail certainly didn't spend SO much time looking at them. Probably the best of their abilities they saw was the battle with Goo itself, and frankly, I don't think the main eight shown much ability there. It's possible the Goo would win if it didn't panicked seeing Grace's antennae.
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  11. This Day In History

    Between that and "Les Habitants" all other suggestions weren't anymore original. Anyway, you can knock the name, but you can't knock the 24 times they've won Lord Stanley's Mug.
  12. Favorite Quotes

    Another quote from Freefall by Mark Stanley This one from the Savage Chicken itself (Sam Starfall's ship) "If we could get humans out of the loop, it would remove our greatest point of failure." http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff3400/fc03367.png
  13. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Given that Susan and Nanase both spent very little time around Tedd prior to that point (Nanase said "It's common sense not to"), then I would expect interdimensional observers would not know much about them. Elliot is the only friend of Tedd's who had displayed powers in his presence at that time (Tamashii Gekido, and other ASMA-derived abilities prior to Awakening).
  14. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    That wouldn't be immediately apparent to anyone who didn't already knew Nanase is going to get guardian form, Ellen dragon power, Elliot superhero spell and Susan is descendant of Pandora. I would disagree with that as stated. Anyone who had been observing everyone before then - no prediction of the future needed - would know that Elliot, Nanase, Greg, Susan, and Grace have powers, might have known that Justin has powers, and would know that Sarah has a strong will. Drawing the group closer to each other would indirectly strengthen Tedd just on that basis. However, I doubt that Lord Tedd or General Shadetail had been paying attention to more than two of those people when they weren't actually with Tedd - and I don't think any of them had shown their powers in Tedd's presence. Quite possibly none of them.
  15. What Are You Ingesting?

    After eating (and thoroughly enjoying) turkey & dressing with lingonberries at IHOP after Thanksgiving this year, I decided I would take lingonberries to the family get-together on Mrs. Prof's side as my contribution to Christmas dinner. Of course, I had to buy a test bottle from Amazon to make sure I'd be buying the right stuff. The bottle arrived today, so I opened it. Whoops. Not only are they the "right stuff," they're downright smegging addictive! I've gone through two thirds of the bottle by myself already, on things like English muffins, leftover stuffing, and just plain eating them from the jar. Thank goodness that they're only 34 calories per serving, with 20 servings per bottle. I've ordered two jars for Christmas, otherwise I'll eat all of the single jar myself. Now, the trick is going to be getting people to try them next to the cranberry sauce.
  16. Story Monday December 2, 2019

  17. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    That wouldn't be immediately apparent to anyone who didn't already knew Nanase is going to get guardian form, Ellen dragon power, Elliot superhero spell and Susan is descendant of Pandora. In short, anyone who would have more information than the borderline psychic Pandora herself at that point. Also, I don't think General Shade Tail would count this indirect strengthening even if he WOULD know all of that. Granted, the goo incident probably played role in Tedd eventually developing his gauntlet, which General Shade Tail WOULD count.
  18. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    I'm trying to remember... going to look... yeah, the first time the goo showed up it was destroyed pretty much single-handedly by Elliot. With a lighter he got from a one-time-appearance character. Tedd's only contribution was the suggestion to acquire the lighter - for a plan that didn't work (for reasons that should have put the principal of the school in prison). And the second time, the goo was destroyed (and "objective failed") before Tedd even got there. All the main characters except Tedd and Elliot were involved. The goo thought its objective was to destroy Tedd. We're theorizing that the true objective was to strengthen Tedd. Either way, "objective failed" would at least appear to be correct in the short term. (One could argue that by drawing his friends and friends-of-friends closer, it indirectly strengthened him. But that would not have been immediately apparent to anyone who wasn't already familiar with most of the group.)
  19. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Possibly because he does not want to kill? The Goo may have thought it had been sent to kill. But perhaps killing other Tedds was never Lord Tedd's intention? Also because he has just ONE General Shade Tail but those Goo nuclei could be mass-produced. It's hard to say because at one point we have a Lord Tedd who's clearly angered by the fact the goo failed it's objective That doesn't mean the objective is to kill Tedd. Perhaps the outcome Lord Tedd wanted was that the Goo will be destroyed BY TEDD and he was disappointed Ellen did it.
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  21. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Some of that is assumptive. Maybe that is not what the General was doing. It might have been Lord Tedd's original plan to just provoke other Tedds into seeking strength and the anger in the 2002 drawings could well belong in the 2002 plot pothole. The General might be urging Lord Tedd to be more aggressive, to cause more damage and casualties against some hypothetical gain. Nioi might be opposed to that. I am not saying that this invalidates your concern, merely that there is more than one potential explanation here.
  22. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    The idea of Lord Tedd trying to motivate other Tedd's to become stronger is something I thought of, what bugs me though is that is doesn't fit the the plot point of General Shade Tail corrupting Lord Tedd. If Lord Tedd was sending those cells out because General Shade Tail was influencing him to do so, but he was intentionally allowing them to fail (and acting angry about it to put up appearances) then that should be an indicator that Lord Tedd knows that General Shade Tail is bad news and so Nioi's venture into the main universe would imply that she doesn't know he knows, because she was acting like she was in the main universe without his knowing. The idea of multiple Lord Tedds really shouldn't be a surprise, we've seen multiple different versions of Tedd already, each one showing different upbringings but still some similarities (Beta Tedd dating Beta Ellen, Second Life Tedd having a crush on SL Ellen, Our Tedd definitely has strong feelings for Our Elliot) but Our Tedd was also the target of an Immortal's attempt to manipulate the system and who knows how Tedd would have reacted if Voltaire succeeded in killing Elliot, Tedd even thought about what might have been if Elliot had never been there early on. Lord Tedd is probably not entirely unique, in that there are probably more than 1 Tedd who grew up without anyone like Elliot to keep them from doing things they wouldn't have normally done. Some may have turned out OK, but if others ended up with a bad crowd or gave in to the desire to lash out at people that bully them, maybe Nioi saw one of those universes where Tedd had gotten really bad and felt that her Tedd was on a similar path because of General Shade Tail.
  23. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Oh, I agree with that. I am merely proposing this as one possible scenario that might convincingly explain what was going on.
  24. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    This makes sense. I'm still going with, "It wasn't planned out at this level of detail" for now, but I can see this scenario working.
  25. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Attacking his friends doesn't count? To be fair, I don't think that the Goo was initially any more than what it was presented as, a mistake in a chemistry lesson, highlighting Tedd's mad science. The rest was patched on after the fact. Hypothesis, Lord Tedd, perhaps because General Shade Tail mandates it, is out to conquer the multiverse, eventually. He does not want a counterpart arising to resist himself. He knows he's a seer, and that they're all potentially powerful. In the early comics, he is always shown with a malevolent expression on his face. He seems angered that his goo did not work. Many of Dan's characters have changed from their first couple of appearances. I think that reflects Dan developing a vision of who they are, after invoking them initially as a shallow trope. So, yeah, Lord Tedd's whole motivational framework may have changed.
  26. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Excellent points. Was our Tedd the actual target? The Goo never attacked Tedd, or even tried to. That would tend to support the "strengthen the other Tedd's" theory.
  27. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    Could be that General Shade Tail is in the background and behind Lord Tedd in the first instance--where Lord Tedd can't see if GST is up to something. Maybe the General has some power or spell that influences others feelings--like Magus. Lord Tedd's crusade against "weak" Tedds doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? We really only have the word of Beta Tedd that that's what Lord Tedd is doing.
  28. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    My own theory: they are both the same. The first time we see him he was in 'battle mode.' (Also his appearance might have been due to 2002 plot inconsistencies.) I have before presented the theory that the reason he is a harsher person is that he did not meet an Elliot alternate in that world, or alternately lost him/her/them. And that his intention was not to 'kill Tedd' but rather to kill 'weak Tedd' -- presumably by forcing the local Tedd to engage in harsh measures to protect his home, friends and loved ones and so learning that he was stronger than he thought. Exactly why I am not certain, but I have a hypothesis that there is some sort of different dimensional menace out there that he wishes to defend against and that strengthening local Tedds in other dimensions is part of his overall strategy. I admit that I do not have much to support this hypothesis, but Edward at least does not seem to think that it was Lord Tedd's intent to simply kill his son. The Goo was slow, loud and menacing. All things you do NOT want an actual assassin to be. I do not think it was meant to actually kill. Rather, it was intended to provoke Tedd into becoming less timid and more aggressive and assertive.
  29. Story Monday December 2, 2019

    It's hard to say because at one point we have a Lord Tedd who's clearly angered by the fact the goo failed it's objective, but then the next time we see Lord Tedd we're questioning how it's possible for him to be like that. New theory, there's actually 2 Lord Tedd universes, and the one that sent the goo is already fully corrupted, while Nioi's Tedd hasn't been yet.
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