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  2. Big talk from the Pharaoh who has been dead for around three millenniae and who still is posting here.
  3. Forgive me if I'm repeating something through brain fog, but I think Tedd's main worry was that his gender-fluidity would weird out his best friend. When he learns that Elliot supports him no matter what, and in fact expects it given Tedd's explanation, Tedd breaks down and goes into "Thank the Maker" hug mode. I pity the potentially judgmental fool who accidentally stumbles across the two of them (unless it's Ashley).
  4. I doubt that Tedd's father would be so accepting of it right off the bat. I mean, this comic should be plenty of evidence to that. If he really did know and understand what gender fluid is, he would have put two and two together by now, just like most of Tedd's other friends did. At best, he's going to need some time to understand and get used to the change, and that isn't an easy change to come to terms with. But either way, we can at least agree that Tedd's dad has to know at some point; Tedd can't keep avoiding it forever.
  5. Earlier, I commented that we as a society demand too many life defining choices from young people in High School. It would be just like Elliot to view Tedd's current dilemma as just another choice that demands an irrevocable answer immediately. It may define who Tedd will be later, but who Tedd is now hasn't changed a bit. And the later Tedd will be whoever grows from the present Tedd. Present Tedd is Elliot's friend. Later Tedd will almost certainly be Elliot's friend unless a lot more than this particular choice comes between them. Oh, and Robmobz? Welcome to the Moperville-adjacent community. Population, lots and lots of Bunnies. Be sure to stop by the Dread Gazebo near the Manly Squirrel Statue. Akiko is serving deserts. Try to get there early, before everyone else takes all of Mrs Dunkle's Brownies.
  6. 'Sokay, I stocked up on brain bleach during my /4chan/b/ days. * dips into reserves * Meanwhile, day four of the sinusitis, and I'm not feeling any better. My Nest thermostat says it's 74°F, but I could swear it's 63°F. I'm coughing up stuff, but thankfully nothing like when I had pneumonia back in the late 80s. I've been waiting to take my hydrocodone (yep, the spine and the Chronic Pain Syndrome are still in full play) so that I don't run out of it before my pharmacy and my doctor think it's been 5 days. Translation: I'm farking miserable, even after a cup of Tarrazu coffee. Going to say screw the schedule and take my morning pills anyway (24½ this particular morning).
  7. It's nice to see a moment like this bring fans out of the woodwork. I think this is another one of those full circle moments in that it might be a call back to when Elliot first saved Tedd from Tony and how Elliot initially thought Tedd was a girl, back then Tedd told Grace that he wore the glasses because he worried about how Elliot would react. I guess even after a year and all that's happened Tedd was still insecure about how Elliot would react to Tedd being a girl. What bothers me though...If Voltaire is watching (he seems to have a habit of doing so) he's not going to like it, if he wants Tedd to be traumatized, he's either going to have to risk the unending voices in his head for breaking his vow and get Elliot killed, or something else. The only thing I could think of for the something else, sadly involves manipulating Edward into being or appearing more transphobic, driving the wedge between them even deeper.
  8. I'd say three, minimum. ... what?
  9. Two guys who had a lot of experience as girls. You know there is practically no difference. Welcome to the forums. Care for some fish and chips and TF Soda?
  10. Uh, yeah. It has been over a millennium. He is dead to just about everyone at this point.
  11. Welcome, robmobz! May it be the first of many posts. :-) Now, here's hoping Tedd can use this acceptance to find the strength to talk to his father, and that his father is equally unconditionally accepting once he knows what's going on....
  12. Ok, that's it. Elliot is the best friend, no argument is possible. (this is what got me to finally make an account, I've been lurking for a few months.)
  13. And suddenly certain things click, like one reason I like Elliot so much. In him, I see a small reflection of my son. A story, by way of explanation: My son is 19. Lives with me now, but when he was living with his mom, there was a girl he dated towards the end of middle school. That ended when her folks moved her to another school precisely because they (being pretentious religious jackasses) didn't approve of him. High school comes along and he finds himself back in the same school as her. By this time, she's started to try to sort out identity issues and has a fairly serious girlfriend. To my son, this is no big deal; the only part that weirds him out at all is that he is the one his ex comes to for relationship advice, and being a friend he listens. I got the impression he may have been one of a very few who did that. Advance a couple of years. My son's ex is still with the same girlfriend (partly due to having my son as a good listener), but has realized that he (here's where I'm changing pronouns) is trans. Again, my son doesn't bat an eyelash; he just goes on supporting his friend. So the last panel on today's comic -- that hits home in an unexpected way. A good way.
  14. Or maybe, he just decided to "throw it in"?
  15. Don't be too mad at the spam companies. They get easily confused. Seriously, how many Jesu Michaelangelo Lunaticos do you think there are in the Oklahoma phone book?
  16. Give the man a break. He has been ill. o.O
  17. Do not mention him to me. He is dead to me. He sold out to Norwegian Hydro. He is a Norwegian, not a Dane.
  18. Despite what Dan said last Wednesday, I really have a hard time believing Tedd's body hasn't been changing over the course of this conversation, especially from panels four and five...
  19. Mlunatico hasn't had much activity until the last 2 days then he did/bought 14 things. I'll sort out which ones are duplicate and post the big list o'stuff after I take a nap. Seriously, almost no spam for 2-3 days, then about 20 rolled in. 14 in Italian. Several of them using my name, or at least J. Michael
  20. Odd are that Rollo, the leader of the people that became Normans was in fact a Dane. Just saying.
  21. Elliot showing why he is not a bad guy. And despite what Sarah said, not a dummy either.
  22. I don't blame you. I'd want to give him away too, just to get him to leave.
  23. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2314 Bless you, Elliot. Just bless you.
  24. Those were Normans. Me, I invade England. Admittedly not for the weather.
  25. You say that, but you never invade France for the weather.
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