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  2. The Weather.

    Not really a problem. Plus it's Pittsburg Kansas, not Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Like I said in the last post and at least one post quite some time ago, Sirleck's not dead yet. Sirleck is the type of abberation Immortals hate the most; he hasn't survived by being careless. There's some prize he's going for that justifies the enormous risk he's taking. I think the only reason he co-operated with Magus to allow Elliot to get to the Dewitchery Diamond. was that he knew Magus could always find him and an Immortal could always find Magus if she wanted to. Maybe Sirleck's real goal is to get Magus killed, removing the connection between himself and that very dangerous Immortal. I suspect it's quite hard for most Immortals to detect aberrations of Sirleck's ilk. It would be sweet revenge to possess Magus' body--but Magus with a body would become once again an extremely powerful wizard. Powerful wizards can even threaten Immortals. Of course, there is another Immortal who's aware of Sirleck, but Sirleck doesn't know that yet.
  4. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Well, it sounds to me like Pandora is getting ready to fight, but I don't think she expects to fight tonight. It hasn't been quite explicitly stated that Pandora knows about Sirleck, but Sirleck does seem to know about Pandora, or at least that Magus was working with an Immortal. Why would I think that Pandora doesn't know about Sirleck? Because he's not dead yet. I'm wondering if Dan really had the plot thought out as far as we've gotten when he made this title page a little more than a year ago. Notice someone missing? Sirleck himself is Voltaire's catspaw. Now since Voltaire manipulated Sirleck by impersonating Abner the fedora-wearing detective (maybe he got that hat from John Troutman?) near the end of So a Date at the Mall, it may be that Dan thought you readers were smart enough to figure that out without his squeezing one more background loomer in this title page. I'm also wondering if we're going to see Abner the detective in Catspaws. He could make for a plot device to warn at least one of our characters. And any anachronistic film-noir detective worthy of Dashiell Hammet or Raymond Chandler wouldn't stop digging just because a client told him he was finished with a case.
  5. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Does Sirleck actually bear the gang any ill will outside of doing favours for people who do? Obviously he's not a fan of Pandora, and he seems like the kind of person to be capriciously cruel to mortals just to piss her off, though.
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  7. What Are Your Brushes With Fame?

    One last Close-Up Foundation item: In 1981, another schoolmate and I were scheduled to represent the Soviet Union on the International Court of Justice, regarding a case between Chile and Argentina. Now, for one day of the 1980 Close-Up tour, our group was scheduled to be split, with my half going somewhere and the other half going to meet the head of the Organization of the American States! I finagled my way onto that half so I could ask the head what the group's standing was on the dispute, which was over who should own the Beagle Islands at the tip of South America in Cape Horn. The answer I got wasn't very helpful (he wasn't too prepared for something like it from a group of high schoolers), but still, I got to talk to the man at the head of the Organization of American States!
  8. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    I'm guessing that originally it was personal feelings that were preserved, then someone found a way to instead use that capability to pass on more knowledge and a bigger "starter seed" of power, and the temptation to save more and more power crept up on them untill personal feelings got crowded out.
  9. What Are You Ingesting?

    Crystal Light lemon tea mixed with orange juice. It's 2/3rds of my standard post-op/procedure/whatever recuperation drink. I'd include cranberry juice, but I've already gone through it.
  10. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Even if it's "chase on sight?" Baker still won't let Loudmouth into the living quarters of the house. There's no hissing, but there's no passing, either. EDIT: I saw Loudmouth come out of the hallway and go to get some water from the big water fountain. He then went back down the hall, past Baker. Baker started to chase, but Loudmouth stood his ground and hissed him away. Baker looked seriously surprised. They've kept this up for several minutes now—long enough to get Mrs. Prof out of bed and have her give them a talking to. I guess the hissing isn't over with after all. Sigh.
  11. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    My two old Burmese cats did this endlessly. They would lie down together curled up, then at some point they would start grooming one another. This would often turn into a wrestling match which invariably ended with them chasing one another all over my apartment in a mad gallop, then they would jump back up on my bed, wrestle for a few moments more and then go back to mutual grooming. I never could work out which of them won, or if there was even supposed to be a winner.
  12. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    If there's no hissing, then that should be playing. I checked these things a while back when my little sister's two cats were playing.
  13. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Much appreciated. It's getting a little easier to concentrate now. Just had some cottage cheese to boost the metabolism and brain function. Haven't been able to keep up with my pills today, hydrocodone excluded.
  14. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Get better soon, old friend. I really hope the operation did its job the way it was supposed to.
  15. The Weather.

    Yeah, and you've got to put up with all of those obnoxious Steeler fans in your new place ...
  16. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Mrs. Prof managed to get a pill down Loudmouth's gullet tonight without my help (of which I wouldn't have been any). I think she scruffed him, but I'm not sure. I think this is either pre-scruff or post-scruff tonight. Not sure which.
  17. Loudmouth_20170819_pill_01b.jpg

    Loudmouth either pre-or post-scruff
  18. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Quick pic: Loudmouth's roommate Baker, apparently melted from the Texas heat: I had to do some white balance adjustment and gamma correction to get the mud out of this picture. Irfanview 64 is such a wonderful program.
  19. BakerMelted01b.jpg

    Loudmouth's roommate Baker, apparently melted from the Texas heat
  20. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Well, I didn't take my meds last night, so it's been decided for me, I'm going to sleep for at least 4-5 hours anyway.
  21. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    I've been keeping weirder and weirder hours. I'm trying to decide if I want to actually get up and do something useful at 11:30 PM or if I should go back to bed for at least 3-5 hours. Harder call than it should be.
  22. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Well yeah, I would imagine that after a while Pandora would again get to the point where her power and knowledge will result if boredom, and it's quite possible she could then do another "refresh" I don't think that the reason that Immortals decided to go the route of "abandonment of self" style reset because it was risky to do otherwise. They probably decided to do it so they didn't have to carry any emotional burdens throughout their lives. Pandora is a good example, she fell in love with Blaike who then was killed later, she could have reset and her next life wouldn't have to mourn at all. Maybe most Immortals chose to avoid getting emotionally involved with mortals because it would be too much temptation to not reset, but at the same time, living as long as they can and having everyone they ever cared about live, grow old, and die would probably still take it's toll on them despite "refreshing" their power. So it's really a matter of "Go insane with boredom and power?" or "go into a depression over everyone you've ever cared about dying which might probably lead you to just resetting completely anyway?" Immortals probably figured just reset anyway and avoid both situations.
  23. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Wait. Not "suggest". "Imply" is the word I meant.
  24. NP Friday Aug 18 2017

    I'm not sure what you speak about but the number you are looking for starts as 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995...
  25. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Good call.
  26. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    That's a funny way to spell vim Vim was written in Netherlands. Vi was written on University of California, Berkeley. Also, note that I said Emacs was the best PRANK. Not the best editor. In fact, I was trying to suggest that calling Emacs editor was the prank.
  27. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    I'm pretty sure only thing less likely than Pandora turning mortal is time travel. Also, I don't think it would be permanent - in best case, it would give her another two hundred years before she will get to the "no longer safe" level of craziness. Basically, it would still be kind of reset, she just plans to "hack" it to keep the emotional connections. While that's interesting idea, nothing she said suggest she would try something like this.
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