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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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  2. The Weather.

    I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Sure, this region dips low enough to be on the same latitude as the northern US states, but still this time of year normally sees temperatures in the mid-high teens (Celsius), low 20's at most. Right now, at 9:15pm EST it is 25C, it was over 30C this afternoon with the humidity making it feel like 40c. Tomorrow it's going to be a high of 33C feeling like 41C. Monday's expected to be 31 feeling like 38, Tuesday 30 feeling like 36, then the cold front rolls in Wednesday for 24 feeling 29, Thursday will lose the humidity so 19C will feel like 19C, Friday will be 17C and next Saturday is expected to be a high of 15C with a WIND CHILL making it feel like 14.
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  4. What Are You Ingesting?

    Went to one of the other big 3 chicken places, so didn't have my niece as waitstaff. Very good chicken. Extremely good coleslaw, if you like garlic in you coleslaw. Good German potato salad.
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  6. Blogs

    Oh, for the more morbid of you, I've got the infamous Gastric Bypasses and Other Disasters blog hosted on Wordpress. I haven't needed to update it in quite a while, but it tells the tale of how I broke my ankles in 2009—complete with pictures!
  7. Blogs

    Good thing to see that the Wordpress-hosted blogs are https-secured by default now. I had to set up Let's Encrypt on my self-hosted Wordpress blog. Fortunately, my host has a script that sets it up automatically.
  8. Blogs

    Those peacock feathers would get stuck between your teeth, I believe.
  9. Things that make you worried.

    I called Mrs. Prof. No steam from the ears. She had a few confusing moments trying to find someone to help her get the truck back, but there were no, "Oh, and we found this, too," moments. Must have been tax, because she sounded pleasant enough. Phew!
  10. Things that make you worried.

    Probably the extra expense is due to the Commander leading Pioneers across the Ridgeline to complete a Probe.
  11. Things that make you worried.

    Hoo boy. Mrs. Prof is going to come home with steam coming out of her ears. My Honda dealership sends me a digital receipt. That receipt doesn't show what services were done, but it does show what the charges were: $1467.10. No idea how much of this is tax. Regardless, I have a picture in my mind of Mrs. Prof arguing with the service manager over repairs that weren't quoted on the sheet when she took it in. It's not a pretty picture.
  12. What Are You Ingesting?

    I'm about to go have fried chicken. Fresh Fried chicken. They prep, but don't fry until they get an order. Time from fryer to your plate? Roughly 30 seconds. Need to let it cool down before you can eat it. It's also where my niece works, so service is a bit strange, as I'm going there with David, her father.
  13. Blogs

    Once I have it running again, I'll post mine here.
  14. Blogs

    I haven't gotten around to updating my blog in a long time... I have some stuff I intend to dig out and post to it, right after the Procrastinators Anonymous meeting (which was postponed again). Alien America
  15. What Are You Ingesting?

    Sounds like she can still use the old mugs, and you can use the new ones. As long as you don't break the bank buying more than you can use or afford, seems perfectly reasonable. And if you don't need two tea cups, you can sell me one when we eventually have an EGS-con. ;-)
  16. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    Okay, I can see how the ASPCA has different priorities, because they've seen too many pet adopted from shelters not get fixed, even if there's a deposit waiting for the owner when they do. Likewise TNR who can't count on being able to catch a give cat again. As far as the individual cat, when they have an owner who is definitely going to fix them and it's just a question of when, I believe the optimal time is six months old. The reason is their teeth. Puppies and kittens start losing their baby teeth at about four months old, and are finished by six months old, Sometimes, one or more baby teeth will fail to come out and get out of the way of the adult one, so you wind up with the adult tooth jammed up against the baby one, unable to move into its proper position, which can be painful as well as being likely to trap food and hair and lead to dental disease and infections. If we fix them at six months, we can also take a good look at their teeth, and pull any baby teeth that clearly aren't going to get out of the way; the adult teeth are still finishing erupting, so the can shift into the gap and end up where they should be once the baby tooth is out of the way. For girl dogs, if they are spayed before their first heat cycle, they get over 90% protection from breast cancer for the rest of their lives, which is a huge benefit. Dogs in general, they found that the legs grow longer and the angles in their knees are different if they're fixed at 2 months than if they wait until a year old; since then they've found that the effect is present with fixing them at six months, too. The longer legs are more prone to getting a torn cruciate ligament, a fairly common injury in active dogs. Now, the girl dogs getting that protection from breast cancer is still a much more important benefit to their overall health, so I still recommend spaying dogs at six months old. Boy dogs, on the other hand, don't have a deadline. Their hormones change more gradually. So, iff they have a responsible owner who won't let them roam and won't let them near an unspayed girl dog, then it's better to wait until they're a year old if you can. Cats also get some protection from breast cancer, but it's not nearly as common in cats as it is in dogs, so it took longer to see any effect. No one has found any significant health differences between different ages of fixing them, although I admit that may just be because the studies haven't been done yet. It's pretty rare to see a cat tear their cruciate, and they often don't need surgery even if they do. So, the only major factors for cats are the teeth, and how certain you are that they will get fixed later if they aren't done while you've got the chance. Why do you need anything beyond that? If you really want to call this cat "yours" then you can't just leave her outside. If she's outside, then she's just a stray you happen to feed. Anyone who finds her and takes her in will legally own her, because you don't. If she's still outside, then you didn't decide to keep her, you just decided not to find her a home like you did the others. Please, either give her a good home, or take her to someone who will find her one!
  17. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    My Italian twin, Signor Mlunatico, is going on an end of season cruise/holiday.
  18. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Loudmouth jumped up onto the castle again today. He got a good brushing from Mrs. Prof and then went back to the master bedroom. I followed him and gave him a brief petting session. Shortly after that, Baker assumed his rightful position as King of the Castle and got his own good brushing. At least there's been no late morning strife, although I'm told that Mrs. Prof had to deal with some around 6:00 a.m. this morning.
  19. Blogs

    If any of you went and read my blog, thank you for taking the time to look at it! Feel free to leave a comment or to use the Contact page if you wish. Much obliged! Do any of the rest of you have blogs? If so, please post links to them here!
  20. What Are You Ingesting?

    An era has passed. I am ingesting Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee with the very last of the SToK caffeine booster shots. I think the original box was 50 or 100, something like that, all shelf-stable. They're all shelf-gone now. BTW, I've gone a bit mad over transparent double-walled insulated glass coffee and tea mugs/cups lately. I've been buying them from the ApexCreations storefront on Amazon. So far I've bought a 16oz coffee mug (tall w/no handle) and a pair of 13.5oz tea cups (standard height, w/handles). They keep giving me coupons for doing reviews. Mrs. Prof is getting pissed off at me, saying we've got too many coffee/tea cups already. My reply is that they're cups that we never use. Also, I've decided that I want to see what I'm drinking, especially with the Lapsang Souchong. She said she doesn't want to see what she's drinking. Stalemate. Oh well. At least I can see my jasmine tea now—nice, golden color. The Lapsang Souchong was a kick to see as well. Too bad I only had two servings of it.
  21. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    Mrs. Prof says that what I posted above is accurate, so go with it.
  22. Things that make you worried.

    At one time Ford attempted to market the Pinto in Brazil. For some reason, it did not sell well. In fact, sales were so disastrously low that they dug into why. It turned out that in Brazil, 'Pinto' was slang for 'tiny penis.' They quietly rebranded it the 'Caballero' and subsequently sales improved.
  23. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Confession time here, too. After reading about the Japanese practice of "mimi-kaki," I found a pack of sterile cotton disposable ear cleaners on J-list. They're like the ones found here: http://www.sa-n-yo.co.jp/en/ippan/eisei/-1001-1.html One end is a regular generic Q-tip and meant for cleaning the outside of the ear. The other end is a small, soft hook (almost a curette) that scrapes away the wax instead of rubbing or compacting it. It's also made of a cotton material, just like the stick part, and is wrapped individually to keep it clean. Here's a picture: You can feel how far you're inserting them, so as long as you don't go too far and as long as you don't have small children or large pets running throughout the house, they could be considered relatively safe. Speaking of ears, my right ear biopsy site is still bleeding. And hurting.
  24. EARPICK.jpg

    Japanese disposable earpick
  25. What Are You Watching?

    Final score: Richmond 103, GWS Giants 67. Richmond plays Adelaide next week in the AFL Grand Final. Gonna be a great game.
  26. What Are You Watching?

    Aussie Rules Football - 2nd Preliminary Final. Seven minutes left. Richmond Tigers lead Greater Western Sydney Giants, 90-61. Richmond hasn't been to the Grand Final since 1983. GWS has only been in existence for 6 years. The winner takes on the Adelaide Crows next week in the Grand Final.
  27. Trail Camera and Other Nature Images

    Your vet is being conservative. Here's an excerpt from a post by the ASPCA: Take the ASPCA as a rather reliable source. I've also heard two pounds as a minimum. Let me check when Mrs. Prof wakes up. I'll get back to you with the Garland T-N-R guidelines.
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