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  2. To me, Tess here is pushing the limits of what I care to see; she's way to close to being unidentifiable as the Tess/Tedd we have grown to like, more like watching a random character transform. I think the "tell" that is critically missing is her expression -- Tess/Tedd would be ecstatic not in the stressed, almost frenetic way this pose shows, but in a more comfortable way, relaxed and contented with the transformation.
  3. A guild I was in did a race from the Forsaken starting area (obviously we all had to create Forsaken characters for this) and from level 1 run all the way to Booty Bay, the first one there got a Mekgineer's Chopper. I was third and was just behind second place getting there. And yeah we all gained several levels from exploration XP. This was during Wrath of the Lich King.
  4. video games

    Oh man. This brings back the memories. Back in the days of Vanilla WoW I once decided to have a level ten character explore the entire available game world and get all the flight points she could. The low level areas went fine. The medium level areas... proved challenging. As I advanced into the higher level areas, I suffered death after death after death as monsters aggroed at me from huge distances because of the vast level differential. It took a LOT of patience and respawning before I was done. Nonetheless, I managed to get almost every single available flight point except for a bare handful. And gained three levels from exploration XP alone. o.O
  5. I was on reddit /r/samplesize and found a 'casual' (i.e. not for research or serious publication) genderbending survey. Figured people might be interested.
  6. In addition, in a fighting vehicle of any sort one of the most vulnerable components - and also one of the most easily replaced (if you have a spare on hand) components - and therefore one of the things you most want to carry spares for - is the crew.
  7. Back in the early days of WoW if you played Alliance, you were given quests in the level 20-30 range to go over to Thousand Needles and Tanaris. You had to run through The Barrens to get there, and without a mount because you didn't get one till level 40. If you played a Night Elf, there's a chance you might have been questing in Darkshore already so it's just a matter of walking the entire length of the Barrens which took at least 20 minutes or so. If you was Human, Dwarf or Gnome though, you had to either get to Booty Bay which means running through the higher level Stranglethorn Vale zone which is about an 10 minute or so run on it's own if you don't get ganked, and then take the boat to Ratchet which is at about the halfway point of the Barrens. Or run through the Wetlands to get to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Dustwallow Marsh which is also a higher level zone that takes about 10 minutes or so to cross on foot, and you exit just south of Ratchet so it doesn't really cut travel time much. Basically, you were in for a long run regardless and Warlocks had to do it at level 20 if they were to get their voidwalker summon. Later, Blizzard dropped the level requirement for getting the first tier mounts from 40 to 30 and then again to 20 and the second tier faster mounts went from 60 to 40, as well as the Cataclysm expansion split the Barrens in half and redid the quest structure so that quest hubs made more sense and an NPC in one zone wasn't sending you to the other side of the world to pick up lunch or something for them. Large zones are fine if there's a lot to see and do in them, but the Barrens pretty much lived up to it's name pre-cataclysm.
  8. Wait. I just got past the part where Doc OD's on caffeine again to run back to the shop for paint, and then goes into a caffeine withdraw/sleepwalk and takes over the field with a prototype marker minigun. That was "yesterday"? I had seen bits and pieces from you posting here, but I was under the impression Swampy was moving a second time. Welp, at least the comic does a pretty good job with breaking the fourth wall without breaking the fourth wall. Is Red talking about the players waiting for the next game to start, or the readers waiting for the next story? We may never know.... Update: Just got caught up, yep, it's taken that long from the first mention of moving to actually getting Swampy packed up. Doc's may have started the comic 4 months after Dan, started EGS, but I'm pretty sure Doc has Dan beat on how long a day can be stretched out..
  9. I'd try, but Sam's Club's inventory is unpredictable outside of the bulk pack stuff.
  10. Hmm, Magical Girl Tedd really needs a "hero name" of her own . . .
  11. There's "big", and then there's "takes so long that you get bored crossing it". I experienced the latter in Wind Waker, as well as in Final Fantasy XI and XIV (the MMO Final Fantasy games, where crossing a single zone on foot took five to eight minutes at minimum, which corresponded to several HOURS of in-game time).
  12. Injecting a little reality into the arguments here: On gold: I think that people give them low value for the sake of raising the encumbrance of carrying around large amounts of cash. In real life, gold's value of around US$1k per Troy oz. makes it possible for an individual to carry around the equivalent of a few years' gross income for middle-class folks, but gameplay concerns might lead a GM to want to prevent players from walking around with that amount of buying power on their persons. On melee weapons: Ordinarily, we would expect to see advanced civilizations using rayguns of some sort, or at least semiautomatic ballistic guns. If you have something like a Star Trek Phaser which is reliably capable of rendering an opponent unconscious non-lethally even if the opponent is wearing armor, then melee weaponry is rendered entirely moot. If you do need melee weaponry, all of that fancy-schmancy motorized or vibrating crap is rather pointless--all you need is a good old-fashioned blade that is presumably made of something tougher than the opponent's armor. Monomolecular: Technically, any polymer is monomolecular, so you could just make it out of plastic. However, what most folks probably mean when they talk about a monomolecular weapon is that they want something that has the stiffness, sharpness, and compressive strength of synthetic diamond crystal, with the tensile and shear strength of carbon nanotubes. APC: Meant chiefly to transport infantry and to fight off any soft targets that try to get close enough to shoot the infantry when they exit the APC. Expect machineguns but no big artillery piece. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradley_Fighting_Vehicle Tank: A heavily armored vehicle centered around a rotating turret with a main weapon typically of (in current designs) between 70 and 125 mm caliber, plus machineguns for point defense. Tanks are meant to be as mobile as possible given their relative firepower and armor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1_Abrams Self-propelled Artillery: A large artillery piece (typically 105 or 155 mm these days) on a mobile chassis. The key differences from tanks are the lack of rotating turret (the entire vehicle often rotates instead), much lighter armor, and lesser mobility. In exchange for these drawbacks, it can mount a more powerful gun for a given vehicle weight, and is cheaper to build and deploy. A self-propelled gun is not intended to drive about the battlefield with enemy fire coming from all sides--it is expected to "set up" in one spot, fire a few rounds, then move, preferably only taking fire from the "front". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-propelled_artillery Multi-turret tanks: The penetration of an artillery shell scales as a function of the shell's mass. Thus, having one gun as large as possible will allow a tank to penetrate a heavier target than two smaller guns of equivalent total mass. Finally, on a tank crew, even if the main gun is auto-loading, you still require a driver, a navigator/co-driver, a main gunner, and secondary gunners to man any point defense machineguns--and that's assuming that the tank's commander is performing one of these functions himself instead of being a separate position. Unlike in a fighter aircraft, the guy who is steering the vehicle is not operating any of the weapons--it's more like a heavy bomber, with the bombadier and machinegunners separate from the pilot/copilot.
  13. It still takes a while to cross the map, but that's part of the appeal. Keeps the world big. The horse I eventually did get was the Royal Stallion. I named him Sleipnir. Funny enough: in our group save file, the first horse we registered we named Rolf. Because that's my horse. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a picture of a laser spear.
  14. ...N! P! N! P! N! P!
  15. Sounds like you might have to write up a shopping list if you want a choice of what to buy . . .
  16. No horse and no fast travel? Reminds me of the Gamecube version of Wind Waker--it took literally half an hour of real time to cross the map.
  17. I'm starting to have "tickle" in the back of my throat. I strongly suspect that I'm going to have a sore throat or even a cold within the next 12 to 24 hours. I'm off to take a proactive dose of NyQuil. I suspect I'm going to be missing most of tomorrow. [edit] Damn that red version tastes way nasty.
  18. Well yesterday, webcomic time, they did bring 3 pallets of paintballs to the field. Other than that, I think they buy paint to help Red stay in business.
  19. Using Clonezilla's "parallel xz" compression to back up the used parts of 6 GB worth of hard drives onto a 3 GB drive. So far it's working, but it is sloooooow. I started this morning. It's 11:37 p.m. CDT, and it's still backing up. I need a larger external hard drive.
  20. You know what I find amusing about The Whiteboard? Doc run a paintball supply and repair shop, and yet he's always buying the paint he uses at Red's field from Red instead of bringing his own. Though to be honest, I'm surprised Doc and Roger haven't attempted to manufacture their own paintballs.
  21. Trying to transfer a little under 1.5 gigs from my laptop to the tablet without a flash drive. This is taking more effort than it should. All my cloud drives are taking too long, enough too long that the tablet gives up. Doing a sftp to the laptop is slow as a slow thing going from the laptop to the tablet as it is going from the iMac to the tablet. As the last hope, I'm using Chrome to upload to my Gdrive then trying that from the tablet. #1stworldgeekproblems.
  22. More Sam's Club stuff, in about 30 minutes or so. Stuffed bell peppers. Not really looking forward to it, but that's what happens when you're disabled and you let Mrs. Prof make most of the food buying choices.
  23. Aussie Rules Football again. North Melbourne is leading West Coast Eagles 30 to 21 at the end of the first quarter.
  24. Right down to the wire... So my brother rushed to beat Calamity Ganon in time for the new Mass Effect, and he's rushing through that before the next Dark Souls DLC comes out. Meanwhile I'm playing Zelda on a bit of a challenge run. 3 hearts, no stamina upgrades, no fast-travel. I was also not updating the map nor registering a horse, but it got frustrating not knowing the easiest path to where I was going and having to walk was too slow. I'm also spending too many Rupees on clothes. I have eleven Hylian Tunics, almost all dyed in different colors. I'm gonna go broke because of clothes!
  25. VPN. I could search google, but I don't have personal experience with anything and you can search google too, so I don't see the point. There are definitely lot of offered options, although many are paid. (Actually ... I do have experience with openvpn, but just the software, not the service they apparently also offer, and buying own server just to use it definitely wouldn't be cheapest possibility.)
  26. Obliviousness/naivety seems to be a common theme for many toymakers. I think the key words are plausible deniability. Also, I can totally imagine the meeting where everyone realizes the problem but noone is brave enough to say it out loud. (Seriously - not only it would be embarrassing, they can also be sued for sexual harassment.) I think it was extremely good idea and, as mentioned on one of the deleted reviews, every girl should get one. If they are old enough to enjoy it, you would be naive to think they didn't tried already with something else. (Also, the surest way to make them try more? Forbid it.) Relevant comment on a relevant (old) thread. Yeah, very good note.
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