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  2. The "brought enough materials for ten guns" probably does mean that the price for each gun is somewhere in the hundreds of dollars--Edward would have mentioned that they were expensive if the overall cost was as high as say, an automobile. As for rarity of materials, Napoleon owned a set of aluminum dishes and considered them to be more precious than his solid gold ones--nobody had figured out how to refine aluminum on an industrial scale yet at the time. Today however, aluminum is the second-cheapest metal after iron/steel. Formerly-rare materials become more common as technology to obtain them becomes available, while formerly-common materials may become rare as they are used up (minerals) or become endangered/extinct (animal/plant products). My father was assigned to the occupation force in West Germany (two tours' worth) when he was in the US Army around 1970-ish, so he knew most of the info that a random Corporal assigned there would have been cleared for, plus he was a bit of a history buff. Anyway, while the Gap was definitely not going to be the main thrust of any invasion of France, it still needed enough of a deterrent force assigned to it so that opposing war planners wouldn't get the idea of using it to flank the defending NATO forces, but a division each of armor and infantry with artillery support ought to have been adequate.
  3. Also seeing Susan and Rhoda together in the imagination frame was interesting--we get to see the contrast between the tallest and smallest of the regular (adult-ish) female characters.
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    Though Mr. Tensaided achieved his level of geekdom not be eliminating his real life, but by infusing his real life with as much geekdom as possible.
  6. Same here, but I wasn't absolutely sure.
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    I'll admit that's a possibility I missed. There's only one conclusion: I still have too much of a real life. I must strive to eliminate that last remnant. I must be even more like Mr. Tensaided.
  8. I hope this hasn't been brought up in a previous incarnation of this thread. Arthur knows that magic can change how it works, and why it would do so. Hence why he is apparently not doing a damn thing about any of what's going on.? Consider the following data: First, the reaction to Abraham's attack, followed by the on camera appearance of Little Pandie. Next, the appearance of the first fire guy, (who shall be henceforth known as Blaze Burns), to which we have likely already seen his reaction. He goes on the air to make an official statement as soon as possible, and goes to theatrical lengths to expose the existence of wizards - and completely contradicts previous tactics in doing so. Then, when Blaze returns, bringing his family and their adorable little pet, what does he do? Absolutely nothing. But what may be even more important is his reasoning behind his inaction. Reading between the lines of what he says there indicates that he is fully aware what will happen if magic becomes too mainstream - and that the result of it is, ultimately, his goal. Rather than fight an uphill, possibly even Sisyphean, battle to cover up the accessibility of magic, he decides to let the events play out and have the Will of Magic take care of the problem itself.
  9. I just found out that there is going to be a "Gor" RPG. Yes, the John Norman series of books Gor. FATAL might have a challenger for the title of "Worse RPG Ever". And Chris Field might drop a few ranks in worse published RPG author.
  10. Iced coffee is fine...well more like Iced Cappucino with whipped topping and hazelnut flavour shot which is actually better. but yeah room temperature coffee is less than meh.
  11. That was my thought as well.
  12. For the first time in many years, I have an internet connected device that has a functional GPS. Remind me not to take it with me if and when I go on a crime spree.
  13. I'm pretty certain that the multi-fairy summon is a separate spell, it might still work under the same mechanic as the original summon spell in that she can use the same container, but from what Tedd suggested about what she could potentially do with them, I wouldn't be surprised if the summon anything from a container spell split off a fairy specific version.
  14. Yeah, Sarah likely didn't know until Bad Tom happened. Anyone else feel that page was one of the best Catalina moments? I mean, they're all great, but I think that one made me chuckle the most.
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    The whole "WHY ARE YOU HERE" line suggest that whoever it is thinks that Jerry is intruding. As stated before, Pandora likely considers all of Tedd's friends as a kind of extended family and would protect them.
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    That certainly is reminiscent of Pandora's "Cloud of Infinite Chaos" form with the numerous eyes in the background and all-black appearance. So it's either Pandora or someone imitating her. My theoretical money is on Pandora. I don't think the cloud of chaos fits any other known immortal's style, and I don't see a much of a reason to try to frame Pandora on the spirit plane.
  17. Looks like Tedd zapped Grace with the Mall Girl form. The only real difference to the Mall Girl form though is the hair which given that Grace can mix and match features, wouldn't be surprising. The hairstyle looks more like Second Life Ellen's though, with Nanase's original color according to the commentary. The girl could be naked for all we know. And the guy only looks that way because arms have moved.
  18. "If by 'research' you mean 'have a bit of a Google and cherrypick what confirms your biases', that is the opposite of science. And while you're cherrypicking on the Internet, remember that science brought you the Internet. And the cherrypicker!" -Charlie Pickering
  19. The hair of the guy is frizzier. It also tells he is quite lucky today. Glad it tamed a bit. That or she lost her gloves
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    Je pense que les immortels sont juste Pandora elle-même. Pas le premier à deviner, il semble. "Glurk" is a word that tried to grab a letter and succeeded.
  21. Accidentally typing 'v' instead of the space bar on my phone, followed by auto-correct. Turning "...and it gets the point across..." into "...and it Herschel point across...". Thank God for the backspace key, but it's annoyingly inconvenient. My other phone has an odd obsession with ordinal numbers and is especially fond of replacing 'with' with '29th'.
  22. I let my coffee get cold. I [redacted] hate cold coffee.
  23. How come I don't get that sort of result when I roll a nat 20?
  24. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=608 Girl in the back no longer has a sleeve, and I'm pretty sure the guy got fatter.
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    Maybe Sarah has a bigger trunk. As I recall, her basic spell magical summons things from a container she has marked. Or maybe it's a new spell. Or maybe it isn't Susan or Susan's magic after all. My last three amazing crackpot plot theories have one thing in common: They're all strongly connected to Susan. And the three suspects would all be very, very upset to discover an intruder in her room, particular one while she appears to be helpless in sleep. Pandora doesn't have any direct connection to Susan anywhere in canon. Of course, what Heka told her that we didn't hear could have provided that connection.
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    ... ok. I was afraid of scene change. I wasn't expecting that we will see who's hand it is and STILL know just as little ... Do they still REMEMBER what they knew of Jerry's work before reset? Except there seem to be THREE entities. Although they may just pretend that ... or it may be Pandora pretending all three ... or Voltaire pretending all three ... ... but I'm starting to suspect this might after all be someone new. Or at least relatively new, like Sirleck's vampires. It WOULD make sense for vampires to try to attack the summoner ... Susan can't summon anything which won't fit into her trunk. This seems bigger. ( ... and of course there are few more reasons why it's unlikely ...) Especially considering it was likely already several hours ago.
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    We last saw her in Egypt, yes. Considering how quickly she seems to have gotten there in the first place, that is probably not an impediment.
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