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  2. Definitely do take him in to rule out a medical cause. Sometimes even if there's a behavioral reason, it's harder to fix if there's a medical component too. It's possible that Loudmouth's peeing issues are why he ended up an outdoor cat in the first place. Someone had a very nice, sweet, loving cat who they just could not get to stop peeing in inconvenient places, so they decided making him outdoor-only was better than euthanizing him. Especially families with small children tend to have a (perfectly reasonable) lower tolerance for pee and poo in places their kids are exposed to them. One option is to not let him on beds. You could get those plastic floor-protecting runners with the spikey nubs on the bottom, and put them on the bed, nubs side up, so it's not comfy to lie on any more. Shut the door to other bedrooms so the cats can't get to the beds there. Trouble is, that would put unfair restrictions on Baker, too, and it would considerably shrink their territory, possibly increasing the conflict between them. He might also start peeing on places like that pile of blankets. It does seem to be related to Baker's having been nearby, or in this case, on the bed itself. Urinating on the spot may be Loudmouth's attempt to assert the bed is his territory, not that strange cat's. Is the bed the highest comfortable perch? Perhaps a couple of cat trees, with perches up high, might let Loudmouth feel like he's got the prime spot. I'll keep thinking about this. Keep me updated!
  3. story

    There was no fake seizure. When Edward said he didn't know, then he did not know. Of course, there have been no more whale sightings of which we know. Have the government's "Top Men" been studying the whales behind our backs? If Edward reported this, with the expectation that someone else would look into it, then he may have requested to kept out of the loop on the investigation and preliminary findings so that he would not need to lie to Tedd.
  4. story

    Tedd required a significant power boost to actually see the Whales. It's very well possible that the power required (and the possibility that a seer is needed) made it so that said species was virtually (or totally) unknown to wizards.
  5. I think he already has the discharge part down.
  6. The mere thought that Vampires might exist in those books throws science out the window. If we are to accept that vampires are real, then we have to accept that there is some "magic" at work and that we doesn't know how it works. Why blood? Why the blood of sentients, or human blood, or in some versions only the blood of virgin humans? To be able to read a story involving vampires we have to ignore all of these things, so what makes it so hard to accept the idea that you could give blood orally to a woman pregnant with a vampire baby when we doesn't even know why they need blood in the first place? Yes it's stupid, but it's only marginally more stupid than the entire genre as a whole. Now I can't really comment on the Twilight books as I've never read them and all I know about them comes from internet haters, most of who I suspect never read them either.
  7. story

    Perhaps. But even if Edward can't see magic himself, as Tedd once said, his Dad is basically Dumbledore and knows barrels of stuff, most of which he keeps secret. He's the most likely human to know about seers, and it's guaranteed that he's invested a lot of effort in research about what makes Tedd Tedd. If Edward does know the second purpose of a seer, it would give him the kind of justification to lie to Tedd about knowing about the Space Whales. Hey, they can't be much more exotic than the Deathless Army of Rage.
  8. story

    I figured Tedd could see the whales because he can see magic, and a wizard like edward who can not see magic would not be able to see them, so no knowledge.
  9. story

    Could it be that it's not all intuition? Could Tedd be changing magic? That could fit that all-so-secret second purpose of seers. It could also explain why Edward never heard of the magic-eating interdimesional whales: No wizard could see them until Tedd changed magic enough for him to see them.
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    As the old adage goes... "If at first you don't succeed, you're not Tedd."
  11. I fail to see how it would sidestep the sheer mind-numbing stupidity of administering blood orally to a patient. By a doctor with supposedly up-to-date 21st Century training.
  12. Has anyone told him that this can result in a dishonorable discharge?
  13. story

    The reason I referenced Elliot and his morphs was that it's not so much the spells involved that are the issue, but the person trying to use the spells, The spells Tedd put on the watch for the dynamic morphs would have been just fine, but the tinkering to get the spells to create specific results plus the fact that the user would need to concentrate well enough to make sure the result they want is what they get. I'm sure Tedd will try it out just because, but I don't take what he said in the last panel as uncertainty that he actually did it. He was likely referencing what he said earlier about things he did working right the first time. Whether Tedd perceived Pandora's "You did it!" as surprise or encouragement, his response to that would sound like "Yeah, we've already established that it's natural for me". And it's not just the glove, Tedd mentioned previously that he would make intuitive leaps that kept turning out to be right when he was researching magic.
  14. A nice moment tonight between Baker (left) and Loudmouth (right): ... and within 15 minutes Baker had jumped down, Loudmouth had jumped over to the bed, and peed on it. Mrs. Prof caught him in the act, so he knew he was doing something wrong. We have a chronic Loudmouth bed pee problem. Extra litter boxes don't help. Different litters don't help. Our last option at the moment is to take him to the vet and see if there is something physically wrong with him.
  15. Baker and Loudmouth chillin' together 20170725
  16. story

    Shouldn't they test it before they celebrate? If it's anything like what I get the first time the compiler stops barking, it'll turn people into Uryuoms...
  17. 2:40 a.m. CDT 20170726. I'm up because I collapsed at around 10pm last night. I managed to make it through the start of a DVRed show Mrs. Prof wanted to watch, but I couldn't finish it. Gave her the remote and collapsed. This was about an hour after being told that I'm acting stoned—"thinking" that I'm getting stuff done, when in reality I'm not. Also in reality, I'm having a hard as hell time verbally conveying ideas and actions. I'd set up a spreadsheet (so much for #1) and was trying to ask for help on turning it into a database, but couldn't get the idea across (point #2 confirmed). This is all Lyrica-based. I still haven't got used to it yet. I may need to go back on the magic mouthwash. I had trouble swallowing spoonfuls from a bowl of cottage cheese. Felt like I had a lump in the back of my throat that was making it hard to swallow it. No such lump now, but I'll bet it'll come back soon enough.
  18. story

    Using a dynamic morph isn't necessarily something Tedd would be inherently good at. Making a wand, as a seer, is more of a natural talent (or so it seems).
  19. story

    Yes, it had. If it were not for the clothing dynamic, the clothes would not be as form-fitting as possible.
  20. story

    Considering the glove stored the parameters of the spell, it's possible that Tedd just overestimated things. Kinda like how Elliot tends to have difficulty getting details right. The watch in question was a dynamic morph, but it might have had 2 spells working in conjunction? Like one that changed physical size and one that adjusted the fit of clothing. Tedd wouldn't have known he'd be imbuing the watch with multiple spells but it could be possible right?
  21. story

    An obligatory "first try" flashback. Such a mentor, such a mom. *sniff*
  22. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2378 So...question. Those times that Tedd was glowing (aside from when he used his insight on his insight) what was the glowing for? Was he casting spells without realizing it?
  23. The iron in hemoglobin (which is where the iron is in blood) is easily broken down and recycled in the body, and presumably in the digestive tract as well. That would at least sidestep any difficulty in absorbing iron.
  24. But Apple's plugs and sockets are very obviously not USB. B&N (or their designer/manufacturer) went with connectors that look exactly like the USB micro-B connectors on other non-Apple tablets - but aren't.
  25. Right now, I am in the "Drugs are working, but only barely." stage. 2 hours to the next stage on the ladder. Bleh.
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