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  2. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    I thought of this too, ever since I figured out what the second purpose for a seer must be. It fits in with Voltaire's plans to traumatize him by killing Elliot, and with Tedd's own musings about Lord Tedd being what he would/could have become if not for the support of his friends (who until very recently consisted solely of Elliot).
  3. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    He was probably counting on the incident being the tipping point, but not how massive the incident would be. What missing strips?
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  5. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    ... and just when he accepted it, he can actually change it. Wrong? He chose so well he became Lord! ... well, it might've been wrong for some people ... Which we already expected. Well at least I did. But nice to have it confirmed. He set it up that way. That wouldn't change anything. At least not in how the magic reset will be done. What WILL make big difference, however, and what Voltaire didn't expected, was that Pandora visited Tedd and made him feel much better. IF. If they find out it was his fault and if they find him afterwards. Nah, looks pretty same to me, only the whale is missing ... which makes it MORE confusing, with that disembodied voice, as I already said. Looks that way - after describing how big deal magic reset can be, seems it was just worst case scenario. You mean like Black Lotus?
  6. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    But can EGS get insurance? Or that Pandora was so powerful she could force him to take part in that extermination. And don't forget, I said plenty of other Immortals will be all for doing something special to him when they find out it was all his fault. Gee, kind of like all those older, cooler Magic: The Gathering cards you can't use in tournaments any more.
  7. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    Hmm. I had been wondering about the wisdom of building up all these cool sets of powers and then wiping them all out, but the way Tedd's role is being described, it may not be nearly so thorough...
  8. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    Still in a better dreamscape than when the magic whale barged in. Sixteen years. Not a lot of webcomics last this long. Still want the missing strips from the vault.
  9. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    Today's page definitely makes a lot of Voltaire's motivations clearer. He wanted Tedd to be in a state of despair/anger/hatred in order to change how Tedd would influence the Magic Reset. Voltaire may even have predicted that Pandora would intervene in tonight's attack (and break Immortal Law in a way that would get her forcibly Reset) to save Adrian. What Voltaire probably did NOT count on though was Pandora's final trick of reversing the connection between all Immortals to exterminate the majority of the planet's Aberrations at one fell swoop.
  10. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    I think Tedd has finally accepted the idea that simply giving everyone magic would not make magic safe for everyone. And that is probably a good thing. But more importantly, EGS is now old enough to drive. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the information super highway. Random thought. Could Lord Tedd have been involved in a Magic reset in his reality? If he was, did he chose the wrong path for magic?
  11. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    There may be changes which are not severe and still be something most magic users will need to be told. Like, since now, everything will work as before but you can only cast spells when wearing scarf. ... well, ok, in winter they might realize it themselves, but if it happens in summer ... Of course, if the will of magic is going by what Tedd will tell it, we may end up with "everything will work as before except people get big bonus to basic magic resistance", which might be easy enough to realize.
  12. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    I suspect that if the changes are not severe, they won't be needed to teach others nearly as much. Probably more to do with how access is gained, or the like.
  13. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2450 Ok. The second purpose of seer is no big surprise: seers are supposed to help with planning the magic change and we still don't know how exactly. Little surprise is how wordy the will of magic suddenly is. Also, new info - only seers who have used magic are eligible ; this may further reduce number of seers who will be asked, in extreme case to one - because while Tedd is not only seer currently alive, he MIGHT be only seer who is using magic. ... not sure how it should prevent exploitation, however the "caught off guard and unprepared" definitely happened so it certainly reduces it ; and it might prevent OTHERS trying to influence the results directly (didn't stopped Voltaire trying to do it indirectly). Also, still looking forward if Tedd will remember this or if he just would be aware of the new system without knowing how. ... wait; If the change is not severe, seers are NOT made aware? BTW, Will of magic, one idea: seers would definitely be less confused if you try something else than disembodied voice - oh wait that might be deliberate. (Do you also think this is like prerecorded and will of magic totally ignores what Tedd is saying until the recording gets to the point of asking question?)
  14. Yes ; guess that "pants even for catgirls" action doesn't spread to shoe shop yet. After spending so much time working with Tedd, Sarah can probably design the form herself, but of course needs Tedd's help to "program" it into watches. Otherwise, yes, it may be deliberate with fur ending EXACTLY where the sock starts. In fact ... is it possible the spell is designed to auto-detect where sock starts and end the coverage there? May not be harder than the minimal looseness.
  15. Those are human shoes. I am guessing that Sarah has non-furry feet which makes the socks bearable. I would go so far as to guess that she (with Tedd, probably) designed the fur coverage to extend to a specific point on the calf. Thus allowing the illusion that she is wearing furry pants that end at the socks.
  16. Give them racquets, strawberries and cream. They look ready for Wimbledon.
  17. Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    The fertility is unlikely to be low enough to be problem if you are trying. They might have less children than others, but they are very unlikely to stop before two. Until a few generations ago, lot of women basically had as many children as they were physically able to. Which was not that many, as child birth was dangerous for both mother and child. Lower fertility just means she spend more time doing that. Yes, after some number of generations they will basically "fill up" the area. However, I don't think this happens before they reach few thousands. Of course, the 131072 might not be reached. And probably they DID travelled at least once - I think Raven was born in Europe based on what we saw.
  18. Agree. Because the tiling is not whole way, she will need to at least cross asphalt street if not walking for asphalt sidewalk. In summer, as obvious from Susan's clothes. Although personally I would suggest sandals. (Also, I would suggest high heels if she has digitigrade feets, but she doesn't seem to.) Perhaps it's more resignation because they already walked five blocks and she tried several arguments without success. It's likely her normal sock. And yes, it must be uncomfortable, but probably not as much as those shoes barefoot. Hmmm ... and perhaps there are no fur on foots? She has none or almost none on palms.
  19. ... maybe they do? The fact they have same dress and same hairstyles suggest they are doing it deliberately, so it's possible they are posing or going somewhere where they will be posing.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Bandage removal was painless, despite the amount of hair in the region. I had bled some. The nerve pain has been mostly absent since Thursday. I've had some leg pain when I've slept on it wrong, but that's not the shots' fault. I still need pain medication for my osteoarthritis and my formerly-broken ankles. We'll see how much once we can determine the length of the relief I get from the shots. I also have yet to test the relief of the left side pain. Not looking forward to that test, to be honest.
  22. Computer General Discussion and Tech Help

    My son came over yesterday and swapped out the old drive for the new one. Life is good again. Thank you, Clonezilla.
  23. Sarah's socks are way too tight for someone with fur (let alone fur that thick); she has to be uncomfortable like that. Otherwise I love this picture.
  24. Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    Considering the fertility problems Elves appear to have, it's likely that fertility among the descendents of elves would be lower than average, at least for a few generations (if they're interbreeding only with "normal" humans; interbreeding with other recent descendents of Elves wouldn't help). Also, after a few generations it wouldn't be considered incest for members of distant branches of the Raven family to marry, and after many generations they might not even know they shared a common ancestor. If they still lived in the same area there would be a very good chance of them marrying one another, which would mean the count of descendants would be smaller than in your calculations (as one child would count as a child of both descendants of Raven). ...On the other hand, until just a few generations ago, there would be a good chance the parents would have more than two children if they're able to.
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