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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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  2. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Explorer the Cat taking a break from running around in the kitchen. She bolted out of there about 30 seconds after this photo was taken. And yes, I have a bike in the kitchen. Where else would I keep it?
  3. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Explorer the Cat in her small box and ignoring her catnip.
  4. Story Monday April 6 2020

    These are more or less overlapping. This overlaps with Susan and Diane, but is not their whole story. Not sure what that would be. DBG has said that magic exists. Well, that's not going to happen in this party. Damn sure that isn't going to be talked about in this party. You left out Tedd's personal story about the change in magic.
  5. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Should I google this?
  6. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Explorer the Cat doing a bit of face washing, cat style.
  7. NP Sat March 21 2020

    So, I went to the site with ad-blocker disabled just now. On the main page, there's an ad in the sidebar on the right. Going into a trope page, there's one between the top-most menu bar and the title of the trope, another one on the side , and a transparent overlay ad that you can click away along the bottom of the screen. It's actually not as bad as I remembered, but after browsing most sites without ads for so long, it's still pretty annoying (particularly as some o them are moving ads, and thus more distracting than still ads.) I remember that a few years back, when I visited more than a single page within a few weeks, a big overlay would come up telling me to either turn off my ad-blocker or donate to the site. I don't feel like experimenting right now to see if that still happens. Of course, it wasn't just the ads that made me stop going to the site. I also realized that I was spending so much time reading about tropes in stories, it was making it hard to find the time to actually check out stories for myself. (And then I discovered that there are a ton of review and deconstruction blogs out there, and wound up spending a lot of time reading them instead. Which obviously doesn't give me any more time for checking stuff out myself, but I feel I've learned more and had more fun reading those blogs than I ever did on TV Tropes, so there is that.)
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  9. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Awakened magic users use their own power to cast their spells, so removing the clog shouldn't have any affect on them. I believe Pandora implied if not outright stated that Sarah was not likely to grow strong enough to use her spell without high ambient magic before the clog was scheduled to be undone. So I'd say if the clog were undone now Sarah almost certainly would loose access to it. However, Pandora vowed to help Sarah get access to magic, and Immortal Vows continue through reset, so Sarah's loss of magic would only be temporary (assuming there's some other way Sarah could get magic, and Pandora clearly believed that or she wouldn't have made the vow).
  10. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Not on Robot Chicken
  11. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Ok, this is what happened - Stuff Susan doesn't want to discuss - - Stuff Diane doesn't want to discuss - - Stuff involving Adrian Raven that is not appropriate to discuss without his permission - - Stuff involving the US Government that can't be discussed without proper clearance - - Stuff involving Tedd's mom that Tedd doesn't even know about yet - - And then that jerk Immortal Voltaire tried to make it all about himself, but only the other awakened immortals know about that - I think that about covers what happened to magic....
  12. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Always a problem for someone who doesn't want to hurt friends.
  13. Story Monday April 6 2020

    And Elliot being Elliot, this causes a blue screen in his brain, which Susan has noticed.
  14. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Yeah, I just did a google image search on them. For some reason I thought they wore pants. Of course the girl mouse wears a jumpsuit.
  15. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    How about disguising oneself as a large bird or a drone?
  16. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Elliot's reacting based on the fact that Susan had made it clear that she'll tell them about what happened when she's ready, because Elliot is Elliot, she's thinking that bringing up the magic change will leading into that territory and that Susan might feel forced to reveal stuff before she'd ready or that she'll just leave the party. Elliot had made the decision to let Susan open up on her own terms but feels she's in danger of going against that decision.
  17. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    The Beagle Boys do dress, but as you said, only in prison uniforms Why this doesn't make them easy to spot and re-apprehend is something that continues to puzzle me As for the rescue rangers? As with Donald, the males generally don't wear pants
  18. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Another shot of Explorer looking grumpier than she was. And EtC in the window. From the inside.
  19. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    Don't the escaped convicts dogs dress fully? I could be wrong but I seem to recall that they do. Granted it's in prison outfits, not normal closes. And are the Rescue Rangers Disney? Because the chipmunks dress themselves.
  20. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Good point. Of course all of the people there, other than maybe Ashley, know that he is a wizard.
  21. Sketchbook April 6 2020

    ... does this have something to do with why classic Disney characters like Mickey and Donald wear only a few items, not full outfits? Couldn't find stuff that fit themselves? It is odd that Goofy is the one that knows how to dress himself.
  22. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Elliot is overreacting, just tell her already. It seems likely that Susan's question will lead to various bean containers being upended. One showstopper might be, "How much can I share about Mr. Raven without his permission?"
  23. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Here is. Looks like Susan didn't know about the not change and Elliot is going to be the one to tell her. The next question is will this result in Susan and Diane telling their story to the rest of the gang?
  24. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    "Able to fly" is not necessarily the same as "Able to use flight as a means of traveling hundreds of miles out in the open". Range and speed limitations aside, he would need some form of invisibility to remain unnoticed.
  25. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    A spotlight shining so it only illuminates the fairy, from a different direction than the rest of the lighting, would make the shadows on the fairy look fake.
  26. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    And they could claim it's all CGI.
  27. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    I dunno - between the two of them, and maybe with some help from their friends, they could do some really great special effects...
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