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    EGS Strip Slaying

    Tedd's got this covered
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    Well, I finally got caught up with reading the NP comics I missed only to land in this debate. So for what it's worth - Goonmanji II should not be a video game. It should be a spectator sport with mandatory audience participation. Could you imagine the disclaimers on the tickets or Pay-Per-View receipts to meet the "Informed Consent" requirements?
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    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2423 Apparently even possessed siblings fight as soon as they get in the car.
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    Griffins are awesome

    I'm on the road and only have a tiny notebook and a silly pencil to draw with, but I felt Diane slowly becoming a main character deserved some sort of recognition. Her pupils are nearly as big as the pencil lead. It's hard drawing small. Anyway, here we have Diane, with a summoned lance, sitting on Tara. I regret not making the lance glow. I thought the griffin would be hard to draw, but nope. Seems I'm quite good at griffins. Diane, though ... I couldn't figure out what her old outfit would look like sitting down, her head is 2 sizes too big, and her pose is WAY out. And I think she's been hitting the donuts. I might try again when I get home and do a better one. (FYI Tara is based on the one that is just about to get hit with a soccer ball while chasing Cheerleadra, but I couldn't make it look right with Dan's style of wing so I made my own up)
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    Story Wednesday Addams October 25, 2017

    Three people of different ethnicities walk into a bar. They forget how exactly the joke is supposed to go, and realize that it's racist, and ...hey, is that some sort of demonic duck?
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    I made another stupid YouTube video. The title is kind of PG-13. Turn your volume down if you're at work:
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    Baker is finally ready for his close-up on his throne:
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    5:31 p.m. CDT 20171025. Well, as you can see ... I made it through the surgery. I'm still sore from the implants going in, so the pain relief hasn't really kicked in yet. I'm going to be sore for a couple of days.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Otto von Bismarck said that one is better off not knowing how two things are actually made: sausages, and laws.
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    The monster cat has finally been captured: Again, it would appear he is a Maine Coon, or at least partially one. It's off to the T-N-R program with him, where he'll have a healthier and (most likely) longer life, just without the ability to create new kittens.
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    The Old Hack

    NP Wed Nov 15 (Tues Nov 14?) 2017

    Danish has ten vowel phonemes. We used to have eleven but one has more or less fallen completely out of use. A, E, I, O, U and Y did not cover our needs so we added the extra characters Æ, Ø and Å to our alphabet. Yes, I know that in English the vowel status of U and Y is questionable. We Danes didn't care. We sent them to a retraining camp and now they serve us as full time vowels.
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    Favorite Quotes

    "elev Holqoq 'oghlu'pu'bogh ghojmeH vum neH 'Iv?" -reportedly, Klingon for "Why would anyone bother learning a made-up language like Elvish?"
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    The Old Hack

    Video Game Discussion Part 3

    It is such an immensely satisfying feeling in any game when your defences are working so well that you do not even need to pay attention to any attackers. There was this time once where I was playing my World of Warcraft paladin way back before any expansions even. I had reached level 60 (max at the time) and was headed for a dangerous area known as the Plaguelands. I was supposed to meet up with friends so I waited in what was technically a hostile area but populated only by the lowest level of the enemy faction. Then, suddenly I hear an odd clanking sound repeat itself over and over and notice that an enemy player is attacking me. A level 6 rogue. Well, the massive mismatch means that she can't really hurt me, so I felt it would be mean to hit back. I try to shoo her off but she keeps attacking me. And by then the sound of her blunting her blades against my plate armour is starting to irritate me and I think she has actually managed to make a pixel of my health bar disappear, so I decide that enough is enough and turn on my retribution aura. This is a damage shield that returns a minor amount of damage to anyone who hits you. Minor damage for a level 60, that is. For a level 6, not so much. Three hits later the rogue had killed herself hitting me. She stopped bothering me after that.
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    Ok, I admit it. I've lost my marble.
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    We finally got Loudmouth to join us on the sofa: Mrs. Prof just loves the stripes in his fur.
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    Things That Make You Happy

    The Pittsburg public library has a 3d printer that they only charge for the cost of the media, or a dollar, which ever is more. 6 28mm figures is a $1.00
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    EGS Strip Slaying

    The rules to Goonmanji are weird.
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    Prof, I think it's just possible that those cats might be spoiled.
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    Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I think hkmaly meant 'opening hours' rather than time itself. You are closer but I actually meant hours of his shift. Him being there "on time" actually means he will be there in time where his shift starts and ends (and presumably during it). In similar sense, "before time" and "after time" would be before his shift starts and after his shift ends. But yes it sounds funnier if you read it as "before time itself" and "after time itself" ...
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    Another Baker picture. This is how he makes it clear that he wants to be groomed:
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    Happy birthday, Prof! May the next year bring relief from pain, and great inspirations for music and writing!
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    One nice thing about the trend of Fear Free Handling is that we are starting to learn more ways to help fractious cats calm down, both in how we handle them and in drugs that make them less afraid instead of just moving around less. Of course, with a pet cat, I'd have the chance to try different meds and doses, whereas with a feral they probably only have one chance. Still, giving a little gabapentin in a bait, or a shot that includes midazolam, or.....this is the sort of thing I'd have to research, 'cos it's still just getting started so us regular vets don't know it all right off the bat yet. But within a few more years the standard practice will probably be much more pleasant for the ferals!
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    NP Friday November 17, 2017

    A Kangaroo form would probably work.
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    The Old Hack

    Things You Find Amusing

    I knew it. The whole mess is a shell game.
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    So, female silver age superheros then.
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    Things That Make You Happy

    Less 'happy', more 'immensely relieved'. A while ago, my laptop charger cord stopped working. You had to have it at exactly the right position for it to do anything, else it wouldn't work. So I put my files on a flash drive to use the family's main computer. Then the flash drive died a few days ago, leaving me with the worrying possibility of losing everything. The only hope was that I copied the files from my laptop instead of cut and pasted them. Well, I just got a new laptop charger yesterday, and my stuff's still there. YAY! ...well, I mean I lost things I've done on the flash drive since the move, but at least I still have most of it. Oh, and there's pizza in the fridge. Bonus!
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    I want to know what the anniversary of the paper shredder is. There is no more satisfying way to deal with the excess forms documenting forms that document forms. In an office I used to work in, the paper shredder was voted the greatest office accessory ever made.
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    I want to know what the anniversary is of the first three-hole punch. It must have been a bitch eyeballing those three holes and punching them manually.
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    Trés bien, merci beaucoup! (And that is about all I remember from College French)
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    Griffins are awesome

    That's it, you have to change your nickname now.
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    Mrs. Prof managed to get a good picture of the elusive Dumb Ass B tonight, eating outside:
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    I described myself elsewhere as loopier than a toucan chasing after a fruit cereal.
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    Maybe with practice he can train himself to do Immelmanns instead.
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    Just for what it's worth I have had Dilaudid for migraines, so I don't think headache is a normal side effect for it. And yes, you will be loopier than a loopy thing on it.
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    The Old Hack

    NP Wednesday Nov 1 2017

    That happened to me on one memorable occasion. My old Burmese Catso once singlepawedly ended the war on the Eastern Front with one massive offensive leap that completely scattered von Rundstedt's advance on Rostov and the oilfields in the south of Russia. Mind you, Zhukov's defending forces weren't in much better shape. Subsequently the conflict petered out in a truce where we called out for pizza and Coke. This was later dubbed the 'Peacemaker Move.'
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    NP Wednesday Nov 1 2017

    I wonder if Hanma is genre savvy enough to know that uttering such a sentence typically leads to one's sudden demise at the hands of their creation. Magical sentience can make for interesting NPC interaction in the game. Need to be careful with the values and ethics instilled into such a sentience, but if done properly it can enrich the game. Probably excessive on a game without NPCs though. EDIT: I just realized that Hanma's game might need some form of sentience to reliably determine when a player wishes to leave the game, so it can undo the transformations and let the player go on their way. Otherwise you risk running into "You can't get ye flask"(Warning: Tvtropes link) type situations.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    The Pharaoh Returns

    That "Bandage Solution" is the key. You don't upholster the furniture. You upholster the person in the furniture.
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    Hooray for making progress towards getting rid of that pain!
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    A demonic duck walks into a bar. You would think it had seen it coming. A demonic duck walks into a bar. This is what happens when you set the bar too low. A demonic duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender to serve a drink for its dog. The bartender gives the dog a tuft of fur from the dogfight it was in the day before. A demonic duck walks into a bar. The bartender takes one look and immediately starts to drink his entire inventory. A demonic duck tries to walk into a bar but gets stopped by the bartender. Says the bartender, "I've heard it before." And so on, and so on, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.
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    Return Of The Lespuko

    Gooood. Your hate has made you powerful! Now ... fulfill your destiny! http://i.imgur.com/Y3G2V5Z.png I dunno if Dan was conscious of it, but now I see it there is no way this scene didn't walk into his head out of star wars, especially with the amount he used to reference it on purpose in the early days. I am an Uryuom, like my father before me...
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    Best of luck to you, Prof! May it be faster and less uncomfortable than you fear it will be, more effective than your doctors expect it to be, and have none of the annoying hitches such things are sometimes prone to. :-)
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    At least they'll have free valet parking at the hospital.
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    DO NOT WANT!!!11!! Really, I don't want a tee shirt from any of the places that had cable rooms like that. Really don't want one from the first place.
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    Been there, done that, still have some of the cable, but no Tee shirt.
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    I'd be more worried if mlooney mentioned having a rats nest. If it was actual rats it wouldn't be much of an issue, but if it was anything like this: I'd say burn the place and start over.
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    The Old Hack

    Things That Are Just Annoying

    It is a testament to the age of computers in which we live that it took me a full minute to realise that you meant an actual living and breathing mouse, mus musculus, and not a mouse of the kind that moves a pointer on the computer screen. I was wondering why in the world it would take so much effort to verify that you actually had one of the latter sort.
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    I'm hoping to make it to the 3rd or 4th with out a frost, in which case I will be making about 2 or 3 pounds of chive butter. The chive pot really seems to like the move and looks great this year.