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    The Old Hack

    Notice: Temporary absence

    Hey guys. My quarterly notice about still being alive and kicking. I am paying attention to moderator notices and my inbox, so remember to get in touch with me through there if anything happens. I am going to the US for a month to visit a close friend who needs some assistance recovering from illness and I am cheaper than hiring a home nurse anyway. I should still be able to watch the forums, though. I hope you are all doing well ~tOH.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story Monday, May 27, 2019

    Hmm. Maybe Diane isn't quite there yet. You might take comfort that unlike every member of the Main Eight: Diane doesn't have a last name yet. Diane has had no scenes with Tedd or Sarah yet. Diane hasn't had any scene with the Demonic Duck yet. On the other hand, Diane has her name in the title of an archive chapter now. Nanase's only made it into one non-canon NP title, and Justin's name hasn't been in any archive title.
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    Story Monday, June 24, 2019

    BTW, note the fire in background: Elliot CAN use illusion to make such effect. Liz presumably can't, unless THAT is the spell she got from Pandora. Yeah sure. And I would expect he already sparred with Ellen as well. No, really, her being girl would make little difference. The important think is that as martial artist, he is trained to not use violence on untrained people. Presumably. He didn't had one in the age where she would be unbearable without using physical violence on her. In their age, people generally know when to stop (usually because someone already used physical violence on them earlier ; for lot of people in school that someone was Elliot). Even if they don't know each other almost as good as themselves. I don't think the hints Liz got would point to this possibility. Also, I would expect the "other possibility" will include the party somehow. Him being gay would have no effect on the party. And more relevant for his relationship with Ashley, he's totally lesbian.
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    Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/party-027 ... that's Nurture? I though it's Logic. Everything she says is logical. ... yes, I know, she has round ears. Not only youthful metabolism. Based on Nanase, with some training you can learn to burn calories on spells. It would be illogical to skip this opportunity. Also, I think this dance was great. ... so, Susan will be hanging with Diane and if something happens both can arrive
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    Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    Only because her and Diane agreed to not talk about it, but Diane's probably closer to being able to talk about it than Susan is, which is why I think Diane's probably going to give Susan a kick in the arse about this. Not talking about it is not healthy, but you can do plenty of not talking without isolating yourself. THOSE however are not likely to specifically target people with weapon summoning talent. Granted, not being specifically targeted is not much consolation when you end up dead. No way. I mean no way she would be able to save Pandora if she had trained with Nanase. Unless, in addition to learning how to fight, she would get some ranged weapons more effective than stun hammers and fairies. Regarding the possibility of Susan being bothered by it ... ok that is definitely possible. It's probably more than that, like I said before, she just found out that Pandora and Adrian are her biological relatives. Pandora being an Immortal probably means nothing to her compared to having just met your grandmother for the first time and then watching her technically die within minutes. The "grandmother" and "dead" parts are probably more important to her now, yes. I was just summarizing. Note how Grace though about possibly being seen as monster by Rhoda: did Diane though about her being quarter immortal from this angle yet? We don't know. One possibility is that she though about it and rejected it as pointless worry. Another is that it's something she doesn't want to think about either. Maybe the sword was already a fixture in the house that Susan just tossed into the chest, she likely didn't expect to have to use it for more than intimidation at least until after she was done school and maybe had more time to learn how to fight. It could also have been a kneejerk reaction shortly after returning home but hadn't put any serious thought into it. Maybe. If it was fixture, it would mean she's risking her mother will notice it's missing. In any case, she enchanted the trunk, obtained the sword and put it into the trunk. That's some effort motivated either by logically evaluating she might be target, or by fear. Not following it with any training is not logical. Understandable, but not logical. Greg would be good for training non-weapon fighting styles, but Adrian is the one who has the most experience with using blades, so Susan and Diane would probably want to get his guidance on learning to use their weapon-summoning ability. Greg MAY have some experience with weapon fighting we just didn't saw (black belt in three disciplines). Even if not, he can teach them something about fighting in general. Sure, Adrian Raven would be more qualified, but Greg will still be better than nothing. And as I said, not relative. Also this, yes. Even if he personally don't know kendo, he is likely to at least know someone who does. Yes. Also good point with her having "couple" of swords, which may mean even more than two ... which, of course, doesn't change the fact she could've steal some fixture. To be fair, goo is hard to fight with sword even if you DO know how to fight with one. And, she did tried: it's hard to see but in second panel she is striking the goo with the sword.
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    Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    Someday? You mean you already forgot that Dan is being drawn by Sarah? I would expect Susan would RESPOND the same as to Nature as well - or at least indirectly point out why she doesn't want to go. Which might end up with her talking about that at least with Diane. Or with Diane backing out, as she's not exactly ready for that either.
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    Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    I personally think brains would have made an excellent and appropriate floor...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Ah, yes, I went through a BÖC phase in high school. Having read some of the Eternal Champion books and seen the movie Heavy Metal definitely helped with understanding certain pieces.
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    Story Wednesday June 12, 2019

    Grace deduced it from her dreams with the emissary of magic, considering she would get "deja-vu" when she glanced at Justin's, Rhoda's, and Dex's backs and chest, that her dreams conditioned her to know there was something special about them in particular, and knowing that Dex had a mark where she was getting that "deja-vu" sense made everything click that Justin and Rhoda must have marks too, and she must have been told that Catalina was marked as well. My guess as to why Grace didn't have any "deja-vu" with seeing Luke either means he wasn't one of the marks we saw, or the emissary only focused on people that Grace knew personally (Justin and Rhoda) indirectly (Catalina through Rhoda and possibly Tedd and Sarah have mentioned her) and someone known and confirmed marked (Dex). The fact that they couldn't explain how the boar got big other than by Rhoda causing it to happen herself, got them thinking that Grace was on the right track thinking that Rhoda at the very least was marked, and then Box told Sarah about the emissary of magic when she went to ask for her help in removing the energy clog. Then when Sarah told Tedd and Grace what Box told her, she obviously mentioned the emissary part cus Grace used that point to back up the idea that Box wasn't lying to Sarah, and it pretty much confirmed that Grace's dreams were an attempt to warn her about magic changing and also confirm that Justin, Rhoda and Catalina had in fact been marked.
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    Story Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    Hmm, well from what we have seen of Kevin so far, there's a reasonable chance that he could pass a Turing test, and I think that is a suitable bar for treating him as a sapient being.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    What Are You Ingesting?

    Why do humans ruin purrfectly good milk with that leafy brown water that is too hot and bitter?
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    Annoying? Despite popular demand, the Pharaoh's internet connection has been restored I shall once again be inflicting myself upon the honest, decent, and innocent people of the EGS community
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    The cat, naturally. Mine demands to be fed at four A.M. sharp, year round.
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    I already asked about returning the planet to the manufacturer. But it seems the warrantee has expired and the factory stopped making original equipment parts for our model long ago.