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    No. A flying hall monitor would interfere with the ability of the students to see the murals.
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    Hey, is that some sort of demonic duct tape?
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    http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2312 Bless you, Elliot. I knew we could rely on you.
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    Hmm, I don't see Grace really having a "genderfluid" mentality so much as an "agender" mentality. What I meant was that Elliot is the one person who could possibly relate to Tedd's internal struggle over what gender to be. Ellen has had a bit of gender dysphoria too, but she chose to go for fem and not turn back, so to speak, whereas Tedd and Elliot have wrestled with the question in more of a back-and-forth manner.
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    The solution to reliability issues: get rid of the scriptwriters. And on the software side, you'd be amazed what percentage of code is dedicated to preventing the users from screwing things up. Software would be much easier without users.
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    ... I approve of this entire thing. But a poly pod that large would require a lot of communication. I still approve. And I want video.
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    There is a reason we built that country in a sandbox.
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    The Pharaoh wasn't the highest power among mortal Egyptians, the Pharaoh's cat was.
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    "I am attempting to build a mnemonic memory circuit out of stone knives and bear skins"...
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    Elliot is also possibly the best person for Tedd to confide in, in this situation. Aside from them being best friends for half of their lives so far, Elliot is also the only person Tedd knows who would truly understand the whole genderfluid mindset--Elliot has experienced voluntary male/female transformations, and has recently accepted the girl side as part of self rather than alien.
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    There's a type of freaking out that's so deep that often other people can't tell there is anything major wrong. I've seen in in cancer patients, their whole world is (or might be) so suddenly and rapidly falling apart that they can't process it. They just go about their life doing what little they can, with whatever control they have, until they can process it into words. EDIT: A word.
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    You are not alone. Tedd has had her entire rug of dreams and ambitions yanked away from under her and she has to deal with this on top of everyone else. What is strange is not that she is making plans for a worst case contingency but that she is dealing as calmly with it as she is.
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    I can't be the only one who wants to give Tedd a big hug right now and tell her it's all going to be ok. Dysphoria is literally indescribable to someone who has never had to live it. The thought of being granted a 'treatment' (don't know what else to call it) like Tedd's mark and then being told my every use is risking it's loss would be devastating to me.
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    Ok, this is not what I expected. But now that I think of it, the problem is impossible to miss. The ability to change gender at will was the first great dream Tedd pursued after finishing the TF Gun. Now it seems like it will once again become an unobtainable dream. The TF Gun and items derived from that device, like the watches, are built on Uryuom magic tech. I don't know if the gun, or any Uryuom based magic, would work normally if Earth's magic system changed. Tedd probably doesn't know the answer to that either. And If I remember correctly, the TF Gun did not make a permanent change. Wasn't 30 days the upper limit? Assuming the TF Gun won't work post magic shut down (which is what Tedd is probably thinking while planning for the worst case scenario), Tedd is in a unique position among the gender fluid. Most people with Tedd's mindset need to decide how to present themselves, and weather or not to seek surgical changes. Tedd can, right now, become a fully functioning human male or female without changing the essential Tedd. Right now, Tedd's mind can change at anytime, and another transformation is available at whim. What Tedd is now considering is the possibility that the transformation ability will be lost and the Tedd will be stuck in whatever form happens to be up when the magic runs dry. Attention: The eighteen year old dangerous rarity kid at MNHS. You must now chose exactly what you want to be for the rest of your life. The window of opportunity for you to make this selection could close at any time without warning. Whichever option you choose has advantages and disadvantages. Will you regret the decision you make (or fail to make) tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? Twenty years? It's ridiculous to demand that kind of decision from kids on any issue. But we do it on many issues already. For which job do you wish to apply? What kind of job training do you wish to take? Do you want to apply to college? To which schools will you send an application? What will be your major and minor? Are you considering military service? In which branch will you serve? Are you a compulsive liar?
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    You and puns appear to work on the same principle as Jerry and inappropriate remarks -- what is purported to be a punishment is actually serving as an encouragement. ;-P
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    My college roommate had an old Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel that was nearly dead long before he brought it to the campus. When the inevitable happened, he called home and told his mother, "Mom, the rabbit died."
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    I would pay good money not to see this.
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    This reminds me a little of my calculations after reading this page on XKCD. I worked out that if a human being ate a ton of bananas every day for a year, it would receive so large a potassium-induced radiation dose as to make death from radiation sickness a near certainty. When I informed my father of this unimaginable health hazard (he is an M.D. who has worked in clinical chemistry for decades) he rather dryly informed me that he could see other health-related problems that would make this a nonissue long before even getting near a fatal dose of radiation. In short, my genius quite simply goes unappreciated. I am going back to work on my brilliant idea for a banana-fueled nuclear power plant now.
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    It does you credit that you care so much, and tried to do what's right. Thank you, even if you didn't succeed.
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    Yeah, I did it while the other two vets were still there, and when I got home my kitty gave me some good snuggles. I called my folks and my sister to let them know. It's weird not having to get his leash and harness on him and bring him to work. I'll have to figure out what to do with his beds, whether to reduce the number of litter boxes, donate leftover food, etc. On the plus side, I can go straight from work to stores, club meetings, CE, etc. without figuring out what to do with him first. I'm sure eventually another little pup will come into my life. Probably another kitty, too; she'll be even more alone now. But for now, I'll leave things as is, definitely st least until after my trip.
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    And suddenly certain things click, like one reason I like Elliot so much. In him, I see a small reflection of my son. A story, by way of explanation: My son is 19. Lives with me now, but when he was living with his mom, there was a girl he dated towards the end of middle school. That ended when her folks moved her to another school precisely because they (being pretentious religious jackasses) didn't approve of him. High school comes along and he finds himself back in the same school as her. By this time, she's started to try to sort out identity issues and has a fairly serious girlfriend. To my son, this is no big deal; the only part that weirds him out at all is that he is the one his ex comes to for relationship advice, and being a friend he listens. I got the impression he may have been one of a very few who did that. Advance a couple of years. My son's ex is still with the same girlfriend (partly due to having my son as a good listener), but has realized that he (here's where I'm changing pronouns) is trans. Again, my son doesn't bat an eyelash; he just goes on supporting his friend. So the last panel on today's comic -- that hits home in an unexpected way. A good way.
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    The One True Tetradecagon or 14 sided polygon. It's actually a web. The not quite current version looks like this: For the record I can find a canon source for where those links come from. Granted some are less, shall we say, solid than others.
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    RE-turn to the light side, rather - I get the idea that she only slowly drifted to the dark after too many centuries and never completely gave in.
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    Give her my best regards and tell her that we are thankful for her efforts in keeping you healthy. The community appreciates your presence so we are indebted to her
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    My head canon is that it is like the title scroll from the Star Wars movies, complete with epic music.
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    I don't think that Mr. Verres is transphobic, at least not to the degree where I'd actually call it transphobic. I fully believe Mr. Verres loves his child as much as a father can. I've outed myself on this forum before, so I don't terribly mind saying again that I am intersex. Now, maybe I am projecting some, but I feel like I know exactly where Tedd is right now (at least with regards to family and who he can talk to). I know that my parents love me unconditionally, but there were a lot of awkward moments while I was still figuring things out. My parents will, and have, supported me in anything I will do, but at the same time they are not who I turn to for gender advice. Incidently, i recently learned I can't give more than ten likes a day.
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    Pizza with sausage and onions I don't like rain, or snow, or hail, Or Moby Dick, the great white whale, But, mmm, I love onions. I don't like shoes that pinch your toes, Or people who squirt you with a garden hose. But, mmm, I love onions. |:Onions, onions, la la la. Onions, onions, ha ha ha. Root toot doodle-ee-oot doot doo doot.:| Yeah! The onion is a tuberous vegetable and is a member of the genus stinkus delicioso. It was highly prized by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and their friends and cousins. They cause watering of the eyes and rubifaction of the skin, but it is very, very tasty.
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    Ah. Yes. I can see that. This sounds frighteningly plausible in Tedd's case. I am very glad she has Elliot to support her.
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    Wrong kind of pepper for pepper spray. I could use the crushed red pepper packages that pizza places give out with delivery to get the right sort. Of course the Scoville scale would be way to low for "weapons grade" but close enough. Plus chunks of stuff, any kind of stuff, in the eye isn't a good thing. So, every body send me your snail mail address and I'll get right on this project. I'll be telling you how many packets to toss in your face as needed.
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    /me gets out the list. Looks at it. Looks at Pharaoh. Looks at list. Breaks down and cries.
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    Once I was offered a special deal on high-end shoe inserts: three for $20. I calmly asked the guy if he had many customers who needed three. After a moment he did a double-take and clarified: three pair.
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    Yeah no kidding, the jail cells would be full of people who made puns in your presence.
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    I just had a dream that made me go WTF but which I in retrospect have to admit was really freaking cool. I was watching a Star Wars spinoff show in which Doc and Roger of The Whiteboard fame were somehow the main characters. They stole a flying APC by fast talking the pilot, then started modifying it literally on the fly while being pursued by Stormtroopers on speeder bikes. Roger was in the engine, taking things apart and putting them back together in what he called 'more exciting' ways and Doc was calling suggestions of how to proceed to him while putting the flying APC through wild aerobatics and returning fire on the Stormtroopers. They somehow lost the pursuit and landed the APC at a place that looked like a small airfield and barracks with random tech scattered about. As they left the APC Sandy got into their faces and asked them, "Are you two idiots trying to start a war?" and Doc replied, "Well, technically we are already in the middle of one." Then I woke up and went WTF one more time when I realised with what terrifying ease you could fit Doc and Roger into the Star Wars continuity.
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    Well, if there is another contest, I'm sure he will win one. Yeah, first time I saw one on Top Gear I really wanted one. Then they said how much, exactly, the cost. I now just lust after them.
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    This is simply wrong. There is no other way to set economic, or really any political policy than by ideology. Politicians today like to claim that their policies is beyond ideology and solely informed by pragmatical concerns. Their policy is "whatever works", as Tony Blair liked to say. The problem with this is that a political policy can only be said to work if it achieves a result you want. And what results you want of course depends on your ideology, the values and principles that you hold. Denying that you have an ideology when you are a political actor is merely obscuring the values that underlie your actions. Conservatives, liberals and socialists all have different value systems and therefore want different results. Politics always raises questions and they need answers. These questions range from foundational and general, like "what is a good society?" and "how shall we achieve that society", to specific matters of policy. Answering them in a coherent and (nota bene) consistent way requires a system of values, an ideology. Philosophically, you can't consider each issue separately from the rest. Political action requires reasonable justification, and that justification must rest on a rational, coherent and consistent philosophical worldview,
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    "God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."
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    This reminds me of a dream I have had once or twice where I sat at the computer and was trying to moderate the forums. There was a very strange thread going on about the legality of using the CMD in the United States and of whether it counted as identity theft to switch someone's gender. (The logic was that since the person clearly no longer matched their original ID, their identity had been taken away from them.) And all of a sudden President Obama was posting in the thread requesting patience because it would take time for the courts to hash things out. Around then I decided that this couldn't be real and I felt quite relieved when I woke up.
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    Give the security guy glasses and freckles and he looks like "Some Guy" from the card tournament. I wonder if they're related This is one time when my "It's a new person!!!!" button isn't being pushed. Taking two people, that do look like each other, or share the same job, and having a link to each other doesn't bother me. So, yeah, Mr and Mrs. Guy, retail security, and their son Some. They met at a training course. Works for me. I know of a least 2 couples this sort of thing applies to. I do worry about their naming choices for their child however.
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    That's if you have antigravity in which it costs less energy to raise an object than can be extracted from its descent. If however your antigravity method still costs at least 10 joules to lift one kilogram by one meter (at Earth's surface), i.e. the same amount of energy as the gain in potential energy from lifting it, then any such antigravity "perpetual motion machine" will run at a deficit and thus not be "perpetual".
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    Let us not forget that Elliot was Tedd's best friend when the young Verres was in his mute phase. If there is anyone who remembers how to handle a emotionally delicate Tedd, it is Elliot and Ellen.
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    *Only semi related freaking rant follows* Fox News uses that term a lot. They also claim to be the most watched cable news channel. You can't have it both ways! Either you ARE the mainstream source or you aren't Pick one a stick to it.
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    Fell asleep about 3 hours after this post. Used "Vital Force, A proposal for the overhaul of the UN Peace Operations System and the Creation of a UN Legion" as a "not a drug sleep aid". Most of it is as dry as the title would indicate. Normally I read this sort of thing primarily for the Table of Organization and Equipment charts1 not the main text, unless the text is required for context for the charts. 1Yes, that means I read it for the picture, not the articles. Don't judge me.
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    Does it count that I have a special text tone just for texts FROM my millennial son? (It's CL4P-TP from Borderlands saying "Sooo lonely...." because I'm a smartass dad that way)