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  1. 1 hour ago, CritterKeeper said:

    As long as you're not foolish enough to actually *say*, "Yeah, I ripped off a couple of old Outer Limits epidodes...."

    But that's a different franchise!

    "Good artists copy.  Great artists steal!"
    --Greg Land

  2. 5 hours ago, The Old Hack said:

    That was Heinlein. Mind you, Heinlein did have a word with Gerrold and basically gave the okay to the Trouble with Tribbles script. Unfortunately, due to some sort of misunderstanding there was a copyright problem afterwards anyway.

    If memory serves me properly, it was Gene Coon (producer of the original Star Trek) who Heinlein spoke with.  Coon smoothed everything over, but Heinlein asked for a copy of the script (souvenir, not legal thing), and Coon had Gerrold sign it.  Gerrold had read "The Rolling Stones" (Heinlein's story) long ago, but thought he was retelling the "Rabbits in Australia" story and did not consciously try to plagiarize Heinlein.

    (Still have a copy of "The Trouble with Tribbles",the book Gerrold wrote about the making of the episode... :)   It, along with Gerrold's "The World of Star Trek" are great looks into the environment of the television industry)

    And to bring it back to topic, just because someone has the same idea as you doesn't mean that they stole it.  


    Doesn't mean they didn't, either...

  3. There were a couple of posts here that just vanished!

    After looking at them, I decided that these were too helpful.  

    So, they have been moved!  Up under our Blog section, you'll now see the "Info for New Users" blog.  Any tips that we see here that the Moderators or Administrators feel is really good, we'll move it from here up to that blog.

    Keep all the good work, everyone!

  4. On 3/7/2016 at 7:43 AM, OzLionHeart said:

    There are still a few things that folks would like to see added (like BBCode), but we've been offered HTML as an alternative.

    I did a little research into it.  There is a very basic parser in the HTML typing area that will handle some BB Code, but  not much.

    More information can be found here:  https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/417407-ips-40-the-current-state-of-bbcode-and-its-future-is-bbcode-officially-abandoned/?do=findComment&comment=2612668