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  1. Hidden Message in IM Chat Comics? (385 onward)

    Ah well, conspiracy where none exists it is! Apologies, the first little bit just seemed to work so well I thought there could be something there~ Thanks for clearing that up, though
  2. So I'm not sure if I may just be reading too much into this. But I was poking through the archives a bit and came across the comics featuring IM logs between Sam and Mary (comic 385 onwards) and at the end of them Mary says her typos were intentional. I went back to take a closer look at her typos, and if you take each typo'd word, it kinda seems to spell a message? "never time to hesitate first can haven't supposed you're monsters getting didn't totally nature the their" I dunno if the extended "how" should count, with the e on the end (howe) or if the "their" is supposed to be "there". Hesitate is also actually "hesitating" but "hesitate" works better in context with the other words. I assumed others would have found this already and figured it out, but I'm having trouble finding anything. Can anyone point me in the direction of the complete message? Or am I simply seeing a conspiracy where none exists?