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Adventure High: An MC and TF themed game

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Safe version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/678318

NSFW Version: http://changermcgame.blogspot.com/p/new-play-now.html

Patreon (NSFW): https://www.patreon.com/Changer


Hello everyone. So, I've been working on this game for almost three years. x_x and typing that has made me realize just how long that is... I thought some of you guys might like it, as transformation is one of the main consistent themes in the game. The game is a cross between a visual novel, and RPG, with a heavy focus on player choice. The Fable series annoyed me to death with their "oh, you can be or do anything you want and change the wo-Oops, actually you make like, two significant choices and the story is pretty much the same no matter what". 

To be the antithesis of that, I went hog wild on player choice. xD You can be a hero, a villain, try to be a hero but grow corrupt, try to be a villain before redeeming yourself. Generally, I'm wanting to make it so the story shapes it's self around what you do; with plenty of things to discover by playing in different ways. 

So, here's the premise:

The game takes place in a near-future Earth. At some point near present-day, magic entered the world and was usable by any creature with a will; not just humans. As a result, animals with new power began to rampage and mutate into monsters, destroying human civilization in the process. Many years later, a new city had been founded by adventurers capable of defending it. At the center of this city is a school, intended to teach new generations how to harness their magical gifts so they can go out, and reclaim artifacts from the old world.

It is your first year at this school, and have the gift of Control; whether you use it for good, or bad is up to you.

Magic System:

So, somewhat coincidentally, the magic system is kind of reminiscent of EGS's. It's a bit different though. Each individual (barring rare exceptions) has some kind of magical gift, which shapes how they learn magic. Most spells they learn will be related to that gift in some way; which makes some gifts better or worse at certain kinds of magic. Your gift never changes, but does tend to reflect your personality at the time that you first gain the ability to use magic. This can lead to some people having gifts that do not reflect their personalities at all if they have changed/grown up since first developing their gift. For this reason amongst others, the school only accepts adult students so as to minimize the chance of students discovering their gifts before they have matured. 

Learning new spells has nothing to do with leveling up in this system, however. Learning new spells depends on casting spells within the relevant spell school. So, if you want physical spells you need to cast physical spells to build up your proficiency in that spell school. The four schools are Physical (Most often attack spells that bypass magical defenses, but can also develop support-like spells related to the body), Destructive (Almost exclusively direct damage spells, but occasionally has status effects added on), Support (Spells that benefit yourself or others) and Debilitative (spells that inflict status ailments).

Also, you are able to cast magic during conversations. This can lead to entirely new interactions and storylines depending on what spells you cast and when. This feature isn't super complete yet, as many scenes only respond to one or two spells, but I do plan on making most scenes have some reaction to most spells eventually. If you see the spell menu icon pop up, it means at least one spell can be cast during the scene. 


I have been working with a couple artists to update the artwork. But some people have told me that they like my art better anyway (crazy people, I'm sure. My art is terrible) so you get a choice at the beginning on whether you want updated art or original art. Getting close to having all the art updated; only a few character and... all the backgrounds... to go. xD




Anyways, any feedback would be great. I've been working on the game a long time, but I still have a ways to go. I do want to make this into the best game I possibly can though. With the general nature of giving lots of player choice, anachronisms and bugs are a constant threat; but I try to fix them the moment I hear about them. Most bugs I manage to fix the same day they are reported. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them. 

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