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  1. Moperville PRT

    I agree with you on Elliot, for now. If Tedd gives him upgraded tech, like say infra-vision or the ability to trace cell phones, I think he would warrant some level. And Ellen's copy beam is definitely a Trump power. She's blaster-themed, but her copy beam isn't damaging,and it lets her interact with other powers. (Actually, I just realized that the Parahumans wiki might help provide some examples. I'm going to update the top post as well, but here's the wiki on powers. There are some minor spoilers: http://worm.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Classifications) An example of some other Trumps include Hatchet Face, who has an AOE power nullification, and Bonesaw, whose medical knowledge includes how powers interface with humans. How is the copy spell a Breaker or Thinker power? I mean, it can grant those abilities, but that's situation based. And I think Tedd's vision is a combination of the two; it interacts with powers, even if it doesn't affect them, but it's definitely a Thinker power, since it's all about data collection. By the way, these powers are rated on a scale of 1-10, if that provides more flexibility.
  2. Moperville PRT

    The Wormverse, where Parahumans, a.k.a. Worm, takes place. The PRT is the Parahuman Response Team, a US-and-Canada government organization that is tasked with keeping the peace when people with powers get violent. Here's the wiki: http://worm.wikia.com/wiki/Worm_Wiki and here's the series: https://parahumans.wordpress.com/
  3. Moperville PRT

    That's right, Tedd is a Striker. An important thing to remember is that the PRT classifications are centered around how you fight them: for example, Panacea has the ability to alter the biology of anyone she touches (she uses it primarily for medicine). Normally, she'd be a Striker. However, if she were to grow an organism to spread through the sewers that grants her the ability to affect the ground around her, she'd be reclassified as a Shaker. Also, Thinker implies any way to take in information, which could take any form. They're main threat is that they can give their side the advantage on information. This could be telepathy, like the Martian Manhunter, or any other way to gain information (like Superman's X-ray vision). I think Tedd's a Trump-Thinker because they can understand a superpower as it's being used. They can sit in the back during a fight, watch someone use their powers, and instantly understand their power better than its owner, then relay that information to the rest of the team. On top of that, they make machinery that gives them more of a wildcard status, so Tedd's defensive bunker could be filled with transformative traps, making it tough to get into. Also, since Ellen's copy beam allows her to copy spells, that's a definite Trump-Blaster rating. If you know the Wormverse, imagine her using her copy spell on Eidolon. Or Behemoth. Or the Simurgh. Talk about an angel form, since Ellen can be as powerful as the most powerful person on the battlefield, she could become her own class-S threat if she got near an Endbringer.
  4. Moperville PRT

    Nanase, Sarah, Grace, and Elliot all have competent Stranger powers. Ellen is a Changer-Trump-Blaster, Tedd is a Trump-Thinker and a Changer-Tinker, and Sarah is a Thinker-Stranger. Elliot and Grace offer the same threat: walk into any facility in the form of any worker they want, transform into a flying brick to out any defenses, then transform into someone else to get away. Security at PRT Moperville would have to be tight.
  5. Moperville PRT

    If there are any Worm/Parahumans fans around here, how do you think the PRT would respond to Moperville's powered population? Also, do you have any preliminary ideas about what kind of ratings they would have? I mean, EGS seems to be one of the few superpowers comics that might actually survive, and the large number of Changer or Changer-related powers could put Moperville on a PRT watchlist. Reference for PRT powers ratings: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/prt-threat-assessment-worm-multicross.311887/ Examples of powers and their ratings (some spoilers): http://worm.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Classifications